85+ Cute I Miss You Quotes to Share

When you are separated from your loved ones or from that special person in your life, you start missing them more often. It can be quite a challenging and emotionally draining moment for you.

To cope with this kind of situation in your life, this list of Cute I Miss You Quotes will help. You can send these quotes to them and let them know how much you are missing them every moment. 

Cute I Miss You Quotes

-Whenever I miss you, I just look down in my heart because I know that you are always in there and I could find you easily. -Anonymous

-At this hour, when you are no longer going to be with me, this will be the time when I am going to miss you the most. -Anonymous

-When you are not there with me, each second feels like a year and I miss you so badly. -Anonymous

-I know we can’t be here right now but I am already missing your smell and it is the most terrible moment for me. I miss you more! -Anonymous

-Each and every moment that we have spent together is a beautiful dream for me. I miss you so much. -Anonymous

-You always miss the person who means the world to you. Hence, I miss you because you are my world. -Anonymous

-You mean the world to me and when you are not there, it becomes really difficult for me to even think properly. I miss you to the moon and back. -Anonymous

-If I say that I miss you, even more when you are not there with me, will come over right then? -Anonymous.

-I will discover new words to express my love and to let you know how much I miss you each and every day. -Anonymous

-I shall invent new words of love, to let you know what I live for, my desires, and what it feels like to have you in my life forever. I miss you love! -Anonymous

-Just like the earth needs the sun to survive, I need you to survive. I miss you love! -Anonymous

-There is nothing in this world that could ever stop me from missing you right now. -Anonymous

-Don’t hurt me by staying away from me because when I start missing you, it becomes a heart-wrenching situation for me. -Anonymous

-We need air, water, food, and sunlight to survive but if you stay with me I will survive even if these things are not there. Cute I miss you a lot! -Anonymous

-Without you, I won’t exist and that will make me miss you even more. Without you, I will have no reason to survive. -Anonymous

-I miss you every time you are away from me. -Anonymous

-My life will have no meaning unless you are there with me. I miss you beyond your imagination. -Anonymous

-There are uncountable questions that remain unanswered but all that I will ever know is that I miss you. -Anonymous

-Missing you every day has now become a part of my daily routine. -Anonymous

-Nothing hurts me more than the feeling of staying away from you and spend my time missing you. -Anonymous

-A knife will hurt me less than you staying away from me. I miss you so much. -Anonymous

-Missing you hurts me because I have you all over my head but I cannot see you. -Anonymous

-When the sun does not come out anymore, it would be the day when I will stop missing you. -Anonymous

-Just like the star misses the sun in the morning, I shall miss you forever whether it is day or night. -Anonymous

-Your absence in my life is the real darkness that I will have to ever face in my life. -Anonymous

-If someone gives me a flower every time I am missing you then, I could create a big and beautiful garden with all those flowers. -Anonymous

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Cute Miss You Quotes

-I feel that you are here with me even when you are not and that is what keeps me from missing you. -Anonymous

-Even in the silent nights, I am able to hear your voice and despite the distance between us, I know that our love for each other will never come to an end. Yet I do miss you when you are not there. -Anonymous

-If you ever ask me how many times I miss you in a day then I would say that I forgot to count. -Anonymous

-If you want to know the number of times you come to my mind then I would say that you never left my mind actually. -Anonymous

-Each moment that you spend with me makes me want you even more. I miss you so much. -Anonymous

-I just wish that you were with me today. But since you are not, I am consoling myself with your thoughts. I am missing you so much. -Anonymous

-You left for your work and it has been only five minutes but I am missing you already. -Anonymous

-I miss you just like the star smiles when the sun shines on it because it knows that life is a beautiful thing and so are you for me. -Anonymous

-To be far from you is the last thing I would want to happen in my life ever. I miss you so much. -Anonymous

-The thought of you staying away from me kills me. I really miss you. -Anonymous

-Even when you are not there with me, a part of you will always dwell in my mind. You are the soul that has a very special place right here in my heart. -Anonymous

-There is not even a second when I don’t miss you. You are the spirit that manifests every time and this is what makes it impossible to live without you. I miss you so much, my love. -Anonymous

-You miss the person you love and when they miss you back, you love them even more. -Anonymous

i miss you quotes

-I have friends and I have enemies too. Then I have you whom I can never forget. I miss you and you know how much. -Anonymous

-Won’t it be great if you are able to feel it whenever I am missing you? -Anonymous

-The physical distance between us will never create a distance between us mentally. I miss you so much and this will never let you go away from me. -Anonymous

-This distance between us is making me miss you terribly. -Anonymous

-Plants need water to survive but I need you to survive. -Anonymous

-I was so happy to know that you miss just as much as I miss you. -Anonymous

-If you are alone and miss me, then always know I am right there in your heart. -Anonymous

-I am not looking for someone who is just like you because I just want you only. I miss you badly and I wish you were right here with me to love me. -Anonymous

-No matter what happens, I don’t want you to leave my side because I hate missing you and I’d rather have you with me every time. -Anonymous

-Even when I am sitting in my bedroom and missing you, I believe that you are able to hear me. -Anonymous

-The only thing that has kept me strong is the thought that the time will pass away soon reducing the distance between us. -Anonymous.

-I miss you but it makes me happy to know that you miss me even more. -Anonymous

-I just want the time to pass away soon so that the distance between us reduces soon and I will miss you less because you will be right here with me then. -Anonymous

-Dear love, even you know how much I miss you when you are not there with me. So, make it easy for me and stay with me forever. -Anonymous

-You have no idea how much I miss you each and every second that passes when you are not there with me. -Anonymous

-I strongly believe that when I miss you, it makes my love for you stronger. -Anonymous

-There was a time when we could not bear each other but now we cannot live without each other. -Anonymous

-Do you feel me whenever I miss you? -Anonymous

-I miss you more than I can ever express using any word. -Anonymous

-I don’t have the right words to express how much I miss you each and every second. -Anonymous

-I love you but sometimes I hate you as well. But not a single day goes without me missing you. -Anonymous

-Do we ever think about each other at the same time? -Anonymous

-Whenever I miss you, I read all our old messages that we had sent each other and it makes me smile. -Anonymous

-Saying I miss you is much more magical than saying I love you. -Anonymous

-I get jealous when I see other people with you when I am not with you. -Anonymous

-When you hear ‘I miss you’ coming out of the right person, it makes you feel better always. -Anonymous

Cute I Miss You Quotes To Share

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