251+ Fun And Romantic Bets to Make with Your Boyfriend

Are you seeking ways to inject some excitement ? and friendly competition into your relationship? Look no further!

We have curated a diverse selection of 17+ intriguing bets you can make with your boyfriend ❤️, guaranteed to add spice to your shared experiences.

Whether it’s making predictions about the outcome of a sports match or engaging in trivia challenges to test your knowledge, these wagers are designed to keep both of you on your toes and ignite ❤️‍? your competitive spirits.

Brace yourselves for exhilarating moments and create lasting memories as you embark on these playful bets with your beloved partner.

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Romantic Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Romantic Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

The One Who Loses Has to Make Dinner.

If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, try placing a bet with your boyfriend so that he will have to make a lovely dinner for you if he loses. Meanwhile, you can take a break and boast to 

yourself and others about what a great and lovely boyfriend you have.

The One Who Loses Plans a Surprise Date

Has your boyfriend been busy at work and unable to give you enough time lately? Well, make a bet so that if he loses, he has to plan a date for the weekend and surprise you.

You will end up spending quality time and falling in love all over again!

The One Who Loses Has to Follow a ‘no-phone Rule at The Dinner Table.

Your boyfriend using his phone constantly at the dinner table must be very irritating.

Make a bet to get him out of this annoying practice.

If he loses, he would have to follow your rule of nobody getting their phones while having dinner. This would be a great practice.

The One Who Wins Gets to Pick the Restaurant.

Do you always fight with your boyfriend regarding the restaurant you go to? A bet makes it easier. If you win, he has to go with you to whichever restaurant you pick.

Both of you are different people, and this is a great way to adapt to each other’s habits.

The One Who Loses Gives the Other Cash.

The easiest way to make money? Take it from your boyfriend but fairly by winning a bet. We are sure they won’t mind giving you a few bucks or buying something nice and pretty.

This would be very funny, and you can share a good laugh thinking of this later.

The One Who Loses Pays the Bills for That Month.

This bet will surely raise competitiveness because nobody likes to lose money and let’s accept that bills are pretty high nowadays.

However, this is also a great way to share responsibilities and have more fun. It will also be a relief if you are a little low on cash now.

The One Who Loses Gives Three Kisses to The Other.

Intimacy is very important in a relationship. Place a bet so that if your boyfriend loses to you, he has to kiss you three times.

This allows you to spend quality time and strengthen your relationship’s physical and emotional bond. Be a sport and spice things up a little, baby!

Flirty Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

The One Who Loses Gives Something To The Poor.

This is a great way to practice generosity towards each other and other people. If your boyfriend loses the bet, make him give out an item of food or clothing to someone needy.

This increases your love and respect for each other and lets you help someone in utter distress.

The One Who Loses Has to Go to The Grocery Store Every Week.

Grocery shopping- such a hard task, no? Make bets to make sure both of you have equal roles in every household activity.

If your boyfriend loses, he must grocery shop for the entire week. It must be hard for him, but the understanding between you becomes better this way.

The One Who Loses Has to Babysit for That Day.

This is a great way to share responsibilities if you have a baby. Make a bet, and if your partner loses, he has to take care of the baby, even if you are at home.

This will bring equality and respect to the relationship and make things easier to handle.

The One Who Wins Gets to Choose a Fun Activity.

If you both have a free day and are at home, make a bet to choose the fun activity you are about to do.

It may be an indoor or outdoor game, watching a movie, or cleaning the house. Whatever the winner chooses, the other one has to do it.

The One Who Wins Chooses the Movie.

Couples are bound to fight over what to watch when it comes to watching a movie together. A bet makes things easier and teaches you to adjust to each other.

If you win the bet, you choose the movie, and your boyfriend has to watch it without protest or disinterest.

The One Who Loses Makes Breakfast the Next Day.

Waking up and making breakfast for your partner can be tedious, so try placing a bet to decide who makes breakfast the following day.

Sharing responsibilities and giving more time to each other is very important for a healthy relationship, and this funny bet makes you do that more efficiently.

The One Who Loses Does Their Partner’s Chores for A Day.

Got too much laundry, but are you feeling lazy to do it? Well, a bet can help you out. Let your partner do your chores for a day if they lose the bet.

Then, relax for some time as you watch your partner doing your work only because they love you so much.

The One Who Loses Eats Something Very Spicy.

This would be great fun if your boyfriend can’t eat spicy food. If they lose the bet, make them eat something extremely spicy.

This may sound harsh, but it can actually be very fun. You can prank each other, which means you are comfortable in each other’s presence.

Best Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Best Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

The One Who Wins Gets to Make Three Wishes.

If your partner has not been attentive to you lately, this is a great way to make them do what you want. Place a bet, and if he loses, you get to make three wishes he is bound to fulfill.

This conveys that you love and care for each other.

The One Who Loses Eats/drinks Something Crazy.

You need not be disciplined on all days.

Try placing a bet on a wild date and make each other drink a lot so that you can be stupid together and create beautiful memories that you can cherish later. You can always laugh, thinking 

of the crazy things you’ve done.

The One Who Loses Gives a Massage to Their Partner.

Why go to the salon and spend money to get a body massage when you have a boyfriend? Instead, make a bet, and they give you a free body massage for an hour if they lose.

