110+ Cheesy Love Quotes Your Partner Will Enjoy

Are you looking for cheesy love quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well! It symbolizes you are more serious about your partner’s feelings.

Love is powerful. It pushes us to do things that are crazy just to make someone happy. Here you can find a collection of cheesy love full of romance and affection.

Cheesy Love Quotes Your Partner Will Enjoy

Mountains can be tired of standing still but my love is there for you my baby. -Anonymous

Sometimes it seems like you fall no worries because I am always on your side to catch you with my open arms. I promise my sweet princess! -Anonymous

You’re the only one with whom I want to dedicate my soul, heart, and body. I love you baby so much. -Anonymous

I have no words to describe your beauty. You look ravishing always and that’s exactly what I love most about you my baby. -Anonymous

When I am with you I don’t want anyone else but you and me I and that’s perfect. You are my only one honey. -Anonymous

We have made beautiful memories I wish I could live those beautiful moments again but we can create new ones so let’s make it happen. -Anonymous

This world has no deep ocean which I couldn’t cross if you are on the next side waiting for me. -Anonymous

Life seems difficult to me if you’re not there to hold me so always beside me my honey because I love you so much. -Anonymous

You are the one and only soul. You are mine. It is not possible to stay without you anymore. Come and love me as much as you can do. -Anonymous

If someone asks me to prove the worth of my love for you then I will never skip a second to do it. -Anonymous

You are my paradise, you are my breath, you are my soul and you are my heartbeat. I love you and respect you not like a normal couple but as a queen love and respect his king. -Anonymous

I love you as much that nobody in the world is capable to beat it. -Anonymous

My love is so pure and true as I am ready to adjust the sails of my boat to follow you wherever you go. -Anonymous

I only want one thing in life, yes, to look into your eyes the whole day and doing nothing. I love you buggy! -Anonymous

Do not doubt on my love baby because I’m there for you in your every happiness and in your every storm. I love you, too, my boo. -Anonymous

You are my perfect choice. I have no single regret to be your girlfriend but proud to have you in my life. I love you, my prince. -Anonymous

You are beautiful and that’s all matters! I’m sending warm love to you. -Anonymous

I always desire I could get an opportunity to show you how important you are to me and how much I love you. -Anonymous

My love is selfless for you. It is kind, It is unique, It is greater than any other love. I love you my sweet cute sunflower! -Anonymous

My love is cheesy love that has the power to make you feel corny and it can bring happiness and laughter in your life. -Anonymous

Let me hold you tight in my arms so that cold of winters could not touch you and you can sleep peacefully in the warm of my love. -Anonymous

I want to be the person who wakes up next to you every morning by listening to your sweet good morning and looking at your shining face. I love you, honey. -Anonymous

Give me a chance to sweep you off of your feet and take you on a pedestal. I love you, my babe! -Anonymous

My king! You deserve the best in everything so let me give you a chance to provide for you. -Anonymous

My love can’t be measured but it can be quantified. I love you, honey-bunny! -Anonymous

Whenever we spend our love moments together I fall for you even harder than before. -Anonymous

I love your voice that much I could hear ay all day long because it is my favorite sound. -Anonymous

Your sweet voice always revolves in my mind and I do not get tired of listening to it. I love you. -Anonymous

People say true love brings change, yes, they are right and that change can be good if everyone will get a partner like you. You are an inspiring soul and cheesy in love. -Anonymous

I am so lucky to enjoy the cheesy love. It becomes possible because you are my love. -Anonymous

I don’t have the perfect reasons to love you but I love you that only I know my sweaty. -Anonymous

Love is the happiness that brings goodness, wonders, and miracles of gods. –Plato

You are the reason for my smile and my laughter. You always keep me cheerful. You pick me up whenever I feel down. –Sarahi Gonzalez

There is no best thing than to stay in each other’s life till the end. –Audrey Hepburn

Only you can make me feel I am alive. –George A. Moore

Life is easy and it is easy to get up if you are on the journey of love but it hard to stand again if you fall in love.-Albert Einstein

Love is not at all easy to express so early but it can be so beautiful if the person is understandable and wise and you are that right person. I love you, baby. I am so grateful to you for loving me like this. -Anonymous

Love is another name of life and if you can’t love there will be no life. –Dr. Felice Leonardo from ‘Speaking of Love’

I love you not because you are handsome or good but because of what I feel when you are with me. –Roy Croft from the poem “Love”

