150+ Romantic Love Quotes of All Times for Your Dearly Beloved

Love is truly a heavenly feeling, and it is not easy to express it. Why not express your love with some amazing quotes? Here are a few beautiful love quotes for you to express how you feel. 

Amazing Love Quotes

-No cure is available in this world for love but only love can heal everything- Thoreau

-It is always better to get affection and lose yourself than to never get any kind of love- Alfred Lord Tennyson

-Your actions always define love, not what you are saying – Anonymous

-Love is imperishability as it never lets you die – Emily Dickenson

-Do not ever run for love as the conditional affection is not at all worthy – Anonymous

-Our readiness to consider depicts the worth of the thing we are craving for – Charles Stanley

-The love story of everyone has a different taste but your love story has the best flavor – Anonymous

-Fall for somebody who gives you the vibe that it is okay to be different – Sue Zhao

-Every love story must have a tinge of craziness in it else it is not considered as love – Pedro Calederon de la Barca

-Everything that happens in love is always fair and justified – Vincent Van Gogh

-What may come I will be able to find you in any situation, in any life – Kanye West

-In love, it is not the time which is counted, it is the memories which are cherished – Anonymous

-The reason to fall for you is that you are like yourself – Anonymous

-You are all about that I needed in my life – Ed Sheeran

-No words are needed if there are two souls madly in love with each other – Marceline Desbordes Valmore

-The glory of your enlightened heart is the real beauty – Anonymous

-Her smile is so much enchanting that the stars became pale in front of her shine – Beth Revis

-It is you who made me understand what love actually is – Hermann Hesse

-There exists no competition if real love thrives over there – Anonymous

-Always say I love you to someone when you really feel it by yourself – Anonymous

-In love, two souls are made up of the same components – Emily Bronte

-Even when you are angry love compels you to care for your loved ones – Anonymous

-There is no ending for the real love stories – Richard Bach

-Love can never make us helpless and powerless – Sigmund Freud

-The real meaning of love is only understood after the arrival of the right person in your life – Paulo Coelho

-How short may the love story is, it is always equally painful to forget it – Pablo Neruda

-The relief we get after seeing the sunshine after a heavy rain is what love actually is – William Shakespeare

-Cling to the one you have found as true love in your life – Princess Diana

-There is no teacher and no lesson better than loving someone wrong – Albert Einstein

-Love makes us wealthier than having a lot of money – Frank Sinatra

-Love, at first sight, is never being believed until the right person takes away your heart – Anonymous

-In a very short life span, cherish nothing except true love – Rumi

-Fall in love with somebody’s heart before having their physical touch and vicinity – Anonymous

-The only secret to live an ecstatic and enthusiastic life is to have immense love in your life- anonymous

-My life stopped and heart skipped a bit the moment I met you – Anonymous

-No one can replace the place you retain in my heart – F. Scott Fitzerald

-The way of your sleeping slowly and suddenly falling completely asleep made me fall for you – John Green

-The pathway of the love stories which reach the destination is never very much plane – William Shakespeare

-I feel much more alive whenever I see him smiling – Mehwish

-Love lets you drown in it after the first meeting without any kind of compulsion – Perry poetry

-The most dreadful and dangerous kind of mental ailment is nothing but love – Plato

-Nurturing a sensitive heart is one of the most sorrowful things – Atticus

-I can even embrace death for you because you made me believe love to be my religion- John Keats

-I am very much ready to drink the venom she is offering me – Perry Poetry

-Do not fall in love until and unless you are being treated as the special one by someone – Oscar Wilde

-Your warm bear hug is one of the most protective places to lie on – Anonymous

-If you love someone, let them go, if they come back, you have chosen the right person – Anonymous

-The donor and receiver of the love are both being cured by the love itself – Dr. Karl Meninger

-The contents that are being retained by our romantic heart have not measured by anybody to date –  Zelda Fitgerald

amazing love quotes

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-The gravity is being cut across when the love becomes fearless – Perry poetry

-The unstoppable wish to be wished by somebody is all about love – Robert Frost

-A soul of amorous elements shared by two unlike people is nothing but love – Anonymous

-An interesting toss won by both the contenders is known as love – Anonymous

-It was love that made my pathway to you very clear – Perry Poetry

-You are the blanket which gives me immense warmth in the winter days – Saru Singhal

