70+ Gift Ideas For Your Dog Lover Partner

Everyone likes to have someone who is close to them. When people fail to give us what we need, we resort to pets and they become more precious than people. If your partner is a dog lover, here are some gifts that are sure to make them happy. 

Here are gift ideas for your dog lover partner. 

Dog collar. If your dog lover partner is a person who takes their dog out for a walk when the sun has set down, then a dog collar that has led light on it will be very helpful for your partner to keep track of their dog. 

Dog magnets. Dog magnets are the best thing that you can give your dog lover partner. This will make them feel good everytime they walk around any spot in the house. 

Custom tote bag. Let your dog lover partner show off their love for dogs while they are going out in the market with their dog by getting them a tote bag that has pictures and a little bit of information about the different dog breeds. 

Drying towel.  Help your partner to dry their pet after giving a bath to their pet by giving them a towel that is made of microfiber which soaks water from the body very fast. 

Dog-themed pillow covers. Make it interesting for your dog lover partner to see dog-themed pillow covers on their bed. It can also help them to get better sleep at night. 

Fun dog feeder. Does your partner’s dog finish his food as soon as it is served to him? If yes, then slow him down by getting a slow dog feeder fun bowl as a gift. It will make the dog hunt for food and eat slowly. 

Night lamp. The lamps have always proven to be the best décor every time. You can get one of these lamps designed in the shape of a dog for your dog lover partner. 

Water dispenser. Does your dog lover partner take their dog with them for morning walks or run? If yes, then surprise your partner by getting them a portable water dispenser from which their dog can drink water easily and stay hydrated. 

Dog-themed socks. Make your dog lover partner feel special, warm, and cozy at the same time by getting them a pair of socks that have pictures of dogs knitted on them. 

Snuffle mat. If your dog lover partner is unable to give much time to their pet and this has made them chew and tear things away to release their energy, you can help your partner by getting their dog to snuffle a mat. 

Fur bed for dogs. Just like humans, dogs like to be cosy and comfortable during their sleep.

Eye shadow palette. Get your dog lover partner eye shadow palette as a gift. And if it is in the shape of a dog face it may turn out to be a beautiful gift idea. 

Wine bottle holder. Your dog lover partner would be thrilled to get a wine bottle holder in the shape of a dog for a gift. They will proudly have this gift on display for sure.

Knit sweater. Help your dog lover partner to make his dog look better when they go out for events or walks together by getting them a colorful knitted sweater for the dog as a gift from you. 

Soy candles.  Soy candles are a great gift idea for your dog lover partner. Buy them some and you will love to see them bask in the beautiful olfactory hues of these candles. They will just love you for such a beautiful gift.

Dog boots. Buy your dog lover partner a set of dog boots for their dog, who loves to tramp around in the puddles. This way your partner can be assured of their dog’s paws to remain clean while letting that mutt stomp around in the puddle happily too.

Bathing tool. A bathing tool for your partner to use to bathe their dog will work wonders for sure. And since your partner is a dog lover you will actually make them even more pleased.

Bow tie. If your dog lover partner is a person who takes their dogs to parties and events or wherever they go, then it is necessary to make their dog look stylish too. Get your partner a pack of bow ties made for dogs. 

Custom napkins. Wouldn’t it soothe your dog lover partner’s eyes whenever they see these napkins that have beautiful prints of dogs on them? Get them a pack of these napkins as a gift. 

Dog wax. Help your dog lover partner to keep their dog’s paws protected and moisturized with the help of a paw wax that is made up of beeswax and vitamin E. It will be a very useful gift idea. 

Planter pot. Get a set of planter pots in the shape of dogs in various poses. Your dog lover partner will be thrilled to have these, and you will be astonished to see the vigor and passion with which they immediately take to planting beautiful flower plants in these pots.

Custom bandana. Make your dog lover partner look cool and stylish and show off their love for dogs at the same time by getting a bandana customized with prints of dogs on it. 

Personalized necklace. A necklace with dog-shaped trinkets in it will be a gift that will make your dog lover partner fall in love with you all over again. And additionally, if you get them a pair of matching dog-shaped earrings, you will be astounded by the deep love for you they have been harboring till now.

Dog portrait. Get your partner a portrait of their favorite species of dog and see them display it proudly on their office wall. Even better would be if you could get them a portrait of their own dog.

Coloring book. Get your dog lover partner a dog-themed coloring book. With so many pictures of dogs to color, you will be pleased to see how passionately they sit at coloring each picture. And they may even surprise you by inviting you to participate in coloring these pics with them.

