45+ Christmas Date Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse

Do you know why going on dates is important? To have fun amidst all the work and reality. Nothing can and should stop you from living your life, especially life! 

But what is more important is that both of you will make so many memories and you will have a lot of stories to tell your grandchildren. 

So you need to go on frequent dates so you know that it’s this person that you will be spending your life with. Make sure you have so much fun πŸ₯³ that you forget all about work.

If you do want first date ideas, I recommend a book by James Butterworth, “90+ Memorable First Date Ideas for a Lasting Love: Discover Exciting and Meaningful Ways to Connect and Spark Romance on Your First Dates“.

few Christmas date ideas just for you!

Christmas is my favorite season, so for you, isn’t it? I knew it. I mean, who wouldn’t love the holiday season, right? The most fun, colorful, and best season ever. And when it is Christmas πŸŽ„, you know what you should do, right? I mean, if you’re here, you already know it.

And when it is Christmas season, you’ll be debating on how you should plan your dates, so don’t worry! I am here for that, I will help you figure it all out! I will help you have the best date you’ve ever been on!

So, without wasting any more time ⏳, let’s dive into the list of Christmas date ideas that I have just for you. 

Make hot chocolate together

Make Hot Chocolate Together

Making hot chocolate 🍫 together is so romantic, like so romantic. You should try this on a cold night!

With the hot chocolate and the company of your partner, you will have the best night ever! Not only will it be sweet, but it is also the perfect Christmas date idea!

“Whisking up memories and cocoa with my love because every cup of hot chocolate tells a sweet story.”- Unknown

Wear matching pj’s together

Are you the couple who loves to match outfits πŸ‘š whenever you go out? Then, I suppose you already have matching PJs. 

And if you don’t have one, you need to go PJ shopping right now! Then, you can wear matching pajamas together and spend the night with some hot chocolate and blankets.

Decorate the Christmas tree together

When it is Christmas, what’s the first thing you need to do? Buy a Christmas tree and Decorate it! You can have so much fun decorating the tree together, and I am not kidding.

Buy all the decorative items and start decorating your Christmas tree πŸŽ„. 

Make sure your tree looks better than any other Christmas trees out there.

Ice skating!

When it’s Christmas, even the ice rinks are open! So you can go ice skating ⛸️ with your partner and have fun. 

Make sure you don’t fall just and embarrass yourself in front of the crowd. But always remember to have fun together. So wear your skates and go ice skating.

Drive around the neighborhood

It’s so beautiful to watch the houses that are decorated in your neighborhood. Since everyone loves Christmas, they’d be so excited to decorate houses 🏑. 

So, drive around your neighborhood and see for yourself how beautiful your neighborhood can get! 

Snow date

There’s snow everywhere, so it is the perfect time for a snow fight, right? Then start your snow battle and enjoy your date. Everything’s better with snow 🌨️, right? 

You can make snowmen and play snowfights, and there are so many games you can play! So get ready for the snow date.

Christmas music

Tis the time to be jolly, fa la la la! I mean, it is a joyful time, right? So why not listen to some Christmas music 🎢 together? If you want, you can even dance!

Dance as if no one’s watching and have so much fun that you will always remember the good times!

“In the melody of each carol, I find the perfect harmony of love we share during this festive season.”- Unknown

Christmas concert

Christmas Concert

Is there any concert πŸͺ— going on near your place? Then it is time that you dress up warm and get ready for the concert. It will be so fun to jam to the music, and there are chances you can make new friends. 

No one’s ever going to match your vibe other than your partner, right?

Watch Christmas movies

Dress warm, bring your blanket, get some hot chocolate 🍫, and get ready to watch movies. 

Watch your favorite Christmas movie with your favorite person and enjoy your date night. For some reason, Christmas movies Always make us feel fuzzy and happy.

Bake cookies together

Christmas is the season of cookies πŸͺ, cupcakes, and hot chocolate. So show off your baking skills and make some delicious cookies together. 

Get your ingredients ready so you won’t have to rush to the store. Or you couldn’t have a baking competition as to who will make the cookies.

Build gingerbread houses

Another famous activity when it is Christmas is building Gingerbread houses. It is so fun to build your own Gingerbread houses to show off your architectural skills. 

You could also invite your family and friends πŸ‘₯ to have a competition as to who will make the best Gingerbread houses.

Wrap presents

Wrap Presents

Do you know what Christmas is about? It is about gifts 🎁. Did you buy gifts for your family and your partner? And did you wrap them up?

If not, you can wrap the presence together. Not only will this be fun, but you will get so much work done. So bring out your wrapping paper and start wrapping your presence.

