181+ Depressing Love Quotes for You

Love can add color to one’s life. It can make it beautiful and worth living. But when you lose it, you feel like you have lost everything.

Here you will find some depressing love quotes that state the feeling of the person who has lost the love of their life.

Depressing Love Quotes for You

-The only thing that I hate right now is to get flashbacks of the time when we were together and I just don’t want to remember them again. -Anonymous

-Love does not know its own depth until two people separate. –Kahlil Gibran

-Someone just walks into your life and it won’t be late until you realize their presence mattered when they were present in your life. -Anonymous

-Love is just magic because magic is always an illusion. -Javan

-Sometimes it is better to be loved and get separated than never to be loved. –Samuel Butler

-We cannot be together anymore but I will be happy to just think of those times when we were together and I shall hope that we get together again sometime. –Susan Polis Schutz

-When you had your love you did not need anything else and when you don’t have it you will realize that it did not matter much. –Sir James M. Barrie

-The worst part of dreaming about someone you love is to find that they do not exist in your life anymore. -Anonymous

-Looking back in the past, I only regret the times when I wanted to love but never said so. –David Grayson

-Many of us think that holding on will make us strong but it is not true at all times because it is letting go that will make us stronger. –Hermann Hesse

-Only faithful people will know the trivial side of love but the faithless will know about its tragedies. –Oscar Wilde 

-Moving on seems to be simple but it actually the thing that you leave behind and it becomes really hard to bear. –Anonymous

-If you do not love it can be sad but it sadder when you are unable to love. –Miguel de Unamuno

-Even though you will not be there in my life but a part of you shall always be a part of my life. –Gretchen Kemp

-When you get hurt while you are in love it feels like an injury but it will slowly heal and it will also leave a scar behind. -Anonymous

-Maybe a day will come when I will be able to tear away the part of my life that carries you and let you go. -Anonymous

-If you are getting killed by the life you will surely get killed by the loneliness in your life. -Anonymous

-The best feeling and the worst pain comes when you share a relationship with others. –Stephen R. Covey

-Love is almost like a glass which is better when it breaks instead of getting hurt every time you try to put the pieces together. -Anonymous

-Few people will leave but that won’t be the end because that is the end of their role in your life story. –Faraaz Kazi

-Isn’t is it amazing how someone just comes and breaks your heart but you still love each and every piece of it? –Ella Harper

-There is just one pain that you will never feel because it is caused by you and your absence in my life. –Ashleigh Brilliant

-It is depressing to think about the time you fell in love and then suddenly you realize that you are actually falling out of that love. –David Grayson

-I cannot be with you anymore but I will be happy to dream about the time when we can together all over again. –Susan Polis Schutz

-Loving someone is almost like holding a candle because first, it will light up everything around you, and then it will start melting until you get hurt. Finally, the candle goes off and you are just left with the burn. –Syed Arshad

-I just wonder if I could take back the love that I gave you, will I be able to do it? –Faraaz Kazi

-Love can never die naturally. It will die when you don’t know how to replace it with its source. It will simply die off blindness, betrayals, wounds, errors, and illness. –Anais Nin

-We build the walls around us so that we are able to keep out the sadness but it keeps out the joy too. –Jim Rohn

-There is always a time for parting even if you have nowhere to go. –Tennessee Williams

-Tears will always come from the heart and not the brain. –Leonardo da Vinci

-It just hurts to leave the light on for someone who has no place for you in their heart. –Graham Foust

-Breathing is actually very hard because when you are crying it will make you run out of breath. –David Levithan

-He was the one who taught me how to love but I guess he just forgot to teach me how to stop loving. -Anonymous

-Unless you are able to protect yourself from happiness you will not be able to protect yourself from sadness. –Jonathan Safran Foer

depressing love quotes

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-It never rains roses. If you want to have roses in your life then you have to plant enough of them. –George Elliot

-Sadness is nothing but just a wall between two lovely and beautiful gardens. –Khalil Gibran-Sadness is nothing but just a wall between two lovely and beautiful gardens. –Khalil Gibran

-You should not cry because it is over but you should try to be happy because it has happened. -Anonymous

-Each and every man has a sorrow that he keeps hidden from the world and then we call him cold when he is just sad. –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

-Unrequited love is capable of taking out the taste of peanut butter. –Charlie Brown

-I feel so depressed since the day you left me and you may see me smiling but you don’t know that I am actually dying inside. -Anonymous

-The way you are seeing me is not true side because my pain won’t be visible until I show it and I am really good at hiding my pain. -Anonymous

-I am ready to wait for you to come back into my life but it won’t happen until you are ready to accept me again. -Anonymous

-I can feel how much broken I am right now. You have no idea how much pain I am in right now and it has already started to affect my health and it has all happened because you are not there in my life anymore. -Anonymous

-There is always a difference between loving someone and leaving someone. -Anonymous

-There is a pain that will come with loving a person more than they have ever loved you. -Anonymous

-It is really easy to walk alone. But it is difficult and painful when you have to walk a mile with someone only to know that you have return alone. -Anonymous

-Some people just walk into your life only to teach you a lesson and then they will go leaving all the memories behind. -Anonymous

-You may try to pretend to be happy when the person you have loved all your life walks out of your life all of sudden but instead you may be dying and no one will ever know that because you are still smiling. -Anonymous

Depressing love quotes

-Not only does our greatest joy come from our relationship with that special someone, but also from our heartaches and greatest pain. -Stephen R. Covey

