103+ Deep Love Quotes to Send to Your Partner

Love is the most overwhelming feeling which comes naturally. Falling for anyone is very natural. But expressing your feelings in the best possible manner to your special one is an art, and not everyone is an artist.

Also, sometimes deep emotions of love make you spellbound.

Therefore, in the following, we have given some deep love quotes that we have selected very carefully to show your every kind of emotion. These quotes will very well represent your feelings and love for your special one: –

Deep Love Quotes to Send to Your Partner

  • After all your fights and problems between you both, if you still want to see that person beside you when you open your eyes, then it means you have found your real love. –Anonymous
  • Your love is a kind of trap in which I would remain stranded happily in my whole life. –Anonymous
  • Self-love is a must. It should be your top priority, and all the other things come after it. You can achieve anything in life with self-love. –Lucille Ball
  • To love you is the commencement and end of this world to me. –F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • My whole universe revolves around you. You are the origin of my happiness. And, my heart beats for you only. –Anonymous
  • To give love and get it back in return is the vital thing that we should learn in this life. –Morrie Schwartz
  • For me, you are nothing, but everything, that I have ever wished for. –Anonymous
  • Every night when I go to sleep, I have a constant smile on my face because I know you would have come into my dream for sure. Every morning, when I open my eyes again, a smile comes on my face because I realize you are my reality, not just a dream. –Anonymous
  • My love story in one sentence is; I can’t envision my life without your existence in it. –Anonymous
  • You are the best, but I love you madly, deeply, and wholeheartedly because of what you have made me with your love. –Roy Croft
  • A friendship that has musical touch in it is called love. –Joseph Campbell
  • Every day when I open my eyes, then the first person that comes to my mind is YOU, and last, but not least, the person that comes in my mind before sleeping is YOU. –Anonymous
deep love quotes

