55+ College Graduation Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Graduation is the first step towards adulthood and the beginning of the most important phase of your life.

You know how special graduating is for your girl, and to make this event even more beautiful and to celebrate it completely, gift her something special. We have a few ideas she would love. 

Gift Ideas for Your Girl After She Graduates from College

Makeup kit– No matter what part of life she is in, she will always have room for one more makeup kit. Especially now that she has already graduated, and is looking forward to starting a life, she would want to look her best and might need a bit of confidence boost and this kit is going to do just that.

Laptop– A new laptop to set her on the right foot in this new phase of her life would be of immense help. Now that she will have to start multitasking, she would need a lot more processing power than what she currently has and a new laptop would be perfect.

IPad- Tablets are of great use and come in handy whenever you do not have a laptop within the reach of your hands and phones don’t quite cut it. An iPad is the best that there is when it comes to tablets and you know what to do now.

Smartphone– A new smartphone right after graduation would mean a lot to her. When so much in her life is changing so rapidly, give her the right kind of change by gifting her a new and better phone to help her in her day-to-day life.

Watch– A classic wristwatch not only is very functional but also will complete her outfit and make her feel confident about herself. A good watch will always keep you on time and never allow you to be late. Give her something she will love to wear day in and day out.

Heels– The love that girls have for heels goes way back in time. Men will never understand the need for those extremely uncomfortable pieces of footwear that feel like a stick to balance but she loves it and you have to gift her a pair for all her dresses. It makes them look tall and gives shapes to their legs, however painful that may be. 

Dress shoes– A pair of elegant shoes are just as important for a lady as they are for a man. She can’t wear heels on every occasion and sneakers are not her style so this is what she needs right now and you are going to gift it to her.

A suit– A well-fitted suit is as important working lady as it is for a man and as she has just graduated, you know how important it is for her to present herself right for every opportunity. Do not risk anything with this one but take her along for the best fit. Remember fit is the key.

Haircare kit– If it is a good hair day, it is a good day and for her to have a good hair day, her hair needs all the care in the world. A complete hair care kit will not only protect her hair against hair fall, dandruff, and excess oil but also nourish it and make it shiny and soft. This is the best gift that you could give her right now. 

Motivational quotes book– This is probably the most delicate time of her life. She might be confused about what she wants to do in life. She might say something and her brain may be opposite to it. In such a moment, she needs all the motivation she can get and such books will help her get clarity and think straight about what motivates or inspires her and what she would like to spend her life doing.

USB drive– This one is the most useful tool on the planet. Unimaginable amounts of data storage in the size of your smallest and transfer speed of a hard drive. She would be needing quite a lot of these as she would soon be involved in serious work and it is easy to lose these things. 

Headphones– She is a die-hard music lover, you know that, but you also know that she would very soon have to attend online calls and conferences throughout the day and a pair of comfortable headphones are necessary for those meetings. Get her a comfortable pair with great sound and amazing noise cancellation to help her focus better.

Counseling session– When the majority of the graduates are confused about what path they should choose to reach where they want to go or to even identify where do they see themselves, five years, even ten years down the line. In such confusing times, the best gift that you could gift her is a session with a counselor to help her be clearer about what she wants from life and what she wishes to do with it. 

Car– A new car to help her get rolling in the new phase of her life and get around the city quickly and safely. She cannot ask you to pick up and drop her all the time and she needs to learn to drive someday or the other so why not now? Help her get confident now.

Poster– A poster for her bedroom, something for her to wake up to and feel inspired to do her best in the day. Could be an inspirational quote, her favorite movie, or even a musical band or artist that inspires her. Anything that would bring a smile on her face and make her want to get out of the bed.

Wall art– Wall art is a great gift for a graduate as it comes with a lot of creativity and it inspires people to do better in various aspects of their life. The bigger, the brighter, the better. She should feel happy and proud to look at it and want to come back to it every day.

Coffee maker– A brand new coffee maker is bound to get her excited as it is the toy that she has been wanting for a long time. She lives and breathes coffee and if there is anything in the world that can help her make drinking coffee a little bit easier, she would be down for it.

Cardholder– Cardholders are easy to carry around and help you carry all your necessary cards and identifications in a sleek way, unlike the wallet which causes unnecessary bulging and has useless weight. Carry all your credit cards, some cash, and even your visiting cards easily.