Christmas shopping

What is more exciting than shopping πŸ›οΈ? You would have to think for a long time to find the answer. So pull out the shopping carts and start your shopping. 

You can also shop for each other and buy Christmas presents for your family and friends.

Decorate your home

I think it is time to decorate your home 🏑, am I right? Why not make this a date? Make sure your house is the best-looking house in your entire neighborhood, decorated with all the lights and more. 

This is going to be too much fun, and your house will look ten times better.

Take pictures together

Take Pictures Together

Do you know how magical your pictures will turn up when it’s snowing? So hire a professional photographer or click your own pictures πŸ“Έ in the snow and frame them. 

Make sure you try all the poses, or you could use Pinterest as inspiration if you don’t know how to pose.

Write Christmas cards

Sending a Christmas card 🎴 is one way you can let your family and friends know that you care. So why not write Christmas cards for each and everyone and make them smile? 

You could buy Christmas cards or make them yourself to make it more personal. So start writing your Christmas cards.

Get a Christmas tree

Get a Christmas Tree

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree 🌲? So boring right? Then why don’t you go and buy a Christmas tree, may it be real or fake, big or small, just buy a Christmas tree together. 

After that, you can decorate it on your own. Make sure you select a tree of your liking and enjoy your date!

Visit a bookstore

Do you know people who look so hot? And many great love stories start from a bookstore. Did you know that as well? 

Then head to the bookstore πŸ“š if you want to go and read with your partner in silence. So get dressed and just go to the bookstore and enjoy.

Go wine tasting

Will you believe me when I tell you sipping wine 🍷 in the cold weather with your favorite person is the best thing ever? Yes, that is so true. 

So go wine tasting with your partner and also get the knowledge of how wine is manufactured from scratch. So go to the wine yard right now.

Rent a cabin

The best way you can enjoy your weekend without staying in the city is by renting a cabin. There you can have so much fun with peace and quiet 🀫. 

Keep yourself company and, have so much fun with each other, and forget about reality for a while.

Cut out snowflakes together

Cut Out Snowflakes Together

Do you remember the time when you were kids, and you used to cut snowflakes ❄️? 

So why not become kids again and cut out no flix together this time and click pictures so you could look back when you are old and grey with the smile on your face that you had your best youth life?

Take a cooking class together

Do you know how to cook πŸ§‘β€πŸ³? If not, you need to take a cooking class together to make it even more fun. 

So sign up for a cooking class as soon as possible and cook the best meal. Make something spicy for the cold nights; it’s just my suggestion.

Snowball fight

How excited were we as kids when there was snowfall 🌨️? And how excited it was to play a snowball fight. So why not make some snowballs and start a fight?

Make sure you wear something warm so as not to feel in the call and hope for the best player to win.

“Love blooms in the cold as we trade snowball salvos, creating memories colder than the weather.”- Unknown

Meet your friends

Meet Your Friends

Sometimes, we do need to meet with our friends and catch up with all the stuff that’s going around you and them. 

So why not invite your friends over to dinner πŸ₯™ and have fun with them? You can even call this a double date, or you can invite all your single friends and share your stories together.

Start your own holiday tradition

You can start your own holiday tradition. Like for every holiday, you might want to go visit your parents, you might want to take a vacation 🏞️, or you may want to do something you have never done. 

Make sure you follow the holiday tradition.

Other cultural holiday traditions

There are many countries that have their own culture as to how they celebrate Christmas πŸŽ„. 

So you can do a little research on how different countries celebrate Christmas, and if you would like to, you may even visit that country to experience a new culture, which is so fun.

People watch

Did you know people-watching can be fun as well? Why don’t you head over to a park or any public place and people watch πŸ‘€ together? 

Make sure you don’t look creepy and that you seem to be doing your own business but just watching other people lead their lives or how much they enjoy their lives.

Make your own sweater

Wouldn’t you keep something that your favorite person has given to you? So that is exactly why you need to make a sweater πŸ‘š for your partner and give them for this Christmas. 

I know that they will Treasure it. Or both of you can make sweaters and give them to each other.

Attend a holiday-themed yoga class

A relationship is all about having fun and growing together. It is very important for a relationship to be healthy. So why not send up for a holiday team Yoga 🧘 class? 

This will help you not only to stay fit, but you can have fun as well. So wait no more and sign up for a holiday team Yoga class right now.

Create a scrapbook of your holiday memories

Do you have your Scrapbook that has all your holiday memories yet? If not, you need to make one right now. 

