50+ Ways to Enlighten Your Sister

Your sister might be the smartest person you know, but at times we humans often get tired of the mundane routines of life and often tend to lose out on our creativity. These are some ways in which you can enlighten your sister. 

Tips to enlighten your sister

Give her a brief idea of life. Giving your sister a brief idea of life is a great way to enlighten your sister on what life is all about. This will not only motivate her and make her realize the realities of life, but it will also ensure that she has a more mature approach to it.

Bring her back from her fairy world. Bring your sister back from her fairy world and show her the real world. She needs to understand that she has been loved as best she could expect. Of course, she can always count on you to make sure that it’s not too hard for her.

Show her the reality, show her the reality of everything that you can. She needs to stop fantasizing and living in a fantasy world that she has created for herself. It is high time that she matures and blooms into becoming a stronger, better, and more popular person. She really needs to appreciate the reality.

Gift her a life-changing book. Give your sister a life-changing book. Ask her to read that book. With the insights she gets from the book, she’s bound to be motivated, and with this renewed inspiration, she can pursue her aspirations in a more constructive and methodical way. The book may even give her a sense of purpose.

in what ways can books actually change your sisters life

Make her watch enlightening movies. Make your sister watch enlightening movies. This could be movies on motivational or moral values, real-life stories documenting famous people, historical movies, and more. These movies can give your sister direction and enlighten her in the weaves in which she can achieve her aspirations.

Share posts that interest her and make her think. Share posts that interest your sister and make her think more about them. Leaves me to encourage her to take to further reading of more relevant and related facts about her interests. Who knows, she may pursue these to the level well she actually achieves success without even knowing it.

Tag her in the comment section of question-evoking posts. Tag your sister in the comment section of question-evoking posts. This is a great way to make her silently participate in those posts, where she can also read the answers and the queries that such posts generate.

Make her go out more often. Make your sister go out more often. And try to make her go to places from which she may get to learn a lot more. You can also arrange trips for her to enjoy with her friends and learn from such trips. This is a great way to make her learn and enjoy.

Make her accustomed to socializing. Make your sister accustomed to socializing. When she takes to socializing moderately, she will definitely get to know a lot more about life, people, and reality as a whole. Socializing with the right kind of people can be one of the most enlightening experiences for your sister.

Spend more time with her. Spend more time with your sister. This will encourage the two of you to bring topics for discussions where you may take the lead to enlighten her on those topics. And it will also give you the opportunity to be with your sister. She will also feel grateful that you could give her this time exclusively.

Use quality words. Use quality words when you are talking to your sister when you are in front of her. Make sure these words are not just linguistically of good quality but also have some persuasive tones and meanings to them. This will not only make your sister learn the words and understand them but may even motivate her to pursue definite goals.

You don’t necessarily need to have long conversations. You don’t necessarily need to have long conversations with your sister. Enlightening your sister doesn’t always mean that you have to give her a longer period of time to explain things to her. She is intelligent in her own way. So it only remains for you to give her some time to help enlighten her.

Ask more questions. Whenever you are with your sister, try to ask more questions. See how much she can answer. Whenever you see that she is at a loss for an answer, just go ahead and share the answer with her. This will not only help her gain more knowledge but will also be an enlightening experience for her.

Leave her with a little bit of doubt. When you leave her after spending some time with her, make sure you leave her with a little doubt in her mind. Subtly encourage her to pursue the doubt that she has and find the answers for herself. This is a beautiful exercise to make her more independent on the one hand and also more confident and enlightened.

Find the accurate method. Find and equip yourself with an accurate method to enlighten your sister. While finding and equipping yourself with this method may be an enriching experience for you, it will be an enriching experience for your sister to get to know how easily and accurately loosely enlightened her on any topic at all.

See-through her eyes. Try to see everything through your sister’s eyes. This will give you a thorough perspective of how she perceives everything. It can also help you formulate ways to enlighten her more properly. And it will give you ample insights into your sister’s way of working and thoughts.

Don’t disgust her. Don’t discuss your sister by making her bored, or in any other way at all. Make the enlightening experience an enriching and fun one and stop making it such that she should crave to come back for more. She should actually feel the need to come back to you for the fun time she had and also to learn a lot more.

Make the conversation interesting and worthwhile. Make any conversation that you have with your sister interesting and worthwhile. That’s the only way you can keep the fires of interest and curiosity burning within her. And she will keep on coming back for more interesting and worthwhile conversations with you. It’s a great way to enrich her experience.

how to make any conversation with your sister more interesting

Show her different perceptions. Show your sister different perceptions. This will not only help her to understand more but will also make her be more accommodating and tolerant. These virtues actually make a person far better than they already are. So why not go ahead and make your sister a far better person too?

