40+ Lovey-Dovey 1st Anniversary Paragraphs for Partner

Your first anniversary is always a special one. You celebrate an entire of togetherness spent with love, care, and affection.

You should try to make this day as special as you can and worth remembering for a lifetime. Express your love in the best way possible through the write-ups below.

Lovey-Dovey 1st Anniversary Paragraphs for Him and Her

1st Anniversary Paragraphs for Him

-It has been a year today since we got married. Been a total of three sixty-five days since we promised each other to always be together for the rest of our lives. On this very day, I have to tell you that all those promises, all those vows were made directly from my heart and even when the calendar has changed, I have not. It is just one year of countable many more to come. Happy first-anniversary love.

-One year might sound like a really long time for some people but for me, it almost feels like I got married to you just yesterday. I am not even exaggerating when I say it as I can almost feel the wedding vibe, my wedding dress, and all the festivities even today. A year of spending time with you felt like a fraction of a second, now that I think about it. It has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride and I look forward to going to the end with you. Happy Anniversary Husband.

-Marrying you was the best decision I could have made in that situation or maybe even every situation possible. When I look back at our marriage today, after an entire year, I don’t see anything but love and happiness. We were always meant to be together and I don’t think I will ever connect with someone like I do with you. You were the man of my dreams then and you are the man of my life now. Here’s to our first anniversary and many more to come.

-I vowed to support you in prosperity or peril. I vowed to love you unconditionally and unquestionably. I hope I have kept my promises and till now and I promise to keep trying always. There is no one on the entire planet that I would rather be with. Every day is already special to you but today is a bit more special as we celebrate a year of our marriage. I have nothing more to say except that I love you and I always will. I couldn’t be happier. 

-Today we celebrate our marriage. Today, we celebrate our love, our affection, and our care. Today, we have officially survived a year with each and I am glad we did. Today, we celebrate with our friends and family, who have supported us and been with us all our life. Today, we feel grateful and blessed to have each other, to have found love in its truest form. Today, we celebrate and acknowledge a life of happiness and prosperity lies in front of us. Happiest Anniversary love.

-You are a spitting image of how I always imagined my life partner to be. You take care of me like family, you worry about me for no reason and always make sure that I am in a comfortable spot even before thinking about yourself. You have taught me what love is and what it truly means to be a life partner. We are a year into our journey together and it has been a dream sequence to spend my days with you. I would not change anything about it even if I had the choice. Happy Anniversary dear.

-I love you will all my heart and it brings me immense joy to wish you a very happy anniversary. Thank you for being the best husband ever. You are my favorite person on the planet and I can’t wait to start a family with you now that it has already been a year. Everything is perfect with you and it feels like I am living in a fantasy, my dream world. If this is what it feels like to be married, I regret not doing it earlier. The first anniversary of many more to follow. 

-Woke up before the sun today to start preparing for the day today. Made you your favorite breakfast, got my favorite shirt ready for you, and finally writing this for you. I know it’s been a year and I know a lot has changed. I know we are a family now and I know we have a lot of responsibilities. The romance might have taken a hit but the love is as strong as ever. This is just a small way of expressing how much I love you and what you mean to me. Every anniversary is special with you even if you do nothing special. I love you and happy anniversary.

-I don’t really have many expectations with the anniversary. I don’t expect a surprise or some big party. I don’t want some fancy gift or a candlelight dinner. What I want and what I do expect is for you to keep loving me and doing those small things that tell me that you love me. Keep taking care of me with the same passion. Keep holding my hand whenever we walk. Hold me when I need you and tell me that everything will be fine when nothing goes right. I love you more than you think. Happy First Anniversary.

-What makes a day really special is the memories related to the day which keep coming back and remind us of the things most important to us. As of today, it has to be the most important day of my life. Getting married to you was undoubtedly the easiest decision of my life but also the most emotional one. I was in tears the moment I said yes but luckily I had you with me. Being in love is really an unparalleled feeling and being in love with you has taught me what it really feels like to be on cloud nine. Happiest first anniversary Mr. Perfect. 

