65+ Anniversary Date Ideas to Make The Day Extra Special

Dates are so important in a relationship if you want your partner to feel loved. I don’t have to say that actions speak louder since you already know. But I mean you need to take your partner on dates like you used to before.

So make sure your actions speak louder, and your partner knows they are loved and cherished. The only way they can know is by spending time together.

The smile ☺️ that lasts on their face is your prize; make sure you keep them on their faces all the time.

Since you are already here for a few ideas, I will not waste any more time and give you the ideas straight away!

Here are a few anniversary date ideas just for you!

Is it your anniversary? Happy anniversary to you and your partner! But you aren’t here for my wishes 🀝 I am guessing. You are here to surprise your life partner on a date and want to make sure everything goes perfectly, right? Well, you are in the right place, mate!

I will give you all of my ideas so your anniversary day will be the best day of your life! And I will make sure both of you go to sleep πŸ’€ with smiles on your faces!

But before that, I suggest a book that is full of date ideas and also information about first dates, “My First Date: Useful Tips on Relationship and Going Out on Dates. Great ideas on relationships and Does and Don’t during a first date” by Gerogina Watford.



A restaurant is a must when it is your anniversary! Dress up cute and pretty and head over to the most vibrant restaurant 🍽️ that gives off romantic vibes. Nothing can go wrong when both of you are all dressed up and ready to eat some delicious dinner.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Since it is your anniversary, we can try to plan your date differently. You can go back to the days you first met and how you both explored the city together. Exploring the city together can be fun as you will be together and have a lot of time ⏳ to talk to each other.

Cook Together

Do you know what is more fun than ordering food at home or going out? Cooking πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ your own meal! Cook together and savor the dish! If both of you don’t know how to cook, you can take up cooking classes. This way, not only will the both of you have fun but even fill your stomach.


Since it is your anniversary, it would be a great idea if you went on a picnic. Pack all the snacks, books if you want to read, or speakers so you can listen to music 🎢. Head to a park or to a lake and spread your blanket and just forget about all the things and focus on each other.

Go on A Hike

Go On A Hike

If both of you are outdoor people and you want your anniversary to be full of physical activity and all about nature 🏞️, going on a hike is the perfect date idea for you. Sweat a little, but your destination will be worth the climb for sure.

Hit the Beach!

Come on, if the beach πŸ–οΈ isn’t the perfect anniversary date idea, I don’t know what will be. Pack your lunch and enjoy it while watching the waves or talking to each other. You can even swim or just bask in the sun for a beautiful tan!

“In the breeze and the gentle waves, I discovered the true meaning of tranquility, with you by my side.”- Unknown


If it isn’t the beach weather, I suggest you go and do some sliding ⛷️! Head over to the hills covered with snow and enjoy it as you slide down the snow. Skiing is so much fun when both of you do it together. So head over to the hills and do some skiing with the love of your life, mate!

Play Board Games

If you are not someone who loves to go big on anniversaries, you could always stay at home and enjoy a home-cooked meal while you play some of the board 🎲 games. With a glass of wine, enjoy the game.

You can even listen to some music so you don’t get bored while playing the game.



You are one of the luckiest people if you have a backyard and you can light up the campfire πŸ”₯! So, if you do have a backyard, you can always warm yourselves or even roast s’mores! This is a delicious and fun way to spend your anniversary.

Spa Night

You can always head to a spa πŸ’† when you have been working or tired. You deserve to get relaxed and get the best massage of your life when it is your anniversary. Surprise your date to a spa, and I will tell you they will have the best time of their life just as you do!

A Day Trip

Suppose you have time on your hands, which you should since it is your anniversary, you can go on a day trip. Whether it be to a city πŸ™οΈ or a resort where you can relax, you can always go on a day trip and enjoy. Come on, you deserve to celebrate your special day.

Go Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping πŸ›’ can also be a date if you want it to be. If you have a specific dish on your mind and want to cook it for your partner, but you run out of ingredients, you can go grocery shopping together and check off all your ingredients!

