88+ Do Not Leave Me Quotes for Your Loved Ones

Love is a strange, bizarre, and magical thing. It leaves us feeling all kinds of beauty. When we find the perfect one, we do not ever want to be apart from them.

We want them to be by our side at each moment. Here are some beautiful quotes that will bring you closer to your loved person.

Do Not Leave Me Quotes for Your Loved Ones

-The idea of a life without you by my side haunts me like anything -Anonymous.

-I will prefer dying the day I see you away from me. You are my everything -Anonymous.

-You are the sun to my sky, the flower to my tree, the waves to my sea. Imagine what I will be without your company, my sweetheart -Anonymous.

-Each day of my life seems brighter with your presence my sweetheart -Anonymous. 

-You are my love; you are my present and the future. My future will be the darkest place without you -Anonymous.

-Do not curse me by leaving me all alone. I beg you to stay in my life as long as I live -Anonymous.

-My life without you is barren land with no hopes of any new crop. Please do not leave me or I will be a person without a soul -Anonymous.

-My heart craves for your company. What should I do? It does not want to listen when you are far away -Anonymous.

-Tell me what makes you happy, I will happily devote my life to you, but do not ever leave my side as it will kill me -Anonymous.

-My darling, how do I convey my need for you? I can bet my life for you to be by my side -Anonymous.

-Just in case you feel like leaving me, please know that I am ready to bet my everything for you -Anonymous.

-All my heartbeats take your name. If you leave me and go away, how will my heartbeat?

-The thought of you leaving me literally collapses my whole world. I can imagine anything but a life without you is very much like a day without the sun -Anonymous.

-You make my world bright; you make me smile and be humble -Anonymous. Not being with a person like you will kill me -Anonymous.

-Please do not go away from me. I will give you my everything and make you the happiest person on earth -Anonymous.

-I cannot force you if you want to go away from me. But I can assure you that I will make our time together worth every second -Anonymous.

-The thought of a life without you is a horrible one. It would be my privilege to spend my life with you -Anonymous.

-Please give me the honor to be your partner for the rest of the life. I promise to bring a smile on your face every time you think of breaking down -Anonymous.

-The only thought that haunts me in our relationship is the idea of living without you. It would kill me to not see you by my side my darling -Anonymous.

-It seems like a nightmare whenever you are angry at me. I cannot even think what I will feel if ever you tell me that you want to leave me -Anonymous.

-Please give me one last chance to patch the broken parts of our relationship. I promise to be your perfect partner, your companion, and your best friend -Anonymous.

-You are my best friend, my better half, and my everything. I can do anything but live a life where there is so ‘you’. So, please do not ever leave me -Anonymous.

– Please tell me whenever you feel there is a crack in our relationship and I will try my best to mend it but do not please ever leave me -Anonymous.

-The last nightmare that I would like to have if not given any other choice, is living a life without you. I do not have any idea what I would do if I have to actually live it -Anonymous.

-Baby, the thought of me without you by my side breaks me into a thousand pieces. Please allow me to be a part of your life forever as a loyal partner -Anonymous.

-Listen to me my sweetheart, I want to give you my everything -Anonymous. 

-I want to share your sorrows and hard times with you. Please be by my side as I love you endlessly -Anonymous.

-Please my sweetheart, give me the honor to love you for the rest of your life. I have loved you and will always do for the rest of our lives -Anonymous.

-For the rest of my life, I prefer to share everything of mine with you and only you, my heart. Please give me the privilege to be your company forever too -Anonymous.

-The last thing I would like to hear from you is that you want to leave me. That day will see my last smile -Anonymous.

-If you ever want to leave me, please know my love will always be there for you for the rest of both your and my life -Anonymous. 

-You are my everything so if you leave me, I will be broken into a hundred pieces -Anonymous.

-My life is an empty space without you in it, without your humble laughter and your partnership -Anonymous.

-Dear, please do not ever think of leaving. My world revolves around the presence of you -Anonymous.

-Everything around me collapses whenever you are upset with me. I cannot imagine what would happen if you leave me forever -Anonymous.

-Take my everything but give me your company. -Anonymous.

-Your company is all I need to live a happy life. You make my day perfect. You make it bearable. But a life without you is a barren world, my dear. -Anonymous.

-If you want me to suffer for the rest of my life, you may leave me. -Anonymous.

