How to Bring Love Back in A Relationship: 20+ Ways

Have you recently been feeling like you have no spark of love in your relationship? Well, then, it’s time for you to do something to bring love back into your relationship. Here are some easy and fun ideas you can use that will definitely help you reconnect with your partner.

Don’t take away the mystery.

You are comfortable enough to know everything about each other, but it kills the romance and fun. If your partner knows that there are things about you they don’t know yet, they will always be eager to know you better. Therefore, keeping a bit of mystery couldn’t hurt your relationship.

Get closer through distance.

Usually, when you are having a date night, you talk about stuff like work, family, or other things. Make it a rule not to discuss these things when you are spending time with each other. Distance yourself from the other aspects of your life and just focus on each other.

Make watching TV or shows special.

Do you always do the usual thing where you watch a movie/show together and then go to bed? This just creates monotony. Instead, do something creative while you are binge-watching your favorite show. Give each other massages, take a bath together- everything you can to let go of stress.

Use romantic salutations.

Even the most minimal change in your behavior toward your partner can bring back the love in your relationship. For example, instead of saying,” Hey. Can you bring groceries on the way home?” try starting your statements with “Hey babe/honey…….” This will help you improve communication with your partner.

Make a list of dreams you want to achieve together.

Sit with your partner and make a list of things you would do together. For example, going on a trip once a year or having a date every weekend. Go through it sometimes. It will remind you of the dreams you aspire to fulfill together and, therefore, connect you easily.


Things all couples should do together:

  • Going for a couples’ massage.
  • Having a game night.
  • Trying out sex games and roleplays.
  • Going on a road trip.
  • Going out in a field to stargaze.
  • Watch a sunrise and sunset together.
  • Go on double dates.
  • Checking out new hobbies.
  • Going to museums and galleries.
  • Attend concerts and parties.

Love yourself first.

Sounds counterintuitive, but this is a great way to bring back lost love in a relationship. Think of how you can make yourself a better person. Your partner notices your emotional growth and is drawn to your personality more strongly. Consequently, your understanding of each other in the relationship improves.

Spice it up.

You can always bring back love in your relationship if you can be a little more spontaneous and playful. Instead of doing the same boring stuff that couples keep doing, always try to take things up a notch. Do things that can easily spice up your physical and emotional intimacy.

Have a great sex life.

Your happiness in a relationship depends a lot on your sex life. Physical intimacy, in all its forms, helps couples develop a stronger emotional bond. Have frequent sex, experiment with your sex pretenses, and be intimate with your partner in various ways. Hug, kiss, and cuddle with each other more.

Incorporate acceptance into your relationship.

Never compare your relationship with others; it will always leave you wanting more. Notice your partner’s love language and how they do things for you that others don’t. Accept your partner’s affection and appreciate them for what they do. You will love him even more, when you see his love.

Give them a tight squeeze.

You cannot deny the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship, and it doesn’t always mean having sex. Always remember that it is the little things that matter the most. For example, make it a point to hug your partners before they leave for work and when they come home.

Take a one-day challenge.

An important reason for lost love in a relationship is constant criticism between partners. If you want to work on it, take a one-day challenge. Promise to yourself that for one whole day, you will not be judgmental or critical of your partner.” This helps you develop a positive attitude.

Hang out with your partner’s loved ones.

When you spend more time with your partner’s family and friends, you get to know them better. Also, you express how much you care about their family as much as yours. So, if you feel like you are losing connection with your partner, throw a party for their loved ones.


Reasons to spend more time with your family:

  • It helps you strengthen your bond with family members.
  • It helps you reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It helps you learn to communicate better.
  • It provides for your emotional needs.
  • It gives you a positive vibe.
  • It improves your relationship dynamics.
  • It controls your behavioral issues.
  • It maintains your mental health.
  • You create memories to cherish forever.
  • Your kids learn the value of family.

Avoid giving unsolicited advice.

You always have the right to help put your partner with an issue or point out to them when they are wrong. But don’t try to be a parent. Remind yourself that they are grown-ups, know how to handle a situation, and will learn from their mistakes and bad decisions.

Fake it till you make it.

If you are not feeling like making an honest effort to bring back love in your relationship, just pretend to do so. Make your partner feel special, even if you don’t feel it genuinely. With time, you will start believing in the things you are doing to improve your relationship.

Have regular date nights.

To bring back lost love, you have to spend more time together. The best way to do that is to have regular date nights, especially on weekends. No matter how busy you are, always make time for each other. You must let your partner know that they are a priority.

Don’t keep discussing the kids.