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  • The signs of your love are everywhere I look. My whole universe revolves around you only. –Anonymous
  • The one whom we love has built our life. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • All my expectations, reasons, and wishes are got fulfilled with your love. –Nicolas Sparks
  • The duration of love doesn’t matter; what matters the most is how much love you every day you give each other. –Anonymous
  • Love makes you feel different from what you were before falling in love. –Blaise Pascal
  • A new version of you comes out from you that you himself didn’t know have existed when you are in love. –Anonymous
  • I fell for you the way you were, I still fall for you every day the way you are, and I will always fall for you the way you will be. –Anonymous
  • Deep love can be felt only when you have a fear of losing it. –Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • The meaning of love is understood to me because of you only. –Hermann Hesse
  • Today, when I woke up and open my eyes then a sudden realization of this life’s preciousness comes to my mind. Therefore, I want to show my gratitude to you for being an essential part of my life. Thank you so very much for whatever you have done for me. Your love gives me breathes to live. –Anonymous
  • Your existence makes my heart perfect. –Anonymous
  • Your heart, mind, and all senses together at the same time get assaulted by love because it is one of the most intense passions on this earth. –Lao Tzu 
  • I fall in love again and again with only one person, and that is YOU.  –Anonymous
  • Your love is a kind of trap in which I want to remain stuck all my life. –Anonymous
  • Neither today nor tomorrow I can’t be able to distract my mind and thoughts from you. –Whenever I feel the thump of your beating heart, then something more than just love always awakens. –Anonymous
  • Your innocent laughs and giggles have encaged me in your love for the whole life. –Anonymous
  • I have never thought in my dreams that I would fall in love with the prettiest girl of this universe, and she would love me the same in return. –Anonymous.
  • You are the first on my gratitude list for the morning and the evening. I still can’t believe my fate; how did I get you. –Anonymous.
  • When I lay my head on your chest, I hear nothing but your love for me in your heartbeat. –Anonymous.
  • A home that I have found in you. No matter wherever I wander, I will always return to you. –Anonymous
  • When you are in sight, my eyes switch the portrait mode on, and everything around you just blurs. –Anonymous
  • Not just my heart; you are my soul. You came, and everything changed, not only a part of me but the whole of me. –Anonymous
  • My possessiveness is less for you being mine, but more for me is being yours. –Anonymous
  • I am very clumsy. I always have a fear of losing my own heart somewhere. Therefore, I gave heart to you. Please keep it safe and protected. –Anonymous.
  • Me, my heart, and my soul will remain yours forever. –Jane Austen
  • Seeing you happy makes my heart flutter in happiness. The moments when I always try my best to make you laugh makes me happy more than you. –Anonymous.
  • Since the moment I caught you laughing, my heart gave me a sign that you are the one who I wanted in my life. –R. M. Drake
  • Giving you my heart and love to you is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. –Anonymous
  • I am not perfect for you and might never be able to. But, I promise to try my best inadequately to be able to. –Atticus
  • The level of my love for you can reach till the moon and its back. –Sam McBratney
  • This whole universe had formed a conspiracy to make you mine. Therefore, I love you. –Paulo Coelho 
  • It’s been so long, but still, every day, I fall in love with you again. –Anonymous
  • When you are in love, the actuality seems much superior to dreams. Therefore, lovers want to stay awake most of the time. –Dr. Seuss
  • I could have my own garden full of flowers to stroll if I get a flower to missing you every moment. –Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • My want was to be your friend, and my dream was to be your love. –Valerie Lombardo
deep love quotes
  • I can’t describe in words that what your importance is in my life, how precious you are to me, and how much I adore you. But, what I only can say that, I feel like I am in a happy world when you are around. –Anonymous
  • Your love makes me feel complete and content. Whatever I have achieved in my life, I couldn’t have achieved without your love.  –Anonymous
  • There is neither any complications nor any pride. I am in love with you straightforwardly. I want to keep falling in love with you, without looking for anyway any reason, and any time. –Pablo Neruda
  • Love that I have for you is, beyond my comprehension, close to my heart but ingrained in my soul. –Boris Kodjoe
  • Without sunshine, it is tough for a flower to blossom. Similarly, without love, the existence of man is almost impossible. –Max Muller
  • After making you mine, I have no other wish from my life. I am feeling more content than ever before. I don’t need heaven because you have made this earth a heaven for me. I don’t see any dream because my biggest dream has already been fulfilled in the form of you. –Anonymous
  • My reason for survival is only YOU. To my sky, you are stars. To my earth, you are the sun. –Anonymous
  • Your heartbeat is the lullaby. It is the calm to the gurgling storm in me. –Anonymous
  • The little fights are my way of strengthening our relationship as I, and then I get a chance to coax you my way. –Anonymous
  • There is a different charm in missing you. But, it brings emptiness to my life. –Anonymous
  • I don’t care if I am not the one you kiss first time, with whom you went on a date first time, and with whom you fall in love the first time. But, I desire to be the last, with who you fall in love, with who you go on a date, and who you kiss every day. –Anonymous
  • You are an angel in this universe to me. I can’t envision anyone besides me except ou only. I am so grateful for you that you are walking with me on this journey of life. –Anonymous
  • What is a tree when there are no flowers or fruits on it. Similarly, how life will be if there is no love in it. –Khalil Gibran
  • The first thought that comes to my mind after opening my eyes is YOU. The last thought that comes to my mind before closing my eyes is YOU. And, in the rest of hours of the day, the thoughts that come in my mind are of us. –Anonymous
  • The way you are is the best possible version of yourself, and you are perfect in it. You don’t need to change just for my sake. –Anonymous
  • Love is the one and the only thing that we didn’t get adequately, and we even didn’t give it adequately. –Henry Miller
  • ‘ Here you are, and I had been searching for you everywhere; it was the voice of my soul when I saw you for the first time. –Anonymous
  • My special place is where we are with each other. –Anonymous
  • There are plenty of people who will get ready to go in the limousine with you. But, you should go with the one who will get ready to go on the bus with you, if the limousine stops running. –Oprah Winfrey
  • I might be a confusing personality. I always stay in a dilemma while choosing anything. But, it is clear to me that you are the one who is my most beloved everything. –Anonymous
  • I have only profound love to give it to you. I can’t provide you with anything more special than this. –Debasish Mridha
  • From all the stress, pain, and sorrow, only one word can help us to escape; it is love. –Sophocles
  • The plant of love is just planted once; after this, it only required proper love and care to nurture. When it starts growing, it converts a whole place as a flower-valley with its beautiful blossoms. –Hermann J. Steinherr
  • The sufficiency of your sexual attractiveness determines how beautiful your life is. –Lebo Grand
  • For all the hearts, the most delightful feeling is love. –Lamartine
  • Crazily loving each other and feeling each other is called love. – Seema Gupta
  • You get fearlessness and bravery when you love someone profoundly. On the other hand, you get power and energy when someone loves you profoundly. –Lao Tzu
  • Your love should make your partner feel free because lovers are free-bird, not caged animals. –Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Each minute in love feels like a lifetime. Therefore, love is always defined as ever-lasting and never-ending. –Shannon A. Thompson
  • A profound sorrow comes with only a profound love. –Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • There is no importance of words in love. Love can be realized with love only. –Francis Havergal
  • Love is an eternal endorsement. It never asks you anything in return. –William Shakespeare
  • With profound learning, realization, and love, I write everything whatever I am understanding. –Jacqueline Woodson
  • You are the epitome of beauty of perfection. Even my dream girl cannot compare with you. –Anonymous
  • I want to apologize to you for taking this much time. I got stuck and was afraid to tell you. But, when I saw you the first time, only then I came to know that I love you so much. –Silver Linings Playbook
Deep Love Quotes To Send To Your Partner

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