75+ Attractive Messages for Proposing Girl

A marriage proposal is a special moment for both people in a relationship. Guys are often nervous and don’t know the right things to say to the person they want to get married to.

However, it is extremely important to create the right vibe in order for your partner to say “Yes” to your proposal. So, here are a few carefully crafted marriage proposals to help out anyone who is getting hitched in the near future.

Attractive Messages for Proposing her

-Are you Google? Because you have all the things I could ever search for in my life.

-I would love to grow old with you. Will you marry me?

-We have spent some wonderful moments together but the best ones are yet to happen and they will begin the moment you say “Yes”!

-You are the one I wish to see forever. Your presence brings me peace.

-I met you after going through several heartbreaks. You are like the prize one finds after completing a rugged and difficult journey. I am glad about those heartbreaks and God bless the rugged journey.

-You are the one that makes me, fulfils me and completes me. Will you marry me and go around the circle with me?

-God made us for each other and for us to stay together. So will you say “Yes” and abide by the Lord’s command?

-I want you by my side through the ups and downs of life this day forth. Not once in life do I wish to stay away from you.

-Instead of facing the ages of this life without you I would love to spend this one lifetime with you by my side.

-I came to know what true companionship means after I met you. Just a call from you turns a miserable day of mine into a great one. Will you keep doing this for the rest of our lives?

-You are the only one that is important in my life. Each and everything I do is to see you happy and to make you smile.

-I want to get married to you not only because of my love for you but because I love myself when I am with you.

-You turn me into the best version of myself. Say “Yes” and let me be the luckiest man alive.

-When you smile the whole world turns to looks at you. That’s how amazing you are. I am lucky to have you in my life.

-My entire self is in love with your entirety. I love all your edges and your curves. All your imperfections seem perfect to me. You are my end as well as my beginning. That is why when I am with you, I win even when I am losing.

-It is always better when we are together. So, will you say “Yes” and stay together for the rest of our lives?

-You make me feel rejuvenated and fresh every single day. The only thing I want is to be with you.

-Please say “Yes” because I promise to stand by your side forever and make sure that the only tears coming out of your eyes are ones of joy.

-I might make mistakes but I promise to never break your heart. Will you marry me?

-You cannot say “No” now that I have already made up my mind and have fixed my heart on our wedding day.

-I can already see you in white walking down the aisle. I cannot wait for the day we get married. So will you say “Yes”?

-We can now finally tell the world that we have made it. I choose you and you choose me. We are now officially one another’s.

-It is a popular saying that all good things come in pairs. Let’s get married and be the best thing in the world.

-My mother used to tell me that I would get married to the sweetest girl in the world. Now I know that she has been right since I want to marry you and you are indeed the sweetest.

-People say that love makes you blind. Will you say “Yes” to me and be my eyes?

-You are the only one with whom I am ready to share the rest of my life. Will you be my life partner?

-Us falling in love was only the beginning of our story. Let’s get married and give it a happy ending.

-There are several ways in which you can be happy in this world. But all I really need is for you to be by my side.

-Everytime I look in your eyes I can see the reflection of the life the two of us would live together in the future.

-Irrespective of whatever I achieve in life, it will remain incomplete if I do not have you by my side.

-Whenever I look into my heart, I can see your face. If the same happens with you, we should definitely spend the rest of our lives with each other.

-I cannot promise you all the riches in the world but I promise that no one else will ever work as hard as me to see you smile.

-Whenever I think of the future, I think of ourselves as two giant trees side by side, our roots entangled with each other and our children like the fruits of those trees. I want to be with you like that till the end of time..

-I know that life is harsh and comes with several challenges. But I also know that I will overcome all of them if you are willing to face them with me.

-I promise to support you without any conditions, to let you prosper without boundaries and to love you without any end.

-Let us put our hearts into each other’s hand for life.

-I have given you the whole of myself. Are you willing to give the whole of you to me?

-At this moment, I can do anything to hear you say, “Yes!”

-The time we spent together was blissful. So, we should plan for a never-ending future.

-This miserable life would be so much better if we are together.

-You saying “Yes” today will make me the happiest man in the world.

-After meeting and being with you, I realised that forever truly exists. You made me see it.

-I have been happy several times in my life but none of them was as fulfilling as the time I fell in love with you.

-I am ready to give you all my happiness and take all your sadness. You can have the entire world but I just want to have you.

-I could walk with you by my side to the end of the world. Are you willing to walk with me?

-My love for you is just like the shape of a circle. It does not have any beginning or end.

-Now I feel that everything I have ever done in my life was for this moment of walking up to you and asking you to marry me.

-Without you my heart does not function properly. Say “Yes” or I will die of a heart attack.

-The only regret I have is that I get only one life to be with you.

-We have always been there for each other through the ups and downs of life. Let’s continue doing that for the rest of our lives and get married.

Messages For Proposing Girl

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