8 Questions to Ask Yourself While Entering a Long-Distance Relationship

The term “long-distance” itself indicates that you and your partner are going to be separated for a while and what exactly does distance do to the both of you? Does it make you stronger? Does it make your relationship strange? Does it work? These are some of the most frequent questions long-distance couples are tired of hearing. 

Questions you should ask before entering a long-distance relationship.

It is just a temporary phase in your relationship, often testing your compatibility and love for each other. If you plan to get into a long-distance relationship, here are some important questions you must ask yourself. 

What is my goal? 

This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself first. Before talking to your partner about this, make sure you set a goal for yourself first. Think about everything you need from this relationship.

If you are the one moving out, set your priorities accordingly. You and your partner must also have a joint goal that you both need to work together to achieve. 

Every relationship requires a lot of effort and practical thinking, be it long-distance or regular. Setting your goals right is the first and foremost thing you have to do before entering a long-distance relationship. Ask yourself continuously what you want from this relationship and how far you want this to go. 

Long-distance relationship goals

How much money and time should I spend on traveling?

Long-distance relationships can include a lot of traveling. Either it is you or your long-distance partner. I am sure once in a year meeting doesn’t sound practical as you both are in love with each other, you tend to arrange meetings at least twice a year.

Undoubtedly, you would start to save a lot of money from your income for traveling and might even work extra hours so that you plan a weekend getaway with your long-distance partner. 

Time and tide wait for none; likewise, money is an important factor as your relationship demands a lot of traveling. So always make sure that you have a clear idea about the traveling plans and allot time according to your work schedule.

Are you okay with not being able to meet your partner frequently?

Staying miles apart may sound adventurous, but in the long run, you’d start missing your partner.

Amidst heavy work assignments or hustling to get hold of your month’s target, you might just feel like cuddling your partner or might long for a warm hug. But here, in a long-distance relationship, all you can do is meet your partner via video calls, plan virtual dates and check up on each other daily. 

Ask yourself if you are ready to face all these challenges ahead in your relationship. Technology is certainly a blessing in disguise as it lets you and your long-distance partner see each other, but it will not compensate for the geographical barriers and physical absence.

 How to arrange virtual dates in a long-distance relationship

Will I be able to understand this person from afar? 

Before you nod your head to a long-distance relationship, you need to ask yourself if you would be able to manage this relationship.

Also, understand your partner beforehand so that you can seriously think about whether you would be able to love him even from a distance. 

Once you both are apart, things can get complicated. You might have to put in a lot of effort to make your relationship work. For that, you have to self-assess whether you would be able to do this.

How far am I from my partner?

If you and your long-distance partner are in two different time zones, things can get a bit messy. Routine becomes very important if the time zone is different. You would have to schedule several things well in advance. Noting down the distance between you and your partner can be beneficial in many ways. 

You can calculate the duration if you are planning to meet your partner and opt for the cheapest or feasible option while traveling. The distance by road, air, water, etc., can help you choose the right option. 

Can you be happy alone?

You might not ask this question if you have been single for a long time. But if you have had past relationships and now are getting ready to start a long-distance relationship with your partner, remember you get a lot of personal space, and if you like to spend time alone, then this can work for you. 

Loving to spend time alone does not make you unromantic. And if you are someone who hates spending alone time, you can make other plans. Catch up with your friends. 

How to be happy in a long-distance relationship

What all are the efforts that I have to put in?

You should always do your bit to make this relationship work if you are really into it. Sometimes planning a small surprise visit or sending in some cute little gifts can be a great idea. Always make sure you do your part to make things work between you and your long-distance partner. 

Maintaining the excitement in a relationship can be the most challenging part, especially when it is a long-distance relationship. Doing your part to make your partner feel special is very important.  

Am I ready to begin this emotional journey with my partner?

It is not a secret that a long-distance relationship is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that you get to experience in your life, at least for a short period. Understand the severity and try to have a very positive approach to your relationship.

You might not be physically connected to your partner, but in this little journey, you will understand how significant emotional bonding is in a relationship. 

Always try to have an open mind with your partner and ask yourself if you can do it or not. The whiplashes a long-distance relationship can give is insane, but you learn together and evolve as two mature individuals. It can be fun, tricky, adventurous all at once, but it is always about you and your partner.  

Fasten your seatbelts if you are READY. 

A good, loyal and loving partner would always be there for you no matter what. But when in a long-distance relationship, everything can be upside-down. You might not be able to read your long-distance partner’s mind.

It is often the non-verbal gestures that would give you a glimpse of your partner’s current mood. 

But unfortunately, in a long-distance relationship, you would have to do a lot. Putting in the right kind of effort and making things happen while you have to look after your life and love life at the same time can be difficult. 


Effective communication can be hard at the beginning, but make sure you and your partner communicate things properly at the right time. Keeping certain things from your partner is a bad idea. Openly talk to them and be a good listener too.

Once you ask yourself these questions, you can proceed with your long-distance relationship if you are feeling confident about yourself and your partner. So, fasten your seatbelts; it is time. 

 What are the top questions to ask when entering a long-distance relationship

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