55+ Ways to Be Protective of Your Brother

Being an elder sibling, you might want to watch out and be concerned about your brother to help him not get into any sort of disturbing phase in life. With the different sorts of bad influences that the millennials have around them, here are some ways you can be protective of your brother.

Tips to be protective of your brother

Keep his status under check. Keep his status under check so that it is not infiltrated or tampered with at any time. This will keep your brother protected from fraud of any kind. It is also a great way to be protective of your brother and also to keep a tab on his well-being.

Ask him to keep sharing his location. Ask your brother to keep sharing his location whenever he is on the move. This does not only help you keep a tab on his movements but also ensures that he feels protected. This will also show your brother how protective you are of him.

Establish good relations with his friends. Get into your brother’s life and establish really good relations with his friends. This will enable you to understand the kind of friend circle he has and will also help you to guide him to go with his good friends. It will also ensure that you can check up on them about your brother at any point in time.

Spy through his friends. You may spy on your brother through his friends. However, make sure you do it subtly. Otherwise, you may actually tamper with and spoil your relationship with your brother. Being protective of your brother is one thing. However, being overprotective may also mean that you’re encroaching on his privacy.

Go out with him. Going out is a great practice for you to inculcate an interpersonal touch in your relationship with your brother. Not only will it ensure that you guys have fun together, but also that it will keep you well posted about your brother. It’s a great way to protect your brother and keep a watch on him.

where can you go out with your brother

Guard him. Guard your brother as best you can. Do not make him see or feel that you’re being overprotective in any way. Rather, guard him in such a way that he feels nice about it and appreciates your being there for him. This can also turn out to be a great way to deepen the roots of your relationship with him.

Make him feel safe. Make your brother feel safe at all times. Not only will he feel more protected with you around, but it will also make him more confident since he already feels safe. This will also ensure that he works freely and happily. After all, worrying can only be detrimental otherwise.

Act like his guardian. It’s a great thing to act like your brother’s guardian. It will enable you to keep a close watch on him, protect him, and also ensure that he can do what he does freely. From your brother’s angle, he will feel more protected and would love to have you around to take care of him whenever he needs it.

Keep a check on his activities. Keep a check on your brother’s activities. Don’t make it too obvious lest he takes it in a negative way. Rather, be subtle in the ways in which you keep a check on his activities. This will keep you well informed about him and always ready to do the necessary thing whenever required.

Spend more time with his associates. Spend more time with your brother’s associates. This is a great way to understand what your brother is up to and also where he stands. It’ll be easier for you to protect him whenever required while also ensuring that you get to know a lot more about him.

 ways can you spend time with your brothers friends

Advice him on his interactions. Advise your brother on his interactions. How he interacts with people will decide how successful he can become. And your advice will mean a lot to him and the way he deals with people. After all, you’re not only a well-wisher of his but also his near and dear sibling who wants only the best for him.

Polarize him with bad company. Whenever you see that your brother has bad company, or any such bad company may come into his life, keep him far from it. A much better way to achieve this is to ensure that you polarize him with bad company. This does not only keep him protected but will also ensure that he is more choosy about the company he keeps.

Smartly check his social media. Go ahead and check your brother’s social media from time to time. Don’t make it too obvious that you’re checking his social media and keeping track of him. Rather, find out smart ways to keep tabs on his social media while also not letting him feel that you’re actually keeping a check on him.

Maintain good physical health. For your brother to have good physical health will also ensure that he has strong mental health as well. This is not only essential for his well-being but can also help him garner a lot more energy to excel at whatever he does. So go ahead and encourage him to maintain good physical health.

Learn MMA. Mixed martial arts can be a great way to maintain good health. It also helps to have and build better concentration while involving some meditative techniques as well. Go ahead and encourage your brother to learn MMA. And it’ll be far more enjoyable for the two of you if you join it as well.

why learn mma at all

Stay conscious about the people around you two. This is not only about protecting your brother but also protecting yourself. Remain conscious at all times about the people around the two of you. This will also ensure that the two of you remain protected and safe at all times and will enable you to stay away from all bad influences.

Make sure he stays in a safe environment. Make sure that you have your brother stay in a safe environment. This will help you worry less about him and also keep him more protected. This will also ensure not your brother it’s also happy and can carry on with his life with far less to worry about.

Be a little rude if needed. Sometimes it appears to be a little rude with your brother or his associates and acquaintances. You being rude can actually encourage him to shy away, thereby allowing your brother more space. In effect, being a little rude can actually help protect your brother.

Draw a line. Whenever you deem it to be necessary, just draw a line. Do not allow anyone to encroach beyond that line, whatever the reason may be. Drawing the line and putting your foot down can show a lot of strictness. This is a great way to keep both your brother and yourself protected.

Make sure that he never crosses the line. Make sure your brother never crosses the line. This will ensure that the limits himself and whatever he does till a certain point. You need to make him understand that crossing that line will make him liable to face all that he fears.

Keep him under your vision. Keep your brother under your constant vision. Not only will you be able to keep a close watch on him and his activities but also remain less worried about him. 

