55+ Ways to Always Be There for Your Brother

We all need someone or the other to make us feel warm and wanted on our darkest of days and otherwise as well. Here are some ways in which you can always be there for your brother and make him feel wanted and loved. 

Tips to always be there for your brother

Always be conscious. To be there for your brother at all times, you always need to be conscious of him. Make sure you are always able to understand what your brother needs and also when he needs it. Unless you are conscious of your brother’s needs and wants at all times, you cannot always be there for your brother, can you?

Keep your ears on. Keep your ears on at all times. This will mean that you are there for your brother whenever he needs you. And you are ready to listen to everything that he has to say to you? Pay attention to the minutest of details so that you know what exactly your brother may ask for next, ensuring that you are prepared for it as well.

Make the arrangements. Make the arrangements and prepare well in advance while catering to your brother’s needs and wants. If you are well prepared, you can plan well, and you can also arrange well. This is not only fulfilling and satisfying your brother’s needs and wants but will also keep him happy and satisfied always.

Keep your work schedule flexible. Try to keep your work schedule as flexible as possible. With a flexible work schedule, you can ensure that you are around your brother more often. This will also ensure that you are ready and waiting to do whatever your brother needs next.

how to keep your work schedule flexible

Call your friends for help. Call your friends for help whenever you can and whenever you need their help. They can be one of the best supports in your life when it comes to being there for your brother. This will also help you keep a close watch on your brother and monitor whatever he does.

Make healthy relations with his friends. Build healthy relationships with your brother’s friends. By doing so, you can ensure getting information on your brother and his whereabouts whenever you want. And it will also help your brother’s friends be more dependent on you. Such relationships will only enhance the well-being of your brother and his friends while keeping you less worried for your brother.

Prove yourself to be useful. Prove yourself to be useful. If your brother feels and understands that you are useful enough, he will also feel and know that you are always there for him. Your being useful doesn’t mean you should be taken for granted. It only means that you are more supportive and understanding of your brother.

how to be useful to your brother

Understand the graveness of the situation. Understand the graveness of any given situation, especially when your brother is involved in it. It will not only give you a clear picture of the situation but will also ensure that you are prepared to handle it correctly. This will also ensure that you are always there for your brother.

Act accordingly. Based on the situation, you need to act in accordance with it. Acting according to the situation will help you tackle the situation better. And it will also enable you to be quicker in handling the situation. Naturally, not only will you be there for your brother at all times, but he will also feel more secure while knowing that you are always there for him and make him count on you.

Make him a nominee for your property. Make your brother a nominee for your property, or even make a will where you state that you will bequeath all your property to your brother after you die. This is a great way to ensure that you are always there for your brother and have his well-being in your mind.

Gift him something that reminds him of you. Why not go ahead and give your brother a gift that will remind him of you? This can be symbolic to him in making him feel that you are always there for him. And you will be glad to know that he will miss you less when you are living away from each other.

Create memories that will give him strength. Create memories that will give your brother strength. Whether you are around or not, these memories will not only remind him of the good times that he spent with you but will also make him stronger and more resilient in tackling his then-current situation.

Get inside him. It is good to get to your brother. But it is best when you can get inside him. This way, you get to know him far better while also instilling within him inner protection that will guide him and protect him all through his life, irrespective of whether you are around or not.

Ask him to call you whenever he needs. Make sure to ask your brother to call you whenever he needs you. This is a great way to make him know that you are always there for him and that you are just a call away from him. You will be happy to know that he will call you if he needs you. And he will be glad to know that you are just a call away.

why should he call you whenever he may need it

Every day, check his status. Check your brother’s status every day, be it on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other chat or messenger channels that you guys use. This will enable you to stay in touch with him indirectly while relieving you of your worries. And you guys can even interact on the status as well.

Prioritize him over other things. Always prioritize your brother over every other thing. This will make him feel more wanted while you will be satisfied to know that you are giving him the importance he deserves from you. This is a great way to show that you are always there for your brother and that you love him more than anything else.