This increases physical and emotional intimacy and lets you relax in each other’s company.

The one who loses has to sing a song.

If you are out on a date, you can make a bet to make them sing a song. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad singers; they must sing whatever you want.

Enjoy your time together and create good memories that you can cherish forever.

The One Who Wins Gets to Choose the Place for A Vacation.

You can settle it with a bet if you guys are about to go on a vacation and have different preferences.

If you win, your boyfriend must go to the mountains, even if they like the beaches more. So maybe next time, you go to a place they like more. 

The One Who Loses Has to Take Their Partner out For a Drive.

If you’ve not been spending quality time with your partner, place a bet so that if they lose, they are bound to take you out on a long drive.

Enjoy each other’s company as much as possible so you can connect better and promote love and understanding in your relationship.

The One Who Loses Wears What Their Partner Wants Them to 

It is very important to keep silliness alive in a relationship.

Little things matter, and placing a bet so that you can make your boyfriend wear something you like may sound childish, but it is a lot more fun than you think.

They might disapprove of it, but who cares?

The One Who Loses Shares a Secret or An Embarrassing Story of Their Life.

Is there something your partner has never shared with you, even though you kept asking them? A bet makes it easier to know what you want to do.

So, let them spill their secrets if they lose, but always remember that you must respect each other’s boundaries and private space.

Good Bets To Make With Boyfriend

Good Bets To Make With Boyfriend

The One Who Loses Gives a Treat.

If your boyfriend loses the bet, he has to treat you. It may be in a restaurant or something he cooks for you, but it has to be special.

Doing something for each other, especially surprises, never goes out of style; these little things will give you a healthy relationship.

The One Who Loses Does Something Funny Instantly.

This bet will bring out the funny side of your partner. If he loses, make him run around the room fifty times or jump on the bed fifteen times.

You will end up sharing a good laugh, and this childishness in your relationship will keep you bonded to each other.

The One Who Wins Gets to Control the TV remote for A Day.

Gone are the days of never-ending couple fights over the TV remote. Just make a simple bet in the morning to decide who gets the remote for the day.

This makes things competitive and always lets you have a good time with each other. You may fight but with love.

The One Who Wins Gets to Choose a Bedroom Fantasy.

Sexual fantasies are an essential part of a good relationship. A bet to make each other’s fantasies come true can spice things up a lot.

You win the bet, you get to choose what you do in bed, and your partner has to follow. This allows you to share control.

Spicy Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Spicy Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

The Strip Game

A playful and risqué bet where you and your boyfriend compete in a game, and the loser has to remove an item of clothing.

It adds a flirty and exciting element to your time together, creating anticipation and spicing up your relationship.

Dare Night

An exhilarating bet where you and your boyfriend take turns daring each other to do daring and adventurous activities.

It pushes boundaries, builds trust, and fosters a sense of thrill and spontaneity in your relationship, creating unforgettable memories and strengthening your bond.

Fun Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Fun Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Sports Prediction

Place a friendly bet on the outcome of a sports event that you both love. Choose a team or player to support, and if your prediction turns out to be correct, your partner will have the opportunity to do something enjoyable or exciting for you.

For instance, they could treat you to a soothing massage or plan a surprise date night. This bet adds an element of anticipation and allows you to celebrate your shared sports interests together.

Trivia Challenge

Engage in a trivia game on a topic that both of you find interesting, such as movies, music, or history. Challenge each other with questions and see who can answer accurately.

The person who falls short in the trivia challenge gets to perform a chore or task of the winner’s choice. It’s a delightful way to test your knowledge, stimulate friendly competition, and bring an element of playfulness into your relationship.

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Song Lyric Bet

In the Song Lyric Bet, text each other song lyrics to guess the correct song and artist. Set a number of rounds (e.g., five or ten), keep score, and the person with the most correct guesses wins.

The loser records a video singing a chosen song and sends it to the winner. They can choose any song they like for the video message.

Random Fact Bet

In the Random Fact Bet, share intriguing facts with your boyfriend. Decide on rounds or continue until satisfied. Discuss and determine the most captivating fact.

The person who shared it wins. The loser buys the winner a small, thoughtful gift like a snack or trinket to celebrate their victory.

Fun And Romantic Bets To Make With Your Boyfriend

Key Takeaways

  • Healthy competition in a relationship can help keep the spark alive and strengthen the bond between partners.
  • Making bets with your boyfriend can be a fun and engaging way to introduce playful challenges and activities into your relationship.
  • Bets can be used to encourage quality time, shared responsibilities, and surprises in the relationship.
  • Bets can range from mundane household chores to intimate moments, and they provide opportunities to adapt to each other’s preferences and learn to compromise.
  • Bets can promote generosity, respect, communication, and laughter within the relationship, ultimately fostering a healthy and strong connection between partners.


What are some bets that don’t involve money?

Bets don’t have to involve money. You can bet on activities like watching a movie of the winner’s choice, giving each other massages, or trying a new hobby together.

What are some friendly bets for couples?

Friendly bets could include a trivia quiz, a game of mini-golf, or a competition to see who can do the most push-ups or sit-ups.

Should I always bet against my boyfriend?

It’s not necessary to always bet against your boyfriend. Bets should be lighthearted and enjoyable, so it’s perfectly fine to sometimes root for each other rather than compete.

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