110+ Engagement Quotes To Announce Your Love

Engagement is a profoundly meaningful and transformative moment in one’s life, symbolizing the union of two souls embarking on a lifelong journey together. ? As couples prepare to exchange vows and rings, the power of words often plays a pivotal role in expressing their love and commitment.

In this collection of Engagement Quotes, ? we explore the eloquent, heartfelt, and inspiring words of poets, authors, and thinkers that beautifully capture the essence of this cherished milestone.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect words for your engagement announcement or simply looking to celebrate love, these quotes will inspire and resonate with you.

Memorable Engagement Quotes

Memorable Engagement Quotes
  • You are the reason that I came to know about love. –Hermann Hesse 
  • A man usually and quickly falls in love with a woman who is a good listener. – Brendan Francis
  • The man is called lucky if he gets a real friend. But the man whose wife is his real friend is called the luckiest. –Franz Schubert
  • My whole self is fascinated by you. And, I am madly, deeply, and wholeheartedly in love with you. –Pride & Prejudice
  • Let us exchange our hearts with each other and toss the keys of the lock very far with which we have sealed them. –Frederick Saunders
  • People find the perfect person for love. But you came to me, found me imperfect, but still loved me perfectly. –Sam Keen
  • Just like a seaman is well aware of the immense ocean. Same, a woman can never forget the face of her man. –Honore de Balzac
  • Your thoughts don’t let me sleep. Your dreams don’t let me wake up. And, your existence with me makes me feel alive. –Anonymous
  • Your dreams make me think about you, and your thoughts make me dream about you. –Anonymous

Engagement Quotes For Couple

Engagement Quotes For Couple
  • You fall in love with those whose special songs singing are listening to you only. No fancy clothes, cars looks, or wealth matters to you. –Oscar Wilde
  • I always pray to live one day less than your life because I can’t envision living even a day in your absence. –A. A. Milne
  • Love makes the ride meaningful on this beautiful journey of life. It doesn’t make anyone’s world upside down.  –Franklin P. Jones
  • It is so easy to attract with personality. But, it is remarkable to attract with the heart. –Anonymous
  • A smart face can attract your eyes, but only a great personality can attract your heart. –Anonymous
  • Two persons can only make it through when they have admiration and careful thoughts for each other. –Mary Durso
  • The falling of any person in love is not because of gravitation. –Albert Einstein
  • Instead of finding a lover for life, it is better to find a person with whom you have differences but still love you. –Leo Buscaglia
  • The thing that only can be felt by the heart and can neither be seen nor heard, is indeed the most graceful. –Helen Keller

Heart Touching Engagement Quotes

Heart Touching Engagement Quotes
  • A special one comes and makes the simple words of ‘love’ so significant to you. A picture that best describes love is painted with love only. –Anonymous
  • When two chemical substances are mixed, and any reaction occurs, then they both change. The same happens with the encounter of two people. –Carl Jung
  • Being in love can be a matter of some time. But, falling in love is a matter of a lifetime. –Anonymous
  • The outcome of affection in love doesn’t matter. The achievement of love is in affection. –Mother Teresa
  • Engagement symbolizes the commencement of a never-ending fairytale and the conclusion of a swirl of romance. – Anonymous
  • Your loving whispering goes straight to my heart from my ears. –Judy Garland
  • A mosaic that you build by joining countless beautiful moments of your love life with your partner is called Engagement. –Jennifer Smith
  • No matter what, without any break, I’ll opt for you again and again until my heartbeat is beating. –Anonymous
  • The best treat of life is to marry the fun-loving one and always see you smiling because beauty and sexiness can fade away, but a loving heart will forever remain the same. –Joanne Woodward

Deep Engagement Quotes

Deep Engagement Quotes
  • In the calculation of deep affection, joining one and one becomes the whole lot, and if one separates from two, it remains nil. –Mignon McLaughlin
  • You are to me like What is the cheese for pasta, and breath for living. –Julia Child
  • I always wonder how long I have been thinking about you. You are my only constant thought. And, the conclusion I got is that, from the time you came into my life, you have made a home in my heart and mind too. –Anonymous
  • When the realization of spending your whole life with someone strikes your mind, then you want to start that whole life of yours quickly. –Nora Ephron
  • It doesn’t matter where Engagement occurs because it takes place in the heart first. To be in a relationship for a lifetime is a choice of two people, and this long-life decision can be seen in how you treat your partner. –Barbara de Angelis
  • A dream wedding for me will be in which you will become my wife. –Anonymous
  • My dream wedding must be simple and the epitome of elegance where all my friends and family would be there. –Anonymous
  • The best description of love, at first sight, is that it is that miracle when two people who are madly and deeply in love while gazing at each other decide to spend their whole life together. –Sam Levenson
  • How perfectly you deal with incompatibility in a joyful relationship is more important than being compatible in a relationship. –George Levinger’s

Beautiful Engagement Quotes

Beautiful Engagement Quotes
  • To be happy, and loving each other is easy and challenging at the same time. –Micheal Leunig
  • If you want to wake up joyfully, then go to bed after solving all your problems. –Louis Fromm
  • While entangling enemies and keeping friends happy, when man and wife are always looking into each other’s eyes, they make a home. –Homer
  • There is nothing more remarkable than to find a special one whom you can irritate for a lifetime. –Rita Rudner
  • Give a computer to run to a person in which the internet works slowly. And then decide from his reactions whether he is fit to marry or not. –Will Ferrell
  • When you realize your partner that he’s too old to do any particular task, it is the best plan to get work done from him. –Shirley MacLaine
  • It is a must for a partner to let his partner know everything about him before anyone can. –Thomas Robert Dewar
  • My partner and I opine murder instead of divorce if, in any case, we ever need it. Lol. –Joyce Brothers
  • The right thing as per the regulation is that if you peck a person, then marry the one and have babies together. –Howard, age 8