Use social media to communicate. Use social media to communicate with your brother. Even when one of you is offline, the other can always leave a message. And then you can reply to each other at your leisure. This is a great way to show that you guys are there for each other at all times also, and both of you will feel glad to know that. Communicate with each other as and when you wish.

which social media platforms to use to communicate with your brother

Send voicemails or texts if you can’t call. If you cannot call each other, at least send voice notes, voice mails, or even text each other. This ensures that you are there for each other at all times. This brings about a feeling of security, and it feels comfortable to know that your brother is not only accessible but that he is also safe and well.

Remember your love. Remember your love for your brother. Remind him of your childhood memories together and how much love you shared for each other. This is a great way to not only reminisce about your childhood but also cherish those memories together.

Stay confident. Stay confident and remain that way for as long as you can. This will portray to your brother that you are always there for him. Exuberating this confidence also means that you will be less worried for your brother than you usually are otherwise. So go ahead and stay confident at all times.

Genuinely feel the urge to help him. You must genuinely feel the urge to help your brother not only when he needs the help but also extend help on your own, as that can mean a lot to him. It will also make you a more satisfied and happier person. The urge should come from within.

Keep thinking about his problems in the background. Carry on with your work normally, but also keep thinking about your brother’s problems. When thinking of your brother’s problems in the background, start strategizing how you can resolve those problems for him. And later implement these strategies to help your brother come out of his problem.

Show up when you have solutions. Whenever you have solutions for your brother, be it for a problem that he has or for any other issue that may crop up, make sure you show up and extend your brother a helping hand. These solutions will not only help your brother but will also create an appreciation for you within him.

Make him swear to take care of himself. Make it a point that you make him vow and swear he will take care of himself. These solemn promises will stop him from doing anything drastic at any time at all. And you can carry on with your life normally without worrying much about him, especially since you trust him when he promises or swears to do something.

Always have someone looking after him. Always have someone looking after your brother, especially when you are not around him. Otherwise, he might not take care of himself on his own. He may need a lot of prodding, and also external help can make him take care of himself.

 why have someone to look after him always

Put a GPS on him. Go ahead and put a GPS on your brother. This will reduce your worries since you will be able to keep track of where all your brother is going and what he is doing. This will also make him refrain from doing anything wrong or slipping away from his track.

Teach him basic MMA. Teach your brother basic mixed martial arts. This will not only help discipline him but will also ensure that he is physically more enduring and strong. Learning mixed martial arts will also make him more resilient and alert at all times. He will automatically begin taking care of himself as well.

Be fast in your response. Whenever your brother needs you, do make sure that you are quick to respond. Don’t ever be late in responding to his calls or needs. Always make sure that your brother knows that you are there for him and that you prioritize him over everything else. This will also instill within him a sense of security.

 ways can you respond quickly to your brother

Get your mind clear. Get your mind cleared of every kind of worry. Unless you have a clear mind, you cannot make the correct decisions or formulate plans properly. And you will be more prone to making mistakes. This can be quite detrimental when it comes to your brother. So have a clear mind and go ahead and start taking care of your brother.

Always seize the opportunity. Seize every possible opportunity to be there for your brother. Never miss an opportunity to be with him. This will assure him that you are there for him everywhere and at all times. And you will be satisfied and happy with your own self. It will also help your brother develop into a good human being. He will definitely take after you in the future, especially when it comes to responsibility and duty.

Be kind to him. Always be kind to your brother. Never be harsh or too strict on him. A subtle retort here and there, followed by kind words, can work wonders on your brother. It will also help him become a far better, stronger, and more understanding person.

Don’t get rude so that he always comes to you. Never be rude to your brother. If you are rude to him, the chances are that he will try to avoid you whenever he can. Rather, be more loving and caring of him. This will make him come to you more readily and as often as possible. And he will keep looking up to you when he grows into a really strong and good human being.

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