55+ Ways for Comforting Your Brother

Your brother might need a shoulder to rest on when he is having a really bad time in life, and there can be no one better than his sibling. Here are some ways you can comfort your brother on days when he is not at his best. 

Tips for comforting your brother

Let him enjoy his personal space. A great way to comfort your brother is to let him enjoy his personal space. This will not only comfort him, but it’s also essential for him to have. Every human being must not only have his own personal space but he should also be able to enjoy that. It is truly comforting.

Accept him with his flaws. Accept the brother with his flaws. We all are human beings; after all, we are made with both flaws and virtues. If you do not accept him the way he is, how can you expect anyone else to accept him at all? Your accepting him, along with his flaws, will comfort him and also instill in him the desire to overcome his flaws.

Tell him about your mistakes. Go ahead and tell your brother about your mistakes. He will realize that you two are human beings and are definitely prone to making mistakes as well. This will comfort him in many ways, and he’ll realize that his committing mistakes are only human. He will also try not to make them at all.

Tell him it is okay. Tell your brother that it is okay, even when he has made a mistake or is at fault. This is quite comforting for your brother and it is also a way to encourage him to do the right thing in the right way. This will also help him become a much better human being.

Be kind to him. Be kind to your brother. He is your brother, and surely, he deserves your kindness. This will keep him elected and more confident in whatever he does at all times. You’ll see a marked improvement in his performance and the way he leads his life.

ways to kindness to your brother

Reply positively. Whenever you converse with your brother, or if he has a query, always reply positively. This will encourage him a lot and will make him a more understanding, positive, and better person. 

Deal with his pain instead of ignoring it. Rather than ignoring your brother’s pain, deal with it. It is far easier to be by his side dealing with his pain than to ignore it and let it be as it is. You’re being there for him and helping him recuperate is one of the most comforting things that he could ever ask for.

Let him cry. When you see that your brother needs to cry, come on, just let him. Don’t coax him into holding back his tears. This way, it’s far better as after the weeping is over, your brother will feel a lot better and more comfortable as well.

Try to converse. Try to converse as much as you can with your brother. Don’t ever let him feel lonely or that he’s got no one to talk to. The more you converse with him, the more you get to know about him and what he needs and what he wants to do, etc. So go ahead and strike a conversation with your brother right now.

Be there for him when he needs you. Your brother needs you to make sure you’re there for him. It will also make him comfortable and more confident. You will be surprised to see how happy he is when he knows that you are there for him whenever he needs you.

ways to get close to your brother

Support him. Support your brother whenever you can. This is not only comforting for him but is also quite satisfying for you as well. For the two of you to know that you’re there for each other will mean a lot to both of you. So take the initiative to support your brother at all times.

Maintain physical distance if he does not like it. If your brother doesn’t like anyone being physically close to him, please respect that and maintain a physical distance at all times. This will keep him comfortable around you, and it’ll also show him that you do respect his needs and ways.

Hug him when he needs it the most. Whenever your brother needs to be hugged the most, make sure you hug him tightly. A tight hug would make him feel quite secure. Hugging him tightly when he needs it the most is one of the most assuring and comforting things you can gift him.

Keep giving him hope. Never fail to give your brother hope. Keep giving him hope irrespective of whether he needs it or not at all. You guys may not know it, but he may need this constant source of hope and aspirations. This will help him remain more positive and pursue his aspirations with a positive mindset.

Pass genuine compliments. Make sure to pass genuine compliments to your brother whenever you can. Such compliments can actually be comfortable, assuring, and a great way to keep him happy. A happy human being will always try to do the best possible things he can. So go ahead and pass your brother a genuine compliment today.

Make his criticism palatable. There may be times when you need to criticize your brother. As long as your criticism of him is palatable enough, you may proceed. Keep your criticism as toned down as possible. If it sounds harsh, it may have the most uncomfortable and undesired effect on your brother.

Tell him why he is special to you. Tell your brother why he is so special to you. Do so in the most lovable way possible, and also ensure that he gets the right message. It is bound to be of great comfort for him to know why you love him so much and why he is so special to you.

Promise to stay with him even in his darkest times. Promise your brother that you’ll be with him even in his darkest hours. This is one of the most comforting things that one human being can get from another human being. So, go ahead and promise your brother this one thing and make his day.

Say that he can always come to you whenever he feels low. Assure your brother that he can always come to you whenever he’s feeling low and down. Tell him this explicitly. You’ll be amazed to see what comforting effect this has on him and how happy he continues with his life.

