89+ Lovely Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

It is always a headache when it comes to constructing the perfect birthday message for your man but do not worry because we can put you out of that misery with our collection of birthday messages!

Give it a read, and maybe you will find one that will catch your attention!

Here are Lovely Birthday Messages for Him

-I know you will never grow up, but here’s to celebrating you and your years on this Earth, Happy Birthday!

-I love you and I wish I had met you earlier but nevertheless, it is time to cherish your existence on Earth, Happy Birthday!

-Even if it is your birthday, I know you have not grown up even a bit, you are still the funny teenager I met years ago, I love you, and Happy Birthday!

-Happiest Birthday to the most perfect boyfriend the world could have gifted me!

-Happiest Birthday to the loudest snorer in the world, nevertheless I love you and wish you all the happiness!

-Happy Birthday to the funniest and most adorable boyfriend on the planet!

-I love you and I am so happy that even in these tough times, I am able to spend your birthday with you, Happy Birthday!

-You are my brightest glimmer of hope and today it is your birthday, I am more excited than you are, but nevertheless, a very Happy Birthday to you!

-Your birthdays are a big deal for me because, without this day, I would not have been able to get you in my life, Happy Birthday!

-Many happy returns of today and hope you achieve the tallest of the heights and get all the happiness in the world!

-I still remember your first birthday that you had spent with me, trust me, it does not feel any different because your maturity has not changed since that day seven years ago, but  I love you even more since then and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

-You are the rainbow in my life, I love you more than you can imagine and I want to wish you all the happiness for your birthday!

-Love the way you fall asleep on my shoulder every movie night and I have to wake you up kissing your face and I wish to be able to do that every day for the rest of my life, Happy Birthday!

-I wish to be able to celebrate your birthday like this, smashing cake on your face like this every year, Happy Birthday!

-May you be a better person than you were last year and may you be a happier person than last year, may you have all the success you ever dreamed of!

-May God bless you as you become younger by a year, I love you, Happy Birthday!

-All these good wishes will come and go, but I want to know what to cook for you today so that I can make sure you start your birthday happy!

-Many and many good wishes to you for today, hope you become wiser although that is not likely to happen so soon Happy Birthday!

-Love is always with you and may it just increase in magnitude from everyone as you reach a new milestone in your life, Happy Birthday!

-My life has been so much better since I met you and I want you to always remain this way, Happy Birthday my love!

-You have grown into a wonderful man and I have seen you become wiser with each passing day, Happy Birthday!

Birthdays Are Special Events and More so If It Is the Birthday of Your Partner. a Beautifully Crafted Message Can Bring a Good Start to Her Day. Check out Lovely Birthday Messages for Your Girlfriend

Cute Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

-This year will be a little different to what it was last year and by that I mean to say that this year I will be there next to you to see that you get all the happiness possible, Happy birthday!

-May you be the most successful person that ever lived on this planet and may you have no dreams unfulfilled, I will stand by you all the time to see this through, I love you!

-You have changed my life for the better since the day I have met you, I love you and I have vowed to stand by you in your bad times as well as your good times, Happy Birthday!

-May this year bring happiness and love to you more than ever, Happy Birthday!

– Happiest Birthday to my most favorite guy and may you have the best year ever!

-We met when we had nothing and we have come a long way and even now we only have each other, but worry not, I will always take care of you and your needs, Happy Birthday!

-Birthdays are not your favorite days but let us stick together and we can overcome this irrational fear of yours, I love you and may God give you more power everyday, Happy Birthday!

-Hey it is your birthday and needless to say that I am more excited than you are and let us keep it that way, only hope that you get a lot of happiness and a lot of success in your life!

-Your birthday means so much to me because if you were not born, how could I have found the most annoying life partner? Happy Birthday!

-Love was just an empty word until I met you and the meaning has held its truth all these years, I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the world, Happy birthday!

-Happy Birthday to the best husband a woman could have got, you have lived up to your promise of making me happy every time I felt sad, I love you so much!

-Have a great day darling, even though I am not with you right now physically, I will always be there right in your heart, and do not worry because I am coming to meet you soon! Happy Birthday!

-Loving you is my most favorite thing to do, and I cannot stay calm because it is your birthday and I know God will shower you today with all His blessings!

-Happy Birthday to the most perfectly imperfect man out there and I am proud to say that I have the privilege of calling this man my husband! 

birthday messages for boyfriend

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