178+ Confused Love Quotes for You

Love is the most heavenly feeling on this earth. But, at times, there comes a moment when you are confused or do not feel sure about your feelings. It is wonderful if you are in a dilemma because it happens to everyone.

Therefore, there is nothing terrible about it. It would be best if you took the time to introspect before going to any conclusion.

Confused love quotes which can perfectly depict your emotions:

-Falling in love is a spontaneous process. You don’t fall in love with someone intentionally. And when you fall in love, your current situation, mood, and even your state of mind cannot stop you at that time. –Kirsten Dunst

-It is very confusing in love to decide where one should stop, where to be ready, or where one should go. I feel the process of love must have rules like traffic rules in it. – Anonymous

-Love is like a game of puzzles. If you compliment your girl, then naughty thoughts suddenly come to your mind. –Robert Orben

-Being in love is not easy at all. Suppose if you don’t compliment her, she will become angry, and if you compliment her, she thinks that you are doing this to keep her heart. –Anonymous

-I am in a sappy mood. Therefore, I am confused about how anyone can feel like this? –Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

-I desire to be a special one in someone’s life. –Charlotte Eriksson

-Simply visit that particular site which you are missing whenever you are confused about the beginning. –Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

-Hatred is a kind of affection full of a puzzle. –Omar Tyree

-I feel like I am disoriented mentally. I accept this situation creates a mess for me sometimes, but still, it feels liberated. –Craig Ferguson

-The philosophy of love is not my cup of tea. –Jeaniene Frost

-Love is meant to feel serenity. Suppose you don’t feel the same, then you are not with the right person. The relationship which only hurts you is of no benefit to yours. –Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove

-It is said that ladies are not easy to perceive. But, the fact is that the one who is puzzled in a relationship is a man. –Amit Abraham

-I am in a dilemma amidst ‘why I met you’ or ‘why I don’t met you before.’ –Ahmed Mostafa

-The one thing that is crystal clear that she was in love and had a strong bond with him. It doesn’t matter If he was alone, but he was continuously drawing toward her. –Tim LaHaye, Tribulation Force

-Love is not just a guess that you are in love. It is a feeling, and when you actually feel it, then it is called love. –Anonymous

-The feeling of being in love usually realizes earlier compared to estimate that when and where you fell in love. –Wadsworth Longfellow

-I never know it will be for a lifetime or not, but I desire to fall deeply and madly in love with someone. –Jim Carrey

-Neither love nor hate. My feelings are beyond and much more than that. –Anne Roiphe

-The best thing about the girls is that their small beautiful gestures drive you crazy for her to some extent. And, after some time, you don’t even know when you fall completely in love with her. Just like, I fell for her when we first met and had spent some time together. –J. D. Salinger

-I have a question for my soul. I am in a conflict between my mind and heart. One is suggesting to let him go, and one is advising to hold him constantly. He said he wants to embrace me close to his heart, and I also feel like go and hug him. Whether it is right or wrong, I want to let him know how much I love him. – Anonymous

My mind asks me to move on, but my heart insists I shall hold on. Will this conflict between my mind and heart even end? –Anonymous

-My mind makes me question, “who cares?” but my heart  always replies, “I do for a lifetime.” –Anonymous

Yes, you matter a lot to me, but I’m unsure whether this feeling is natural or a mere illusion. –Anonymous

Love makes it much more confusing and complicated, but whoever wants to live without it! –Anonymous

-It is when you convince your mind that something your heart already knows is a lie you get more confused. –Anonymous

-It is so freaking confusing when you don’t know whether the signs ask you to give up or test how much longer you can still hold on to it. –Anonymous

-Feelings never made any sense to anyone in this world. They make you drive around in circles for an eternity until they drop you at the exact location where you started from. -Blair Waldorf

-Don’t let your feelings be confused for facts, and don’t ignore the facts that come to you as feelings. -David Alan Royster

-The feelings I have never seem to be in sync with one another. One moment I’m all over the moon; the very next moment, I feel my world collapsing right in front of me. –Anonymous

Why would you ever want to give up on someone you can’t go to sleep without thinking about? –Anonymous

-Our relationship is so confusing. One minute I’m your friend, the next minute, I’m more than just a friend to you, and later on, I’m just another stranger. –Anonymous

Could you please start behaving in the way our relationship begins to make sense to me? This complication is killing me every single minute. –Anonymous

When she loves you, you will know. When she doesn’t feel for you anymore, you will be confused. –Anonymous

Why is it so difficult for you to tell me how you feel? The way you’re behaving is confusing me even more. –Anonymous