-The day you think of leaving should be my last day. Even if I am physically alive, I will be an emotionally dead person because my soul resides in you, my sweetheart. -Anonymous.

-You are a flower of sweet fragrant kept in the vase of my heart. Now tell me what is a vase without a flower in it? -Anonymous.

-Practically, I will live even after you go away from me and my life. But emotionally I will be a dead person. -Anonymous.

-I am an empty canvas. You are all the colors the universe can make. If you leave me, I will be a tattered piece of paper, incapable of acquiring any color ever again. -Anonymous.

-Can anyone ever imagine the world without the sun and the moon? No, right? Then what will I be without you my dear sweetheart? -Anonymous.

-You may live a happy life even without me by my side. But for me, I would be a lifeless creature incapable of loving anyone else ever again in life. -Anonymous.

-Am I not a capable person of staying with you? I give you all my love every day, then why my dear you think of leaving my hand? -Anonymous.

-I agree to give you my body, my soul my heart, but in return can you give me the assurance of not leaving me ever? -Anonymous.

-You paint me with all the colors of love. I want to paint your life with these colors in return. If you go away, all the colors will automatically fade away. -Anonymous.

-I will never say goodbye to my dear, I can but my heart cannot. -Anonymous.

-The day you ask me to live would be the worst and most terrible day of my life. -Anonymous.

-I want to share all your tears my dear, I mean it. Please take me in your arms and never leave me. -Anonymous.

-There happens an earthquake around the walls in my heart whenever you are upset. I can bear anything but not the idea of spending a life without you my dear darling. -Anonymous.

-Please my dear, lend me the opportunity of being with you. Take my everything but give me this much. -Anonymous.

-My dear darling, you are a precious part of my life. Without you, I am a person without any feeling. I will numb. -Anonymous.

-The thing is I can take all your burdens of our life, in return please take me as your company for the rest of your life. -Anonymous.

-I will lose all my directions, aspirations if you leave me. Now tell me what is a person without any aim in life? I will be that person without you by my side. -Anonymous.

-Your presence makes me happy, sorry, the happiest person the universe has ever seen. Likewise, I will be the silliest person without any motives without you in my life, by my side. -Anonymous.

-Listen to me please my dear, I will be finished without you. I want you to stay by my side with every drop of blood in my body. -Anonymous.

-How will I make you understand the amount of pain I undergo whenever you give me the fear of leaving me? It is the worst thing that could happen to me in my life ever. -Anonymous.

-Please tell me whenever I irritate you, make you sad, uncomfortable or angry because I do not want you to suppress all the feelings inside you. I will hurt you silently and burst out one day terribly. -Anonymous.

-If I ever treat you badly, let me know if you are hurt. Please do not go to sleep angry or with tears in your eyes. -Anonymous.

-How will I breathe without the sense of your presence in my life? Tell me, dear. You are the most precious person in my life. -Anonymous.

-I love you today and promise to love you every day. Even if it is not enough, do tell me what more I can do to make your stay in my life, by my side, for the rest of my life. -Anonymous.

-Dear, my sweetheart, you are the best thing to have happened in my life. I beg you to stay by my side and pardon me for anything I have done that might have hurt you. -Anonymous.

-I bet my everything to be with you for the rest of both my and your lives. But please give me the chance to mend everything. -Anonymous.

-I have learned my mistake, I have learned to make you feel loved. Please just give me a mere chance to exhibit it. I love you. -Anonymous.

-I will burn into ashes if you tell me that you are leaving me, my dear. I want to be a part of each and every step of your life. -Anonymous.

-The best thing in life is to find someone you feel comfortable with. I have found mine, that is you. I do not ever want to lose you that is why. -Anonymous.

-I have tried my best to make you happy, but if you still feel like being loved more, do let me know. I have this power of showering my love on you. -Anonymous.

-The thought kills me, burns me, and takes away my ability to breathe, dear, my sweetheart please do not leave me. -Anonymous.

-Please forgive me for the last time and let me love you endlessly every day in the future. -Anonymous.

-I love you and I would die to keep you in my life. Even if it means giving my own life away. -Anonymous.

-My heart has your habit. My mind would still understand but my heart would be burnt if it gets to know you are not in tit. -Anonymous.

Do Not Leave Me Quotes For Your Loved Ones

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