Learn Something New Together

Learn Something New Together

In a relationship, it is important that both of you all will grow together so you can always learn something new.

You can choose anything you want to learn and start your learning journey right now. Make sure it is something fun πŸ₯³ and exciting, and only sign up if both of you want to learn them!

Travel Down Your Memory Lane

You would never know you made it this far when you don’t look back at your struggles and happy moments.

So take a moment and look back at all the pictures you have in a gallery. A smile will naturally creep up on your face, and happy tears πŸ’§ will make their way out of their eyes.

Antique Hunting

Do you have a collection of all the antique items in your house? Or does your partner love collecting all the antique items? Then make your way to the antique store and find something that catches your eye πŸ‘€ and add another item to your collection!

Learn a New Dance

Do the both of you love dancing πŸ’ƒ? Then you can always learn a new dance together and show off your dancing skills at the next wedding that you will attend! Or you can just learn a new dance to make your day memorable. 

Visit an Aquarium

Visit An Aquarium

You can always visit an aquarium and watch how fishes 🐠 live their life. Even though it does feel like you are invading their privacy, just don’t stare at them for long. But visiting an aquarium is so fun, and you also can click so many pictures while you are there.

Read Together

Are both of you book lovers? That is amazing, mate! Then pick up your books πŸ“š to read and enjoy. With a glass of wine, you can even read your books aloud to each other. People who love reading appear more appealing than other people.

Scavenger Hunt

You can both play scavenger hunt right at your home 🏑! Make sure to keep an end prize and hide all the clues in the corners, and you know your home the best! It will be fun, and you also get to give your brain a little work. Don’t forget to drink some wine too!

Visit a Museum

If you both love peace and quiet and love being inspired, the museum is the place for you! You can visit a nearby museum πŸ–ΌοΈ and get inspired. You also act like the pictures over there and click pictures so you can look back at these when you are old and gray.

Take a Walk

Take A Walk

Nothing can be more romantic 😍 than going on a walk together. You can hold hands to keep warm and just talk about random stuff together. No one knows you better than your partner, right? You can even stop for dinner or ice cream, depending on the time you go on a walk!

Make Ice Cream Together

If you don’t feel like going out for ice cream 🍨, you can always choose to make ice cream at home. It is a fun process, and both of you will love making ice cream together. Decide on your favorite flavor and make the best ice cream so you can enjoy it later as a dessert after dinner.

Watch a Comedy Show

What is more lively than watching a comedy show together? Exactly! Pick a comedy show and watch it together with some popcorn 🍿. You can laugh till your stomach hurts and have so much fun together on your anniversary! 

Go Apple-Picking

You can always choose to spend time with nature if you want to celebrate anything! How romantic does it sound to walk in a field and pick some apples 🍎? You may even take some home and make apple cider or just add them to your salad!

Bake Together or Hold a Competition

Do you love pastries? Well, then, bake one! Make sure you have all the ingredients to bake a cake πŸŽ‚ or you can always go do some last-minute shopping and get started!

Another fun way to make it more fun is to compete as well. You can be the judge of each other and enjoy your cake! 

Horseback Riding

You can go horseback riding πŸ‡ if you want to feel the cowboy vibes! Nothing is more fun than going horseback riding!? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to saddle, and there are always people who can help you! Just make sure you will have fun!

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Do you love outdoor activities? Then you can always consider rock climbing πŸ§—! Nothing sends you chills and be exciting all together! Make sure you are strapped in with safety and start your rock climbing. Lean on each other for motivation, and you are good to go!

Try New Cafes Together.

Are there new cafes you have been meaning to try? Then, you now have the time to do so! Try all the new cafes and choose the best so you can make it your regular.

A cup of coffee β˜• has its own way to reduce your stress and increase your energy.

Breakfast in Bed

One way you can surprise the love ❀️ of your life is by making them breakfast in bed! Cook them their favorite breakfast and surprise them in the morning! They will appreciate your gesture, and maybe you will even get lucky; nobody knows! 