Indirectly point out her mistakes. Indirectly point out your sister’s mistakes. Don’t be too obvious when pointing out her mistakes. It is far better to be indirect when showing her mistakes and encouraging her to rectify them as soon as possible. In real life, the faster she corrects her mistakes, the quicker she can get herself back on track.

Appreciate her efforts in the right direction. Appreciate your sister’s efforts in the right direction. Try to guide your sister into taking the right direction. When she does take this direction, appreciate her efforts. This can be one of the best ways to not only enlighten your sister but also to keep her happy and confident in what she is doing.

Make her conscious of her environment. Make your sister conscious of her environment. It is extremely important that she realizes and understands the environment around her and how she can do her part to ensure a better environment. Try to inculcate an active interest in her on topics like waste, pollution, environment, greenhouse effects, etc.

Ask her to meditate. Ask your sister to meditate. In fact, it’s best if you guide her in the real world. Select the best time for her to meditate. And also, either teach her or give her resources to learn from about how and when to meditate. After all, meditation does help every human being,

Help her towards spirituality. Help your sister towards spirituality. Please do not mix up spirituality and religion. These are two quite different fields. When a person is spiritually inclined, there’s a lot of peace and love to go around with it. Your sister might even find a place among others where she can be a human’s help in bringing peace and love to them.

Show her the vastness of life. Show your sister the fastness of life. Make her see that life is not really as short as we think it is. And whatever the length of life, the vastness it has is something for us to enter. This vastness can be quite enriching too. So make your sister see the positive side of this vastness. Show her that this vastness is not at all intimidating.

Take her to different places. Take your sister to different places. The more a person travels, the more enriching these experiences become. After a point, your sister will also start enjoying these travels. And she will start getting insights not only into these places and the cultures but also into the people and their ways of life.

Read to her. Whenever you have the opportunity, read to your sister. Not only will this be an enriching experience for her, but it will also help her gather a lot more knowledge. And you will be saving her a lot of time. On the other hand, you will also be getting to spend time together with her.

Make your sister face her fears. Make your sister face her fears. The only way to overcome her fears is to face them. Make her see that. Of course, also make her understand that while she is facing her fears, you will be there to back her up and take care of her in case she needs it. It’s a great way to be enlightened.

Show her the bright side of life. Show your sister the bright side of life. Make her see that life is not necessarily all dark and grimy. Show her the bright side of life and be with her to experience this bright side together, at least for a time. This will not only be an enriching experience and an enlightening one at that but will also be a fun way to see life as it is.

Steadily unfold the dark side. Steadily unfold the dark side. Take time to unfold the dark side as well. And keep a constant watch on your sister while making her realize that you are there to take care. Let her take in a little, and understand it well before you show her a little more on the dark side. Ensure that she becomes more mature.

Make your sister come across her passion. It’s a great way and a helpful thing to make your sister come across her passion. She may have many dreams. Help her search for passion and identify it. Be with her all the way. And then make her pursue her passion. This is a great way to make her realize the kind of person that she is in reality.

Tell her to set realistic goals. Tell your sister to set realistic goals. Show her that such an action can actually give her a sense of purpose and also direction. This makes life easier, and she can pursue her aspirations in a more constructive and methodical way. There is a lot of learning along the way, which can be fantastic means to enlighten her.

Stop here when she heads toward the wrong path. Stop your sister when she heads toward the wrong path. Whenever your sister slips away from her path, make sure that you stop her immediately. Then explain where she was going wrong, and put her back on the right track again. This slight deviation can actually be an eye-opener for her.

Guide her through your mistakes. Guide your sister through your mistakes. Tell her frankly the mistakes you have made in your life. Also shared with her how you rectified your ways and your mistakes. She can learn from these mistakes and hope for yours, which will also ensure that she will hardly ever make those mistakes herself.

Every time she stops, fuel her with your words. Every time that your sister stops, fuel her with your words of inspiration and persuasion. Try to motivate her as much as you can. Do things to recharge her so that she gets back on track with renewed energy and vigor to pursue her aspirations. She will be able to achieve a lot more success quite quickly.

Concentrate on one point at a time. When talking to your sister, concentrate on one point at a time. It is not necessary that you have to finish off with a topic in one sitting. Rather it’s a far better exercise to finish just a few points perhaps, then take a break, and again sit with her later to continue with further points. This way, even your sister won’t get confused, and you will be able to explain the whole topic far better.

Move steadily. When trying to enlighten your sister, make sure you move steadily. You don’t have to go at an extreme speed. It is far better that you move steadily and slowly at first. Then garner a little more speed, if your sister can take it, that is. 

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