75+ Bad Relationship Quotes to Understand

Relationships are meant to be happy and blissful but when you are continuously annoyed and unhappy by your partner try to walk out of it.

In a relationship, staying in peace and tranquility is very much significant, and another important thing is to have complete faith in your partner, if there is any kind of gap prevailing there, then you are indeed having a lousy relationship walking out of it is a must then.

Here Are Some Eye-Opening Quotes About Bad Relationships. 

-Do whatever mistake in your life but just don’t opt for a bad relationship because they are like a waste of money over a sold property which will only give you pain, however hard you may try -Anonymous

-Never ever settle for a bad relationship because it can destroy your whole mental peace and make you weak and under-confident from inside -Anonymous

-A bad relationship is just very much similar to a leech if you allow it even for few moments in your life, it will suck the whole life out of you and will not even repent for it -Anonymous

-If you never want to get lonely do not ever stick to a bad relationship because it will for sure remove all your close friends from your life and will make you all alone -Anonymous

-In order to avoid sleepless nights, loss of appetite, and a foul mood after waking up every morning, cut off all kind of bad relationships from your life and lead a happy and ecstatic life -Anonymous

-You will forget all kind of eccentricity and flamboyance from your precious life if you ever allow any kind of bad relationships to make some space in your life -Anonymous

-If you are having a feeling that you are having a bad relationship, immediately walk out of it because staying in it for a longer period won’t make any sense and will increase your pain day by day -Anonymous

-A bad relationship is enough to take away all your dear ones, sabotage your dreams, aspirations, and career, and to make you a weaker person than you were before -Anonymous

-Do not have any kind expectations from a bad relationship because these kinds of relationships can only give you pain and worries and will never afford you something precious like happiness -Anonymous

-In a bad relationship, you are not only dealing with a deadly state of mind but also face a financial crisis and a severe kind of instability in the security of your life -Anonymous

-Do not ever sacrifice any kind of dear things or relationship of yours for the sake of a relationship which will only bring you tears and nothing else -Anonymous

-Bad relationships should always be avoided strictly because it can only bring tension and is highly conditional that never settles for anything that is actually good for you -Anonymous

-Do not ever think that if you get out of a bad relationship you won’t be able to find anyone better because you really deserve something good and healthy in your life -Anonymous

-If you ever find that  in your relationship the fights are crossing their limits and there is a lack of respect and peace, you are having a bad relationship and get yourself free from it as soon as possible -Anonymous

-A relationship is only dependent upon three things and that is love, respect, and trust and if all the three things are missing in your relationship, then it is a bad one -Anonymous

-A bad relationship is just like a lemon in a boiling can of milk which will totally shred the milk into pieces and make it taste a foul one and here the milk is your life -Anonymous

-There is no back up for a bad relationship because once you step into it, there is no coming out of it and it keeps strangling your throat and will eventually kill your soul -Anonymous

-In a serious and bad relationship, there will always be issues created on even small and insignificant things and both the partners feel highly uncomfortable staying in it -Anonymous

-A bad relationship is similar to a house of cards however hard you may try to save it from external affairs, it will fall eventually shattering all your expectations into bits and pieces -Anonymous

-Once you get to know that you are residing in a bad relationship, never ever compromise for anything that is beneficial for your happiness and get out from it if possible -Anonymous

-A bad relation is just like a rotten tomato in a batch of tomatoes which will induce all the other tomatoes to get rotten even if they are reluctant to do so -Anonymous

-If you are having a bad relationship, then you will even feel the taste of sweet chocolates to be bitter because you have lost the taste buds to taste something magnificent -Anonymous

-If there are extensive possessiveness and lack of trust and full faith in the relationship, then my dear, be sure that your relationship is seriously turning into a really bad one -Anonymous

-Sometimes when you become extremely dependent upon the partner in your relationship, it damages the harmony of the relationship and turns it into a worse one -Anonymous

-When in a relationship you start thinking that there is no need to give enough time and priority to your partner, then you yourself are giving a firm effort to make your relationship a bad one -Anonymous

bad relationship quotes

Unhealthy Relationship Quotes

-In a bad relationship, the base always remains weak, however strongly you try to fill the upper parts of the structure of the relationship with love and care, it remains weak and falls down at the end of the day -Anonymous

-You are definitely creating a bad relationship if you are doing a public display of affection in the crowd and in private beating each other and abusing each other -Anonymous

-If there is the existence of any kind of physical and verbal abuse in a relationship, then it is definitely a bad relationship and it is going to break as soon as possible -Anonymous

-Never ever repent if you  have ever dared enough to walk out of a bad relationship, because if you haven’t had done it then it would have been probably taken away your life -Anonymous

-There is no value of relationship which is totally based upon ignorance and money and it can only bring pseudo happiness and will eventually ruin all your good treasures of your life -Anonymous

-People might think that there is no other better thing than saving your relationship however bad it may be but they often forget that by doing this they are losing themselves gradually -Anonymous

-A bad relationship is like a stale smell, once it starts fuming it pollutes the whole environment and it leads to a lot of treatment to remove the smell wasting your lots of time and money -Anonymous

-A typical type of bad relationship is like gangrene in the leg, if you do not cut it off immediately, the infection spreads to your whole body making your heart and soul rot too -Anonymous

-If you ever get the feeling that you have settled down in a bad kind of relationship where you are losing your self-respect day by day, never ever feel ashamed and hesitated to release yourself from that shackles -Anonymous

-Whenever you are in a bad relationship you let your partner go not only because you have ceased having feelings for him but also because you have commenced respecting and caring about yourself -Anonymous

-Once you have got to know that you are living in a toxic relationship try to forget it for the sake of your happiness and do not force the odd piece of the puzzle to fit into the right one -Anonymous

-It is better to stay single than to have a bad relationship because it has only the potential to make you alone and weak and the capability to make you cry every single day -Anonymous

-Once you stop looking back to a really bad relationship, you start looking forward to a better future of yours and can finally lead a life only for yourself -Anonymous

-Just to stay in a relationship, do not ever select somebody who is really bad and toxic for you because that kind of relationship can leave a permanent scar in your life -Anonymous

-A bad relationship sometimes compels someone to never come back to that person in the life because the pain the person has experienced is kind of an irreparable loss -Anonymous 

-It is irrelevant to go back to somebody who has given you severe pain in the past and has made you experience a really bad relationship, staying single is smarter than that -Anonymous

-Never ever allow somebody or make space for someone in your life who is going to give you some really bad relationship and can take away all your smiles -Anonymous

-A bad and toxic relationship can turn all your priceless smiles into bloody tears and can make your each and every day into a sad and morose one, so you must move on -Anonymous

-Never ever opt for something that is looking perfect from outside because you never know the inner side of that person can fill you with pain and anguish you have never wished for -Anonymous

-You must not keep on adjusting from your side only if you are having a relationship with somebody because that will make him take you for granted and will ultimately spoil the charm of the relation -Anonymous

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