Pet shampoo. Buy a really good quality dog shampoo for your partner who is a proud owner and also a dog lover. You will be surprised how happy you have made them. And be even more astonished how they reciprocate by surprising you with a unique gift for you as well.

Custom leash holder. Your dog owner partner will love to have a leash holder for a gift from you. Have it customized with the pet’s name and some more details, if possible? Any dog lover will treasure such a gift for life.

Custom doormat.  Buy your dog lover partner a dog-shaped doormat. They will keep this at the front door, and proudly welcome their guests into your home.

Dog-themed mug. A dog-themed or dog-shaped coffee mug goes a long way to show your love and appreciation of your dog lover partner. Buy them this gift today and be amused to see how obsessed they are to have their morning coffee in this mug, with you by their side of course.

Guidebook. Go and get your dog lover partner a guidebook on dogs. Even if they know a lot about their precious mutt they will still love to spend time reading this guidebook for sure. And they just won’t be able to thank you enough for such a kind and considerate gift.

Personalized notepad. A personalized dog-themed notepad will work wonders on your dog lover partner. And expect to be thanked by them in the most amazing ways.

Wine stopper. A dog-shaped wine stopper can be a really unique gift for your dog lover partner. You will be pleasantly surprised to find them using this beautiful gift almost always.

Paw cleaner. Does your dog lover partner hate it when their dog makes the floors dirty, and all messed up? If yes, then help your partner avoid getting into that problem time and again by gifting them a dog paw cleaner, which they can use anytime and anywhere. 

Personalized pen holder. Gift your dog lover partner a pen holder in the shape of a dog that will not only make his desk look decorative, but will also be very helpful for them. 

Mobile stand. Let your dog lover partner’s hand rest while they are watching movies by getting them a mobile stand in the shape of a dog as a gift. It will be an adorable gift idea. 

Custom t-shirt. Help your dog lover partner vocalize and let other people know the importance of helping and rescuing dogs by getting a beautiful quote printed on a t-shirt as a gift.  

Bobblehead. A bobblehead figurine of a dog will be a cute gift for you to buy your dog lover partner. When they are driving, it will keep them happy to see the head keep bobbing up and down constantly.

Custom desk calendar. A customized dog-themed calendar will keep your dog lover partner happy whenever he is in the office room. You will be glad to have thought up this choice of a gift for them.

Custom dog tag. A personalized dog tag for your partner’s dog is a very thoughtful gift. And your partner is a proud owner of a dog, and a dog lover will please them immensely to get such a lovely and thoughtful gift from you.

Wine glass. Make wine sessions interesting for your dog lover partner by getting them a set of wine glasses that has a silhouette of a dog engraved on them. 

Personalized keychain. Make it interesting for your dog lover partner to open the doors of their house, car, lockers, etc., by getting them a bunch of keychains that have a sculpture of dogs hanging on them. 

Dog camera. A dog camera can be a great gift idea for your dog lover partner. It will help them keep a watch on their dog while interacting with them as well.

Wrapping paper. A set of dog-themed wrapping paper is a good gift idea for your dog lover partner. They will love wrapping their gifts for others in these wrapping papers at the slightest opportunity.

Wall art. Get the painters in and have a wall in your partner’s favorite room painted with a dog theme. Your dog lover partner will see this as an act of love from you and they will reciprocate in the most amusing ways.

Luggage tag. Let your luggage be recognized by your partner’s dog by getting them a luggage tag that has a picture of their dog on it, as a gift. 

Car sticker. Your dog lover partner will love to get those dog-themed car stickers from you. They will proudly stick them onto their car and love you so much more for this thoughtful gift.

Personalized slippers. Get a pair of dog-themed slippers for your dog lover partner. You will be amused to seldomly see them at home without these slippers.

Dog trivet. Get some dog-themed trivets to gift your dog lover partner. You will be amazed at how well they use these to decorate various parts of your home.

Sleeping bag.  A dog-themed sleeping bag is a grand gift idea for your dog lover partner. They will love to sleep in this sleeping bag at every possible opportunity.

Paper clips. Buy some dog-shaped paper clips for your dog lover partner. They will love organizing their documents with the help of these clips.

Dog leash. Go on and get your dog lover partner a leash for his dog. And if you can personalize it with your proud dog owner partner’s name and his dog’s name, for your partner it will be by far a gift to cherish for life.

Drink coaster. Help your dog lover partner to keep their table clean and free from spots of drink glasses by getting them a coaster set in the shape and design of dog paws as a gift. 

