55+ Tips to Enlighten Your Brother

At times we lack the will or motivation to enlighten ourselves, and we often get too caught up in the regularity of life in keeping up with our innovation and creativity. Brothers are no different. Here are some ways in which you can help your brother feel enlightened and try out new stuff. 

Tips to enlighten your brother

Teach him the importance of peace. It is very important that every human being in this world actually understands the importance of peace. Therefore make it a point to teach your brother how important it is to be in peace and how much mankind can benefit from it. 

Share your life experience/s. To enlighten your brother more about life, a great way is to share your own life experience/s with him. This will not only provide him with first-hand information but will also help him identify obstacles and tackle situations accordingly.

Guide him with your insights. Your insights would be the best guide for your brother. Since such insights will come from you, he will feel more comfortable and attached to the advice. It’ll become easy for him to identify a specific scenario and apply your insights accordingly.

Make him develop his own insights. It is a good custom for your brother to develop his own insights, and who better than you can make him do that! So go ahead and help your brother develop his own insights, which will be an enlightening experience for him.

Gift him a book. It must contain material/s to enlighten your brother in various ways. Once he begins reading that book, he will gain much insight into various aspects of his own character and life as a whole. This will help him become a better and more resilient human being.

Recommend your brother some truly enlightening movies that may help him. This will be an entertaining method of helping him. However, you will be pleased by the outcome of such suggestions that you give your brother.

Get him used to productive habits. If a person wants to be successful in life, it is imperative that he/she gets used to productive habits. Considering that, you definitely want your brother to be successful. So go ahead and help him get used to productive habits that will instill a sense of discipline within him.

Make him realize his mistakes politely. To err is human, and your brother is a human being. It is natural that he will commit mistakes. Instead of rebuking him, make him realize the graveness of his mistakes politely. 

Teach him the lesson of equality. Equality is essential for us humans to treat each other without any bias or judgment of any sort. Since you want your brother to be a good human being, why not go ahead and teach him lessons of equality. It will help him to become a better human being, an example for others to look up to.

Prepare him for the not-so-good parts of life. While trying to enlighten your brother so as to make him a better human being, it is essential that you tell him about the not-so-good parts of life as well. While doing so, make sure that you don’t scare him. Rather teach him how to avoid, overcome, and tackle those parts of life if and when he encounters them.

Help him move on. A great way to enlighten your brother is to help him move on in life, especially after any event, be it one of happiness or sorrow. This will help him realize that life must go on irrespective of anything.

Make him aware of his feelings. It is a really good thing to make your brother aware of his own feelings. He may be avoiding, suppressing, or not being able to cope with his feelings. It is during these times that he will need your help to make him understand his feelings and how to handle them.

Talk with him in-depth. It takes nothing to talk to your brother in-depth about anything. Rather, it is a healthy way of getting to know your individual viewpoints and discuss on various possibilities. Talking on any topic in-depth will actually help your brother become more enlightened.

Make him aware of his environment. Make your brother aware of his environment. The environment around us is what generally makes us become who we are. This will help him realize where he stands and what he needs to do to grow further.

Improve his listening skills. Listening skills are an integral part of a conversation. Without proper listening skills, there just cannot be a good or healthy conversation. Go ahead and improve his listening skills so that he can participate in better conversations.

Make him connect with his spirit. It does not necessarily mean soul. It means the principles, the beliefs, and the various other aspects of his mental faculties that helped him and guided him to do what he does. This exercise will definitely be a beneficial one for your brother.

Convince him to meditate. There is no alternative to meditation. Meditation helps humans to rise above themselves and become stronger and better beings. Convince your brother to meditate regularly. Not only will he outgrow himself, but he will also become a greater human being with a calm and rational mind.

Make him feel the importance of self-love. To love oneself is not an act of selfishness at all. In fact, unless and until one can love oneself, it is quite difficult for them to love anyone else. So make sure that your brother understands and feels the importance of self-love.

Make him aware of his skills. It will pay off in leaps and bounds when one knows and is fully aware of his skills. Make your brother aware of his skills so that he gets absolute results from whatever he does. 

Advice him to follow his passion. Doing anything passionately can help in achieving a lot more. So advise your brother to follow his passion and help him how to go about doing so. He may need an initial mental boost from you. After that, you’ll be glad that you made him follow his passion.

Narrate the success stories of people in his field. Tell your brother stories of people from his own field who have achieved immense success. These stories will inspire him even more and motivate him to forge and achieve his goals.

Be a role model to him. There is nothing like a sibling being a role model to another sibling. So go ahead and be the role model of your brother. This will help him to reach greater heights while keeping you as a benchmark in his observation. This way, both of you can achieve a lot in life.

Intrigue him with questions. This is a great way to build up questions within him, ones that he will search for answers to. This is a great way to make sure that your brother gets enlightened with various facts and topics.

Make him socialize. Socializing is a good way for anyone to understand various things and be aware of the current trends and topics. So go ahead and encourage your brother to socialize more. 

Communicate enough. Your brother will definitely want to speak a lot. Satisfy his urge to speak whenever you can. It would be a really good option to encourage him to open up. This will even make him more confident of himself.

Praise the fair points he makes. Whenever your brother makes a proper point during a conversation, make sure that you praise him. This way, he will come up with fairer points which may even be great inputs to any topic of discussion.

Clear his confusions. Be prepared to clear all your brother’s confusion. Once his confusions have been cleared, he is bound to have a far more transparent understanding of reality. This will ensure that he speaks and does everything with conviction.

Help him differentiate between his illusions and reality. Your brother may have illusions that have developed over time. Make him aware of these illusions so that he can differentiate between those illusions and reality. Help him accept reality as it is. This will not only enlighten him but will also ensure that he has ample clarity.

Refrain him from being overconfident. Whenever you find your brother overconfident, refrain him from being so. Be subtle in the process. Overconfidence is a shortcoming that every human being must do away with.

Restore his confidence when he is broke. Whenever you feel your brother is low, try to rebuild his confidence. However, make sure he doesn’t get dejected every time you rebuild him. By doing that, he will feel enlightened human being and will not commit the same mistake/s again.

Make sure that he takes enough rest. Always make sure that your brother gets ample rest. He may have been overworked or fatigued. Therefore it is essential for him to rest. Otherwise, he won’t be able to perform at his best. You have to take care that he can rest enough and actually be beneficial in his activity field.

Expose him to the right content on social media. Everyone is on social media these days. Your brother must be too. Rather than allowing him to waste his time on crass and unproductive topics, expose him to the right content on social media so that he can come up with well-informed apprehensions and stay well-armed with knowledge on various topics.

Use impactful words in front of him. Whenever you’re with your brother, try to use impactful words. When he finds you using those words in front of him, he will start analyzing them and even try to implement them in his conversations. Who knows, his vocabulary may have a drastic improvement.

Make him humble. While confidence is important, it is essential that humility also exists. Try to make your brother both confident and humble. This will not only make him transform into a better human being but will also ensure that he achieves a lot more than he otherwise would have.

Tell him ‘it is okay to be wrong.’ Your brother is a human being and can definitely go wrong. When he does so, just tell him it is okay to be wrong. However, you also need to make him understand that it pays off when you learn from your own wrongdoings. Besides, make sure that his mistakes are not committed repeatedly. 

Make him realize his accomplishments. Even after accomplishing certain things, we do not recognize and claim them. It is during these times that you must make your brother realize his accomplishments and have him appreciate them. T

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