This is for married couples who want to keep love intact in their relationship forever. Your kids are important, but if you always focus on them, you will never have time for each other. So, once in a while, leave your kids with a babysitter and spend some alone time. Want to keep love intact in your relationship forever?

Do activities together.

Setting a common goal and working hard to achieve it together can be a great way to reconnect with your partner. For example, make a plan to go jogging together for an hour every day in the morning. This is a great way to improve your physical and emotional growth.

Be realistic about your relationship.

If you constantly think, ‘I don’t feel love anymore, you will end up making it true. Make sure you have realistic expectations from your relationship and that you are not being extra needy. Remember that encouraging negative and critical feelings will create a negative ambiance in your relationship very easily.


Reason to be realistic:

  • You celebrate your nature.
  • You know what your dreams and passions are.
  • Nobody can rob you of inner peace.
  • You feel confident in your skin.
  • You don’t feel like a phony.
  • You go to bed with zero regrets and grudges.
  • You learn to become the best version of yourself.
  • You learn to appreciate alone time.
  • You can reach out of your comfort zone.
  • You always stand your ground confidently.

Stay connected to your partner.

Your everyday communications reveal a lot about your relationship. See if your interactions have become too casual- work, responsibilities, and household chores are all you talk about. Try texting or calling your partner when they are at work and ask if they’ve had lunch or when they are coming home.

Always remind yourself why you fell in love.

If you think you are losing interest in your relationship, remind yourself why you fell in love with your partner. Think of that smile that stole your heart or the sweet gestures that made you believe in love. Instead of making it a big deal, try to reflect and recollect.

Absence can bring back love.

Yes, you heard that right. This is the old sentiment that works like magic. Go on a trip with your friends and keep minimal contact with your partner. This will make them miss you even more, and when you come back, they are always eager to spend time with you.

Learn something from them.

Suppose your partner has great taste in music. Let them introduce you to their favorite songs and listen to them together. Find out what they are passionate about and show your genuine interest. This will make them appreciate your involvement, and they’ll be eager to tell you about their interests.

Don’t try to be a mind reader.

You are not a mind reader; remember that. So, don’t create problems that don’t exist. Don’t think your relationship has lost love while you are just overthinking. Often, things we create in our heads cause more problems than what has merely happened. So, before you take steps, assess your situation.

Create special occasions.

You don’t always have to stick to birthdays and anniversaries to have a special time together. Create occasions and celebrate your partner. For example, remember your first date? Well, make it a point to visit the same restaurant on the same day every year. The nostalgia will bring back love.

Make your communications innovative.

Being in a relationship for a long time makes you take everything for granted. Your conversations become casual, too, because you don’t have anything to prove to each other. To revive love, try making innovative communication. For example, have a date as if you are meeting for the first time.

Have your sex wishlist.

A major reason for losing love in a relationship is when partners are bored with sex. Spice things up, and experiment with your partner constantly. Make a wishlist of things you want to try out. This improves your communication and also helps you achieve physical and emotional intimacy more easily.

Go through old memories.

While you are thinking you don’t feel love in your relationship anymore, reminisce about the time you’ve spent together. Go through old pictures and videos and think about the time you started dating. It will bring back that rush of excitement, and you’ll fall in love with your partner again.

Have special night-outs.

No matter how busy you are with work or other stuff, taking out time for each other must be a priority. Have a special date night once in a while where you go on a long drive or book a hotel room to spend more quality time with each other.

Mirror the lost love.

If you feel the spark in your relationship slipping away, don’t just blame it on your partner. Assess your behavior and see if you have showered them with enough affection and care. When you become mindful about making a positive change in your understanding, your partner will reciprocate your approach.

Talk about random stuff.

To know if your relationship has lost love, you must see if you are comfortable enough just to be yourself. Discuss random things with your partner- vacation destinations, the latest news, or flowers. See how interested they are in talking to you about things out of nowhere for hours.


These are some effective ways to bring back love in your relationship. But if you think your connection with your partner has worsened to a degree where these ideas won’t work, you must go to a counselor. A professional will help you overcome your issues before things start getting ugly.


Important signs asking you to move out of a relationship:

  • You keep focusing on your past relationships.
  • Something is hurting you.
  • You are constantly fighting with your partner.
  • You feel disrespected and lonely.
  • You can’t reach out to your friends freely.
  • You don’t value your well-being.
  • Your partner is always trying to change you.
  • Your partner always takes you for granted.
  • You want to cheat on your partner for something meaningful.
  • You have different expeditions form the relationship and life.

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