Dog sofa. A dog sofa actually shows your love for your dog lover partner, and how much you accept his immensely loved canine pet, while also keeping your sofa set and chairs free from all that unmanageable dog hair.

Grooming glove. Your dog lover partner will love it if grooming their dog becomes easy for them. You can help them by getting one of the grooming gloves, which they can clean by just shaking it off after grooming their dog. 

GPS tracker. A GPS tracker for your dog lover partner’s precious little friend is a great gift. It will ensure that your proud dog owner partner has his dog tracked readily. Let him have peace of mind that his dog is safe.

Tennis ball launcher. Whether you get a dog-themed tennis ball launcher for your dog lover partner or for his dog to fetch those balls, this is a great gift idea for sure.

Dog bowls. Make it interesting for your dog lover partner and their dog to have their meals in a bowl that is in the shape of a dog and has designs of dog paws all over it. 

Dog raincoat. A dog raincoat as a gift from you shows your dog lover partner that you not only love them but their prized pet dog as well. This gesture will definitely add a lot more value to your relationship hereon.

Custom Baking molds. Go on and get your dog lover partner a set of baking molds as a gift, since they love baking very much. Make sure these baking molds are in the shapes of dogs in various poses. That would drive your partner to bake a lot more than usual.

Garden sculpture. Buy a set of dog-shaped garden sculptures for your dog lover partner. They will love to display these sculptures and figurines in the most prominently visible parts of your garden.

Cute dog-lover gift ideas 

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

The tractive GPS dog tracker is one of the most useful and the best products for your dogs. This maintains a record and helps in the live tracking of our furry, soft friends. This also provides a virtual fence; that is, if the dog leaves your particular area, then a notification pops up informing about the dog. Additionally, the dog tracker also has a feature for activity monitoring which requires the owner to switch on the integrated dog fitness tracker and provides the golden opportunity to keep your dog healthy, fit, and strong. 

This device is waterproof. Hence, there is no chance of it getting damaged by water from any source. It offers worldwide location tracking with Tractive GPS pet collar attachment in over 150 countries. The range limit varies up to all life stages of dogs. The tractive GPS dog tracker comes with a few additional components such as the manual, GPS tracker, and a USB cable. It requires a subscription for the safety and security of your dogs. A perfect gift for the dog owners and dog lovers too!

Whistle FIT – Pet Health and Fitness Tracker

The whistle FIT is yet another useful device for dog enthusiasts and dog fans as well. Dogs are our best friends, extremely naughty, running about here and there. It often gets essential and primal to keep a check and a watchful eye upon their movements and their time-to-time activities. This is very important, especially with regards to the maintenance of their safety and well-being. This is not only to suit the security reasons but also cater to their needs and their health issues that often require immediate concern and care. It is then that the pet health and fitness tracker become a basic need of all the dog owners to monitor their dogs’ licking, scratching, drinking, and sleeping, additionally, various other activities as well. 

This is not a GPS but is waterproof, which, again, ensures no damage to the device. This offers active monitoring of the dog and sets the aims based on their breed, age, and weight. This helps to see calories burned; distance traveled, minutes active, and many more. A subscription plan has to adhere to ensure the health and fitness monitoring of your dogs without much hustle and trouble. A perfect gift for all dog lovers and doggo fans!

SassyCups Funny Dog Tumbler 

The sassy cups for dog lovers are just so appropriate and fun to use. These cups or tumblers, as rightly said, come in a gift pack with the lid and straw. This just elevates the look of the cup as well as provides additional facets and items that make the customers and the dog lovers super happy and satisfied. This mug is made up of stainless steel. Hence, there is no possibility of a change in color or the tumbler getting tarnished. It will also not cause any harm or injury to the skin in any unfortunate cases. 

Additionally, the tumbler contains a double insulated wall that helps to keep the warm liquids hot and the cold liquids cold, respectively. It features a side-close lid, a matching, reusable straw, and a non-slip base. It is high-quality and is durable and rust-resistant as well. It is available in a cute and mild mint green color with a super-honest and blatant truth- ‘I prefer dogs over people.’ A perfect present for dog lovers, indeed!

Cavertin Women’s Novelty Socks

The cavertin women’s socks are just the best, super comfy, and super fun. These socks are made up of pure cotton material and are super soft on the skin. It is lightweight and durable as well. This pair of socks are the best fit and most appropriate for dog fans and doggo lovers. They are so comfortable to wear and so soft and silky on the skin. It feels as if there is nothing on the skin even when one is wearing the pair. It has a cute dog message printed on it, and it just elevates the entire lock of these novelty pairs of socks. These socks are available in various colors and prints related to dogs. Indeed, the best gift for dog owners and dog lovers too!

