60+ Beautiful Celebrity Love Quotes

When it comes to expressing love, it can be hard to put down your feelings with absolute clarity. The definition of love varies from one person to another.

The way people react to love can be different as well. Let us hear what the celebrities have got to say about love. From Julia Roberts to Lady Gaga,

Celebrity Love Quotes Who Have Quoted Their Version of Love.

-A lot of people will be ready to ride in the limo with you. But don’t you want someone who would be ready to ride the bus with you? –Oprah Winfrey

-Time will move slowly when you start to miss someone. But time will move faster when you start loving someone. –Taylor Swift

-According to me, a person can have more than one soul-mate in life because their soul may need different things during their lifetime. I definitely believe that love exists but my opinion about love has changed from what I always believed. –Kim Kardashian

-Love is not bothered about what you expect to get with what you give and that is everything. –Katharine Hepburn

-When you are truly in love with someone, it almost feels like you are singing the karaoke under a lot of pressure where your partner gets to sing the part of Freddie Mercury. – Mindy Kaling

celebrity love quotes

-Love is simple and sometimes it has more meaning than money. – Frank Sinatra

-The feeling of falling in love is the worst. Of course, it is the best feeling but isn’t it scary and difficult to open up to someone you have barely known? The main point is that the key to happiness is weakness. Weak people have a lot of power. —​Amy Poehler

-There are women who choose to follow their dream while some choose to follow their men. If you are in a confused state of mind and wondering which way to choose, then you must know that your success will never ever wake up to break up with you. –Lady Gaga

-The main idea of love is not about commitment in a relationship. Personal commitment comes first which defines the true version of yourself with or without the person you love. Every day you have to wake your mind, spirit, and body with a commitment to be a better person. –Will Smith

-You are one lucky person when you meet the person who will be the love of your life and life will take a huge turn making your life even better. – John Krasinski

-I have changed a lot since the day I met the love of my life. I always thought that being tough was the only way to be a strong person. To be an independent person you do not need anyone in your life. But my love taught me that by being vulnerable and soft you will allow to enter your life and slowly into your heart. You will also be happier and valuable to others. My love has changed my opinion towards life. – Portia de Rossi

-When you are able to find the right person for you as your partner, you feel like they have been made just for you and you hope that you both never have to part ways. – Joe Manganiello

-Dax helped me to understand that I have not figured it out yet. Sometimes it is the best gift that can be given to you by someone. –Kristen Bell

-According to me, the main problem when you are in a relationship is that you forget to be yourself. But my love does not let me do that to myself. He inspires me to listen to cool music and have fun in the beach more than I would have ever done. –Miley Cyrus

-You get the best smell from the man you are in love with. –Jennifer Aniston

celebrity love quotes

Celebrity Relationship Quotes

-When you want someone to be happy even if they are not a part of your life or happiness, then you know that you are in love. –Julia Roberts

-I highly believe the fact that you should first love yourself before loving anyone else. And for me, that gives birth to the best relationships. –Scarlett Johansson

-The weakness of opening up your feelings and heart deeply to someone else is petrifying but now when I am in my fifties; I have realized that I have to take a step forward. –Jane Fonda

-To be able to love someone without any condition and without expecting to get anything in return proves that you are a brave person. –Madonna

-In the end the amount of love that you get gets equal to the amount of love you are able to make. – John Lennon and Paul McCartney

-I love the idea of love. I was very much hopeful and I was raised mostly on the sweet fairy tales just like everyone else did. Then I realized that, everyone else who pretended to be the real princess got beheaded or others lost their mom. Now I just have got a more realistic view on this. –Amy Schumer

-The first thing you have to do is to love yourself and the love others. –Katy Perry

-Once in a while, I catch a glimpse of her when she is not looking. During this time I tell myself that if I have ever taken a bad decision in my life then, choosing to look at her was a good decision that I took. – Justin Timberlake

-When I first met John, I realized that since then my life has changed completely. When I know that I have his support I feel that I am invulnerable. During your good days, there is always someone behind it. But during your bad days, there is someone in front of it. –Emily Blunt

celebrity love quotes

-I have a really special person in my life with whom I can share everything and I care about that person more than I would ever do for anybody else. –George Clooney

-You were not my first love but you were the love that brought a huge change in my life making the other loves unimportant. –Rupi Kaur

I am just a simple girl who is asking the boy in front of me to love me. –Mark Cuthbert

You should be in a good relationship with yourself first and only then, you will be able to love someone else. Loving yourself is the most important relationship that you can have. –Diane Von Furstenberg

You should continue to give your heart to the people even if you have had your heartbroken. –Amy Poehler

You will never be able to love anyone else unless you learn to love yourself first. –RuPaul

-He is my life and that is amazing. I cannot breathe without him. The best part is that he makes me laugh and he is smart too. He is capable of doing everything. –David Burtka

She is bad but she is also the legend. All these years, we have loved harder and laughed harder. Every morning when I wake up, I thank God because it was not just a dream. Cheers to us and I wish we go on like this for a thousand more years. I love you so much. –Adam Levine

celebrity love quotes

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