89+ Tips to Alleviate Stress With Your Partner

Stress and anxiety can affect a relationship in many ways and if not taken care of at the right time, it can lead to serious issues. Experiencing stress after a tough day at work is natural. But, make sure you don’t ignore it as ignoring stress only ignites it.

If you and your partner are facing difficulty to de-stress, you should alleviate stress together.

tips for stress alleviation with your Partner

1. Dim the lights and meditate together. Meditating is a great way of increasing your concentration and also calming your nerves.

2. Listen to western classical like Mozart. Western classical are soothing to the ears and listening to them can be therapeutic.

3. Give each other a massage. Massages are a great way of relaxing and it is also well known for exploring each other.

4. Cuddle together and take a small nap. Cuddling releases stress and tension and is a great way of spending time together.

5. Painting together is known to be a great method of de-stressing. The movement of brushes is known to calm the nerves very quickly.

6. Keep aside your phones and go out for dinner. Phones are a distraction and overuse of it can take a toll on one’s mental health. Spend time with each other rather than continuously being on the phone.

7. Go for a dip after work if you have a swimming club near your locality. Swimming helps relax the nerves and it rejuvenates the body.

8. Watch cartoons or comedy shows together for a hearty laugh. Watching cartoons or stand up comedy shows releases the pressure and laughter is also good for the heart.

9. Talk about what is stressing you with your partner and also listen to what the other person has to say. Sharing what is bothering you can ease your stress.

10. Make a cup of black tea for you and your partner. Black tea is known to reduce blood pressure.

11. Go out for an evening stroll by the lake. A walk amidst nature will not only rejuvenate your body but will also relax you.

12. Engage in couple workout routines. Working out together can be fun and be a great way of spending time with each other.

13. Get your loved one some dark chocolate. Dark chocolates improve blood flow and lower blood pressure and are also good for the heart.

14. Think about positive thoughts and try and motivate each other. Being optimistic is very important for mental health.

15. Take a warm water bath together. A great way of rejuvenation and also being intimate with each other.

16. Plan a weekend trip away from the city with your partner. A short weekend vacation after a tiring week at work will make you feel good.

17. Take a short break from social media. Overuse of social media can take a toll on mental health. Take a break from social media to work on yourself.

18. Comfort each other. If your partner is stressed, spend time with others and help your partner to relax.

19. Calm yourself first so that you can comfort your partner. If you are stressed yourself then you will not be able to calm your partner too.

20. Look at old photographs together and relish those moments. Memories help you take a break from the present and relive those lovely moments.

21. Try and wake up early in the morning and start the day on a good note. Waking up early in the morning with a smile on the face will surely make your day a lot better.

22. Practice breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are well known for relaxation because it reduces depression and also lowers blood pressure.

23. Maintain a journal to vent out your feelings. It helps to destress. Do not keep your feelings to yourself and write it down to help you calm down. 

24. Chewing gum can help you destress. The muscle movement of the jaw muscles helps to relax.

25. Sit with a big bowl of mac and cheese or a bag of popcorn and talk about life. Mac and cheese and popcorn are well known comfort foods which will make you feel better.

26. Make a playlist for each other and listen whenever either of you is down. Music helps reduce stress.

27. Bake a cake together. Baking is known to be therapeutic and is a great way of relaxing.

28. Peeling an orange is a remedy as the smell of citrus is known to reduce stress. Oranges are of medicinal value which is good for your health.

29. Plant trees in your garden together. Gardening is a great way of de-stressing which helps reduce blood pressure and also rejuvenates the mind.

30. Eating avocado can lower blood pressure. It also helps to reduce blood pressure levels.

31. Spending time with a pet, especially a dog can reduce stress. Dogs can understand human emotions, so if you are feeling low spend time with your furry friend to ease your stress.

32. Try some aromatherapy. Aromatherapy relaxes the nerves and rejuvenates your mind.

33. Have a karaoke night and sing your heart out. It does not matter if you are a singer or not, singing your heart out can actually be a fun way of relaxing.

34. Take a few days off work and spend time doing what both of you enjoy doing. Too much stress at work can make you agitated. So, take some time off work and focus on your hobbies or the things that help you relax.

35. Having sex can lower stress. Sex helps in reducing stress and also facilitates a healthy blood flow.

36. Drinking orange juice can lower stress. Oranges have antioxidants which help to reduce stress.

37.  Read religious books. Religious teachings or religious texts can make you believe in humanity and teach you ways to calm down when you are stressed.

38. Share a big bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal has antioxidants and also facilitates blood flow in the body.

39. Stop multitasking and concentrate on one thing. Multitasking can be stressful and it may leave you in a mess, so it is preferable to do one thing at a time.

40. Cook up a homemade face mask and relax through the weekend. Face masks are relaxing and a great way to chill.

41. Get close to each other and kiss because kissing relieves stress. It has been proven that kissing burns calories and it helps reduce blood pressure.

42. Dim the lights and listen to the sound of nature. The sound of birds chirping or the rustling of leaves is soothing to the ear and it calms down the nerves too.

43. Have a spoonful of honey. Honey is known to prevent heart diseases and it helps in regulating blood sugar level too which in turn keeps the nerves calm.

44. Doodle or scribble in your notebook. Doodling is a great way of releasing stress; just let your thoughts out on a paper.

45. Play board games or card games. Board games or card games are a great way of releasing tension together. It helps you take a break from the mundane chaotic life and helps you concentrate on one thing at a time.

46. Drink a glass of hot water. Drinking hot water increases blood flow and it helps the muscles to relax.

47. Visit a museum or art gallery. Watching a painting or a photograph will make your mind relax and help you calm down.

48. Enjoy a night at the rooftop stargazing. Stargazing is a good way of spending time together and also de-stressing.

49. Playing with slime or clay reduces stress. It is a well known way to destress.

50. Squeezing a stress ball works best for releasing stress. Fidgeting with a soft wall actually calms down the nerves and helps the muscles to relax.

