Does He Have A Girlfriend: 15+ Signs The Guy You Like Is Already Taken

Do you have a crush on someone but think they are already taken? This article lists signs from which you can tell if he is in a relationship. Also, we have pointed out things to do if you are in such a situation and want to get out of it.

How To Know If A Guy Has A Girlfriend: 15 Signs He’s Taken

Sign #1: Notice His Behavior Around You. 

A guy will not always be upfront about having a girlfriend. Pay attention to his usage of words. If you find him using sentences beginning with ‘us’ or ‘we,’ know that he is already taken. Also, a committed guy will never flirt with you, even if you make a move.

Sign #2: Notice His Body Language Around Other People. 

Some guys are natural at flirting, and their body language reflects it. For example, many men are comfortable hugging or touching women they are not in a relationship with. So, if he keeps his physical distance from you, there might be a chance that he is involved in a relationship.

Sign #3: Notice how He Spends His Time. 

A guy in a relationship will spend most of his free time with his girlfriend. But if the person you are interested in talks more about having a quiet day at home by himself or hanging out with his best buddies on weekends, he is not involved with someone else.

Sign #4: Notice His Activities on Social Media. 

This is the easiest way to find out if a guy has a girlfriend. When you go through their social profiles, you will find posts and pictures that will let you know if he is in a relationship currently. See where he goes and who he hangs out with frequently.

Sign #5: Check His Phone. 

Try to get a glance at his phone. Check his wallpapers, call logs, and messages to see if there is someone special in his life. Sneaking into someone else’s phone is not always correct, but it is an easy way to find out if your crush is single or not.

Sign #6: Ask Him Directly. 

The easiest way to know if the person you like is involved with someone else or not is to ask him. Make sure he will be comfortable having this conversation with you or try asking the question very casually. Don’t let him understand that you are asking this for yourself.

Sign #7: See if He Answers Your Phone Calls Readily. 

If you are showing interest in someone and are reluctant to get in touch with you, chances are they are already taken. If you call someone and they are always busy on another call, that confirms that they already have a girlfriend. Their eagerness to be with you tells everything.

Sign #8: See if He Is Very Protective of His Phone. 

Since our mobile phones contain all information about our love life nowadays, if the guy you like is very protective about his phone and never leaves it here and there, you have reasons to believe that he is in a relationship and doesn’t want you to know much about it.

Sign #9: See if He Has a Pseudonym for You. 

A guy in a relationship will consider it safe to save your name with a cryptic pseudonym. Due to his commitment to his girlfriend, he doesn’t want to make her feel jealous or insecure by telling her about you. Therefore, he will try to hide your presence in his life.

Sign #10: See if He Is Available on Weekends. 

After a hectic week at work, everyone wants to have a carefree and refreshing weekend. So, if the guy you like is never available for you on weekends, you might have to consider that he spends those days with his girlfriend and makes up for his absence throughout the week.

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Things to Do on Weekends:

  • Go to a nearby park and take a walk.
  • Watch the sunset with your partner.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Play card games with your friends.
  • Go for wine tasting.
  • Read your favorite book.
  • Watch your favorite film.
  • Go to a painting class.
  • Spend time with your family.
  • Go out with your friends.

Sign #11: See What He Does on Holidays. 

He is never free on holidays, even if you want to spend special occasions with him. That’s because he spends those days with his girlfriend and gives time to his relationship. Therefore if he refuses to go on a vacation with you, know that he is already committed to someone.

Sign #12: See if He Always Tries to Meet up At Your Place. 

He will never invite you to his house because the risk of someone else knowing about your presence remains. So, when you ask him if you can spend the night with him at his place, he will avoid you or just give you a lame excuse to protect his relationship.

Sign #13: See if He Keeps You Isolated.

His relationship with you is isolated from all other aspects of his life. None of his friends or family know you exist because he doesn’t want anyone else to know about your communication. He considers it safe to compartmentalize you so that it doesn’t jeopardize his relationship with his girlfriend.

Sign #14: See how Much Time He Spends with You.

Even if you are in regular contact, you don’t spend much time. He rarely stays with you at night, and it is as if he goes in and out of your life whenever he feels comfortable, mostly because he is more concerned about his other priorities, possibly his girlfriend too.

Sign #15: See if He Keeps You Away from His Family. 

If a guy tells you he has no family and doesn’t talk about his relatives and friends, know that he possibly has a girlfriend. That is the only plausible reason for him not introducing you to his loved ones because he doesn’t want your relationship to be known to everyone.

Sign #16: See if He Is Extremely Private About Your Relationship. 

The guy takes you out on dates at places where nobody generally goes. You have a very private relationship that nobody is aware of. His attempt to keep you a secret is a sign that he is committed to someone else, and your relationship is not that important to him.

Sign #17: See-Through His Wallet.

Most committed guys keep photos of their girlfriends or wife inside their wallets. So, if you are out on a date, try getting a peek into his wallet if you see someone’s photo, that gives you a clear indication that he is already in a relationship with someone else.