Funny Dog Candles 

Candles are always a pleasure to use. Candles serve a very beautiful, memorable, and aesthetic purpose. Candles light up our rooms, room spaces, and our world, so to speak. It is a candle, the source of light, that we demand in times of darkness. A candle is what drives away our dark sorrows and ushers in the light of joy and happiness. Keeping this in mind, what can be better and more authentic than a candle for dog lovers too? These candles are beautifully scented, and it offers a relaxing fragrance and refreshing moments at home with these candles lit in the home spaces. Its fragrance reaches far and wide to relieve one’s pressures, tensions, and ill-thoughts too. 

These candles carry a restorative power with them, contained within their heavenly fragrance and scent. It has a long-lasting burn time of over 50-60 hours and is pet friendly as well. These candles are handcrafted in America and are made in small batches to ensure their safe delivery and creation of a perfect candle. It has 100% soy wax infused with rich, fragrant oils. These candles make a great gift for a co-worker, dog mom, dog dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, or grandpa. They are solid and long-lasting burn and finish as well. It is of superior quality and devoid of any usage of chemicals. Indeed, a perfect gift for dog lovers!

Primitives by Kathy Rustic Dish Towel

The Primitives by Kathy is a rustic dish towel that serves an amazing purpose in the kitchen or other uses. The material is soft, and it comes with a cute dog message print on it. The towel is super soft and comfortable for use as well. A must-buy indeed!

Primitives by Kathy 19133

The primitives by Kathy 19133 is yet another interesting product for doggo lovers. This is an elegant wooden notice board that comes with an amazingly classy message on it with regards to dogs. Indeed, a perfect catch for those who would not wish to get away from such an authentic and fun product!

Skechers BOBS Women’s Beach Bingo

The BOBS Women’s beach bingo Skechers are super comfortable, fun, and have an amazing fit too. The shoes have a casual sneaker look and are super flexible and durable. The colors are mild, and the fit is adjustable. A perfect buy!

Dog Candles

The dog candles are super fun and useful at the same time. The candles emit a beautiful fragrance when lit. They have a uniquely fun message printed on them, which makes a perfect gift for dog lovers!

Willow Tree True

The willow tree is a hand-painted and self-sculpted keepsake box. The design is unique, fun, and classy at the same time. The design has been so craftily done, and this is just the perfect buy who are insanely in love with authentic art!

Farmhouse Door Sign

The Farmhouse door design is a front door board that can be used for décor purposes to elevate the look of your garden or office spaces. It comes with a cute message on it. A perfect buy for all the dog lovers, indeed!

Waldeal Women’s Embroidered Hat

The Waldeal women’s embroidered hat comes in a unique and comfortable design. It is a denim baseball cap. It is adjustable and can be worn as per comfort needs. It is easy with regard to fit issues. A perfect product for dog lovers.

Best Dog Mom

The best dog mom coffee cup is a perfect catch for all those insanely in love with dogs. The cups come in a unique design and super cute messages on them. The product is high-quality and is indeed a perfect gift!

Alex and Ani Expandable Bangle

The Alex and ani expandable bangle is a beautiful gift for women. It has amazing crystal paw prints of love charm on it. This charming, unique and elegant piece is a must-buy for all dog lovers!

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

The willow tree angel of friendship is a handmade sculpture that is super elegant and chic. The piece is super elegant and classy. This is a perfect buy for all those who regard art pieces and have a special place for such authentic pieces!

Bonsai Tree Dog Dish Towels

The bonsai tree dog dish towels are dishwasher clothes that come in a super cute design and print on them. The material is super soft, and the material is comfortable to use as well. This is a useful as well as a fun product!

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog camera is a wifi pet camera specially designed for dogs. This comes with dual audio means. This is a really fun product for capturing precious as well as fun moments with your pets and keeping them alive!

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

The iFetch interactive ball launcher comes in a set of three tennis balls. This is a unique product that helps to keep pets and dogs engaged in a fun situation while you sit back and relax. A must-buy!

Tervis Flat Art 

The Tervis flat art dog tumbler is super fun and cute product. It has small images of dogs printed upon it. It could easily remind one of their little pets at home while they are at work!

Solar Paw Print Lights

The solar paw lights come in a set of 16 colors and are super artistic in form. They are so uniquely crafted and are waterproof lights. This ensures safety. The products are classy, fun, and so dog-like!

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