I have taken a decision to spend the rest of my life with you and I wish I can start it soon. -Anonymous

One life is enough for me to share with you then to face several ages without your presence. –Liv Tyler

cheesy love quotes

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Cheesy Romantic Quotes

Your smile is just like every day’s sunrise. It keeps all the clouds on fire. I am with you and you are with me; that all I admire. –Francine Chiar

Oh! True love is all about caring for another person’s happiness than our own. Finally, I understood my sweety and I am ready to love in the same way. -Anonymous

I love you even at the time of your sickness or when you look ugly. –Colin Firth

Life can be a little strange and we can be too but when our strangeness match with someone who is perfect in the compatibility then we become the perfect pair and then true love begins. –Robert Fulghum

I don’t know baby, but my mind always thinks about you. My eyes want to see you, my hands want to touch you, my ears want to hear you, I am in madly love you. -Anonymous

Baby love is all about accepting our partner’s flaws so I request you to ignore my mistakes but keep the focus on my love. -Anonymous

I never want a long life but I want a life that always gives me a chance to be with you whenever I want. -Anonymous

I want you to be my happiness, my pain, my scar, my life, my spouse, my life, and my love. Be my everything not now only but till my last breath. –John Lee Delan

I can sleep forever if you appear in my dreams forever. –Joekidia Raynet

My heart beats on the fastest mode when you come in front of me. I feel my stomach light and smile release shine. –Rashida Rowe

My sweetheart! I love you but I want you to multiply it. –-Anonymous

Let me take to the depths of oceans where no one is there but only you and me. -Anonymous

Never forget I am just a normal girl who asks you to love me. –Julia Roberts

I am rich in your love. Let me show it. -Anonymous

Baby, I love you against promise, against reason, against joy, against aspiration and dejections. –Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

I’m proud to have you who loves me passionately despite all my flaws. You are in good mood or in a bad mood but you always greet me with a smile. That’s I really like it, my baby. -Anonymous

Love me more when I deserve every less because it is when I really need you. -Swedish Proverb

May I know your good name because angels are without names but they have only pretty faces. –Heath Ledger

I do not want the whole world. I want you only because you are my only world. –David Reed

Do you want to spend your life with me? I am asking you tonight because if somebody wants to spend their life with their love then he/she wants to start it as soon as possible. –Graeme Simsion

I want a romantic treat; something sweet like sugar. –Francine Chiar

I know we will never meet in life but I am going to miss you. –Nick Mercer

I like you the way you are. –Bridget Jones

I can take you on a passionate drive without a driving license. –Abhishek Tiwari

You are an annoying person. You never leave a moment to annoy me but I happy to live an irritating life it is with you. I love you. –Scrubs

If you believe romantic love is only found in Hollywood movies or love novels then you are wrong because it is alive. Let me prove it. Let me show it. -Anonymous

My start and end lie in only three words; I love you. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

A person is perfect or not; that’s not at all matter what matters is are they perfect with each other or not. –Sean Maguire

It will never be easy. It can be difficult and we have to work on this regularly but I am ready to do that because I want you that is more important to me. I want you completely, just you and me on a forever basis. –Noah (The Notebook)

Life is not about how much amount of breath we are taking to live on the planet but life is all about the love moments that take your breath away. –Hitch

True love is not at all demanding. It is not at all possessive. True love lets another person love freely, live freely and help other one’s personal and spiritual growth. -Joe Beam

I do not remember anything. We are with each other and that’s enough! –Walt Whitman

Cheesy love is not possible if there is no friendship. So, let’s be friends first and share everything in everything and make our relationship best than others. I love you my heart. – Anonymous

Darling whenever you find something messy then remember I am here to give my cheesy love to make your mood better. –Anonymous

If I express my emotions to you then you should understand I am not telling it out of my habit but I am memorizing you that you are my only world. I love you my honey. –Anonymous

You taught me what true love is. –Hermann Hesse

Now, today, yesterday, or tomorrow, I love you and I will never stop my mind to think about you. You and I are the perfect match from heaven- Anonymous

I admire God for keeping me alive but I admire you for keeping me alive in love. – Anonymous

Every morning I find life is so precious because you are in it. I love you my honey. –Anonymous

I love it when I stare at you and you are already staring at me. – Anonymous

Your heart is my favorite place, my baby.- Anonymous

I need you to shine my world just like this world need sun for the brightness. – Anonymous

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