Head to The Farmer’s Market

As a date, you can even head to the farmer’s market and support the local business! You will always get fresh vegetables and might even find some exotic fruits πŸ‡, you never know! So head to the farmers market, and you also have the chance to make someone’s day!

Workout Together

A relationship should always be healthy in and out. So you can sign up for a couples gym πŸ‹οΈ plan and start your fitness journey together. By this, you will not only get fit together but also will have a lot of fun together.

Visit a Vineyard

One of my favorite date ideas is to visit a vineyard 🍷! This is so much fun, and you even get to taste so many varieties of wine together. Become light-headed and have fun together. You also get detailed information as to how wine is manufactured from scratch!

Stargaze Together

Drive away from the city and choose a spot where it is peaceful and stargaze ⭐ together! Nothing is more romantic than watching the sky beautifully lit up by the stars, and if you are lucky, you might even spot a few shooting stars. Don’t forget to make a wish!



Do you want to have fun with music 🎢? You can sing at the top of your lungs and have so much fun with each other. Pick a duet and sing. Make sure you record what you are singing so you can look back at how much fun the both of you had!


Have you been ax-throwing πŸͺ“? If not, you should go! Though you will have to give your arms a lot of work, it will be fun nonetheless! Have a little competition to see who wins the most points, but don’t get too competitive, haha! But you have fun, mate!

Jigsaw Puzzle

 If you want to spend time at home, you can give some work to your brain and fix the jigsaw puzzle. You can pick your favorite puzzle 🧩 and start fixing it with a glass of wine! You can do anything together, so this puzzle will be a piece of cake for you guys.


You can go bowling 🎳, mate! You can see who wins with the highest points; you can make small bets, but remember to have fun, nonetheless! Don’t hold back on your laugh when your partner’s bowl goes down the gutter.

Go Skating

Have you tried roller skating πŸ›Ό? It is so fun, though you might fall a few times. Put on your skating shoes and have a race if you know how to skate well. Help each other when you don’t know how to roller skate; this also makes a fun date.

Attend a Concert

When your favorite singer or band comes to your city for a concert, you can surprise your partner with the tickets 🎟️ to the concert! Both of you can have so much fun singing, dancing, and just vibing there! Dress up pretty and take pictures to make it a memorable day.



When you want to get away for a while, you can always book a cruise πŸ›³οΈ. How romantic it is to sail across the ocean with the love of life and spend a few days away from reality. The atmosphere and ambiance are completely different on a cruise, and this is one of the best date ideas for you to consider.

“The sea mirrors the depth of our love, boundless and ever-changing, as we sail together on this romantic adventure.”- Unknown

Make Pizza Together

You must have gone to eat pizza πŸ• a lot, and you must have ordered pizza at home a lot of times, but let me ask you something:

how many times have you made your own pizza? Then it is time you make your own pizza and enjoy it! With champagne or wine, celebrate your anniversary and make it memorable.


How romantic is it to spend a few days away from the city with just the two of you? I know, right? So plan a trip and go camping πŸ•οΈ.

Build a tent together and spend some time alone with each other, cooking food and having fun.

Throw a Party

When it is your anniversary, it is worth celebrating it! So throw a party and invite all your friends to celebrate your anniversary. Nothing is more fun πŸ₯³ and exciting when you celebrate with so many people; the more people, the merrier it will be!

Go Shopping

Going shopping πŸ›’ is fun too, if you aren’t the one waiting. But you can give your partner your credit card and make them happy! Or you could even buy clothes for each other as a surprise and do a little fashion show in the end!

A Movie Night

If you are not the type to celebrate your anniversary by going to expensive restaurants or buying expensive gifts, then you can always have a movie night at home! You just need to make some popcorn 🍿, pour a glass of wine, and start your movie night!

Make Playlists Together

When you have free time, you can even consider making playlists together. Select songs depending on various moods or put all your favorite songs 🎢 in an album and enjoy every time you want to listen to music.

Make your playlists while sipping some wine as a celebratory drink.