Purse– A good purse is all that she needs to carry all her essential belongings to every place she goes. Even if she has several purses already, understand that she always needs more. These are very important as they even form a part of the outfit and there is no joking around when it comes to purses and ladies, only the best ones will pass, be very picky.

Leather bag– A leather office bag is what she needs right now. She could join work any day now and she can’t carry those fancy, shiny bags to the office and has to settle with a good old leather bag for her office. You might know a bit more here and pick something that won’t feel like dead weight every time she would leave for office.

Sleep mask– Sleep forms an integral part of our health. If only she slept at human hours, all our problems would vanish in a few days but you are well aware that it’s easier said than done. You could try giving her a sleep mask to help her sleep better and earlier, it is worth a try at least.

Air purifier– This purifies the air in the house and makes breathing healthier and easier. It would not only help her be healthier but also make her more calm and patient in life, something that she needs right now.

Hairband– A hairband is easily the simplest yet most effective gift ever. Highly functional yet has so much more to it. Firstly, they are available in various shapes and colors, and more importantly, she keeps losing them so get her a few before she loses all of them.

Travel bag– A travel bag is essential for everyone who has to go out frequently and once in a while. She needs it now more than ever as she would have to go out more now and this is going to help her be ready for it easily.

Backpack– A compact and comfortable for all those little trips, the outings and just to carry around whenever she is going out would be of great help. Pick the right color, size, and pattern and you will be good to go.

Face mask– Skincare is extremely important, especially at this age. Just the face wash and the moisturizer are not going to be enough and the face mask is just as important as any of the other skincare times. When it comes to face masks there are a lot of good options, but the Korean face masks are top of the table.

Gift vouchers– There are only a few things that she loves more than shopping and that is receiving gift vouchers, discounts, gift cards, and all of that good stuff. Other than giving her cash, gift her some gift vouchers that would make her extremely happy and excited.

Inspirational books– Some books that will inspire her to never give up and keep trying to be the best. There are a lot of inspirational books that would make her want to do great things in life and be successful. Such books would be of great value in her life especially at this time in life.

Gift Him Something that Would Increase His Happiness in His Graduating Moment and Will Forever Be Stored in His Heart as A Beautiful Memory. Check Out College Graduation Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Specialized Glasses– A pair of glasses to help her read and see better along with UV and blue light protection to keep her eyes protected at all times from any harmful rays, or electronic radiation. On top of all of that, pick a frame that would look super cute on her and something that she would love to wear every day.

Alarm clock– An alarm clock is necessary after a point in life. It will help her be on time or even be early at all times and never miss out on any opportunity. Pick a clock that is not too irritating but also is loud enough for the job.

Festival tickets– Tickets to her favorite music festival, film festival, or even a fun fest would be the right plan right now. She has just graduated from college and deserves to have some fun and take a break from all the serious stuff right now. 

Spa session– A session at the spa would help her blow off some steam and feel a lot lighter. She needs to be in the right headspace to take all the important calls in her life right now and this spa session is going to help her in doing so. Take her to the spa and leave her there for as long as she wants.

Pot plant– A potted plant will bring in a lot of positivity, greenery, and happy vibes around. You feel and breathe better when you are around greenery and that is something she could use right now. Pick something that does not need much care but is just as effective on her desk.

Work desk– A foldable work desk or maybe even a lap desk to help her be flexible with her workspace and not stress her back too much. They are easy to make or find and are of great help for long working hours. She should want to sit at the desk and not try to avoid it, make it interesting for her to work on.

Night lamp– A night lamp proves to be of great help for long working nights when if the light is too bright, it hurts the tight. Pick a lamp with light that is pleasant to the eyes and does not make her sleepy. Something that would help her remain focused and active in her work.

OTT subscriptions– Subscription to her favorite OTT platform would help her enjoy her free time better and not waste hours deciding what to watch. Who could say no to a relaxing Netflix and chill session with their partner? Catch up on your favorite shows and movies now that she has finally completed her graduation and is not worried about her studies.

Gym membership– A gym membership is a must-have for any adult. Staying healthy and should always be her top priority and you are going to make sure she remains fit and active by buying her a gym membership and pushing her to go to the gym until it becomes a habit.

Trousers– Some work trousers for her to feel comfortable at work and something to go well with her shirts other than just skirts. Get a few tailored for her for the best fit and surprise her before she starts work.