51. Facetime your parents or a common friend of both of yours. If you are away from you parents and friends, try video calling once in a while to have a fun time with each other and also relax.

52. Try sniffing the flowers in your garden. The smell of flowers are mild and is soothing to the body, so it helps relax

53. Washing dishes releases stress. Might sound tedious but it actually helps in releasing stress.

54. Switch off all the lights and light some candles and enjoy a good candlelight dinner. The lesser the light, the better it helps the nerves to relax and is also soothing to the eyes.

55. Smelling coffee also relaxes the nerves. It facilitates the mind to work effectively and also rejuvenates the body.

56. Feed birds. Doing any type of social work is good for mental health. The sight of feeding birds is relaxing as well.

57. Keep the windows open and let the natural air fill up the room. Let sunlight and fresh air enter the room; it will make you feel fresher.

58. Avoid negativity and keep away from people with negative vibes. Negativity is bad for mental health and is the major source for all the stress. So, stay away from people with negative vibes and be around people who motivate you.

59. Go for a picnic. A classic way of relaxing in the lap of nature.

60. Join a knitting class along with your partner. Knitting increases concentration and it also relaxes the nerves.

61. Try clearing your closet and rearranging it. This might sound crazy but it is actually a way of calming down the nerves.

62. Crying is the best medicine to release stress. Cry your heart out and let go off the burden from your chest.

63. Stop procrastinating. Procrastinating increases stress, so just stop it and start working.

64. Wake up early and watch the sunrise or enjoy a romantic sunset while strolling by the lake. A good start or a good end to the day can make a huge difference to the mental health of a person.

65. Stop judging people or every action someone else takes. Being judgemental will only disturb your mental health and make you think about their flaws. So, do not judge and accept the way it is or else just don’t socialise with those people.

66. Enjoy a day by the beach. A dip in the salty water or a sunbath by the beach is a great way of chilling with your partner.

67. Learning to say ‘no’ at times is required. It will actually release a great amount of stress. 

68. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Drinking water or any type of juice normalises blood pressure and stabilises the heartbeat.

69. Try solving a jigsaw puzzle together. Solving a jigsaw puzzle requires a great deal of concentration and is a fun way to connect with your partner too.

70. Listen to an audiobook together. An audiobook or a podcast can relax your muscles and calm down your nerves.

71. Hit the sauna together. Sauna improves heart function and reduces the risk of a heart attack or any other heart disease.

72. Give each other space to spend some time alone. Do not interfere in each other’s space as it will worsen your mental health and make you stress about unnecessary things.

73. Constrain yourself from smoking and drinking much. Smoking calms down the nerves temporarily while it is poison to your lungs and drinking excites a person more which is bad for the heart.

74. Iron your clothes by yourself. Being neat and tidy and especially ironing your own clothes will help you feel good about yourself

75. Make a schedule for your day and follow it religiously. Following a schedule is very effective as it will give you ample time to spend time doing the things you like too.

76. Help her to do her nails. This will make her feel special too and will also help you take a break from your work and spend some time with her.

77. Maintain a good posture while walking or sitting. A good posture helps regulate blood flow which helps the muscles to relax. 

78. Look for a new hobby. Give time to a new hobby which will help you try out something new and will also be a great way of spending time with yourself.

79. Make an appreciation post for your loved one. Channeling your positivity to your partner via an appreciation post will make both you and your partner feel special.

80. Sing aloud in the shower. This will let all your stress out and help you relax.

81. Apply your sunscreen and soak in some Vitamin D. Sunlight is a great source of rejuvenation.

82. Visit a place with your loved one where you feel comfortable. This will help both of you to reconnect with each other and also help you stay away from stress.

83. Read stories which celebrate humanity and with a happy ending. Be optimistic always and reading such stories will reassure that everything’s not lost.

84. Engage in a silly and funny photoshoot. A photoshoot can do wonders by helping you have a fun time with your partner.

85. Eat foods like Salmon which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is good for the heart which will make sure you have a healthy blood flow.

86. Try smiling more often. A smile on the face will keep all the stress away!

87. Take a walk near your neighbourhood with your camera. Capturing moments is a great way of relaxing.

88. Go for a new haircut with your partner. A new hairstyle will give you a feeling of newness and will also have a positive influence on you.

89. Pay close attention to all your five senses. Be guided by the senses and just go with the flow.

90. Listen to podcasts together. A great way of spending time and relaxing together.

91. Pre-plan about the next thing you wish to accomplish. pre-planning will help you arrange all the things beforehand and also reduce your stress.

92. Eat foods which are full of nutrition. Nutritious food helps your heart function properly.

93. Engage yourselves in skipping. Skipping improves heart rate which in turn helps in a healthy flow of blood which will help you relax.

94. Dance naked with your partner. Might sound absurd but it is an amusing way of de-stressing.

95. Write a stream of consciousness for a couple of minutes. Writing down whatever comes to your mind without thinking about it will help your nerves calm down.

96. Make your partner his/her comfort food. Comfort foods are the best way to chill and relax.

97. Try a new cocktail at home. Experimenting with cocktails is a great way of de-stressing because any type of creation gives a boost to mental health.

98. Get new flowers for your vase. Flowers are a visual treat to the eyes and it helps calm down the nerves.

99. Draw a mandala. Drawing a mandala requires a lot of attention to details which can calm down your disturbed mind and help you concentrate.

100. Rediscover your city with your partner at night. A city at night is very different; so go for a walk or a ride across the city and enjoy the beauty of silence.

tips alleviate stress with partner

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