100+ Ending Relationship Quotes to Share

Relationships are always a thing of bliss but sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, we have to say unpleasant goodbyes to our partners because at that time that things serve to be the best choice for us.

Sometimes ending relationships also add up a new positive meaning to our lives and gives us a new and fresh kind of hope in us.

Here are some quotes about ending relationships.

-There is no hope remained for a relationship which totally depends upon only one person and the other person remains totally effortless and that one should end immediately –Anonymous

-You will never be able to move on and start the new beginning of your life if you continuously keep on going through the events of your past relationship and you should close it –Anonymous

Life is always full of new surprises and enchanting starting which can very easily remove your toxic past and help you live your life freely, so just quit thinking about your past and move one –Anonymous

-Do not ever fight to stay with somebody who does not even care about your presence in his life and you must end up that relation and start over your life again –Anonymous

-Do not  beg to stay with somebody who is least interested in knowing whether you are okay with the decisions he is taking or not and just leave him as soon as possible –Anonymous

-Never ever entertain any kind of toxic thing in your relationship, be it with any kind of matter, you should just leave that one than retain it for the rest of your life –Anonymous

-Never ever stay in a kind of relationship where you are feeling like being an outsider or getting suffocated by staying in that, just walk away of it –Anonymous

-If you ever think that you will try some more to fix a broken relationship for which you have sacrificed your everything, then think twice and break that relationship –Anonymous

-If there is a lack of trust, love, and respect in any relationship, you must end it immediately and never ever look back to it as it will give you only pain and nothing else –Anonymous

-If you are feeling broken and shattered for a failed relationship, then you must cheer up because you have tried a lot but it has to end and probably it is the best for you -Anonymous 

-Crying over spoilt milk has never been a good decision and you must remember that and must not shed tears for a relationship which was not fit for you and have ended –Anonymous

-Do not waste your time to fix a relationship that was never meant to be yours, instead of that move on, restart your life and explore finding the real meaning of your life –Anonymous

-You need not have a restart button to start your life afresh, if you are having a troublesome relationship, just end it and go on a trip and you can very well start over again –Anonymous

-Do not ever tolerate any kind of violence or tortures from your partner in the name of love, just leave those violent partners alone and try to move on and lead a better life –Anonymous

-Most the people waste rest of their life lamenting for a failed relationship and blame themselves for it but you must let it go out of your head and lead a better life –Anonymous

-A relationship is as sensitive as a glass bottle because once it is broken, it can be never mended and can be brought back to the normal one, so never ever try to mend a broken relationship –Anonymous

-Sometimes all you need to just stop trying and let go of things that are not making you happy and try to forget the people with whom you have spent a lot of time –Anonymous

-People staying in a relationship must not forget about their own happiness and self-respect for the sake of a relationship that will end someday soon –Anonymous

-Do not plead in front of somebody to stay in a relationship who does not even care whether you live or die, trust yourself that you deserve better and look forward to a better tomorrow –Anonymous

-You may cry your heart out after a bad break-up with somebody whom you have loved with all your heart but after you have completed shedding tears just lift up your head and move one –Anonymous

-Do not ever fall for the person again who has thrown you away during your toughest time and do not ever go back to him and end the relationship forever and do not look back –Anonymous

-Do not retain your relationship with that guy who is reluctant to hear any of your problems and highly ignores the small matters and happiness of your relationship, just walk away from that relationship –Anonymous

-Immediately end your relationship with that person who always denies to give you some personal space in your relationship and is over-possessive –Anonymous

-Please do not stay in that relationship where you are regularly being treated as a cleaning cloth and your partner does not give you the minimum respect you deserve –Anonymous

-Most of the relationship face their termination because the partners literally stop caring for the things that they once did delicately for getting each other in their life –Anonymous

-You need not worry for that person and the relationship in which your heart has been broken into pieces and your peace of mind has been torn apart, just close that chapter forever –Anonymous

-Never drop your tears for those who have just used you during the relationship and once your worth was over dumped you, feel good because it was actually your freedom from a greedy person –Anonymous

-Do not settle with the person who only cares about your financial condition and nothing else because that kind of relation will end someday or the other –Anonymous

-Never ever trust that person who will make you daydream and take you away from all the realities and goals of your life, that relationship will surely break once you hit the reality –Anonymous

-Do not think that a broken relationship will ruin your whole life, put your chin up, keep your spirit up and start walking in the path of life again, happily –Anonymous

-Do not let a failed relationship lift down your motivation and the confidence to lead life because you always need to remember that something that is rotten needs to end immediately –Anonymous

-End the relationship immediately if you are having one with a kind of guy who has a tendency to take control over all your freedom and regulates your movement and even the entire life –Anonymous

-Do not spend your entire life with somebody who is busy giving you more injuries than healing your past wounds, just leave them and move forward in your life –Anonymous

-End your relationship with that person who cannot even take out few minutes from their busy lives to make you feel special and never ever come back to them –Anonymous

-If you ever feel that you have come into the relationship with somebody who only cares about your outer appearance and does not really care about your genuine feelings, just break it off immediately –Anonymous

-If you want to end any kind of toxic relationship, do not even think twice and worry about the consequences because that will only hurt you and will end up as a consequence –Anonymous

-Never trust your faith you are having upon a toxic person because sometimes these kinds of faith can give you the dreadful pain and the wisest thing to do will be to end the relationship –Anonymous

-Toxic relationship is just like sticky bubblegum, the more you try to nurture it with your tender feelings, it will become stiff and at the end, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it –Anonymous

-End your relationship as soon as possible with that person who believes in male chauvinism and will not let you enjoy your freedom in the workplace in the future –Anonymous

-It might sometimes become very much difficult to leave a person whom you have loved for a long time but for the sake of your happiness and your wellness break-up remains the only option –Anonymous

-Do not let your life become dry and full of sadness thinking about the relationship you have ended a few days ago because you need to remember that you deserve much more love in your life –Anonymous

-If you are forcefully maintaining yourself in a toxic relationship, then take the mental preparation to break-up with that person because a toxic thing never last forever –Anonymous

-True is that thing, the more you try to hold up slippery things, the earlier it gets out of grip, similar is a relationship, if you try to hold it hard it will end easily so let it go if it does not seem the forever one –Anonymous

-If you are finding yourself in the middle of a relationship that is constantly degrading your mental and physical health and move out of that one at once because it will eventually kill you –Anonymous

-End all kinds of those relationships which is hampering your relation with your friends and family and sabotaging and taking away all your dreams because that relationship will not last long either –Anonymous

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