Shirts– There is no wardrobe without shirts, she can never have enough of them no matter how many she already has. There will always be that one color, that one print that is missing and it is your job to find it for her. Make her happy with the perfect shirt that would complete her wardrobe. 

Necklace– A necklace is appreciated every day of the week and find her the best one that you can find. A pendant of heart shape and even a half heart would be loved. Try engraving her name on it for extra points of happiness. Silver is always a great option.

Ring– It might as well be the right part for you to gift her the ring that you have been wanting to gift her for a long time. Try and get a stone in the ring for extra positivity and good luck which they are supposed to bring. 

Earrings– Earrings are always a safe gift no matter what the occasion. Especially, when she has graduated and wants to feel good about herself, some nice-looking earrings would surely give her the boost of confidence that she needs. 

A foreign trip– It is never too late to start discovering the world and visit new places. A foreign trip would be perfect this time to not only gain new experiences but to dive deeper into your interests and make your decision about what she wants to do. 

A night out– Planning a night out at this time could be a hassle but it is worth all the hard work. She is finally a graduate and it is high time she went on a night out and finally had some fun. You will never find the right time if you keep waiting, you better start asking for permission now.

Smartwatch– A smartwatch is an ultimate gadget now. It shows you time, keeps you connected with the rest of the world, keeps a track of your fitness, and even sends you reminders if you ask it to. She needs one of these right now and you better start looking for something that she would happily wear. 

Mock interviews– Just before she starts appearing for real interviews, prepare her for the real deal by arranging for mock interviews. She would be well prepared because of them and would face lesser difficulties in cracking the real interview. She would thank you for this later on. 

Kindle– A kindle is a modern, smarter take on the age-old habit of reading. For a bibliophile as big as her, a kindle would be the ideal present, not only would it allow her to carry her entire bookshelf within her hand but would also allow her to flip through the pages easily. It might not have that authentic smell and feel of the book but it does the job effectively and efficiently.

Postgrad courses– Graduation is over, what’s next? Obviously, it is post-graduation and even if she does not want to do it now, you know it is the best thing for her and that she should not waste any more time and prepare for a post-graduation degree immediately. Sign her up now. 

Summer camp– A summer camp is a great place to zone out from your daily life and be close to nature. Not only will she learn a lot of new skills but also get a new perspective in life before she makes any important decisions about her life. Sign her up for one now. 

Recipe book– It is the perfect time for the chef inside her to come out and show you what she can do in the kitchen. She has always been great at cooking but to take it to the next level, give her an expert cookbook to step her game up in the kitchen and blow your mind away.

Skincare kit– A skincare kit is a no-brainer and should be in the top ten of your gift list. Find her a kit that suits her skin and works well with it to give her the glow that she has always wanted. 

Hair ties– She will keep losing them and you will keep buying them for her that is how the circle of life continues. Gift her a bunch this month and she will be needing a new set in the next. Carry a few of those in your pocket at all times just to be prepared for the worst. 

Socks– Socks are always a favorite especially if they are customized, patterned, or just different in general. Keep looking for the funkiest socks that you can find and bring her the best ones. 

Activewear– A set of activewear or gym wear is a must-have for any grown-up. Exercising is necessary for her to be fit and you have to make sure she is using the right clothes to work out for maximum efficiency. 

Sports jacket– A sports jacket is very unique when it comes to formal or semi-formal clothing. She can style it in various ways to match her style and it works with almost everything. Just make sure that the fit and fabric are nice and match her style.

Lingerie– Any day that she receives some new lingerie is a special day and to make the celebration of her graduation even more special, get her a pair yourself.

Bracelets– Some matching bracelets to cheer her up and to let her know that you love her and appreciate her in your life. You could even go for some motivational quote on the bracelet for some extra touch. 

Journal– A journal is that friend that’s he would talk to at the end of every single day. She will write all her secrets, all the important and some non-important things in it and would protect it with her life. Find one that would make her want to write in it and keep writing in it day in and out. Don’t forget to write a message on the first page.  

Day planner– A day planner will help her get organized in life and manage her time better. No more procrastinating or slouching off when you are always on a schedule and always have a place to be in. 

Stick on– These are great reminders for anyone who faces a hard time remembering things and you know she is one of them. Just write what you need to remember and stick it in anywhere like the fridge, your desk, the cupboard or anywhere your eyes would automatically see it. 

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