75+ Adorable Messages Your Partner Wants to Receive

Who on earth doesn’t like pampering and some lovey-dovey moments from your special one? Sometimes, we understand that our partner wants to hear something, but we don’t get what to say exactly.

Therefore, messages are the best option to tell your heart out. The following messages will help you to give an idea of what your partner wants to hear from you: –

Adorable Messages Your Partner Wants to Receive

-Since the time I met you, then I came to know what the actual meaning is of being alive. You made this planet paradise for me, and each second of it, worth living.

-If God asks me to choose between paradise and you. Then I will happily choose you because you are my paradise on this planet. 

-You are more important to me than paradise. After meeting you, I feel like there is no longer any desire. Being in love is much better than being alive or dead.

-Not just one lifetime, forever too might not be sufficient with you. I want to live as yours until this earth has its existence. 

-I don’t know if you know that or not, I always feel like I am on cloud nine whenever you are with me.

– I don’t care if they see me smiling on my own; other individuals think I am insane. Because at that moment I am thinking about you.

-You are my Betelgeuse Star (the most beautiful star) of the galaxy. Therefore, I can’t be able to stop myself from staring at you.

-You are my focal point of the universe, and therefore because of lack of gravity, I consistently float towards you. I want to make you my eternity, my love.

-My passionate feelings for you are never-ending. Can you come with me on a journey called eternity?

-Neither first nor last, I want to be yours forever. I want to seal your kisses, hugs, and love only for me till eternity.

– In the form of tears, if I will try to escape from your eyes, then please hold it on your lips. On the other hand, if you will try to come out in the form of tears from my eyes, then pardon me because I will prefer not to cry in the comparison of letting you go.

-Life seemed so dark and insignificant before meeting you. But you have filled colors in it with your presence and make it worth living for me.

-After coming into my life, it has become so bright, just like the infinity stars of the sky above have brightened up to lighten my world.

-Today, after I woke up when I saw your face, I realized that my real angel is more adorable than my fantasy angel.

-I read somewhere that God has written someone special in everyone’s lives, who will make him/her realize the magic of unlimited love. And, after meeting you, I can say that it is absolutely right.

-The love story I had made in fantasy is not as beautiful as the incredible love story I have in reality now.

-I feel honored to have you in my life because I know that you will be with me and loving me constantly, regardless of what happens.

-I feel all the time that I have spent on this earth before meeting you, was just a waste of living. I actually came to know the meaning of living after meeting you.

-When I didn’t meet you, I was doing nothing, and everybody thinks that I am good for nothing. But now I can say to those people proudly that I was waiting for the love of my life.

-I was a clueless and purposeless person before meeting you. You made my life meaningful and made me understand the value of having goals in life.

-I don’t know if you know or not that your existence is full of pleasantness and joy in my life. I am and will consistently remain grateful to you for your presence in my life.

-Your absence in my life is like a tea without sugar, which looks good in looks but in reality, used to tasteless.

-There is someone on this earth who is madly and deeply in love with you. Your love is running in my veins and helping my heart to beat.

– A mere glimpse of you or thought of you always makes me realize how you will react when you come to know about how a fire of love starts burning inside me at that moment.

-I always wonder looking at you, how someone on this planet is so freaking kind and graceful like you. You are like a ray of hope in this dark, selfish world.

-I always get afraid of the thought that what if I have to live without you? You have become that inseparable part of my life without whom I even can’t be able to envision my life.

-Living without you will be like a body without the soul, just counting his/her days on this planet. Therefore, don’t try to make me feel like a dead person.

-Your being in my life is precious to me because you are everything in my life. I got you; it means I got everything.

-Sometimes, tears of gratitude come into my eyes. I don’t know how and when on the earth what good deeds I have done, that I got you as mine.

-Your presence is fullness of joy for me. Therefore, I want to do the same for you, and I’ll do whatever I need to do for it.

-The love that you deserve is what I have. I am a person who is just a call away from you and ready to come to you on your first call.

-It is said, never take a person for granted who is head over heels in love with you. I am glad you always value me and my efforts.

-You are mine beyond forever. Because everyone wants to stay together forever, but I want to be with you much more than that.

-Never forget that there is a boy who is just a call away from you and ready to do everything for you on your order.

-The most sacred thing I have is our love, and the scariest thing is the feeling of separation from you.

-My feelings for you are sacred as the holy water of Ganga.

-I believe our love is the purest and most sacred thing in the world. 

-The love I have for you is undying and selfless. I hope that I also come into your dreams every day as you come into my dreams.

-I feel, up above the sky, the moon and stars are jealous of you because your brightness of shine is more than theirs.

-A one drop of tear from your eyes causes me to feel an ache in my heart. Therefore, never cry if you don’t want to see me in pain.

-Always keep that in mind that I don’t like your teary eyes. I feel pain seeing you miserable. Also take into consideration that, I will be there with you through thick and thin.

-A very first reminder for you today from my side is ‘You are my heart.’

-You are one of the most gorgeous and kindest souls on this planet. I feel God doesn’t make any other like you again.

-Nobody can ever become successful in making that special place in my life that you have made. You are a magician of love.

-I know you won’t believe me, but the feelings I have for you are starting and ending with you only. You are the one and will always remain the one who rules on my heart.

-You know I am an introvert when it comes to expressing my feelings. Therefore, I can’t express my feelings to you adequately. But I hope you understand everything how precious you are to me.

-An unconditional love with the feeling of gratitude for each other, is like a cherry on the cake in the matter of our love.

-I promise I will never give you any chance to question my love for you. But, if I have done anything like this before, then I want to apologize from the depth of my heart.

-People say there is no place for sorry and thank you in friendship or love. But I have some different points of view on it. I feel these two words make any relationship stronger. Therefore, I want to apologize to you if I ever hurt you and want to thank you for everything.

-It is said that, if you love anyone from the depth of your heart, then everything about him/her makes you happy. You feel he/she is the perfect person on this planet. I guess I have reached this stage in love because I feel all this for you.

Adorable Messages Your Partner

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