-Love is even unstoppable by the death – Anonymous

-Madness surrounded me by the lengthy breaks of the terrified normality – Edgar Allan Poe

-The intensity of true love is infinity which even cannot the poets can measure – Anonymous

-True love stories are made in heaven and are being designed by the almighty – Anonymous

-Real love can be compared with the paranormal entity, felt by very less and lucky people – Francois De la Rocchefoucauld

-The ones who have received the true love has actually received the sight of nirvana – Karen Sunde

-Love is all about cuddles and infinite bliss between two lucky souls – Anonymous

-Love is accepting all the imperfections and the flaws that are being judged by others – Marlyn Monroe

-Hope, trust, and immense love is the key foundation of a happy and successful relationship – Anonymous

-We fall for somebody accidentally but we stick to each other by our own will – Anonymous

-If you are madly in love, your beloved will be the most beautiful and perfect for you – Anonymous

-You are not in love if your soul is not stirred by its spark – Anonymous

-All the delightful flowers start blooming, all the charismatic music plays around you if you are blissfully in love – Anonymous

-Love can bring you the utmost happiness but is never painless – D.J.

-Love is all about your beloved one coming into your dreams everyone – Anonymous

-You seemed to be the unique one that jolted my heart – Anonymous

-Those eyes have so much depth and such meaningful like that of a sea- Anonymous

-All that was in the smile that rendered my heart all the way – Anonymous

-Love compels us to talk to the beloved person before sleeping every night – Anonymous

-Love arouses blindness in us which is being supported by the curtains of the friendship – Freidrich Nietzsche

-I will always be grateful to you for being this beautiful part of my life – Anonymous

-We should stop everything in love stories but never cease to create blissful memories – Pierre Jeanty

-Love is a kind of medicine which is needed by the loveless patients every day – Anonymous

-The kind of conflict which is easy to commence and almost impossible to stop is nothing but love – Anonymous

-I will gift my soul only to you because you are the one that makes me smile and helps me to be myself – Anonymous

-Begging for attention was not my cup of tea until I met you – Anonymous

-You are something larger than life, much more than this whole world – Anonymous

-I can’t wait to see the day when you’ll be near me and I won’t get the chance to miss you – Anonymous

-You are the broken half of my incomplete half that makes me complete – Anonymous

-I may not express, but I love you to the moon and back – Anonymous

-My life without is like a flower vase without a blooming flower – Anonymous

-We may not end up but I promise to stay by your side forever till death _ Anonymous

-The souls and the lovely memories are the only two things that come into play in love – Anonymous

-You are the god to me that I love to worship every day, you are everything, my world – Henry ward Beecher

Romantic love quotes

-You can fall in love a million different times with the right person, and that’s the beauty of true love. -Amy Spalding

-It might take you seconds to fall for someone, but sometimes it takes even years to be able to convey your love to that very person. -Giovannie de Sadeleer

-When you fall in love, it can either slow down time or run so fast that you never get enough of the one you love. –Anonymous

Good things take time, but you must never wait to convey the butterflies in your stomach to the one you have fallen in love with. –Anonymous

We all fall for different people, not for types. We all love someone for who they are, not how they are. –Anonymous

It’s foolish to fall for a person. Fall for the person you are when you are with them. -Connor Chalfant

-Be someone who falls in love, not someone who is a fool in love. -Alvi Syahrin

-Let’s fall for each other repeatedly and screw up our lives even more? -Tamara Stamenkovic

-It’s not just an infatuation; true love feels like a healing sensation from all your past traumas and dejections. –Anonymous

There’s nothing wrong with falling for the same person repeatedly. You can fall in a thousand different ways and still get loved similarly. –Anonymous

When the love is true, you feel your heart and soul join with his. You start to feel safe, you start to get healed, but most importantly, you feel whole again. -Michael R. French

-Never fall for someone unless you intend to be with them forever. You will fall again and again when the love is true. -Marty Rubin

-When you fall in love, you forget the fear of falling in love. -Khang Kijarro Nguyen

-How can I stop my heart from falling for you? You’ve taught me what love is and how it feels to be loved. Now teach me how to let go of it. –Anonymous

