65+ Amazing Be Mine Quotes to Share Now

It is the biggest desire of every lover to make his or her loved one his or her forever. One needs a lot of courage and thoughtful conversation to make somebody his or her for a lifetime. Proposing is a kind of artwork of words.

The more precisely and wisely you speak to somebody while proposing, the easier it becomes to win him or her in your life. Here are some amazing quotes for proposing to somebody.

Here are Amazing Be Mine Quotes to Share Now

-I am totally fond of being completely your thing and it gives me immense happiness whenever I get to think that you are absolutely mine -Anonymous

-Can I ask you something, would you mind if I take the initiative to change your surname to mine? -Anonymous 

-I am that kind of boy who can easily give up everything just to get the love and affection of you and go to any kind of feats to make you mine -Anonymous

-Let us just forget everything of our past and be happy together and dedicate our lives to each other forever -Anonymous

-I can even break the stars and the moon and get it to your footsteps if you promise to be mine forever -Anonymous

-Dear, I promise you that I will never break your heart and will never leave you alone what may come if you choose to be mine forever -Anonymous

-I feel that I am the luckiest one because out of millions of people I have found the pious soul of yours which have complementary skills similar to my souls -Anonymous 

-You are that kind of dangerous and risky game for me that I would love to play for the whole life even if I lose my life in it -Anonymous

-I hope you would never get me wrong, and fight with me with the same right as you do with me now if I put an effort to make you my life partner forever -Anonymous

-I would like to share all my joys, sorrows, and good news with you for the rest of my life and would be more than happy if you become my better half -Anonymous

-All these years I have been your friend and have never understood how much I love you and now I have decided to make you mine for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-There are very few people on this earth whom I can trust blindly and you are one of them, would you mind if ask you to be my support system forever -Anonymous

-Would like to have the post of taking care of mine forever and making my bed tea for the rest of my life? -Anonymous

-I would like to confess to you that I would be more than elated to share my last piece of pizza, an only cup of hot chocolate, and my caramel popcorn with you for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-It would be the most pleasant thing for me to hear my babies calling you mom -Anonymous

-Last night your thoughts did not let me sleep a bit and I have decided that I want to make you my partner in crime for the rest of my life as soon as possible -Anonymous

-I have suffered a lot in my life and you are among those few people who have held my hands tight and did not let fall again, can you please hold my hand forever? -Anonymous

-If I am a strawberry pastry, would you like to be the cherry topping on me to make me complete for the rest of my life? -Anonymous

-Can you be the lullaby of my insomnia, my mayonnaise to my French fries, my chili flakes to my pizza, and the ointment to all my heartburns, can you be my life partner? -Anonymous

-If I am ever dying and I get to make the last wish of my life, I would wish to die lying in your arms peacefully because I want to dedicate my whole life to your footsteps -Anonymous

be mine quotes

As Fuel Is Required to Run a Vehicle, Words of Love or Feelings Are Required to Keep a Relationship on The Right Track. Here Are You Are Mine Messages for Your Love

Just Be Mine Quotes

-If I ever get a chance to make three wishes to the genie, then the first wish would be to spend a beautiful evening with you and the second one would be to make you mine and the third one would be to give me the ability to make you happy forever -Anonymous

-Would you give me the responsibility to take care of you and your dreams for the rest of your life because I assure you that I am going to make your dreams mine -Anonymous

-If you choose to lend your hand to me for the whole life, I promise you to eat your burnt pizza without any complaints about the rest of my life -Anonymous

-Many of the people have come into my life and many have left but I have never felt such type of connection to anybody before you, you are the one for me -Anonymous

-I take an oath today that I will never let any of the tears drop from your eyes and will try to make you smile all the while if you be mine -Anonymous

-Today, let me open my heart and arms to you and bow down on my knees just to convey to you that how much I love you and all I want is to make you mine forever -Anonymous

-I actually have fallen for the time I am getting to spend with you the whole day, I am loving the way I am learning to love myself, and I have started loving you more -Anonymous

-It is you who have given me a proper identity by loving me more than enough, and it must be me who wants to give an effort to share my surname with you -Anonymous

-Today, I feel like all the stars and the moon and conspired to make our day, “the day”, today is the night when I want to open my soul out to you and ask you would you be mine? -Anonymous

-I have recently realized that there is no moment when I am not missing you, and I need you for the rest of my life, can you please tolerate me as your partner forever? -Anonymous

Be Mine Quotes

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