-Oh shit! Here we go again. Your mixed signals and my ever-so-tiring second thoughts. –Anonymous

I want you back so bad, but I’m confused. What if you break my heart again and leave without another word? –Anonymous

confused love quotes

You get confused in your love life only when you pay close attention to every minute detail. –Anonymous

If you care for me, then show me. I’m sick of guessing whether you do or not. –Anonymous

You get confused between attention and love, and that’s why your sufferings are always intense. –Anonymous

Doesn’t it hurt when the one who made you feel so loved and special yesterday makes you feel unwanted and deserted today? –Anonymous

-She was a simple yet complicated individual. She had flaws, and she was messy, but everything she did, she did it so perfectly. –Anonymous

I don’t care how many flaws she had and how messy she made my life. She was, and will always be, the perfect girl in my eyes. –Anonymous

The sky is partly cloudy, with a chance of rain. Will it drop from the heavens again and rinse away my pain? Or will it snatch my love and wash it down the drain? –Anonymous

-If you chase for love, you will never get it. But, if you don’t pursue it, it will automatically find your way. –John Gay

-Though your intelligence can drag you in a puzzle sometimes, but feelings can never go wrong. –Roger Ebert

-You always come in front of me and make everything chaotic again whenever I decide to behave like a carefree person and not to be in touch with you. –Xuan Ta

-Love has a charm, but always remember, sometimes this charm proves a delusion. –Javan

-I always feel amazed looking at you. How you share with me all your dreams and goals but giving your affection to another person. It occasionally happens that you can’t look at those things you desperately want to see. –Vanessa Williams

-With the changing year, we all are changing, including our close ones. But, the best thing is, never stop loving your people with this change. –W. Somerset Maugham

-I don’t why others feel that strength is in never letting things go. But, in my opinion, it is better to never hold it for so long. –Hermann Hesse

-Whenever two persons become disoriented mentally who felt protective towards each other before, it is called love. –Bob Schneider

– In love, you are not correctly aware that what is the exact source of your enthusiasm. Whether it is coming from your lover’s values, or it is your internal qualities that are attracting her. Whether it is the illumination of your soul that reflects on her, or it is just the magic of love. – Natalie Clifford Barney

-Lucky are those who get the love in the same way he/she wants to get it because not all people are so fortunate to get it. –Mignon McLaughlin

-The very first love is a kind of bit stupidity and more eagerness. –George Bernard Shaw

-Sometimes I feel why I made all those efforts. Why a divine soul shred my heart and not trying to save my deciduous star? I think our love was not meant for forever. –Toni Braxton

-I firmly believe females are meant for love. Never try to understand them. –Oscar Wilde

– No one can survive without love. Even if there is so much confusion in love. –Anonymous

-We both have our own separate identities. Therefore, I don’t know the reason for loving him. –Michel de Montaigne

-It is said that the mind of people is saner than the heart. Therefore, always listen to your mind first. But, in love, if you don’t listen to your heart, you become insane. –Anonymous

-Love is an uncontrollable force. If you want to command it, then it demolishes you. If you want to lock it, then it starts to enthrall you. If you want to go deep in knowing its meaning, you will fall into the puzzle. –Anonymous

-The one who is confused about life can never know what love is. –Anonymous

-Arms can be crossed, legs can be crossed, but nothing can be crossed through your mind except your lover when you are in love. –Anonymous

-Confusion in love is a sign that you are already coming very deep in love. –Anonymous

-It is better to walk on the path of love without understanding anything. Because love feels beautiful without understanding it. –Anonymous

-It is better to get lost in love with someone you love, rather than going in the wrong direction with someone you don’t love. –Anonymous

-Love will not love if you start finding sense in it. –Anonymous

-Don’t be confused when you find someone more loving than the one you wished for. –Anonymous

A confused heart is no better than a confused mind. And a lonely me is no better than with someone as toxic as you. I still want you, no matter what. –Anonymous

I’m so confused between hating you and fearing losing you. I’ll throw you off a cliff and rush to the bottom to catch you. –Anonymous

I can understand my heart is confused, but deep down, I know my heart is trying to push me away from you for a better life. -Fida Islaih

-It hurts my stomach; it flutters my eyes. It stops my mind, and it breaks my heart. I miss home forever, the person I loved the most but can never return to. -Rebecca Radd

-You are the confusion and the quietness of my heart at the same time. -Franz Kafka

-I feel so lost and confused. Whom do I follow? My heart or my mind? Why is everything so freaking hard nowadays after you have gone? –Anonymous

