45+ Autumn Date Ideas to Make Your Autumn Mesmerizing

We all need an escape from reality, we all need a break from our busy lives, and we all want to stop the marathon of life. Right? Well, if you’re a couple 👩‍❤️‍👨 whose answer is a yes to all the above questions, then you need to go on a date.

A date need not be big or movie-worthy or anything of that sort. A date can also be hanging out with each other, reading books together, or just being with each other.

What is important is that you feel loved and happy, and you know you will sleep 😴 with the smile that your partner gave you. So, if you are here looking for escape and date ideas, I will give you a list of ideas so that you will never run out of ideas ever again.

autumn date ideas

Fall is definitely the season for love, or at least I feel so. Just how romantic it is going to be to just take a walk with your partner or spend a cozy and intimate date night. 

Falling in love ♥️ is something you have to experience in your life. And being in love is something you should commit to. To continue to be in love, you have to put in some effort, both of you. And going on dates is something you need to do often.

Well, here are a few Autumn 🍂 date ideas for you that I have listed just for you. And just know that both of you will sleep with a smile on your face after going on a date.

If you want more of such ideas, I suggest you read the book, “100 Dates for a Couple on Budget” by Arnold Chu.

Coffee date

Coffee Date

Who isn’t addicted to coffee ☕? Definitely not me, pal! I cannot go a day without coffee, and I know you relate to it! So a coffee date to welcome autumn is a great idea, really! 

Nothing is more relaxing than a coffee date. You also get time to sit and talk to each other and really deepen your bond.

Explore the city together 

Take a week off and head to a new city that you want to explore. Both of you deserve a little break after the hectic lives you live. So exploring the city 🏙️ together is not just fun but relaxing as well. 

You can click a few pictures, taste their signature dish, or try out different things, but you are going to have so much fun.

“Exploring a city with the one you love turns ordinary places into extraordinary experiences.”- Unknown

Hot air balloon season it is!

When it is autumn, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, it is a hot air balloon! With the winds and breeze 🌬️, you both will likely have an amazing time bonding as you take a ride.

Stay in a cabin for a night

You could use a break, so rent a cabin in the woods 🪵 for a night and light the firewood! Let the fire keep you warm, and let the peace warm your hearts. Nothing is more thrilling, exciting, and romantic than staying in a cabin for a night.

Take a stroll

A walk by the beach, at the park 🏞️ or even in the city is a way to refresh you both! And I know you love the idea of walking with your hands held and your souls connected. You can even stop and eat an ice cream if you’d like, or even a cotton candy!

Watch a game together

Watch A Game Together

When it is the fall season, then there are going to be more games 🏐. So grab your snacks, prepare a cute setup, and sit in front of the television! Or you could also buy tickets to the game and cheer for your favorite team! Because couples who vibe together stay together.

Make apple cider doughnuts

I love apple cider doughnuts 🍩. Do you as well? Well, that is amazing! So head over to the nearest shop and buy a few donuts, which is pretty boring, isn’t it?

Then, you could go grocery shopping, but before that, you need to create a list and find a recipe! So go ahead and make your own apple cider doughnuts and enjoy!

Rent bikes

Another fun activity if you are a sporty person is you can always rent bikes 🚴 and ride in the city or wherever you like! Yes, nothing is more fun than riding together! Not only will you both have fun, but also you will burn a lot more calories than you intend to burn!

Sip some beer

When it is fall, it is beer season 🍻! So sip some beer and chill anywhere! Let it be your backyard, your living room, or any beer factory! What is more important is the both of you spending time together! Yes, and beer is the perfect excuse to do so!

Find a cidery

Head to a cider and enjoy the day off sipping some cider! Here, not only will you get to taste some of the best-tasting cider, but also you can get a peek at how cider is made!

Sounds exciting, right? Thought so! You get to understand all aspects of cider 🍎 starting from the pressing of fruit, fermentation process, and bottling!

Haunted house 

Haunted House

Spooky season? So haunted house 👻 it is! Get spooked in a haunted house and put your bravery to the test! Nothing is more fun when the both of you go and experience some good horror vibes! You could also make a small bet as to who will scream the most! 

Since we have come this far, let’s take a look at a few questions to know more about your date if this is your first! Shall we begin?

  • Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • How do you want to live life?
  • Do you like spending time with friends a lot, or do you prefer to be at home?
  • Do you read books? If so, what is your favorite?
  • Do you have any interesting stories that you would like to share?
  • Which place do you want to visit?

So, the above questions are just a few you could ask your date if you want to know about them. You could ask a few more, but make sure you don’t look like you are interrogating them; that’d be funny.


Go golfing 🏌️, my friends! If you are a person who loves sports, then golfing it is! Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about golf!

You can always start somewhere, okay? But nonetheless, you will have a lot of fun! But keeping all of it aside, you get a chance to dress cute, at least, right?

Watch a horror movie!

With some popcorn 🍿, a blanket, and some wine, enjoy a night watching a horror movie! Horror movies always have their own way of bringing two people together! Act all afraid and recreate a movie scene where one of you hugs you close; all of this sounds so romantic, right?

A movie marathon at home

Bored of going out all the time? Or don’t you just want to spend time with each other at home 🏡? Then, start a movie marathon while you sip some wine. Put on your favorite movie and start your movie marathon! Laugh till your stomach hurts or shed some happy tears; all of it counts!

Visit an open mic night!

Do you want to laugh till your stomach hurts? Then head over to a club, cafe, or any bookstore and occupy the seats 🪑!

It doesn’t have to particularly be a comedy show but also be someone’s autobiography or anything!

Costume shopping!

Costume Shopping

It is time for Halloween, right? Then what are you doing instead of going costume shopping 🛍️? Well, then, waste no time and go! This could also be a great date idea as well! Decide on what you both want to dress like and shop for your favorite costumes!


How relaxing does a picnic sound? Come on, both of you would be so tired of spending the whole week swarmed with work. So a picnic sounds perfect! Pack all your snacks and a blanket 🥶 with you and head to a park or anywhere that you would like! A picnic date is all you want if you are looking to spend some quality time with each other!

“Our picnic blanket is the canvas, and our love is the masterpiece we paint with laughter and affection.”- Unknown.

Attend a lantern festival

How romantic does it sound if I say the sky’s going to be lit up with all the lanterns 🏮? Yes, head over to a lantern festival, and maybe you could also light one for your own and let it go!

Both of you will be awed at the beautiful sight and will spend a romantic night together watching it!

Go on hay rides

Go on a hay ride and enjoy it together, talking about all the matters. There is definitely going to be a hay barn where you live! So go for a ride and spend some quality time ⏳ with each other! Switch off your phones and just be present at the moment.

Head to the farmer’s market

Head over to the farmers market 🥕 and support the local business while you shop for some of the exotic fruits or vegetables.

Not only will you find all types of vegetables, they will also be fresh from the farm! This is a great date idea where you get the chance to support local businesses as well!

Amusement park

Amusement Park

What is more fun than having some real fun in an amusement park? I know, right? Go on rides 🎢 and just have fun! You deserve a night that is exciting, thrilling, and fun! So head over to the nearest amusement park and enjoy your night while you munch on some snacks!

Make candles

Buying candles 🕯️ is a good date idea, but you know you can make it even more fun. How, you may ask? Well, as you have already read the subhead, make your own candles! It is such a fun activity, and both of you will love spending the time as both make something together!

Hit the pub

Are you both more of an outdoor person? Well then, you all can dress up and head over to a pub 🎚️, a club, or wherever you vibe the most when in a crowd. The music, the lights, and the drinks might excite you! Always remember, the night is still young, okay?

Ride a horse

Go saddling 🏇, yes! This is another great idea during the fall. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ride a horse; you will learn slowly! But what is important is that you have fun! Just go with the flow and let yourself enjoy every moment you spend together.

Bake a cake

There’s a big difference between a store-bought cake and a cake 🥮 that both of you baked. Sure, there will be a huge difference in the taste, but you get to have a lot more fun while baking. You will also learn a two or so of baking!

A hike

A Hike

Are you both nature 🏞️ lovers? Then I know you will love this idea! Yes, you heard me. A hike is one of the best dates you could ever go on! Pack all your essentials, wear the most comfortable shoes you have, and start your journey! Hike all the way to the spot where all of it is worth it! 

Pick some apples!

You could also go apple 🍎 picking, mate! It is a fun activity if you want to spend some time with nature, and you also get to know a lot about apples! You could take them home and make your own apple cider juice!

