183+ Amazing Crush Quotes to Share Now

Do you have a crush on someone? Sometimes it could be challenging to be aware of whether you care for somebody else as you are interested in being their buddy because you are interested in being something more than just friends.

When you think about somebody constantly and become super excited to get his/her company, you may definitely have a crush. 

Crush quotes are helpful for expressing your emotions to your crush. Send those quotes via email, messages, WhatsApp, or social media. Please have a look: 

Crush Quotes to Share Now

I’m unable to think Why I fear so much when I thought to lose you when we don’t even develop that deep kind of connection. – Nurilla Iryani

There are some crushes who never go anywhere. They have constructed some permanent things which are obsessive but consuming. – Maya Banks

There is a wish In my heart to touch your mouth with my mouth. I want to touch your neck as well. But, first of all, I want to let him know about my existence. – Laini Taylor

He doesn’t even know about my existence. I understood he knew there are a lot of people like me. I’m from the background that the girl found after eliminating a huge distance. – Rick Yancey

We see often, if a girl is having a crush on someone, her friend always teases or encourages her to talk to him by asking things like pencil or others so that he knows she has some feelings for him. It is not less than a risk for her. It is the daily activity of teenagers to expose their true feelings. – Jazz Jennings

Having a crush on someone is a beautiful feeling. Do you know when you have a crush on someone then you feel like you are really living life? – Scarlett Johansson

If there is a prize to get a single flower whenever you appear in my thoughts, I could definitely win the garden. – Claudia Adrienne Grandi

You can’t even understand the feeling when you love someone so deeply and also know that person is not feeling like that. – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

If you could notice I’m the only one who understands all your things then why can’t you understand you only belong to me. – Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me

Give me a chance to love you, give me a chance to fulfill all your needs and desires. – Mario (Let Me Love You)

What I really want to do with you, hold you tightly, treat you nicely, and stay with you throughout the day. – Britney Spears

You can’t find love. Love is a special kind of feeling that finds you. –Loretta Young

Love is nothing, but it’s a friendship between two people, which puts them on fire. –Jeremy Taylor 

You often feel crushes on people. You see them daily. They are amazing personalities. They could be men or women. –Jennifer Saunders

Do you know teenage crushes are just like the flu? It lasts only for days when you try to find the treatment. It still lasts for a few days when you don’t find a treatment. –Raheel Farooq

I smile when I think about you, there’s shine in my eyes when I think about you and my heart skips a beat when I think about you. –Ash Sweeney

I understood myself completely. Although I’m not the full season but summer to your heart. –Edna St. Vincent Millay

I feel shy when I look into your eyes. – Anais Nin

Whether it is my mind or heart, you are always running there, all the time, day and night. – Terri Guillemets

I have a crush on you. Do you feel the same as me? When you are with me, I’m getting a rush. –Mandy Moore

I realize, My heart feels something for you, I think, I have a crush on you. You have just an amazing personality. You look great.  –Nicolas Sparks

I wish sometimes I put you in amazement. – Taylor Swift

I don’t actually remember when I have a crush on someone, I forget my kiss also. –Maureen O’Hara

It is infatuation which is the same as a drug addiction that could lead you to the highest point but also powerful enough to give you one of the bad headaches ever. – Luke Blaise Pereira

Infatuation is a different kind of language that connects stunning eyes with a lovable heart. –  Joseph Bartlett

Please allow me to be your dream man, please allow me to hold your hand. – The Beatles

It is love who takes me along with him by surprise, it is love who led me toward you, it is love who has opened my eyes. – Michelle Branch

I wanted to be your friend –that was my dream only but turning into your partner is my ultimate dream. –  Valerie Lombardo

One of the biggest refreshments of life is love. – Pablo Picasso

I don’t know the ingredients of our souls but I know, it is the combination of you and me. – Emily Bronte

Now she understands love happens when the heart is ready to burst. – Steig Larsson

When you are fallen in love with someone you don’t see him/her lie the way people do. – P. C. Cast

Deep in my heart, I know, I love you but I’m afraid too, but don’t actually know why? – The Partridge Family

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Love is a piece of music. –  Joseph Campbell

I usually write things for my companions. I had a crush on a girl in school. There was a teacher whom she didn’t like at all. But, my feelings were true for her. Therefore, I write a tiny tale for her which is rejected by her. – Stephen Colbert

Do you know what subway crush is? Subway crush is all about having a crush on people where you can’t even talk or mee. But stare at him/her secretly from a distance. – Jason Gordon

I never want to be someone’s crush. If someone feels something about me, I want that person to accept me the way I am. Because I don’t want to change myself as per their wish. – Stephen Chbosky