Tell him how you think he feels. Tell your brother how much you think about his feelings. Keep asking him time and again how he feels, and express how much you keep thinking about it and him. It is not only comforting for him to know that you’re so thoughtful for him but also assures him that he has someone around him at all times, a well-wisher.

Tell him his feelings are normal. Whenever you get the chance, tell your brother that his feelings are just normal, just like any other human being. Assure him whatever he feels and how you react is just normal. This is a great way to comfort your brother.

Make him bring out his emotions. It is a good idea for you to bring out your brothers’ emotions whenever you can. For him to be able to express his emotions to you will only ensure that his heart is not heavy at any time. It also means that he will feel a kind of comfort from such expressions.

Say that his problems can be resolved. Tell your brother that his problems can be resolved and that he doesn’t need to worry about them. Also, assure him that you’re there at all times to help him resolve his problems. This will mean that he feels comfortable and can carry on with his life in a more normal fashion.

Share the burden of his problems. Go ahead and share the burden of your brother’s problems. They say sharing is caring anyway. And this is your brother we’re talking about. When he shares his burden, it lessens the weight on him and makes him more comfortable. It is also an assurance that he has you to help him out.

Compare bigger mistakes to the ones he made. Whenever your brother makes a mistake, compare those mistakes to ones that are far bigger than his. Assure him that the mistakes that he has made are not as harmful as these other bigger ones. Comfort him by letting him know that these mistakes can be resolved quite easily.

Share how you recovered from your mistakes. Show me your brother how you recovered from your own mistakes. This can be an inspiration and an example for him to follow. Also, he will feel more reassured if you take the initiative to help him recover from his mistakes. After all, experience does count.

Show him that you understand. Show your brother that you understand. He will not only feel comfortable with you around but will also look up to you whenever he feels the need for you to be there for him.  You always will be prepared to be there for him before he can even realize that he needs you.

If he needs some physical affection, then give him. If your brother needs physical affection, give him that. It could be a mild caress, giving a little pat on his head or back, or even a light hug. This will make him comfortable and will make him feel more wanted. It can also motivate him to do and perform a lot more than he usually does.

Give him your attention. Give your brother all the attention that he needs from you. Never shy away from attending to him. Who knows, maybe your paying him this attention will not only make him comfortable but also more inspired. And he may even be able to achieve far more than he would otherwise have been able to.

Don’t divide your attention. Don’t divide your attention between your brother and any other thing, or anyone else for that matter. Always give him your undivided attention so that he understands that you regard him as one of the most important things in your life. It is a fantastic way to give comfort to your brother.

Satisfy his urge to speak. Always satisfy your brother’s urge to speak. This will not only comfort him but will also assure him that you are there to allow him to speak. It can lead to him becoming more confident, expressive, and communicative. It may also help him change into becoming a much stronger and better human being.

Let him speak. Let your brother speak. Also, allow him to speak freely, frankly, and with conviction on whatever the topic may be. Letting your brother speak will mean that he can express himself the best way he can and also communicate his thoughts lucidly. 

Keep your ears on. Keep your ears on whenever your brother is speaking. Listen minutely to what he’s saying, and at times to the things and points that he is not saying. Either way, it will make your brother comfortable to know that you are there listening attentively to whatever he has to say or not say.

Give him small gestures to show that you are listening. When you’re listening to your brother, let out little gestures and small vocal sounds to make him feel and know that you are paying attention to him and listening to whatever he is saying. Make him comfortable to speak. You’ll be amused to see that he just loves talking in front of you, especially since he feels that you are more interactive than anyone else.

Find him cures or solutions. Why not try and find your brother cures or solutions to his problems and issues? It can mean a lot to him when he sees your active involvement in all his fears of life. You will not be encroaching on his territory or periphery. Rather, you’ll actually be showing him that you are there for him and can help him cure and solve his issues.

Bring him therapy. Whenever your brother needs it, bring him therapy. It could mean getting yourself involved in it directly or taking him for external therapy. He will feel comfortable knowing that whenever he needs it or is at a loss of expressing his need, he can always depend on you to get him the therapy that he needs so badly.

Offer him a massage. Offer your brother a massage whenever he needs it, or even otherwise. He may not even know that he needs it, and your random massage could work wonders upon him. It will be quite comforting for him to know that he can depend on someone like you to give him a random message occasionally.

Don’t get mad at him. Never get mad at your brother. Tell yourself it’s okay if he does something that may be unbearable for you. Keep your cool at such times and go ahead and explain to your brother in softer tones that he’s done something wrong. This will make him realize that he is not supposed to do these things.

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