29+ Common Relationship Myths You Need to Dispel Now

Love and relationships have always fascinated humanity, captivating us with their complexities and intricacies. However, countless myths surrounding relationships have emerged amidst the vast sea of advice and opinions, often leading to misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations.

In this enlightening exploration, we embark on a journey to debunk 30 commonly held relationship myths, shedding light on the truths that lie beneath the surface.

Prepare to challenge conventional wisdom as we unravel the misconceptions and discover the keys to building healthy, fulfilling connections. Join us as we navigate the maze of love and set the record straight on what it truly means to be in a relationship.

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Myth 1: There’s one perfect person for all of us.

This is probably the most confusing relationship myth you’ll come across. You can fall in love with more than one person and have multiple soulmates.

Believing that there is one person in this world who is meant to be the love of your life will just disappoint you.

Myth 2:Walk out when you doubt something.

Common relationship rules suggest we end a relationship as soon as we find something doubtful about our partner.

But actually, this is just a sign of impatience. You have to be strong enough to fight for your relationship by discussing your problems unless it has reached a very serious stage.

Myth 3: Think hard before getting married.

Marriage is the ultimate proclamation of your love for each other.

You must be sure of your feelings and expectations from this relationship before getting married, but you cannot chalk everything out.

If you try to map out everything to do, you won’t be able to enjoy spontaneity and vulnerability.

Myth 4: Always feel the spark.

We always try to keep the spark in our relationship alive. Whenever we find that spark missing, we think something’s wrong.

But if you think practically, you may not always feel the spark. If your relationship isn’t constantly going through interesting phases, that doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner.

Myth 5: You must always have a happening sex life.

You Must Always Have a Happening Sex Life

Sex is important, but you cannot base your relationship dynamics on your sex life. If you are not having lots of sex, that shouldn’t be a matter of concern if you have strong emotional intimacy.

Only when your souls are connected can your bodies understand and accept each other well.

Myth 6: If you are fighting, it is a bad sign.

If You Are Fighting It Is A Bad Sign

Realize that conflict is a healthy part of all relationships as long as partners are respectful and considerate.

Blame games and mind games are never acceptable, but if you are fighting, it isn’t a bad sign; you just need to have the wisdom and patience to handle such complicated situations.

Myth 7: Play hard to attract your partner.

We play hard to get because we think it’s the best approach to attract someone. But try to understand that direct communication is the best way to let someone know that you like them.

It helps you avoid uncomfortable and complicated situations because you already know they are emotionally available.

Myth 8: Achieve milestones at a specific time.

We often approach our relationships too methodically by setting timelines for when we should achieve our relationship goals.

If you think deeply, things will never go according to your plan, and you can’t always assume everything. So, the correct approach is to go with the flow and let things happen naturally.

Myth 9: You are responsible for fulfilling each other’s needs.

Society demands that we be in a codependent relationship where our partner is bound to fulfill all our needs and expectations, materially and emotionally.

This is never possible because nobody is responsible for our happiness, and one person cannot take care of all our needs. This just makes things complicated.

Myth 10: You complete each other.

You Complete Each Other

This relationship myth is not just unacceptable; it hurts our self-esteem. True happiness comes from within, and we are capable enough to make ourselves happy.

A relationship is an important part of our life, but we are not incomplete without it. So, if you are single, don’t stress yourself out.

Myth 11: Your feelings for the right one will never change.

Our emotions are never constant; they change with time. So, no matter what kind of relationship you are in.

This relationship myth is patently false because if you want to keep working out forever, you have to prioritize commitment and understanding; you have to stay dedicated and make honest efforts.

Myth 12: Getting married and having babies solve relationship issues.

Getting Married And Having Babies Solve  Relationship Issues

Every relationship goes through challenging times. But having a baby or getting married will not solve your problems.

You cannot make such a major life decision without thinking wisely. Don’t take a serious step unless you are really ready. Try solving your relationship issues through open communication with your partner.

Myth 13: You feel loved the way everyone does.

This is not even a relationship myth, and it’s a lie. We all perceive and accept love and affection in different ways.

So, it’s impossible that everyone with equal intensity will accept one emotion. Stop comparing your relationship with others, and try understanding your partner’s love language.

Myth 14: Once a cheater, always a cheater.

This is just an assumption. Every person can change under the right influence.

So, you should never think that if your partner has cheated on you or someone else, they will do it again. You must always look out for the red flags but don’t focus on the negatives only.

Myth 15: You love only once. 

They say no relationship can match the purity and essence of your first relationship because you only live once.

Why ignore the possibility that someone else can love us even more than our first partner? Never be afraid to fall in love, and don’t get stuck in your first relationship.

Myth 16: You have to make a grand proposal.

You Have To Make A Grand Proposal

People believing in this relationship obviously haven’t heard about ‘minimal is the best.

You don’t always have to make a grand proposal and spend tons of money to show your partner how much you love them.

Even a small, intimate arrangement will make them happy if your feelings are genuine.

Myth 17: It’s a ring only when it has a big diamond in it.