-Relationships can often be like broken pieces of glass. You cut your fingers when you try to put the pieces back together. –Anonymous

Broken relationships are like flames of fire. The more you try to get into it, the higher your chances of burning yourself. –Anonymous

It’s sad when you don’t have someone to love, but what’s sadder is not being loved the way you portray love. -Miguel de Unamuno

-When people leave your life, it’s the end of their chapter, not your life’s story. There’s so much to your life’s story, and the right one will read it aloud. –Anonymous

Isn’t it amazing that you still love someone with all your broken pieces, even after being broken every day by that same person? -Ella Harper

-There’s this one pain you will never realize. It’s a pain due to your absence in my life, even after I wanted you with all my heart. –Anonymous

Your life is a beautiful story, and not everyone can spell the words in it. The correct one will read it the best way possible. -Faraaz Kazi

-The sad part is when you feel like falling in love, but in reality, you’re falling out of it without even realizing it. -David Grayson

-The pain that your absence has caused in my life surpasses every other pain I have ever had. -Ashleigh Brilliant

-A bad relationship doesn’t take away anything from you; it only gives back to you while it’s leaving. It gives you the experience and the courage to deal with more such setbacks in life. –Anonymous

Even if I dream of being with you for the rest of my life, in reality, I can never be with you again, and that seems to kill me slowly every single day. –Anonymous

Since I cannot be with you now, I’ll have to content myself with dreaming about the good old times spent with you. -Susan Polis Schutz

-Being in a bad relationship feels like a burning candle. It’ll initially light up your world, but as it burns, the melting wax hurts your fingers, and when it goes off, there’s nothing but darkness. -Syed Arshad

-I wish I had the ability and power to take back all of the “I love you” I had ever said to you. You didn’t deserve any of it. -Faraaz Kazi

-Love doesn’t die because we don’t know how to replenish the source of it, but because of overlooking the simplest of things, betrayals, and blindness. –Anonymous

Still, it’s better to have experienced love, even though it broke you into pieces than never being able to understand what love feels like. –Anonymous

One bad relationship, and we start building walls around us that keep trust issues and complications away and true love and happiness. –Anonymous

We all need to know the right time to depart, even if there’s no destination to depart for. -Tennesse Williams

-Your tears come from your heart, not from your brain, and everyone that cries isn’t weak at heart. -Leonardo da Vinci

-It hurts when you leave the lights on, but it’s certainly for nobody anymore. -Graham Foust 

-When you cry a lot, it makes you realize that even breathing can be hard. Breathing can be hard when you’ve lost the love of your life. -David Levithan

-Why did you leave me when all you taught me was how to love you, but not how to stop loving you ever? –Anonymous

How can you even think of protecting yourself from sadness if you never try to protect yourself from all the happiness that comes your way? –Anonymous

It never rains roses. If we want roses in our life, we must plant them and not expect them to arrive at us outta nowhere. -George Eliot

-The saddest words written by a pen on any piece of paper have to be, “I could have been….” -John Greenleaf Whittier

-For all that sadness is, it’s like a wall built between two gardens. -Khalil Gibran

-Stop crying because that beautiful chapter of your life is over. Smile because you were a part of it. –Anonymous

We all have our sadness and sorrows; whenever we men face it and don’t express it, people call us cold. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

-Unrequited love takes away the taste of peanut butter unlike anything else. -Charlie Brown

-If we are ever going to part ways with each other, give me something I can take back to my grave. Your loss will be something I can never get rid of from my mind. –Anonymous

It’s impossible to close your eyes to something you don’t want to see, but it’s certainly possible to close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel. -Johnny Depp

-Sad things will happen, but you don’t have to remain as sad as always. You don’t have to live with the things that make you sad forever. -Mattie Stepanek

-The sadness that makes you build walls around yourself also keeps the essential joy away from you. -Jim Rohn

-Friends will leave, and things will change. Life will never stop for anybody ever. It keeps on running as always. -Stephen Chbosky

-Why cry? It’s over when you can be happy because it happened, and you were a part of it. -Dr. Seuss

-Why do you always make me feel trapped inside a bell jar like a trapped firefly? Why do you always starve me of love? -Ayush Ghoshal

-What aches me is the thought of being so close to him but unable to touch him anymore. -Nicholas Sparks

-It’s better when you have loved and lost it, rather than never being able to love. -Samuel Butler

-She acted like our kiss broke her, but her surprising reaction broke my heart ever so much. -Shannon A. Thompson

-Never let the scars on your heart describe your way of loving someone again. -Laura Chouette

-No one ever buys love, but we all must pay heavily for loving someone wrong and breaking our hearts. -Henny Youngman

-What’s more painful in this world than being in love with someone you can never have in your life? -Laura Chouette

-Can you please let me keep the last piece of my heart before you break every piece? -Lykke Li

-Sometimes, temporary is all that we feel as a blessing in our lives, and we never dare to love someone ever again. -Laura Chouette

-It’s foolish to decide when you’re upset, jealous, sad, or in love. It will only bring your heart nothing but catastrophe. -Mario Teguh

-There’s love everywhere you find it, and there’s also life. They are the biggest enemies ever when let be together. -Jean Anouilh

-Love isn’t something that will make us happy. It teaches us to endure and see how much we can endure. -Hermann Hesse

-What’s worse than seeing the one who was supposed to love and be with you forever leave? -Ava Dellaira

-I wish I could give you all my pain so that you could experience how much you’re making me go through each day. -Mohsen El-Guindy

Depressing Love Quotes

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