Paint Together

Paint Together

Are you both an artist? Do you lean onto the side of creativity? Then painting 🎨 is for you, mate! Buy some canvases and paints and create your art. You can even paint your portraits or even follow the trends going on online and enjoy!

A Brunch Date

Dress pretty and go on a brunch date together. Pick a place that you have been wanting to go to or even go to a place where you are a regular there.

Order your favorite food πŸ₯™ but don’t forget to have dessert at the end. Also, click a few pictures to keep them as a memory.

Laser Tag or Paintball

If you love shooting or action, you can always play laser tag or paintball πŸ”«. Though these games are fun when played with a group, both of you can have fun too. Because when it is just you two, you are more of yourselves and can play however you want to.


Do both of you love living an adventurous and exciting life? If yes, you both should go skydiving πŸͺ‚. This is so fun and so thrilling.

Your life might flash before your eyes, but it is worth it! The view is fantastic, and it is really fun and memorable. 


Do you love racing or watch more racing movies? Then go-karting 🏎️! You can race or just have fun while driving or taking laps.

Once you sit in the driver’s seat, you will think like a racer and maybe even become one! Just don’t forget to take pictures!

Go on A Run

Do the both of you enjoy putting your body to work? Then go for a run πŸƒ! You can go on a five-mile run or anything you wish! This is not just fun, but since both of you are doing it together, you can push each other till the end.


How romantic is it to watch the sunset πŸŒ… together? I mean, the sky gets really beautiful when the sun sets, and it is a fantastic thing to watch. So catch a sunset before it is too late and enjoy the view together.

Visit a Dog Cafe

Do you love pets? Or dogs 🐩 in particular? Then visit the nearest dog cafe and have fun! Not only can you have fun with dogs, you can even drink some coffee. Cuddle with the fluffiest dogs and get dog fever! 

Write Love Letters

Are you the old-school type? Then you can always find a paper and a pen πŸ“ and write love letters to your partner. What is more romantic than handwritten love letters? You can even keep it for next year and open it then!

Maybe you can even quote, “In the age of texts and emails, a love letter is a testament to the enduring power of the written word.”- Unknown

Visit a Street Fair

A street fair is a good idea to spend your anniversary among the crowd! There are going to be a lot of games 🎲 and food for you to try. Click a few pictures and make it a memorable date. After all, your anniversary is a special occasion for you to celebrate!

Make a Bucket List Together

You can sit down with a book and a pen for a few minutes and write ✍️ down all the things you want to try together or the goals and dreams you want to accomplish. Having a plan is always easy to execute, so why not make it count as a date, too?

Return to The Place Where You First Met

How about you go and revisit the day and the place the both of you met? Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, get dressed and make your way to revisit the moment both of you fell in love ❀️ and if you want, you can even replay it all!

An Unplanned Road Trip

An Unplanned Road Trip

Unexpected plans result in the best results! So go on an unplanned road πŸ›£οΈ trip and make one of the best memories! You can never know how well your trip goes unless and until you start your journey right now. And by right now, I mean right now!

You can even quote this, “On an unplanned road trip with you, every detour is an adventure, and every moment is a masterpiece.”- Unknown


Is your favorite band or singer πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€ in your area doing a concert? Or is your partner’s favorite band playing? Then why don’t you surprise them with the tickets to the concert and make your anniversary a special day! 

Theme Park

If happiness has any bounds, you would never find it in a theme park. I mean, happiness is unlimited over there. So go to the theme park πŸ› and get goofy or become kids again! You would love to spend time together and also click a few pictures.

Hot Springs

Have you taken a dip together? If not, take it now! Enjoying the hot bath πŸ›€ with each other is the best thing you can do for yourself and your bodies! So have fun with each other and sip some wine while you have the best time of your life!

Go Dancing

You can always go dancing! Don’t care about your surroundings, if it is a park, in the street or a pub, what you have to do is have fun. People are never going to see you anyway, so why not do what you feel like? So go dancing πŸ’ƒ and have fun, mate!

Street Food

Street food is one of the best ways to satisfy your hunger and cravings! So head over to the best street food 🌯 and let your taste buds have the best time of their life. I mean, for some reason, street food always tastes better!