Love can never be tamed. When you try to poison it, it will enslave you; when you try to control it, it will destroy you; when you try to understand it, it will leave you feeling confused and heartbroken. -Paulo Coelho

-How can you follow your heart when it is already more confused than your head is? -Anon

-Inside your head, some things give you the strength to live. Inside your heart, some things give you the strength to die. –Anonymous

Your intellect may be confused at the moment, but your emotions? They will never lie to you. -Roger Ebert

-The heart hates it when what the mind says turns out to be what happens in the end. –Anonymous

It is true that I still love you, but I’m confused about what I should do now. I seemed to have lost you forever. –Anonymous

There are days when I can’t stop thinking about you, and then there are days when I question why I wasted my time behind you. –Anonymous

Nothing in this world feels better than love. Nothing in this world seems harder than to be loved. –Anonymous

We can all love someone, but very few know how to love the right way. –Anonymous

You are still my favorite joy, yet the reason for my never-ending pain. I wonder why I’m still wasting my time, yet I seem to need you beside me every night. –Anonymous

You are my effortless joy, yet my endless pain. You are the reason for my utmost happiness, yet the one who puts me in vain. –Anonymous

Love felt easy when you were with me. Now that you’ve left me, falling in love again seems the hardest. –Anonymous

It’s been an eternity since the day you left me, yet in my dreams, we are always together. –Anonymous

You were my habit. I learned how to live for you and with you every day. Now that you’ve gone, I have forgotten how to live again. –Anonymous

Life was easy with you; everything seemed effortless. Since you left me, nothing has been the same again. –Anonymous

Was it always this easy to play with my feelings that I’m nothing but a mere stranger to you today? –Anonymous

You have proved what a disgrace you are, and how easily you played with me and my feelings, yet you’re on mind every day and every night-Anonymous

With you by my side, I thought I could take on the world. I can’t even take on my feelings without you by my side anymore. It’s all a burden now –Anonymous

Love is like the calming rain on a cold wintery evening, as well as the tornado that tears houses apart. Love is confusing. –Anonymous

No one has ever mastered the ability to love correctly. No one has ever mastered the ability to understand love in its truest form. –Anonymous

-There is nothing right or wrong when you are in love. Therefore, don’t be confused; just feel happy that you are in love. –Anonymous

-You can’t define confused love in words because it is totally insane. – Anonymous

-If being in love is a sign of being insane. Then, without any doubt, I would love to live in this insanity. – Anonymous

-At the beginning of love, you might be unaware of your emotions, but if you are still unaware of your feeling after so long, then you need to examine within. – Anonymous

confused love quotes

-You get confused when you can’t choose who is actually your love between the one whose cute talks attract you or the one for whom you fell for at first sight. – Anonymous

-Sometimes, I sit in my leisure time and thinking about my emotions. But, after thinking so much still, I am confused about my feelings. – Anonymous

-It has been so long. Still, I can’t stop hoping and wishing that you will come back to me. But, yet I am confused that if I am going wrong? – Anonymous

-I really wish to have a plan chart of love because I am tired of being lost in the wrong direction again and again. – Anonymous

-I believe love is more confusing and complicated than maths. There are some particular formulas in maths, but love has no formula. – Anonymous

-I don’t know if my love is real or not. But, the one thing I know clearly is I am afraid of losing you. – Anonymous

You were like the calm, soothing, and infinite ocean, but you were also like the ocean that was harsh, angry, and dangerous. I was never a good sailor, and that’s why you always confused me. -C.B.

-I have come across so many fears; the graveyards should be full of my tears. –Anonymous

On the darkest days, when you feel like a complete mess, you must believe that there is still something beautiful inside you. –Anonymous

-My fears were still mine. Me wanting reassurance was still me. So, why on my darkest days could you never love me? –Anonymous

-You were the book I read a thousand times but still couldn’t memorize. –Anonymous

-You are the one I still search for in the crowd. You are the one I still crave in my darkest fantasies. –Anonymous

-The way you looked at me, I got butterflies right away. I loved you, and it killed me every single day. -Eram Nesar Khan

-I want the love story they talk about in the books, but all I receive are mixed signals and second thoughts. –Anonymous

-I have always craved that “have you seen how she looks at him” kind of affection and love. -T. Collen C.