Long Engagement Quotes

Long Engagement Quotes
  • A person will remain happy if they get the right partner to get married. But, a person becomes a philosopher if he/she gets to marry a not-so-good one. It is my opinion on the relationship. –Socrates
  • You and I will make heaven on earth, and ultimate life, and a kingdom of love. –Anonymous
  • After getting engaged, my curiosity to get married to you has increased more. –Anonymous
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Engage Quotes For Your Partner

Engage Quotes For Your Partner
  • I am thrilled with our engagement. I am eager to announce to the entire world that soon, our world will become one. –Anonymous
  • You are the one who is my pleasure, my power, my whole world. My heart is beating seeing you. I am very enthusiastic about our new upcoming married life. –Anonymous
  • Our love is the most significant pre-wedding contract in us. –Gene Perret
  • If a bloom would blossom whenever I think about you, then I would have a garden of my own. –Alfred Tennyson
  • A married man must consider that he should say sorry first, accept his fault, and promise never to do it again. These are the rules of a long-lasting and joyful marriage. –Manny Wolf
  • I fall for you because of what you have done for me in your company. I again fall for you because of what you are trying to do for me. –Roy Croft
  • Giving love is ordinary; taking love is great. But, the most special is, to give love and get love back from the same. – T. Tolis
  • I feel I can take an oath that now this is the excess of my love for you. But still, somewhere, I know it will increase the next day. –Leo Christopher
  • A marriage is not a thing that you will get. It is an everyday act of loving your partner. –Barbara De Angelis
  • I love you so much, my journal is in human form. You are the better half of me. You are my heaven on this planet, my bestie. –Anonymous
  • Take every distress as an event but never take any event as distress. It is the best rule to apply for a joyful married life. –Sir Harold George Nicolson’s

Best Engagement Quotes For Her

Best Engagement Quotes For Her
  • There is something that is prettier than the stars; it is her smile. –Across the Universe by Beth Revis
  • I wish I met you long back, then I would have known and loved you from long before. –Anonymous
  • A contribution and commitment are two different things. Like, pork is a commitment of a pig, and an egg contributes from the chicken. –John Mack Carter
  • The perfection of love can be felt only when two people are at least 15 years from the century with each other. Nobody can describe it in words about love. It is the most slow-going feel but seems like the fastest. –Mark Twain
  • The woman’s eyes are the way to her heart in which she has immense love, and it is the real beauty of her. –Audrey Hepburn 
  • Occasionally, what the heart can see, eyes cannot. –H. Jackson Brown, Jr
  • Our journey as individuals has now become the one. –Bryon Pulsifers

Best Engagement Quotes For Him

Best Engagement Quotes For Him
  • The one with whom I share my house makes it home to me. –Tad Carpenter
  • Just like a flowerpot without flowers, a husband is without his wife. –African Proverb
  • You is an ordinary individual for the entire planet, but you are a whole planet for someone special. – Bill Wilson
  • My love for you has increased after every fight. My love for you has increased whenever we live far away from each other. My love for you has increased whenever we laugh after crying together. My love for you has increased whenever we face any difficulties together. And, it will keep on increasing for a lifetime. –Anonymous
  • I may be the head of the house, but my wifey is the one who decides everything. –Woody Allen
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Engagement Love Quotes

  • When a wife feels everything is going her way and can have whatever she can, nothing is there that can stop her from being happy. These are the two basic things I have learned from marriage. –Lyndon B. Johnson
  • A grade-level relationship is like an A-class flight; it is costly but the most remarkable. –Mignon McLaughlin
  • I was able to make my wife agree to marry me; it is one of the best accomplishments of my life. –Winston Churchill
  • Love is being silly and fools with each other. –Paul Valery
  • It might not be recommended, but the involvements before marriage are the best time for the people to know each other well. –Oscar Wilde
  • Yes, indeed, love is the best gift you can give. But, your lover won’t mind if you share sweets or chocolates sometimes too. –Charles Schulz
  • It is the beginning of the journey of getting old together. The more great time is waiting ahead for us. –Robert Browning

Engagement Journey Quotes

  • I wholeheartedly accept all your faults, shortfalls, and weaknesses. I want nothing except you and your love. –Anonymous
  • No specific justification makes loving you more perfect. Loving you is total craziness. –Leo Christopher
  • My whole self loves you wholeheartedly. –John Legend, All of Me
  • More than your integrity, I love you because of your imperfections. –Anonymous
  • The first time I looked at you, you smiled back because you came to know that I fell for you at that exact moment. –Arrigo Boito
  • Just by looking at you for a moment, I could observe countless things that make me fall in love with you. –Anonymous
  • If you allow me to spend my entire life with you, I promise to make you the most pleased because of the way you always make me feel, I never imagined I could ever feel. –Chandler proposing to Monica on Friends

Pre Engagement Quotes

Pre Engagement Quotes
  • Before we say ‘I do,’ let’s make it official with a ‘Yes, I will.’
  • The beginning of forever starts with a single ‘yes.’
  • Two hearts, one journey, a lifetime of love.
  • Together we’re unstoppable; let’s start this beautiful journey.
  • Before the ring, there’s a question I want to ask…
  • From this moment, everything changes. Will you be mine forever?
  • Before we tie the knot, will you be the one to hold the string of my heart?
  • Before we embark on our ‘happily ever after,’ I need to know, will you?
  • It all starts with a question, and my question is, will you marry me?
  • Before the big day, there’s a small question I’d like to ask.
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