70+ Confused Love Quotes for You

Love is the most heavenly feeling on this earth. But, at times, there comes a moment when you are confused or do not feel sure about your feelings. It is wonderful if you are in a dilemma because it happens to everyone.

Therefore, there is nothing terrible about it. It would be best if you took the time to introspect before going to any conclusion.

Confused love quotes which can perfectly depict your emotions:

-Falling in love is a spontaneous process. You don’t fall in love with someone intentionally. And, when you fall in love, your current situation, mood, and even your state of mind cannot stop you at that time. –Kirsten Dunst

-It is very confusing in love to decide where one should stop, where to be ready, or where one should go. I feel the process of love must have rules like traffic rules in it. – Anonymous

-Love is like a game of puzzles. If you compliment your girl, then naughty thoughts suddenly come to your mind. –Robert Orben

-Being in love is not easy at all. Suppose if you don’t compliment her, she will become angry, and if you compliment her, she thinks that you are doing this to keep her heart. –Anonymous

-I am in a sappy mood. Therefore, I am confused about how anyone can feel like this? –Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

-I desire to be a special one in someone’s life. –Charlotte Eriksson

-Simply visit that particular site which you are missing whenever you are confused about the beginning. –Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

-Hatred is a kind of affection full of a puzzle. –Omar Tyree

-I feel like I am disoriented mentally. I accept this situation creates a mess for me sometimes, but still, it feels liberated. –Craig Ferguson

-The philosophy of love is not my cup of tea. –Jeaniene Frost

-Love is meant to feel serenity. Suppose you don’t feel the same, then you are not with the right person. The relationship which only hurts you is of no benefit to yours. –Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove

-It is said that ladies are not easy to perceive. But, the fact is that the one who is puzzled in a relationship is a man. –Amit Abraham

-I am in a dilemma amidst ‘why I met you’ or ‘why I don’t met you before.’ –Ahmed Mostafa

-The one thing that is crystal clear that she was in love and had a strong bond with him. It doesn’t matter If he was alone, but he was continuously drawing toward her. –Tim LaHaye, Tribulation Force

-Love is not just a guess that you are in love. It is a feeling, and when you actually feel it, then it is called love. –Anonymous

-The feeling of being in love usually realizes earlier compared to estimate that when and where you fell in love. –Wadsworth Longfellow

-I never know it will be for a lifetime or not, but I desire to fall deeply and madly in love with someone. –Jim Carrey

-Neither love nor hate. My feelings are beyond and much more than that. –Anne Roiphe

-The best thing about the girls is that their small beautiful gestures drive you crazy for her to some extent. And, after some time, you don’t even know when you fall completely in love with her. Just like, I fell for her when we first met and had spent some time together. –J. D. Salinger

-I have a question for my soul. I am in a conflict between my mind and heart. One is suggesting to let him go, and one is advising to hold him constantly. He said he wants to embrace me close to his heart, and I also feel like go and hug him. Whether it is right or wrong, I want to let him know how much I love him. – Anonymous

-If you chase for love, you will never get it. But, if you don’t pursue it, it will automatically find your way. –John Gay

-Though your intelligence can drag you in a puzzle sometimes, but feelings can never go wrong. –Roger Ebert

-You always come in front of me and make everything chaotic again whenever I decide to behave like a carefree person and not to be in touch with you. –Xuan Ta

-Love has a charm, but always remember, sometimes this charm proves a delusion. –Javan

-I always feel amazed looking at you. How you share with me all your dreams and goals but giving your affection to another person. It occasionally happens that you can’t look at those things you desperately want to see. –Vanessa Williams

-With the changing year, we all are changing, including our close ones. But, the best thing is, never stop loving your people with this change. –W. Somerset Maugham

-I don’t why others feel that strength is in never letting things go. But, in my opinion, it is better to never hold it for so long. –Hermann Hesse

-Whenever two persons become disoriented mentally who felt protective towards each other before, it is called love. –Bob Schneider

confused love quotes

– In love, you are not correctly aware that what is the exact source of your enthusiasm. Whether it is coming from your lover’s values, or it is your internal qualities that are attracting her. Whether it is the illumination of your soul that reflects on her, or it is just the magic of love. – Natalie Clifford Barney

-Lucky are those who get the love in the same way he/she wants to get it because not all people are so fortunate to get it. –Mignon McLaughlin

-The very first love is a kind of bit stupidity and more eagerness. –George Bernard Shaw

-Sometimes I feel why I made all those efforts. Why a divine soul shred my heart and not trying to save my deciduous star? I think our love was not meant for forever. –Toni Braxton

-I firmly believe females are meant for love. Never try to understand them. –Oscar Wilde

– No one can survive without love. Even if there is so much confusion in love. –Anonymous

-We both have our own separate identities. Therefore, I don’t know the reason for loving him. –Michel de Montaigne

-It is said that the mind of people is saner than the heart. Therefore, always listen to your mind first. But, in love, if you don’t listen to your heart, you become insane. –Anonymous

-Love is an uncontrollable force. If you want to command it, then it demolishes you. If you want to lock it, then it starts to enthrall you. If you want to go deep in knowing its meaning, you will fall into the puzzle. –Anonymous

-The one who is confused about life can never know what love is. –Anonymous

-Arms can be crossed, legs can be crossed, but nothing can be crossed through your mind except your lover when you are in love. –Anonymous

-Confusion in love is a sign that you are already coming very deep in love. –Anonymous

-It is better to walk on the path of love without understanding anything. Because love feels beautiful without understanding it. –Anonymous

-It is better to get lost in love with someone you love, rather than going in the wrong direction with someone you don’t love. –Anonymous

-Love will not love if you start finding sense in it. –Anonymous

-Don’t be confused when you find someone more loving than the one you wished for. –Anonymous

-There is nothing right or wrong when you are in love. Therefore, don’t be confused; just feel happy that you are in love. –Anonymous

-You can’t define confused love in words because it is totally insane. – Anonymous

-If being in love is a sign of being insane. Then, without any doubt, I would love to live in this insanity. – Anonymous

-At the beginning of love, you might be unaware of your emotions, but if you are still unaware of your feeling after so long, then you need to examine within. – Anonymous

-You get confused when you can’t choose who is actually your love between the one whose cute talks attract you or the one for whom you fell for at first sight. – Anonymous

-Sometimes, I sit in my leisure time and thinking about my emotions. But, after thinking so much still, I am confused about my feelings. – Anonymous

-It has been so long. Still, I can’t stop hoping and wishing that you will come back to me. But, yet I am confused that if I am going wrong? – Anonymous

-I really wish to have a plan chart of love because I am tired of being lost in the wrong direction again and again. – Anonymous

-I believe love is more confusing and complicated than maths. There are some particular formulas in maths, but love has no formula. – Anonymous

-I don’t know if my love is real or not. But, the one thing I know clearly is I am afraid of losing you. – Anonymous

 Confused Love Quotes For You

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