Make sure you paste all the pictures πŸ“Έ of your holiday fun, whether it be building a snowman together or cooking together. So make your own Scrapbook or buy a new one and start your memory book.

Visit a local museum

There are a lot of places where you can find inspiration, and Museums are one of them. 

So head to a local museum, and who knows, you might find inspiration there or just go there to have fun. You can try to recreate the pieces of art.

Make Christmas stockings together 

It is so important to stay warm during call season so that you don’t fall sick. 

So why don’t you be taught full and make Christmas stockings 🧦 together to keep yourself warm on cold nights? So get all your items and start making stockings together.

Plan a weekend getaway 

Sometimes, you need to forget about reality and just take a break from life, and that is exactly when you need to plan how you can get away. 

So plan for a vacation and enjoy it, even if it is for a few days. It is important that you make a lot of memories rather than making more money πŸ’΅.

Explore Christmas tree farm

Explore Christmas Tree Farm

It is a must that you have a Christmas tree decorated at your home. So you need to head to a Christmas farm and find the perfect Christmas tree for your house and decorate it. 

Finding the perfect Christmas tree 🌲 is an art, and it is so fun when it is done with your partner.

Let’s take a look at a few questions to know more about your date. Let me give you a few light-hearted questions so you can get to know them better!

  • Your favorite way to spend your weekend?
  • How would you describe your perfect date?
  • Do you like to read books or watch movies?
  • What superpower would you like to have?
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

So these are just a few questions. If you want, you can add more!

Go on a sleigh ride 

It is snowing. So there are going to be Hills that are covered with snow, and it is the perfect time for sleighing πŸ›·. 

Make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process, but you need to have some scars that tell your adventure. Doing something is better than staying at home and doing nothing. So go and live your adventure.

Play board games

You wouldn’t like going out or doing something fun outdoors when it is cold, so the only way you can have fun is by staying at home and doing something that is fun. 

So why not pull out your board game and roll the dice 🎲? Play any kind of game and just have fun with a glass of wine.

Write letters to Santa

We used to believe in Santa πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ when we were little kids, so why did we stop believing in Santa once we were grown? 

So why not we become kids again and write letters to send what you want for Christmas together? So get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing your letters.

Visit a local nursing home

It would be so thoughtful of you if you had to go to the local Nursing Home to spread smiles even there. 

You can dress up and take some gifts 🎁 to give them. Why not make Someone’s day or even their whole week? 

Take a winter hike

Winter Hike is the perfect idea when you want to put your body to work and have fun. You can choose any place of your liking and start your hike with a partner. 

Make sure you carry all the Essentials and wear comfortable shoes πŸ‘Ÿ to make your hike easier.

Create a holiday Playlist

Do you know why people don’t share their playlists? It is because it will give away so much about them. 

So why don’t you make your own holiday playlist that contains all of your favorite songs 🎢? Create your playlist and play it whenever you are in the mood.

Build a blanket fort

Do you remember building a blanket Fort you wore as a kid? Why don’t you build a blanket fort together and live in it for a day? 

You can make it a 24-hour challenge by not leaving the fort or even watching movies, reading books πŸ“š, and having fun. 

Winter picnic

Winter Picnic

You can go on a picnic for a day. Head to a park spread the blanket, play on your bags, and see what the clouds pass in the sky 🌫️. 

You can even listen to music, read books, or talk to each other. You can even watch snowfall together. So why not go on a winter picnic?

Write letters to each other

It is so romantic to receive letters from your partner, right? So why not write letters πŸ’Œ to each other and open them on your anniversary or next year this time? 

It might be difficult to articulate everything with your feelings toward a person, but it helps the other person know how much you mean to them.

Build snowman together

Why don’t you build a snowman together? Building a snowman is not just fun, but it also reminds you of your childhood. 

It is a must that you build a snowman when it’s snowing, so why not do it with your partner? Don’t forget to click a few pictures πŸ“Έ to paste them into your Scrapbook.

Cook meal together 

Cook Meal Together

Aren’t you bored going out for dinner 🍲 or ordering takeaways? So why not cook your own meal? It is not just a healthy option, but it is fun, too. 

Buy all your ingredients so you don’t have to rush to the store later. You have a lot of recipes online, or you could come up with your own recipe.


Winter πŸ₯Ά must be a favorite season of yours if you like to curl up with a blanket and your partner. And it often gets difficult to plan your dates while it is snowing 🌨️ or cold outside.

And that is exactly why I have these Christmas date ideas for you, so you can have so much fun together.

So I hope you had fun. Please comment below to let me know how much fun you had or if you have any queries.

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