Go on a ghost tour

Since it is Halloween, there are going to be so many ghost 👻 tours you can go on. So, if you love getting your blood rushing and adrenaline rising, this will do the job for you.

You will have so much and maybe even be terrified for a few nights if you aren’t a fan of ghosts. 

Go to the local comedy clubs

A fun comedy 😂 night will count as a great idea! You might have a chance of laughing till your stomach hurts! Yes! Go to a nearby comedy club and just enjoy a night that is filled with jokes and stories! You are guaranteed to have so much fun for sure!


Do you have an eye for art 🎨? Well, what are you doing if you aren’t buying some paints and canvas? Paint each other’s portraits of nature!

Whatever you like, all of it is fun if you both enjoy doing it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to paint; and you can always start somewhere.

Carve pumpkins, peeps!

Carve Pumpkins Peeps

Pumpkin season it is, right? Then buy a few pumpkins and start carving them! You can have a fun time carving the pumpkins 🎃 and click a few pictures while doing so. You can compete as to who will carve the best pumpkins or carve the pumpkin together.

A drive-in movie

A drive-in movie sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Then why are you still here looking for more romantic ideas? Go on, go for a drive-in movie 📽️ and enjoy your night away from work. Buy some popcorn and enjoy your night together.

Read books together

Don’t love the idea of spending or going on an outdoor date? Well, I have the perfect indoor date idea for you.

You could pick a few books 📚 and read them while you relax on the couch. Everything’s nice and peaceful, and you can do it while you are sipping wine, too! 

Take a Scenic walk, yes!

Take a stroll around the lake, at the beach, or a park 🏞️! But make sure the scenery is going to melt your heart. Hold hands as you walk and enjoy the nature. Nature deserves all your attention, mate! The walk will relax and warm your heart as well, and it is romantic!

A train ride

A Train Ride

Buy the tickets 🎫 to the nearest city and go for a train ride. Make sure the ride is scenic, too, so you will have a good time and not get bored just sitting on the train.

Take a few board games or cards to make the ride more active! A train ride is what you need if you want some time away from the city.

An escape room!

Do both of you love solving puzzles? Then, an escape room is where you have to go! Not only will you both rake your brains solving the puzzles, I am sure you will have so much fun!

You can choose what kind of story or mystery 🧐 you want to choose and just enjoy!

Explore your own city but like a tourist

Have you been a tourist in your city? Well, you can be one today and show your city around to your date. You could try all the things all over again like it is the first time and just vibe around. You could stop at your favorite restaurants and have dinner 🥘 with dessert!

Puzzle night

Do you want to spend a relaxed night at home? Then pull out your puzzles 🧩 and games and begin with a bang!

Don’t forget to pour some wine and enjoy a night solving and building some puzzles! You could also have a little competition as to who will finish the puzzle early. 

A cooking class

If you don’t know where to go on a date and you even don’t know how to cook, then do you know where you should go? Sign up for a cooking 🧑‍🍳 class, mate!

Both of you will not only learn how to cook, but I know that you guys will have so much fun, literally!

Chill at the beach

Chill At The Beach

If you live near a beach 🏖️ and you still haven’t gotten the idea to go there for a date, why are you still living there? Go and chill at the beach, mate! Nothing counts as a more romantic date than walking or taking a stroll at the beach as you enjoy the sound of waves crashing the shore.

Romantic date night

A romantic date night involves a candle-lit dinner 🕯️, some slow music you can dance to or just do your own thing. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top date or where it isn’t even called a date. Make it your own, and know for sure that both of you will love the idea more!

Learn something new

A relationship is healthy when both of you grow and become better each day, every day. So learning something new also counts as a date! You can pick anything that both of you are interested in, and voila! Just start your learning journey with a bang! Make sure that both of you enjoy 🥳 it!

A game night!

Are you both a gamers 🎮? Then damn! Such a good gaming pair would you make, right? Then go ahead and do a game night!

Play your favorite game and make the best out of it. Nothing is more fun than losing in a world that is completely different from ours, right? So get lost in your world for a night, mate!

A day trip

If you want to spend a tad bit more time with your partner, then a day trip is perfect! Pick a place that you both have been wanting to go to, like a resort or a nearby city 🏙️!

Whatever the place will be, the company is what will matter. So just enjoy your day, leaving all of your worries behind.

