100+ Best You Quotes for Your Beloved One

When in love, or rather true love, we have got to make sure that our beloved person feels special every now and then

. It is also important to make sure that never at a moment do they lose their sweet smile. To make sure you bring a big smile to their faces, here are some beautiful quotes.

Best You Quotes for Your Beloved One

-The idea of being around you makes me beautifully crazy. I wait for that special moment to meet you every time. -Anonymous.

-You bring a smile on my face, always my sweetheart. I do not know how to thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for me. -Anonymous.

-You are the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you for loving me the way you do; it makes me want to love you much more with each passing day. -Anonymous.

-Love, this word seemed so vague to me until you came into my life and gave me all the beautiful reasons to be the happiest person on earth. -Anonymous.

-I love you not only because of your perfections; I love you more because you embrace your imperfections so beautifully. I want to embrace them too for the rest of my life. -Anonymous.

-You are the sun to my sky, the flower to my tree, the waves to my sea. Imagine what I will be without your company, my sweetheart -Anonymous.

-Please do not ever curse me by leaving me all alone. I beg you to stay in my life as long as I live -Anonymous.

-My heart craves for your company. What should I do? It does not want to listen when you are far away -Anonymous.

-Each day of my life seems brighter with your presence my sweetheart -Anonymous. 

-I will prefer dying the day I see you away from me. You are my everything -Anonymous.

-Tell me what makes you happy, I will happily devote my life to you, but do not ever leave my side as it will kill me -Anonymous.

-The thought of you leaving me literally collapses my whole world. I can imagine anything but a life without you is very much like a day without the sun -Anonymous.

-Just in case you feel like leaving me, please know that I am ready to bet my everything for you -Anonymous.

-My darling, how do I convey my need for you? I can bet my life for you to be by my side -Anonymous.

-All my heartbeats take your name. If you leave me and go away, how will my heartbeat? -Anonymous.

-My life without you is barren land with no hopes of any new crop. Please do not leave me or I will be a person without a soul -Anonymous.

-Please do not go away from me. I will give you my everything and make you the happiest person on earth -Anonymous.

-You make my world bright; you make me smile and be humble -Anonymous. Not being with a person like you will kill me -Anonymous.

-The thought of a life without you is a horrible one. It would be my privilege to spend my life with you -Anonymous.

-I cannot force you if you want to go away from me. But I can assure you that I will make our time together worth every second -Anonymous.

-The love you have given me is pure; as pure as you; as pure as my love for you my baby. -Anonymous.

-You are what my heart, soul, and mind are made of. I will see the end of my life if you think of leaving my side ever. -Anonymous.

-I love you like anything my sweetheart. My whole world belongs to you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you -Anonymous.

-It seems like a nightmare whenever you are angry at me. I cannot even think what I will feel if you ever tell me that you want to leave me -Anonymous.

-Please give me the honor to be your partner for the rest of your life. I promise to bring a smile on your face every time you think of breaking down -Anonymous.

-You are my best friend, my better half, and my everything. All of my life consists of you and my silly heart beats for you, my sweetheart. -Anonymous.

-The last nightmare that I would like to have if not given any other choice, is living a life without you. I do not have any idea what I would do if I have to actually live it -Anonymous.

– Please tell me whenever you feel there is a crack in our relationship and I will try my best to mend it just because you are worth everything in my life, my struggles, my fights, everything -Anonymous.

-I never end up finding a single thing about you that is imperfect. Rather I end up loving the imperfections you think you have in yourself. -Anonymous.

-The day when you finally became mine was the greatest day of my entire life; it was sheer magic. The magic still continues to be in my life because you are a part of my life. -Anonymous.

-You have embraced the silly me so beautifully that it makes me wonder what on earth I have done so well to deserve such a loving and caring person like you, my dear sweetheart. -Anonymous.

-Baby, the thought of me without you by my side breaks me into a thousand pieces. Please allow me to be a part of your life forever as a loyal partner -Anonymous.

