16 Emojis Men Use to Show That They Love You

In this modern world, emojis are a very common feature in day-to-day communication. This is used by almost every single individual starting from a teenager to business corporate on different texting platforms to express or convey messages in a suitable tone. 

But this article mostly covers the romantic angle of emojis as they are used by millions of guys to express their feelings to the girl they love.

What is the impact of emojis in the modern world?

People in the modern world want things to go quickly so they always search for alternatives that can convey their messages at a faster rate. Emojis are the perfect tool for those who are bored of texting or have become too lazy to write a complete statement.

Emojis bring essential fun to the chat through their interactive icons which also help the other person to judge the mood and tone of the sender. This is also an important feature because most of the time there was confusion regarding understanding the proper meaning of the words.

Apart from these, our human brains are accustomed to getting attracted to something visual rather than in a textual form. So emojis became an instant hit and till now people find it the most convenient way of delivering a message.

Why do guys use emojis to impress girls?

Emojis are used by everyone irrespective of gender, caste, social status to name a few. However, since this article is only concerned with a specific topic so the answer is only provided for that. 

Guys are the most unique human beings who can go to extreme lengths to catch the attention of the person they like. So, emojis become their go-to weapon for this mission as it has millions of icons with different emotions which are particularly suitable for them to impress a girl. Emojis give them the luxury to carry out a simple conversation into a fun and flirty one without going for an abrupt switch. 

Emojis also helps them to deliver the much-needed tone of the message that is conveyed to the other side. This proper understanding of tone is very crucial in the establishment of a new relationship.

What are the different emojis that a guy will use to impress the one he likes?

There are multiple emojis present in numerous chatting and social media platforms. But the emojis that are described below are the most famous ones. So here is the complete list. The list is arranged randomly with no chronological order to respect the individual opinions.

1. The monkey see emoji

It is a very popular emoji used by both genders to express their shyness regarding a particular topic of discussion. This is a very cute emoji and has a major following among the love birds. 

Sometimes it is also used to express embarrassment too if he suddenly spills up an uncanny story from his past. The emoji also gives the correct representation of his face after narrating the whole situation.

Some also used this emoji to depict nervousness too as they might think if they have said anything unreasonable or foolish.

2. The winky face emoji

This is a very popular emoji used by guys when they are trying their best to grab your attention. Just think with the normal circumstances that you visit a place and suddenly a guy winks at you. 

You would be highly astonished at such behavior but will get a bright idea that whether a guy is really into you or not. Similarly, through this emoji, you can judge the proper mindset of a guy if he is interested in you. This emoji is used by many guys to start a flirtatious conversation.

3. The smirking emoji

The smirk is often characterized by something mischievous. Similarly, this emoji also depicts the same. This emoji can only be exchanged in a chat when two people deeply understand each other.

They know each other’s thought process, old habits, or their ability to catch difficult puns or sarcasm. 

This is mostly used by guys when they are into a girl whom they have known for a very long time.

Otherwise, if used against relatively new person things can take wrongs turns. So this emoji is fun when used in a chat with a familiar person of the opposite gender.

4. The kissing face emoji

At first instance, the things might not seem real but if a girl is searching for a real sign to know a man is interested in them or not then this thing is the best indication that they can get.

This emoji is always used by guys to express their true feelings for a person through a very simple gesture that has been prevalent for ages. There is a hidden objective that they sincerely like you and take care of you.

If he uses this emoji then you must understand that his feelings are true and sincere.

5. The blushing emoji

Blushing is one of the characteristics that guys have or do when they talk or think about a particular girl they like.

Guys who like to catch the fancy of their loved ones use this emoji frequently so that they can convey the message that the person they are chatting with is special to them in more ways than ever. Sometimes guys also use this emoji to express their feelings when their crush compliments them.

If he uses this emoji then he thinks that you as a very special person and your compliment means a big thing for him.

6. The couple emoji

This emoji is not used by all guys but rather the ones who are in a more advanced stage in their relationship.

Moreover, this is mostly used when you and your partner are arranging a special thing together. This emoji celebrates the togetherness of two people and how they are connected in separate ways.