I do like her very much because she smiles but actually her smile has some meaning. – Terri Guillemets

It is your smile that makes life ravishing more than before. – Thich Nhat Hanh

It seems funny when we get a call or text from someone who turns your worst day beautiful. – Nishan Panwar

I could feel it in the pockets of my hip when she smiled. – Raymond Chandler

Crush makes you a poet. – Sikhwetha Maanda Stanley

I try several times to walk away, but I can’t get over my feelings. – David Archuleta

I can wait till life for you if things were not like that. – Oscar Wilde

Even love has a reason which has no definite meaning. – Blaise Pascal

Let me tell you how I can love you and please you. – Jane Austen

Admiration never lasts longer. I grow instantly familiar with the object. – Joseph Addison

There are many people who have sunshine till the square inch. – Walt Whitman

I consider you a good memory of my life that puts a smile on my face whenever I think about you. – Catherine Pulsifer

Whenever I visit you personally, I confess I begin to lose my grip. –Hilary Duff

Love is all about what you have experienced with your special partner. –James Thurber

I simply wanted to become nearer to you in almost any manner I really could. Ever since that time you’ve diverted me every day if you are close to me personally not. –Vi Keeland

Every phrase you have actually mentioned is composed someplace Inside my thoughts. –Crystal Woods

Can you understand exactly what it is like to enjoy a person a lot that you really can not endure it And understand they’ll never have precisely exactly the exact same? –Jenny Han

I simply can not catch you from the mind, boy that your lovin’ is I believe Around; I simply can not catch you from the thoughts, boy it is far much a lot more than that I dare to presume about. –Kylie Minogue

We love things for what they really are. – Robert Frost

Is there any definite reason for loving? – Bridgette Bardot

It is a beautiful feeling of love that you are through with someone. –James Thurber

Every single moment we touch I understand that particular sense of feeling. –Cascada

All that I would like one to do would simply carry me personally, yes, I love you. –Smokey Robinson

I simply can not get you from my own thoughts, boy that your lovin’ is all I feel around; that ” I really simply can not catch you out of my thoughts, boy it is a lot more than that I dare to believe. –Kylie Minogue

What I am perishing Obviously, is the fact that I am mad for you; touch me and you’re going to understand that it’s legitimate; I never wanted anybody to enjoy that; It is all brand-new, you are going to experience it in my kiss. –Madonna

Amazing crush quotes

-Every time I see you, I admit that I start losing my cool, and the entire world seems to converge and come down right at you. You are everything I notice. –Anonymous

No matter how hard I try, all my thoughts revert to you. I can’t help but agree that you’re the only thing on my mind the entire day. –Anonymous

And today, if I know what love is and how it feels to be in true love, it’s because of you. No matter how one-sided it is, I enjoy imagining us together. –Anonymous

And every time you smile, I can’t help but melt. You have something in your eyes that makes me fall for you every day in every way. –Anonymous

Love is not something we find; rather, it is something that finds us. It finds us when we are lost when we are devastated, and when we are in dire need of it. I found you. –Anonymous

And apart from everything else I wanna do with you, I just wanna hold you tight, love you day and night, and treat you right. This is my primary wish. –Britney Spears

-It is a wonderful feeling to have a crush on somebody. It enables you to feel alive and breathing. It adds a whole new dimension to your life. You can’t go about a day thinking about that person. –Anonymous

And when I saw you for the very first time, I knew my world had just collapsed. It was never this beautiful before. I had never seen someone so elegant. I wanted to make you mine. –Anonymous

Seeing the energy you have, I would like to marry you anyway, but you’re happy to be my crush only. Well, can I take you out on a date someday? –Anonymous

Having a crush makes you go crazy. What do you ever think before falling for that person? We all fall in love and then grope for reasons. This isn’t how things work! –Anonymous

Your crush can make you do weird things, like making you feel jealous, even when she’s not yours. She is just your crush, yet she possesses such superpowers. –Anonymous

We love our crushes just for the sake of who they are. Sometimes, it isn’t even that. We fall for them instantly and then try to think of the reasons behind our crush on them. –Anonymous

And every time I pray, I pray for your good health and spirits. Every time I make a wish, I make sure it’s you. You are someone I’d be blessed to have in my life. –Anonymous

How can someone be so hot in real life, so popular among the youth, and yet so down-to-earth and humble? You seriously make me question whether you are just another figment of my imagination. –Anonymous

Not all crushes diminish over time. Some, in turn, get converted into this weird feeling of obsession, permanency, and self-consumption. –Anonymous