Stargaze together

Stargaze Together

To stargaze ⭐ together is such a romantic way to spend, you know? Buy some ice cream and pick a nice spot where the both of you can sit in silence and just enjoy your date.

You might spot a few comets and wish for something. Both of you will have a romantic and memorable day, I guarantee.

A corn maze!

Get lost in a corn maze 🌽! Haha, not literally. But hey, it is nice to get lost for a day by yourselves, right? So head over to a nearby corn maze and figure out how to get out of it, too.

If you get lost, there is nothing to worry as you can always call for help. But you will have fun nonetheless!

Camping, camping, camping!

Camping ⛺ is fun, chilly, and a romantic date as well, my friend! You could go to the mountains and build a tent with a nice view and set up a barbecue.

You could have a nice dinner with some beer or wine, whatever you prefer! But camping is always a good idea if you want to get away from the noise of the city.

Set up something special in your backyard

If you are bored taking your date to a fancy restaurant or anywhere outdoors, you could always choose to set up something pretty and romantic 😍 right in your backyard.

Don’t worry if you aren’t that much of a decorator, and you could always use help! Surprise your partner with this romantic date idea.


Live near the lake? Or is it a few miles away from where you live? You could always drive and go kayaking 🚣!

The chilly weather and kayaking are a perfect idea if you want some peace and quiet! Click some pictures to post on your socials, and just have fun!

A carriage ride

A Carriage Ride

Are you bored of traveling everywhere in a car? Then, for a change, you could always take a carriage 🐴 ride! Both of you can also have your time chatting and experience a new ride all together as well. This is a fun date idea if you have become tired of traveling anywhere and everywhere in a car.

Wine tasting

Head over to a vineyard and do some wine 🍷 tasting. You might get a little tipsy, but you will have the most fun, dear couple.

You will also have a peek at how wine is manufactured, which is really interesting. Some vineyards also offer a night stay, so pick your convenience and go away!

Learn a new language together

If both of you share a love for learning new languages 🗣️, then you could start your learning journey right now! Whether it be Italian, French, Spanish, or even Latin, there are so many apps that offer you free learning! So, pick a language and start your language journey!

A sunset drive

Sunsets 🌆 are so beautiful to watch, yes! Nothing is more relaxing and heartwarming than watching the sunset, hands down!

So catch a sunset and watch it together. Pick a nice spot to enjoy the view and just vibe with each other. Keep your phones aside for a while and just be present at the moment.

Go rock climbing!

Are you both sporty people? Do you love adventure and exciting activities? Then rock climbing 🧗 is for you guys! Go rock climbing or try it if you have never been there once. Make sure you are all strapped in safety and start your climb together!

Try out a new restaurant 

Try Out A New Restaurant

Is there any new restaurant that both of you have been waiting to try? Then why wait more, huh? Book a table dress pretty and enjoy your dinner together! Don’t forget to have dessert 🍨, that is mandatory! Not only would you have tried the new restaurant, but maybe it may even be your favorite now!

Make cocktails

Another fun date is making cocktails 🍸! Find a YouTube video or recipe online and begin making your own cocktails!

You could also invent a new recipe and enjoy it together. Go some ingredient shopping together so you have all the necessary stuff, and begin making some good cocktails!

Go thrifting

Thrifting is so fun. Who knows, you might find a vintage or Prada or Gucci! So go thrifting, you could also pick out stuff for each other as a surprise and give it to each other by the end of the day. So make sure you have a lot of time ⌚ on your hands and begin your date!

Make a vision board

Making a vision board together as a couple is something that every couple should do.

Putting down their goals 🗒️ and things they have to achieve on the board will make it clearer as to what they want to become. So, put down all your goals and habits you want to master and make each better! 

Make a Playlist together 

Do you love music 🎶? Then, make your own playlist! You could put all your favorite songs in one.

Or you could also make a playlist for each mood that both of you tend to have. Romantic moods, lazy, happy, sad, there’s so many you can make a playlist for! So go ahead and make a playlist!


So, mate, that is all the ideas I have for you; I hope you would have picked the best out of these and spent your day just being with your partner. These are a few autumn 🍁 date ideas that I have put a lot of thought into just for you! So I am glad if I have helped you in planning your date!

And also, I would really appreciate it if you leave a few comments down below ⬇️ and let me know how well your date went! You could also let me know if you want more of such ideas from me!

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