100+ Best Betrayal Quotes to Know

Getting betrayed is something that we would avoid throughout our life. When a person betrays us, it leaves us with feelings of despair and disappointment. 

But some great quotes on betrayal can help you to realize that maybe you are not alone in this. Here we have listed some of the best quotes on betrayal that will help you to out as a strong person.

Here are the Best Betrayal Quotes to Know

-Betrayal will always begin where there is trust. –Martin Luther

-The one and only truth that sticks throughout is betrayal. –Arthur Miller

-It can be surprising to know that even betrayal and loss can bring you awakening. –Buddha

-It is always better to have an enemy than to have a friend who betrays you. –Anonymous

-Having an enemy is better because he will honestly express his hatred for you. –Anonymous

-There is no possibility of success without the act of betrayal. –Jean Renoir

-Betrayal means learning and not overemphasizing sources from outside. –Linda Talley

-The worst thing about betrayal is that your enemies never betray you. – Anonymous

-People can betray me but I don’t want to betray the peace of my mind. –Dodinsky

-Something may be wrong with your personality if opportunity starts controlling your fidelity. –Anonymous

-If you betray another person, you will also betray yourself as well.  –Isaac Bashevis Singer

-You can lose the trust of someone within a few seconds and it will take a lifetime to build the trust all over again but it is never strong as it was before. –Anonymous 

-Beware of the person who tends to backstab you but tell everyone that it is them who is bleeding. – Jill Blakeway

-It is never so easy to deal with betrayal but there is actually no correct way of accepting it. –Christine Feehan

-Trust is cannot be built if there is no betrayal, but betrayal is the least in those. – Wes Fessler

-Corruption and betrayal started small secrets but in big lies. — Amy Tan

-Some people are ready to betray old friends in order to get the spotlight. — Lauren Conrad

-Each betrayal takes place in a perfect moment; a coin that is being tossed will show you heads or tails on one side with redemption on the other side. – Barbara Kingsolver

-The knives of betrayal can cause a deep cut and hurt a person badly. On the contrary, it can cut the nonsense and reveal the true side of your friends.  – Steve Maraboli

-You have to earn trust, give respect and demonstrate loyalty. If any of this gets betrayed then you will lose the rest three. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

-You do not need to hear the excuses or explanations made by a person when you are able to see their actions of betrayal clearly. –Anonymous

-Trust involves weakness and risk. There is nothing that would count as faith or trust if there is no likelihood of betrayal. – Robert C. Solomon

-Confession is different from betrayal. What is being said does not matter and what matters are your feelings. If that stops me from loving you then that would be known as real betrayal. –George Orwell

-The lack of insecurity, intelligence, happiness, and self-esteem is what cheating is all about. –Anonymous

-Everyone suffers from betrayal at least once in their lifetime. In fact, it unites us. You should not let it destroy your trust in other people if such a thing happens. They should not take it away from you. – Sherrilyn Kenyon

-It was my mistake that I trusted you and so you don’t have to be sorry. – Anonymous

-Forgiving your enemy is much easier than forgiving your friend who betrays you. –Anonymous

-Some of your friends are actually the most poisonous people of your life. –Anonymous

-You must love all but make sure to trust only a few people and don’t do wrong with anybody. –William Shakespeare

-You must fear the friend who hugs you but are actually fake instead of fearing the enemy who attacks you. –Anonymous

-Your friends should be there with you to support you when you cry and not make you cry. –Anonymous

-You will find yourself ruined if you betray your own friend. – Aesop

-When you have lesser friends, your chances of getting betrayed will be lesser as well. –Tupac Shakur

 -Neither are we friends now are we enemies. We are only strangers with lots of memories. –Anonymous

-What people do is what they say. Their actions will betray the lie. –Terry Goodkind

-When you know that someone has backstabbed you then you will feel how painful betrayal is. – Les Parrott

betrayal quotes

Pain of Betrayal Quotes

-It is thousand times better to get slapped by an enemy than to get stabbed in the back by a friend. –Anonymous

-When you come to know that you have been used and betrayed by the person whom you have trusted for so long. –Anonymous

-Breaking the trust of a person is similar to crumpling up a paper that was so perfect. It can be smoothed over but even you know that it will not be the same again. –Anonymous

-You cannot tell whose feelings are genuine. Is it the one who has had your back or the one who has enough time to stab you? –Nicole Richie

-You must be very careful when you share your feelings with someone. It is because of the fact that those people may be waiting for an opportunity where they can use your feelings against you. –Anonymous

-You said that it was a mistake. But the truth is that, it was my mistake that I trusted you without knowing that you would betray me. –David Levithan

-The only way by which we can defend betrayal is by distrusting each other. –Tennessee Williams

-I will take your secret along with me to the grave but tell it to the other on the way. Betrayal may be a sin but not if it is imaginative. –Tom Stoppard

-Betrayal is the worst kind of getting hurt. It is because some people will betray you only so that they feel better. –Anonymous

-I used to publicize my loyalty and I believe there is not a single person who I did not love and who I did not betray eventually. –Albert Camus

-Even getting hurt physically is not that worse than someone hurting you emotionally by betraying you. It is even worse when that person who betrays you is your own friend. – Heather Brewer

-Two people who very close to each other once upon a time can become strangers if one of them betrays the other. Nothing can be sadder than this. — Warsan Shire

-Betrayal is something that not only breaks your heart but also makes your soul dark. It is not possible for you to forget the pain because it is like the fog that will linger on your mind forever. –Anonymous 

-You must stay away from the person who stabs you first and then goes on to tell the world that they are the one who is hurt. –Anonymous

-My tears are not for you and you don’t even deserve my tears. I am crying because of what I thought you were, was devastated by the reality of who you are actually. – Steve Maraboli

-Having an enemy who says that they hate you right on your face is much better. You wouldn’t want to have a friend who backstabs you. You must pay attention to what your people are doing instead of what they are saying. Actions are capable of speaking louder than words. Also, it is difficult to fake actions.  –Zero Dean

-It is really difficult to trust someone who has betrayed you even after you have loved them. –Anonymous

-There is a huge difference between getting betrayed by someone who is your enemy and getting betrayed by someone who is your friend. The latter will always devastate you more. –Anonymous

-You must not waste your words on those who deserve your silence even more. Sometimes you will see that even the most authoritative thing that you say is actually nothing. –Anonymous

-Life has taught me that someone’s loyalty cannot be controlled. Even if you are good to them, you must not expect that they will treat you in the same way. Even if they mean to you a lot does not mean they value you. Often you will find that the people whom you trust the most are also the ones whom you cannot trust at all. –Anonymous

-Betrayal can hurt you deeply but then, it can also cut the nonsense and show the real side of a person. –Steve Maraboli

-What you thought was love is actually betrayal. –Anonymous

-If you love someone, only then betraying them or getting betrayed by is possible. –John le Carre

-Always know that when you are being betrayed by someone, it is revealing the bad side of their character and not yours. –Anonymous

-You are not the one with whom I fell in love with. Actually, I fell in love with the person who seemed to be trustworthy. –Anonymous

-I have always trusted you. But your actions spoke louder than your words could and it helped me to understand that I trusted the wrong person and your words meant nothing. –Anonymous

-You must forgive yourself for you were blind and the others betrayed you. It was not your fault that you could not see through their real side. It is mainly because of the fact that a good heart is unable to see the bad most of the time. –Anonymous

-I was not in love with you. In fact, I loved the person who pretended to be good and loyal. –Anonymous

-Betrayal is the only answer to betrayal, the mask of love can be answered by the fading love. — Albert Camus

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