-You were the love I could never hold onto even though I wanted it so bad. You were my peace, but at the same time, you always confused me about your feelings. –Anonymous

She was a rare one. She was unique, and most importantly, she was effortlessly herself, but I could never give her the love she deserved. –Anonymous

I looked at you in the way a blind man sees the Sun for the first time, but you looked at me in the way my world collapsed right in front of my eyes. –Anonymous

His eyes were beautiful. It was one of a kind, and I couldn’t help but get lost in them. Those eyes took away all my happiness. –Anonymous

I might be too stupid to let you go, even though you were the only one I ever wanted. I can’t hold onto it because you are a cactus, and my hands are that of a human being. –Anonymous

Are we more than just friends, or are we less than being a couple? What are we? I feel so confused. –Anonymous

I can never be just friends with you because every time I see you, not with me, and every time I see you, with someone else, I’ll die inside slowly but surely. –Anonymous

I feel that it’s slowly killing me inside, but I also feel that it’s making me stronger with every passing day. –Anonymous

Love can often feel like magic, but magic is, most of the time, nothing but an illusion. –Anonymous

-If you loved me with all your heart, as you say, then why did I feel like an unnecessary burden on your shoulders?-Anonymous

You have gone too far away for me to ask what you think of me. Will I never get you back?-Anonymous

I may look at peace with myself, but I have a freaking war inside my mind.-Anonymous

When the mind and the heart are at war, you can’t be at peace with yourself, no matter how much you try. –Anonymous

My feelings are constantly diverging from one another. One moment I’m the happiest; the next moment, my heart is being shattered to pieces. –Anonymous

I need some time in a new place, where I can find some solace, away from the noise of this city. All these noises seem to creep inside my soul and finish me from within. –Anonymous

I’m waiting for the day it all comes crashing down, and I have nothing to do but experience my collapse. –Anonymous

Mixed feelings are just like mixed drinks. Neither healthy nor good for your soul. All they do is confuse the heart and the mind.-George Carman

How foolish of me to think I can understand you and your act of love when I can’t even understand my feelings for you. –Anonymous

I want to be in a relationship right now, but it’s with you and no one else. My heart can never accept anyone other than you, yet you are the one who keeps on running away from me. –Anonymous

I need to thank you for teaching me the importance of time and effort and that they are not meant to be wasted on the people who don’t deserve it. 


A toxic relationship can often divert your perception. You might think of yourself as someone worthless, but you are under-appreciated. -Steve Maraboli

-Sometimes, when you decide to follow your heart, you end up losing your mind and getting confused now and then. –Anonymous

You were my everything, but now it seems I’m nothing to you. Maybe we’ll last this way because nothing lasts forever. –Anonymous

No matter how hard I try to love you, you never seem to get me. Well, neither do I, okay? –Anonymous

My thoughts are more tangled than my earphones. My life is more twisted than a maze. –Anonymous

Consider love as a rumor. Everyone has heard of it and talks about it, yet no one seems to understand it perfectly. –Anonymous

Love is like an art; only the masters with the brush can paint the perfect picture of it. We can’t. –Anonymous

Why does love have to be such turmoil? Why can’t it be smooth for a while? Why can’t it be mine for a while? 


-It’s been days without you. Without being in your arms and holding your hands. I hope you attend my funeral and love my picture the same way. –Anonymous

In love, what’s right and wrong can be highly confusing and complicated. You’ll never figure out which one to follow. –Anonymous

And when you look at me, do you still think I’m meaningful enough to be loved? –Anonymous

She was so confused between life and love that she gave up her life to love him. -Prasad K.

-Never let good sex be the confusing factor when understanding the difference between love and lust. –Anonymous

-Don’t mistake the two days of his attention for being his love for you. He is only there for a while and will leave you when his heart’s content. –Anonymous

We are all stories waiting for our devoted readers. The readers will take us off the shelf and enlighten themselves with our plot twists. -John Mark Green

-Love is just another web we are trapped in, but the way out of it is way more confusing than anything else. –Anonymous

We are so used to disguising ourselves to others that in the end, we feel disgusted with ourselves.-Anonymous

We never fall for people because they are fun to be with. We fall for them because we do, and there’s no definite cause to support this phenomenon. –Anonymous

If you are in love with two people simultaneously, choose the latter. Had you loved the first one indeed, you would have never fallen for the second one -Johnny Depp

-You don’t find love; it finds you instead. Love doesn’t leave you, and you lose it instead. -Manya Gupta

-Some of the chapters in your life are infinite. They never end because they possess a ripple effect. -Prasad K.

-Our stories will be written on the stones because papers are too temporary to be re-written. Have you loved the first one truly.-Anonymous

-And in the end, we were strangers again. Strangers with many memories for me and just another random stranger for you. –Anonymous

 Confused Love Quotes For You

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