This can also be used to depict a long term long-trip but mostly used to represent a romantic attachment.

If he uses this emoji then you must understand then he thinks of a future with you.

7. The grin emoji

There is a saying that women mostly prefer guys with a good sense of humor. So guys try their best to impress girls with their witty comments and statements and to give their jokes some more weight they use this emoji as a helping hand. 

If a guy uses this emoji then you must understand if he likes you and does not get hesitant to show his real side to you. He feels comfortable and much more open while chatting with you.

8. The pleading face emoji

This is a very cute emoji used by a guy who is trying to find his way into the heart of a girl who is difficult to impress. This emoji represents the vulnerability of a person but in terms of relationship, it is depicted as a chance for a guy to show his simple and polite behavior.

If a guy uses this emoji constantly that means he is trying to be in your good books so that one day you can understand his feelings and make a gradual move. 

9. The angel face emoji

This emoji is one of the most commonly used by guys when they are truly into someone and want their day to begin and end with them.

This is also used when a guy tries to convince the person they like about a particular and luckily the person takes their advice and gets impressed by it. They also cherish it as a sense of pride when their favorite person takes their opinion.

If a guy is using this in your conversation then you must understand that he deeply cares about you and wants better in your life.

10. The relieved smile

This is a very confusing emoji as it has very different meanings. These meanings are highly dependent on the situation and the context of the conversation but on a romantic note, this is mostly on the investment in the emotional side.

This emoji is mostly used to express satisfaction with a particular topic or concern.

If a guy uses this emoji then you must understand that he is highly considerate towards you and your problems.

11. The heart emoji

The most renowned emoji of all time and probably the greatest in terms of romantic association. Our list could not be completed without the inclusion of this emoji. Most of the readers might know the significance of this emoji in terms of emotional establishments. 

This is a no-brainer when a guy constantly uses this emoji to depict his feelings towards you. You must understand that it is a very special emoji and only reserved for you.

12. The heart eyes emoji

Just like the heart emoji this particular emoji also holds a special place in the hearts of every avid lover.

This emoji is a true testament to his feelings towards you. This emoji is also used as a compliment by guys for many things to impress their girl.

If a guy uses this emoji whenever you send him pictures of some of your belongings then you must understand that he is really into you and always cares for the little things you love.

13. The hug emoji

Hugs are generally used to establish emotional connections with each other. Guys use this emoji to depict their love and care towards a special as hugs are symbolized as a feeling of warmth and care.

If a guy uses this emoji in their chats then you must believe that you are special to them because this emoji is not used for flirts but only to represent care and affection.

14. The cold sweat emoji

This is a very emoji used by guys when they are confused regarding the response they might get from you. Sweat is a symptom of nervousness and this emoji perfectly sums up that feeling.

You can even understand the panic in this anxiety. There are other alternatives to this emoji such as the nervous laugh but guys prefer this more than others because its straightforward depiction is more inclined towards their current condition.

If a guy uses this emoji then you must understand that he is uncertain about your response or eagerly values your response.

15. The lips emoji

This is not a common emoji used by many guys but generally used by many who are trying to impress a particular person.

This emoji is their expression of a simple expression of a normal kiss. They use this emoji in a form of ending their wonderful conversation. 

If a guy prefers lip emoji in place of kiss emoji then you must understand that he is deeply into you and want you to have a great end to the long tiring day. The guys who use this emoji are special and have a great sense of care for their partner.

16. The combination of smiling face emoji with heart emoji

This emoji is highly used by guys when they are sure that they have found the right person in their life. They try their best to impress that person with a whole heart and this emoji is the best way to start it all. This emoji is the perfect depiction of spreading love and complimenting the other person’s presence. 

If a guy uses this emoji more than often in his conversation then you must realize that he is trying his best to provide hints about his feelings towards you. It is just a humble attempt to reach someone’s heart.

Emojis are just a medium to establish messages between two people. But emojis play a very vital role in the fact that most people are unable to express their feelings through text form.

So using emojis give them better freedom to open out their hearts and express themselves. They also act as a bridge between two people who care for each other

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