Fools rush in love, but trust me, being a fool in love is a blessing in disguise. –Anonymous

My heart is already so full of you that I can barely call it my own. –Anonymous

That moment when the one you have fallen for looks right into your eyes and admits that he, too, has fallen for you is greater than any other feeling in this world. –Anonymous

Every day, I fall for you. Every day I learn to dive deeper into your world. You are more than my love now; you are my habit. –Anonymous

Do you still want to know who I fall in love with each day? Read the second word again. –Anonymous

You can’t predict love. The worst day of your life can bring about the presence of an unexpected person, and boom, you unexpectedly fall for him. –Anonymous

The ones who say you fall in love only once are yet to experience what true love is. You tend to fall for the same person in a million different ways every single day. –Anonymous

Being your friend was a choice that I had, but falling unexpectedly in love with you, was something I had no control over. –Anonymous

I think I’m in love with you more with every passing day. –Anonymous

When you seem to have fallen in love, the best you can do is submit to that love. Everything else falls into place. -Haruki Murakami

-We fall for the one we are destined to be in love with, not the one we are supposed to. –Anonymous

Fortune always favors the brave, and the same is also true when it comes to love. -E. A. Bucchianeri

-Only one of you might fall in love, but it will take both of you to support it and fulfill the duties of love. -Oscar Alique-Ice

-When you fall in love and start falling hard, all you do is pray that this feeling never diminishes. –Anonymous

When it comes to love, uncork your power of imagination and bottle away your common sense. -Helen Rowland

-What’s wrong with falling in love and sharing life with someone else? -Lily James

-It is only in love when you can’t blame gravity for making you fall into it. -Albert Einstein

-Falling in love seems to have been forged by compatibility, sparked by attractiveness, and tested by memory. –Anonymous

The funny thing about love is that it’s ridiculously easy to be in it but extremely difficult to help it sustain for a lifetime. -Abhijit Naskar

-Falling in love is somewhat similar to falling asleep. The brain goes into a state of rest, and the heart takes over the ones. -Nelson M. Lubao

-In true love, you are made to feel a million different feelings you had never felt before. –Anonymous

The feelings you lose are the ones that come back to you when you are in love, and there can’t be something more pleasing than this. –Anonymous

The one who you are tonight is the one I was in love with yesterday and the one I’ll fall for again tomorrow. -Gayle Forman

-There’s no feeling purer than an honest and true love for someone you wish to have for the rest of yourself. –Anonymous

Love happens when you least expect it and makes you crave for it when it is the most unexpected to arrive. –Anonymous

Love has the power to pour color into the same dull, monotonous, and black and white life of yours, but true love has the power never to let those colors fade away. –Anonymous

Only if I could help myself from falling in love with you every moment. It seems like you’ve stolen my heart; I’ve lost all my powers to you. –Anonymous

-Love is the disease, and falling in love is the only cure. –Anonymous

We all want to fall for someone who can be our most thrilling adventure and the safest place at the same time. -Bianca Sparacino

-I fell in love the moment I saw you, and you laughed at me because you knew it there and then. -William Shakespeare

-You can’t fall in and out of love. You must embrace every moment, cherish every feeling on the way, and, most importantly, grow in love. –Anonymous

When I fell for you, you seemed to eclipse everything else away from my sight. All I could dream of, all I could imagine happening, was nothing but you. –Anonymous

Falling in love is like falling off a cliff. Once you go past the edge, and there’s nothing to grasp for safety, you keep on falling anyhow and might as well enjoy the entire journey. -Dorothy Garlock

-Once you fall in love, love each other to that extent that you might as well shit at the same time, in the same freaking toilet. –Anonymous

Falling in love brings about excitement and fulfillment, but at the same time, it also creates fears of being rejected, anxiety, and potential loss. -Kumar Anupam

-Falling in love and leaping from a cliff are kind of similar. Your brain screams that you’ll hurt yourself, but your heart insists you can glide and soar higher up into the sky. -Marie Coulson

-When falling in love, fall with your eyes closed. Don’t look below, for you may get frightened. Close your eyes and enjoy the journey. –Anonymous

-If it’s wrong to fall in love with you every day, my heart certainly would not let me be right. –Anonymous

Amazing Love Quotes

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