Its A Ring Only When It Has A Big Diamond In It

We always try to go the extra mile to make our partners feel special.

But you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself to buy a big diamond ring when you decide to propose to them. The size of the diamond doesn’t decide how much you love them.

Myth 18: You should be in an easygoing relationship.

You Should Be In An Easygoing Relationship

How can you expect to be in a relationship with only ups and no downs? It’s impossible to avoid disagreements with your partner, no matter how understanding he is, because we are different.

Fighting with your partner is unimportant; how you deal with it matters.

Make Your Relationship Easygoing

Myth 19: You should always feel the urge to be together.

If you believe in this relationship, it just makes you look needy and desperate. If your entire life circles around your relationship, how will you focus on the other important aspects?

If you are away from your partner because of a work commitment, does that mean you don’t love them?

Myth 20: You have to act on your attraction.

You can’t act on it instinctively if you are merely attracted to someone.

You are wrong if this attraction makes you cheat on your partner or flirt endlessly with that person enough to make them feel uncomfortable. You might like someone; you don’t always have to do something about it.

Myth 21: The woman is responsible for keeping birth control in mind.

Modern-day men must realize that birth control is a two-way thing. You cannot dump the entire responsibility on the woman.

If sex involves two people, so does the responsibility to avoid getting pregnant. Men should be brave enough to address this issue directly. This is another attractive form of chivalry.

Myth 22: Never go to bed angry.

Believe it or not, this is a relationship myth. If you think practically, you might not always find an instant solution to your problems.

Just leaving the topic, going to bed, and getting some sleep will calm your mind, and you can always talk about your issues the next day. 

Myth 23: Opposites attract.

This is the most common relation myth you will come across. Your soulmate might be someone who is very similar to you when it comes to personality and preferences.

So, don’t always go looking for opposite qualities in someone to decide if they are meant to be your soulmate.

Myth 24: Jealousy expresses love.

We often think our partner’s jealousy and possessiveness are expressions of their love. In a healthy relationship, your partner will never be jealous of you if they know you well.

Possessiveness starts getting harmful when they start mistrusting you and snooping around you, having no respect for your private space.

Ways in Which Jealousy Is Healthy in Your Relationship

Myth 25: There are no secrets between partners.

Who says that? There are things that you would never want to tell anyone, not even your partner, no matter how close they are to you.

In a healthy relationship, you can have secrets, and your partner must respect your private boundaries. They cannot keep pestering you to reveal them.

Myth 26: Marriage is a partnership.

Marriage Is A Partnership

We all expect couples getting married to share their responsibilities equally. But if you look practically, this balance can never be maintained.

Often, one partner takes care of more things in a marriage than the other one, for example, when your partner is going through a financial or emotional crisis.

Myth 27: You don’t need anyone else when you have a good relationship.

If you believe in this relationship myth, it will isolate you from other priorities.

Your life will only revolve around this relationship and your partner, and you will grow distant from your family and friends.

A good friend can often provide you with emotional security that even your partner can’t.

Myth 28: You rarely find a good relationship.

You Rarely Find A Good Relationship

Not necessarily. Maybe most of your relationships are good if you look positively at them. Every person is different, so our relationship equations are different.

You will create good memories with each partner; when you look back, everyone teaches you something valuable. So, good, healthy relationships aren’t that rare.

Myth 29: Monogamy is essential.

People get involved with multiple people at the same time. It’s not wrong to have feelings for more than one person.

In that case, monogamy is a lost cause. As long as you aren’t hurting someone intentionally or ruining their mental health, you may not be in a monogamous relationship.

Myth 30: You must have a fairy tale love story.

You Must Have A Fairy Tale Love Story

Relationships are bound to be complex, and you don’t always get to live out a fairy tale.

If you get into a relationship thinking that everything will always be lovey-dovey, you will hurt your expectations. You have to make an effort if you want your relationship to work out.

Most Common Relationship Myths

Key Takeaways

  • There isn’t just one perfect person for everyone. You can fall in love with multiple people and have multiple soulmates.
  • Instead of immediately walking out when doubts arise, it’s important to have open and honest communication with your partner to address problems and work through them.
  • Marriage is a significant commitment, but trying to plan and control every aspect can hinder the spontaneity and vulnerability that make relationships meaningful.
  • The presence or absence of a constant “spark” does not determine the strength of your love. Relationships go through different phases, and it’s normal for the intensity of feelings to fluctuate.
  • A healthy relationship is built on emotional intimacy and connection, not solely on a happening sex life. The quality of emotional bonds matters more than the frequency of sexual activity.
Hard truths about relationships


Do happy couples never argue?

No, disagreements are common in relationships, but healthy couples learn to navigate conflicts effectively.

Is jealousy a sign of true love?

No, jealousy often stems from insecurity and can harm relationships. Trust and open communication are healthier indicators of love.

Is being in a relationship always better than being single?

No, being single can be a valuable time for personal growth and self-discovery. It’s essential to prioritize self-love and happiness before entering a relationship.

Common Relationship Myths You Need

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