Don’t let him go far away. Don’t let your brother go far away. Make sure that he is well within a periphery where you can region whenever needed. It is far easier to protect your brother when he’s nearby than when he is far away. And you’ll be able to live with fewer worries than otherwise.

Be confident. Be confident about your brother and also show him the confidence that you have in him. Not only will he be proud to have your confidence, but he’ll also be happy and more responsible for everything that he does. This is a great way to keep your brother protected and also remain free of any worry.

Stand up for him. Whenever you can, stand up for your brother. Let him know you’re around whenever he needs you. Not only will this make him feel protected, but it will also ensure that he leads life freely and responsibly. From your viewpoint, you’ll be glad to know that he feels well protected with you to back him up whenever required.

how to stand up for your brother

Regulate his eating habits. Regularize your brother’s eating habits. Proper food habits and ensure that your brother remains healthy and fit. This will also keep you free of any worries regarding your health. Overall, you would actually be keeping your brother protected. And this will bring peace of mind to both your brother and yourself.

Make sure that he takes proper sleep. Make sure that your brother takes proper sleep. Without proper sleep and rest, fattiness sets deep inside and makes him more unproductive than ever. And if he has enough sleep and rest, you will feel relieved and can relax knowing that your brother is well.

Ask him if he is in trouble. Ask your brother directly if he is in any kind of a problem. If he is in a problem, make sure you’re there to help him resolve it and come out of it unscathed. Knowing that your brother is not in any kind of problem will relieve you of any tension or worry. And both of you carry on with your lives freely.

Regulate how he uses his phone. Make it a point that you regulate how your brother uses his phone. Make sure that he does not waste his time on his mobile. Rather than let him waste time on his mobile, it is better that you arrange and plan really engrossing activities for him to get involved in. This way, you can assure yourself that you’ve made the right decision and are doing the right thing for him.

Check his google history. Check your brother’s Google history. It is a great way to know what he has been up to when he is online. What he has been Googling will tell you what he is into. If he’s going out of line, bring him back on track. If he’s doing creative and productive things, go ahead and encourage him. Either way, whichever you do, do it subtly.

Keep him away from cyberbullying. Keep your brother away from any kind of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the worst things that have hit humanity. Whether he is a victim of cyberbullying or he is a perpetrator, either way, make sure you keep him away from this. Take strict and stern measures, if you have to. After all, it is his protection that you are concerned about.

Ask every day ‘how was your day.’ Make it a point that you ask your brother how his day was every day. It will not only encourage him to come out in the open with you but will also help him feel lighter at heart. This can also lead to his performing better and achieving a lot more success in the long run.

 why ask your brother how his day was

Interrogate him extensively about his daily life. Why not go ahead and interrogate your brother extensively about his daily life? It is a great way to know a lot about whatever he is doing. This first-hand, in-depth knowledge about your brother may even make it easier for you to be more protective of him.

Search about his secrets. Search about your brother’s secrets. Once you get to know about them and if you feel that there are certain secrets that may be detrimental to his life, go ahead and break the ice subtly so that he opens up to you and discusses everything freely and frankly. This will help you make him a far better and stronger person who is protected from the inside.

Censor the content he watches. There may be a lot of things that your brother watches. Censor all the content that he watches. Ensure that he watches the right content. After all, you’re only trying to protect him and ensure his well-being. Try to participate with your brother in whatever he watches.

Be careful about the words you use in front of him. Be careful about the words that you use in front of your brother. How you come across may have a huge impact on how your brother comes across not only to you but to everyone else as well. So if you feel you’re protective of your brother, make sure you use the right and positive words in front of him, not those words which may impact him negatively.

what type of words should you not use in front of him

Keep him away from distractions. Keep your brother away from distractions. Make sure that he concentrates more on the field and the work that he is involved in. He needs to achieve success in life, and for that to happen, he needs to stay away from all sorts of distractions. This is a great way to make sure that you protect your brother well. He will be glad you were there to take care of this aspect of his life.

Advice him on his dating habits. Advise your brother on his dating habits. Make sure he has clean and healthy eating habits inculcated within himself. Also instilled within him a sense of respect for the fairer sex. These will definitely make him a more popular and much sought-after date.

Tell him if you feel that a person is wrong. Tell your brother if you feel that the person is wrong. It is better that you come upfront and make a clean breast of whatever you feel about a person, rather than keep that within yourself till perhaps it becomes too late. Being open and straightforward in such cases actually proves that you’re protective of your brother.

Share your identical experiences when you thought you were right. You and your brother may have identical experiences. Share such identical experiences when you thought you were right. These experiences that you share with your brother may not only help him make the right decision and also learn from your experiences but also, such sharing can lead to him being more protected and a far stronger person than he otherwise may have been.

Tell him that you don’t want him to meet the same fate. Tell your brother that you don’t want him to meet the same fate that you have met. Telling both the pros and cons of your own fate. It may make him realize what he needs to do differently to make sure he has a different and better fate.

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