81+ Broken Heart Quotes to Share Right Now

A broken heart is a bad experience that many of your must be experiencing already or have participated in the past. It can be hurting when someone whom you have loved so much once upon a time breaks your heart.

Where there is love, there can be heartbreak too. Here is a compilation of some broken heart quotes which will help you to cope with this situation easily. 

Broken Heart Quotes to Share Right Now

-Heartbreak can be funny to all but not to the heartbroken. – Jeffery Eugenides

-The emotion which can break someone’s heart is also the one that can heal it. – Nicholas Sparks

-A broken heart can be painful but with time even a broken heart can heal. -Anonymous

-When you are with the wrong person, you won’t find your broken heart to be much painful. -Anonymous

-Love can be a valuable thing but there is always the risk of getting heartbroken. – Alessandra Torre

-When you stab your body, it hurts but eventually, it heals but when someone breaks your heart, the pain lasts forever. – Mineko Iwasaki

-You must not break anyone’s heart ever because they have one heart only. You can break their bones because there are 206 of them. – Jayy Von Monroe

-I have been heartbroken in the past and I have broken hearts too. But that has become a part of my life, and it is your part to try and figure out who you are and this will help you to find the right partner. – Heidi Klum

-If you have a heart then you must know that it is meant to be broken someday by someone. -Anonymous

-Hearts are meant to be broken but it would have been better if you die before someone breaks your heart but unfortunately, it never happens. – Stephen King

-Love is unable to know its depth until it separates. – Khalil Gibran

-The pleasure of love is something that can last for only a moment but the pain of love can last for a lifetime. -Bette Davis

-The worst thing about loving someone is that it may not last forever but you will soon forget the heartbreak. -William Faulkner

-Love is an addiction and it is one such drug that you can get addicted to very badly but it can be worse if it is taken away. -Ashley

There are a lot of ways by which a heart can be broken. The stories were mostly full of hearts that were broken by love. But more than heartbreak, what hurts more is the dream that breaks. Whatever the dream might have been. -Pearl S. Buck

-When only that one person is missing who you have loved so much the entire world will seem to be depopulated. – Alphonse de Lamartine

-My heart was in a better position until you came to break it. -Anonymous

-His heart, when it broke into a thousand small pieces, started turning into ice slowly. -Morgan Rhodes

-If the heartbreaks are not accompanied by regret then perhaps, you can live with a heartbreak forever. – Laura Kasischke

-A time will come when you will be forced to follow your own heart and that too, away from the person you love. -Ashley Lorenzana

-If someone has broken your heart then why are you even thinking about that person? –Debra K. Messer

-Your heart cannot be practical unless you make them unbreakable. -The Tinman, The Wizard of Oz

-When someone breaks your heart, you will plant the seed in those cracks and wait for it to rain. -Andrea Gibson

-I want to go back to the time when I was just a little girl because I prefer to have skinned knees than to have a broken heart. -Julia Roberts

-Did you know that a broken heart is the one and only instrument that knows how to work? -T.E. Kalem

-A broken heart is a thousand times better than being in love with the wrong person. -Anonymous

-When you realize that you fell for the wrong person, you will not mind having a broken heart. -Anonymous

-Often there will be times when you will break the heart in the correct way. You must have got the meaning. -Gregory Roberts

-You flew away taking the wings of my heart and left me behind absolutely flightless. -Stelle Atwater

-We are like the Romeos looking out for our Juliet. But unfortunately, we are not able to find her. –Rae Hacton

-It does not matter how hard someone broke your heart because the world is never going to stop grieving for you. – Faraaz Kazi

-It was like a war to love you because I am not the same as I used to be. -Warsan Shire

-A shattered heart when it is being broken is perhaps the loudest silence that you will ever hear. -Caroll Byrant

-I regret falling in love with the person who hurts me the most. Love is so cruel. -J.C Reed

-You will find that most of the things that break, one of them is your heart. The lessons that you learn in your life amount to scarred tissues and not to wisdom. -Wallace Stegner

-Once your heartbreaks and even after you heal, you are never the same as before. – Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

-When you see the trees burning, you will get the smell of heartbreak in the air. – Jodi Thomas

-The best love story often has the worst ending. – Socrates

-Often the happiest love story can have a sad ending to it. -Anonymous

-You must not love anyone with all your heart because it may not end very well. -Anonymous

-Loving someone with all your heart will only leave you with pain. -Countee Cullen

broken heart quotes

-In the end, it shouldn’t matter to you who I end up with when you cannot be that person. -Tabitha Suzuma

-Even when you stab your body, it will hurt you but eventually you will heal. But when your heart breaks you will be left behind with a painful wound that will last for a lifetime. -Mineko Iwasaki

-The opposite of two is a lonely you and a lonely me. – Richard Wilbur

-Nothing can ever hurt you more than a broken heart. -Anonymous

-Love cannot be bought but you have to pay for it heavily when it gets broken. -Henny Youngman

-I only wanted your heart but it is gone and you have nothing else to give to me. -Mary Wollstonecraft

-Having your heart broken can be a lesson for and you must try to learn something out of it. -Jon Voight

-When you have a broken heart, you come to know that what you are made up of. When it happens early it is always better. -Isabel Gillies

-There are uncountable ways by which you can lose the one you love so much. -Tamara Webber

-It is better to have a broken arm than to have a broken heart. -Christie Brinkley

-Once your heart breaks, it gets really difficult to join the pieces but it is not the end of your life and your life has to go on. -Anonymous

-No matter how much pain you are in while your heart breaks the world will not ask you and grieve with you. -Faraaz Kazi

-The only way by which the good Lord can get into your heart is by breaking it. -Fulton Sheen

-You can never give your heart to someone who is wild. -Truman Capote

-According to me, I always prefer to have a broken arm than to have a broken heart. -Anonymous

-A broken arm and a broken heart eventually heals but the latter leaves you behind with long-lasting pain. -Anonymous

-It feels so strange to know that how often our hearts get broken even before the years are able to make it wise enough. -Sara Teasdale

-The arrows of a broken heart is always the sharpest one. -Cassandra Clare

-You are hurt when your loved one breaks your heart even when you did not deserve it. But when you realize that you loved the wrong person then you don’t care anymore. -Anonymous

-Isn’t it funny how artistic you become when you get your heart broken? -Anonymous

-Love may be blind but a broken heart can see everything. – Matshona Dhliwayo

-A broken heart is similar to a broken rib. People are unable to see it but you feel the pain every time you are trying to breathe. -Anonymous

-I wish to become that little girl again because a skinned knee was much better and less painful than a broken heart. -Julia Roberts

-Having a broken heart is a sign that at least you have tried something in your life. -Elizabeth Gilbert

-Love hurts you badly and it is worst than getting into an accident. -Anonymous

-Now it is not enough to have your heart broken because everyone has a broken heart now. -Allen Ginsberg

-Heaven will not ignore the cries of a heart that is broken. -Toba Beta

Broken Heart Quotes

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