Sign #18: See if He Tries to Hide His Social Profiles from You, 

If a guy tells you that he is not active on any social media platforms, chances are he is trying to hide his online accounts from you. He doesn’t want you to know about his private life and possibly his other relationships, so he keeps blocking you from online sites.

Sign #19: See if He Posts Pictures Online Very Frequently. 

Nowadays, everyone posts pictures of their outings and vacations on Facebook to keep memories. So, if he is reluctant to post pictures of you two on a date, know that he is reluctant to make your presence known to other people in his life because he is in a relationship.

Sign #20: See if He Wears a Ring. 

This is applicable if you are trying to identify if a guy is married or not. Even if he is not wearing a ring, try taking a closer look and check for a patch of lighter skin on his finger. Things can get pretty complex if he is already married.

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Ideas for Unique Wedding Rings:

  • Fingerprint rings.
  • Heartbeat rings.
  • Hand engraved rings.
  • Ethical rings.
  • Black Zirconium rings.
  • Diamond rings.
  • Custom-shaped rings.
  • Wood inlaid rings.
  • Ocean-themed rings.
  • Wrap rings.

What To Do If Your Crush Is Already Taken?

So now you know that the guy you know is already taken. Accept things the way they are, and don’t stress yourself out. Here are some things you can do to control the situation and protect your mental peace.

1. Don’t be hard on yourself. 

Never think that it is wrong to like someone who is taken. You can always admire someone, even if he loves someone else. But when you know they are already committed to a relationship, the wisest thing to do is step back from your relationship and maintain distance from them.

2. Double-check your suppositions.

Before you act on your judgment, check properly if he is indeed in a relationship with someone else. If your false assumptions lead to a bad choice, you will lose a good relationship with the person you like. Always be sure of what you are doing. Never act on reflex.

3. Think of His Girlfriend Constantly. 

When you know he is already taken but still have the urge to flirt with him, try picturing his girlfriend in your mind. Place yourself in her position and think about it deeply. Would you like it if someone else flirted with your man and tried to ruin your relationship?

4. Try to Keep as Much Distance as Possible.

Even if you have to see the guy regularly, try to maintain distance from him. If you share the same workplace, make sure your interactions are only for professional reasons. Stop following him on social media and have enough self-control to stop yourself from trying to get back with him.

5. Try to Fall out Of Love with Him.

If you realize that avoiding him or blocking all sources of contact will help you get over your crush, do that. Focus on yourself and know that these feelings will eventually go away. Try to stop making yourself feel bad about falling in love with someone already in a relationship.

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Ways to Stop Loving Someone:

  • Be honest with your feelings.
  • Focus on your emotions.
  • Speak to someone who understands you.
  • Know that it will take some time for you to get over it.
  • Get excited for what’s ahead.
  • Accept that you are feeling hurt.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Spend some alone time.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Replace the space with something else.

6. Try to Be Polite to Him. 

Remember that it is not his fault that you like him; he is already committed to someone else. Avoid being hurtful or outrageous to him when you communicate with each other. If you think you won’t be able to control your emotions, the best idea is to avoid him altogether.

7. Channel your feelings into something else.

Try diverting your mind to get over your crush on someone already in a relationship. Take up a new hobby, go on a vacation, date someone else- do everything that will keep you away from the guy. Don’t make any decision that will hamper his relationship or your mental peace.

8. Find a Rebound. 

This is the least effective solution to your problem, but it can help you get over your crush quickly. Find someone who is single and interested in having a relationship with you and spend time with him. Also, this rebounding thing might turn out to be something good for you.

9. Think of What You Hate About Him. 

This may sound harsh, but making a list of the bad things about your crush can make you get over it much faster. Make a mental note about things you don’t like about him, however trivial they may seem. Find out things that have the potential to irk your feelings.

10. Be Compassionate to Him, Not Affectionate. 

If you have to spend time together, be a good friend to him. Always be there when he needs you but don’t overstep your boundaries. Even if he speaks to you about a problem, have your mental restrictions. Don’t act on your emotions and be weak and vulnerable to him.

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Characteristics of An Affectionate Person:

  • They are happier.
  • They have higher self-esteem.
  • They are not afraid of intimacy.
  • They have a better body image.
  • They do not suffer from social isolation.
  • They recover better from stress.
  • They are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • They are more healthy, physically and emotionally.
  • They are never lonely.
  • They are kind and polite to everyone.


It’s not always to get over a crush, but it depends solely upon your efforts. If you are self-confident and strong enough, you will not let this matter overpower you. Instead, you will look toward the better things life has to offer. Mental peace is everything that matters in life.

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Signs You Have a Crush on Someone:

  • You are more conscious of your hair.
  • Everything is about them.
  • You stalk them online.
  • You try to spot them everywhere.
  • You try your best to bump into them.
  • You keep imagining things about them.
  • You make excuses to communicate with them.
  • You blush every time you see them.
  • You start recalling every bit of interaction with them.
  • You start having expectations from them.

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