“Our hearts are like street food stalls, where we serve each other the most delicious moments.”- Unknown

Indoor Camping

If you don’t want to spend time outdoors on your anniversary but also want to go camping β›Ί, then you can always do indoor camping! Build tents in your living room, some wine and food; you will love the time that you spend with each other.

Attend a Local Fair

If you want to spend time ⏳ outdoors with your partner on your anniversary, then you can attend a local fair. You get to see a lot of exciting stuff, and there will be a lot of stores where you can thrift or buy stuff for each other.

Haunted House

Do you want your anniversary to be fun and spooky? Well, you can head over to the nearest haunted house and have fun. Don’t hesitate to go there and have fun with each other, and you are going to love it more when you are afraid.

Sit by The Lake

If you happen to stay near a lake, it is time that you take your picnic chairs and chill by the lake. Nothing is more fun than chilling by the lake with the love of your life. You can take books and maybe even a bottle of wine 🍷 and have fun.

Chocolate Tasting

If you are someone who has a sweet tooth and loves chocolates 🍫, you can go chocolate tasting! You can buy all the different chocolates in the nearby store and do taste testing! In the end, you can rate each chocolate and see if your tastes match!

Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner

If you want to spend some romantic time with your partner, then candle πŸ•―οΈ light dinner is the perfect idea! Not only can you enjoy a delicious dinner, but save yourselves for the dessert, my lovely couple. You can spend some alone time with each other.

Since you have made it this far, let’s take a look at a few questions, and both of you can ask each other too!

  • Do you remember when we first met and what we wore?
  • What is your favorite moment you spent with me?
  • What was the first thing that you thought about me when you first met me?
  • How have we both grown individually and as a couple?
  • Express one thing: why did you fall in love with me?

These are just a few questions, and if you’d like to, you can ask more!

Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is where you want to get lost if you want to relax and have a romantic time with your partner. You can just get lost with each other and have the best time. If you want to, you can even watch a movie πŸ“½οΈ with a glass of wine!

Watch Documentaries Together

If you want some touch of reality, you can watch documentaries together. I love watching murder documentaries, but you can watch whatever you want to! It is so fun, thrilling, and sometimes even scary! But you will have fun nonetheless!

Write Poems for Each Other

Do you know how people in the past used to write poems about their partner? How romantic, isn’t it? Then, you can do that now, too! Write ✍️ poems about each other and read them aloud. You are bound to have so much fun.

Make Homemade Face Masks Together

If both of you are into skincare and have routines that you will never skip, this idea is just for you! Make homemade facemasks! You can search for the recipe online or make one by yourself! Put on your masks πŸ’† and have fun!

Fly Kites

You can fly kites πŸͺ too! Buy a few kites or make one by yourself. If it is fall, it is a perfect time to fly kites. So fly kites and have fun. Because when both of you are together, you will have fun. Make memories; that is what will be left.

“Love is like flying a kite. It’s all about finding the right balance and letting your hearts soar together.”- Unknown.

People Watching

When you are bored, you can head to a park and pick a bench where you can see people minding their own business. You can watch some people watching without being too creepy. Overhearing their conversations sometimes might be fun!

Private Jet

Private Jet

How about viewing the entire city a few feet above? Sounds so fun and romantic, isn’t it? Book a helicopter 🚁 and enjoy time with each other. If you are afraid of heights, this will be a great idea to conquer your fear.

Buy a Lottery Ticket Together

If you are feeling lucky, you can head over to the store and buy a lottery ticket 🎟️ together! Who knows, you might even become a millionaire.

Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t win as well! But you can tell your grandkids that you bought a lottery ticket but did not win!


Happy anniversary to both of you! So, that is all the date ideas I have for you, and I hope you had the best day in your entire life! I mean, it is your anniversary, so you have to have the maximum fun πŸ₯³ you can ever have!

I would appreciate it if you left a few comments below to let me know how good your date went or if you want to hear more of such from me!

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