1st Anniversary Paragraphs for Her

There is an unspoken rule in every marriage that no matter what happens you can never forget about your wedding anniversary. You might get away with the gravest of crimes but forgetting this date will have you in trouble for a long time. Better to make this day a special one and a good place to start would be the lines below.

-I can still recall everything as clear as a crystal.  All that happened on our wedding day is a clear picture in my head. You in your beautiful wedding dress looked as beautiful as ever, I could almost not stop myself from shedding a tear. 

-To finally have what I always desired, a life with you, to see you every day and call you mine. Even when a year has passed, I still feel lucky to have you and nothing seems to have changed. I love you even more than I did then and I am a lucky man, what can I say. Happy first anniversary.

-We might be a year into our marriage but it feels like yesterday when I met you for the first time. Everything is as fresh as ever and the love that we share is stronger than ever. I know there are a lot of responsibilities and roles that come attached with marriage but you have never failed in fulfilling those responsibilities or playing your roles respectively. Even after all of that, we have magically managed to stay the same and got even closer. I love you with all my heart and I wish you a happy anniversary.

-Dear wife, this is me wishing you the happiest first anniversary and sending loads of love and affection. We might have had quite a year but I know for a fact that it is only forward from here. The way we have evolved as a couple, become more mature, more understanding of each other, and become more accepting. Marrying you was the easiest decision of my life and even today I look back at it with teary eyes. Whatever happens, just know that I love you and I will be there for you, come what may.

-Every moment spent with you is blissful and a moment not spent with you feels like a moment wasted. I am living a dream life with the woman of my dreams and it couldn’t get any better. I hold this day very close to my heart as it was on this day that you came into my life and walked in as my official wife. I would do everything to make this day special for you, more than it already is. Happy anniversary love.

-Now that I look back at our wedding, I think to myself, what did I ever do to deserve a life partner like you. I always wanted to be with you but I also knew that you were almost too good for me. Albeit, life turned out to take a turn for the better and somehow you saw something in me that I still can’t do. On the day of our first anniversary, I wish you with all my heart and all my love, a bright and happy future ahead. I would do anything to make you happy, you are all I have.

-When I woke up today, I was not sure if I should cry or be happy with the way life has unfolded. To have found someone like you, someone so pure, so loving and so easy to fall in love with; is nothing short of a miracle. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the moment you said Yes and it makes me immensely happy to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. Wishing you all the success and love that you deserve. Looking forward to a lifetime of togetherness.

-When it comes to love, I was always clueless but the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I had found it. The day you said yes, I knew there is no going back, this is my life now. I was investing myself completely without any expectations but lucky for me everything worked out alright in the end. We stand one year strong together and we will get only stronger from here. Our anniversary symbolizes the happiness and love of our marriage and I will try to make this day as special as always.

-Be it just today, or even years later, our anniversary will always be special. The first anniversary always is special but I look forward to our fiftieth or even hundredth if possible. I love you so much that you are a part of me now, an indivisible part. I aim to spend every second of my life with you, and I am sure it is going to be nothing but blissful. Wishing you a very happy first marriage anniversary lifeline.

-The cake is ready, the lights are up, the room smells happy and I am sitting here waiting for you. I have everything ready and in place except for my heart. That is with you and I am glad for you’ll keep it safe. You have always made me happy and been the reason for my smile. You bring joy and color to my life and this is the least that I can do. Happy First Anniversary, hoping to make it at least a hundred.

-Here’s to the best wife on the entire planet. Here’s to the best life partner one could ever have. Here’s to the best friend one could ever ask for and finally here’s to the special someone who makes my life whole. You make me the happiest man to ever live on this Earth every time you say that you love me and that you’re mine. Happy first-anniversary love and I love you just the way you are. 

1st Anniversary Paragraphs For Partner

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