-For the rest of my life, I prefer to share everything of mine with you and only you, my heart. Please give me the privilege to be your company forever too -Anonymous.

-You are my everything so if you leave me, I will be broken into a hundred pieces -Anonymous.

-If you ever feel uncomfortable with me, please let me know and give me the chance to fix it. Also, please know my love will always be there for you for the rest of both your and my life -Anonymous. 

-After meeting you, I find you beautiful only and no one else, and that made me realize that I am completely and absolutely in love with you -Anonymous

-The only person in this whole wide world who can make me feel the ultimate version of euphoria is you. -Anonymous.

-After meeting you, I find you beautiful only and no one else, and that made me realize that I am completely and absolutely in love with you -Anonymous

-Thank you, my love, for being the most glorious and brightest star in my life which was full of gloomy clouds earlier -Anonymous

-I really thank the Lord for showing me the right way and allowing me to give my heart to you -Anonymous

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Love Is a Strange, Bizarre, and Magical Thing. It Leaves Us Feeling All Kinds of Beauty. Here Are Some Beautiful Quotes That Will Bring You Closer to Your Loved Person. Check Out Do Not Leave Me Quotes

My Beloved Ones Quotes

I feel like I want to spend the rest of the day with her every single day- Ed Sheeran.

-Every moment my mind is busy with the thought that how lucky I am to find a graceful, charming and beautiful person like you -Anonymous

-Honey, I promise you that I will never let you go through the dreadful feeling that you have gone through before -Anonymous

-I will always carry this specific piece of my heart that carries your name, your smell, and you. I will never ever let go of it; I promise- Anonymous.

-The greatest and best happiness in life is that we loved for ourselves or in a better way in spite of being ourselves- Victor Hugo

-After I fell in love with you, I did not know where the hell I was- J. D. Slinger.

-Such compatibility, such understanding, I never believed that I could ever have such bonding with someone ever in my life. Thank you, soulmate! -Anonymous.

-You make me feel like the best person on the planet. I know I am being loved more than I deserve- Anonymous.

-I have this terrible fear of losing you. I do not know why but I do have this- Anonymous.

-I see her everywhere around me; in the stars, in the moon, in the rivers- Virginia Wolf from Night and Day.

-I can forget anything but not the day we saw each other for the first time. I could travel back time and live it once again. It is all because of you my partner, my soulmate- Anonymous.

-Whenever I look at you, I feel surprised how from so many people in the world I was able to find you -Anonymous

-I really regret not being able to time travel and meet earlier than now, we could have spent more good days -Anonymous

-Every day and night, feels so long and gloomy without you and I miss you very badly -Anonymous

-Whenever I kiss on your forehead, I try to convey to you that you are the most special one for me and I love you the most -Anonymous

-You may feel nobody can irritate you like me, but honey fix in your mind that nobody can love you like a mad than me -Anonymous

-Our midnight chats and your lame jokes are the main reason for me to call you my soulmate-Anonymous

-The hardest days of my life saw you standing by my side. You never misunderstood for no reason, that is why I try to give my best to make you happy because I know you are my soulmate. -Anonymous.

-Sweetheart, whenever you whisper “I love you” in my ears, it gives me an electric shock and creates ripples in my whole body -Anonymous

-I am a keeper only for you because you have given every effort to make my life simplified and happier -Anonymous

-After meeting you, I find you beautiful only and no one else, and that made me realize that I am completely and absolutely in love with you -Anonymous

-Now I only aim to retain our relationship because you are the one who has helped me to find out the better version of myself -Anonymous.

-Do you want to know what is the most amazing thing about my dream- it consists of only you and me and our beautiful solitude -Anonymous

-I am lost in ecstasy whenever I hear your voice and your endless conversations, I find myself in some other world because I know you are my true soulmate -Anonymous

-You are not just a person to me, you mean the whole world to me who has beautified my world with lots of precious dreams and memories -Anonymous

You Quotes For Your Beloved One

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