Merely thinking about you puts up a smile on my face. It puts glitter in my eyes, and the world seems to a standstill for a few minutes. Damn! My heart just skipped a beat. –Anonymous

There used to be a time when you were my crush, and just my crush only. Now things have changed. I have started to want you, and I feel I can barely exist if I don’t have you in my life. –Anonymous

When I saw you for the first time, it was love at first sight. When I saw you again, my heart seemed to burst open. I haven’t seen anyone nearly as pretty as you are. –Anonymous

Having a crush is crazy, isn’t it? When that person isn’t even yours, maybe is unaware of your existence, yet you feel jealous and are afraid to lose her. –Anonymous

When I see you, I can’t stand still. My body begins to sway, my head feels dizzy, and my heart feels like I’m in love. You’re the only cure for this ailment of mine. –Anonymous

If I know what love is today, it is because of you. You may be my crush only, but imagining you to be mine, has a peace and warmth of its own that can’t be explained by words. –Anonymous

Seeing you in front of my eyes was nothing short of a miracle. You made my day, and ever since then, there has been no one else on my mind apart from you. –Anonymous

She has always been the illusion of my dreams. She seems like the wonderful afterthought of the words of love left unspoken still. –Maddy Kobar

And it’s absolutely fine not to have you in my life. Sometimes, certain things remain out of our reach, and that is what helps us to become better hustlers in the upcoming days. –Anonymous

The first time I saw you smile was the day I decided I would never let this smile or yours get depleted. Even if you never accept me as someone of yours, I’d be happy just to see you smiling. –Anonymous

Sending another hello to you would be too risky. I’m afraid I’d have to intake another goodbye from you. I won’t be able to tolerate that. –Anonymous

And when will you allow me to tell you how much I admire you and have ardently fallen in love with you? –Anonymous

I stumbled upon various words but never found the perfect ones to describe what I feel for you. You’re the best there is and the best there ever will be. –Anonymous

And every time I look at you, I see my happiness in your eyes. I can die for that smile of yours. I’m waiting for the day I can’t finally make you mine. –Anonymous

The best feeling in the world is when you look at me and smile. For even a few seconds, I cross your mind, and that is nothing short of a boon to me. –Anonymous

Having a crush like you is nothing short of a blessing. We all understand that crushes have a lot of attitudes, but you’re entirely the opposite of that. –Anonymous

I just called you to let you know you’re an amazing human being with a heart of gold and the face of an angel. In short, there’s no wonder that you’re my crush. –Anonymous

I seriously wouldn’t mind holding you tight and kissing you; rather, that’s the only thing on my mind right now. Having a pretty crush like you compels me to have such thoughts. –Anonymous

It is amazing how our first meeting for a few minutes changed my life completely. I know that we aren’t dating, yet you’re on my mind the entire day. –Anonymous

I have fallen for you, and I have fallen real bad. You’re someone who’s on my mind the entire day, and there’s not a single moment when your thoughts don’t cross my mind. –Anonymous

Why do people call the ones they love but don’t have in their lives their crush? Because that’s how people feel when they don’t get the same love and affection in return. –Anonymous

Do you know what the worst way I can miss you is? When you’re right next to me in a room of people, and yet I can’t have you to me, and me only. –Anonymous

And when you look at me, with a subtle blushing smile, and your hairs swaying all over your face as you tuck them behind your ears, I swear I feel you’re taking my last breaths away. –Anonymous

And just because I never initiated a conversation, it doesn’t mean I am not dying to speak to you, start dating you, and have you in my life. –Anonymous

You are still the best part of my everyday life, and I want that moment to arrive when you consider the same for me. Till then, I’m happy to have you as my amazingly hot crush. –Anonymous

A breakup hurts a lot, it hurts more when you have been thrown out of a relationship, but it hurts the most when the one you love has no idea about you and your love. –Anonymous

Why am I jealous of others who have you? You aren’t even mine. This is a question I often ask myself, but I don’t have any answer to this. –Anonymous

When someone asks me why you and I don’t go out together, I’m like, well, it isn’t supposed to happen, but trust me, no one wants this to happen more than me. –Anonymous

Every guy has someone he likes but never confesses to her or his friends. Well, you’re that girl in my life, and today I had the guts to confess to you. Yes, I have a huge crush on you. –Anonymous

Even though I have known you for years, I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I hear your name. This is something that even science can’t explain. –Anonymous

-I have a hopeless crush on you. I know that we can never have anything between us, but I also want you to know that you’re an amazing human being and the prettiest I’ve ever seen. –Anonymous

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