Falling in Love Online- 21 Things, You Need to Know

Everywhere you glance, you will witness that most things are operated online through the internet. So why does the simplest form of human emotion, “Love,” stay behind? 

In recent times, online dating has become a rage. People of all generations are using the power of the internet to search for their potential mates.

This article provides information regarding various aspects of falling in love with someone through the digital medium. 

What are the major platforms that people fall in love with another person?

Technology has always helped people to reduce the gap between themselves. The most classic way to explain this statement could be the invention of the telegraph lines, where people could send their messages to their loved ones from miles away.

Then came the telephone, where people could hear the voices of their loved ones from distant places. Slowly and steadily, wireless telephones took the place of traditional telephones but were soon replaced by mobile phones. 

Nowadays, traditional mobile phones have taken the shape of one of the most advanced gadgets in human history, the smartphone. With the power of the internet, smartphones have become a hotspot for connecting with your suitors rapidly through countless mobile applications.

These are two major platforms where you can fall in love online- 

Through social media 

Social media is the most powerful tool to connect with many known and unknown faces. This is where a higher percentage of people fall in love online. This is mostly because, in social media, most of the information is transparent. You can easily know that person right after getting connected.

Through online dating apps

Online dating applications are just an extension of social media. These apps are specifically designed to help you to find the perfect partner. So people easily get attracted and fall in love with potential partners through these apps. 

How will you understand that you have fallen in love with someone online?

These are the most indications that will make you understand that you have fallen in love with someone online. 

Some of these are as follows-

1. Searching for the green button

It is truly said that happiness has no form or boundaries. But if you have fallen in love with someone online, my friend, the happiness for you is the small green button. In many popular social media applications, the green button indicates that the person is available for any sort of communication.

So after waiting for so long, you finally see the green-lit on the side of your favorite person. Then you no longer can escape the bright smile on your mouth. 

The smirk, the happiness of seeing them online, gives only one justification: you have fallen in love with someone online.

2. Exploring their photo gallery

Some may call it stalking, and some may call it admiration. But either way, it is no harm to scroll some of your crush’s favorite photos. Photos are the perfect way to represent or tell a story. So scrolling through a bunch of photos will give you a bright idea about the person you have secretly fallen in love with.

You may not have realized it, but your day becomes incomplete when you miss exploring their photo gallery. If you have this strong desire to see their photo every day, you should understand that you have fallen in love online. 

3. You search for ways to converse with them

Things can go pretty tough when you are out of ideas but still have the urge to converse with them. You try random topics and even subjects that are remotely related to them. Your objective is clear, and that is to have a nice and clear conversation so that you can remember this moment later. 

This is mostly because you have already fallen in love with them. Your affection towards them drives you to start a conversation with them on any topic.

4. You start preparing for online dates with a real feel

Traditional dates consist of candlelight dinners, soulful music, and an unmatched ambiance. But the same thing can also be done online too. You just need a face cam and simple arrangements, then you are good, to begin with, your partner. 

If you reach this phase, you must realize that you have fallen in love with your partner.

Things you should consider before starting online dating

Online dating is trendy, but before you dig into the pool, you must keep quite a few things in mind to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

1. Online dating is still similar to actual dating

Online dating is hyped among the youth as it only has quite a few cool features. But one should remember that it is still similar to real dating. There is a notion that many people think that just opening up a new profile with cool pictures and taglines could garner attention from their potential mates. 

This is the wrong mindset. Online dating is still similar to real dating, where people with fake presentations can be busted. You must keep things simple and to the point. So that people are tempted to start something serious with you.

2. Stop investing so much time in a person before a meeting

Meeting a strange person is always mysterious, but online dating can give away that feeling. On online platforms, a large section of people provides most of their information. 

So there is always a chance you can easily know about the person just by reading his bio page. So spending time discovering that person’s identity can sometimes take away that feeling. So while meeting the strange person seems no different, the charm gets lost. So you should spend a limited amount of time in person before meeting.

3. Don’t put so much emphasis on your first meeting

The first meeting with your potential mate is always special. But you should not focus so much on your first meeting with your potential mate because people always exaggerate. 

While sharing their experience of meeting together, people always take the form of experienced fiction writers. They try to create everything possible during the meeting that makes the tale interesting. So, since you have to tell a tale then you stop worrying about how your first meeting went. 

4. Check the compatibility

Online dating has one demerit: people are often influenced by a person’s physical appearance. Physical appearance is surely a positive aspect that one looks for, but it is not everything because physical appearance changes with time, and the same looks that you were once attracted to start disappearing.

The thing that one should look forward to is compatibility. So to know that you should converse more and more. Because conversations help you to understand the actual person better. 

5. Make yourself ready for some lies

As you know that online dating is a virtual world. It is a world where everyone plays a character to achieve something. To achieve their objective, they can go to greater extents. 

So you must keep yourself prepared for some white lies because the people you will meet in the digital world are somewhat dissimilar in the real world. So keeping a level head is very important while trying to find the right match for you. Do not fall into the trap emotionally. 

6. Your requirements should be clear

From the term requirements, I meant to say that you should be clear about what you want from the other person. If you want physical intimacy, you should be clear to another person. If you want a serious relationship, you should also be clear with your partner. 

Clarity is important in a relationship, so you never face ugly circumstances. Getting or providing clarity in a relationship also helps you lower your expectations. 

7. Photos can be deceiving

Photos are a major element in every social media platform. Over a year, people click and post thousands of selfies. These selfies are beautified with different kinds of applications. So the final product can be much more different than the original one.

So therefore, judging a person based on the photo collection can be a costly mistake. This fatal mistake can also tempt you to go for wrong decisions and ruin your life altogether. So you should never believe the photo gallery of a person while searching for potential mates.

8. You should go to a reputed dating site

As you already know that currently, there are many dating applications present on the online platform. But before you enroll anyone, you must check the market reputation of these apps. This is important because several apps will just take away your money without providing any output. 

You must save yourself from this disaster, and this is only possible when you engage yourself in possible research.

Safety tips for online dating

Online dating is both popular and dangerous too. So you must follow a few tips to keep yourself safe from the evils of online dating.

1. Do proper research

You must conduct proper research on the person to that you are attracted. This is mainly because the facts presented before you are just mere fiction. And the reality is the complete opposite of everything that you have heard or read. 

So to save yourself from deceit and heartbreak, conduct proper research on them. But you should do it quickly and with some limitations so that all the charm of knowing your mate in person could get lost. 

2. Go for video chats before meeting

Video chats are a fine way to know a person better. You can just ask for a video, so all the doubts before the meeting are cleared. 

 Video calls also give a bright idea of what the person likes to converse about. This also helps you to prepare better for your meeting.

3. Take your public transport

You might be aware of the incidents where strangers take advantage of their dates by providing a ride on their commute. 

So, to avoid such a compromising situation, you must take your very own vehicle before a meeting so that you can be in a safe position. 

4. Arrange the meeting in a public place

You should have heard the news that people are robbed or killed during a date. This mainly happens in dark alleyways or unknown gloomy areas full of thugs and thieves.

So, to avoid such a situation, you must always arrange meetings in public places to have a  conversation in a safe and secure environment. Arranging in these places also instills confidence in yourself to talk with a stranger.

5. Tell someone that you are going on a date

This is the parameter that the majority of people do not follow. They think going for a date is their right and try to maintain secrecy at the utmost level. 

But little do they realize that this can be dangerous if they fall into any mishap. Knowing someone about your date will surely help you in time of any emergency. So you must inform any close friend or relative about your date so any form of emergency can be countered.

6. Carry important safety measures

Sometimes there is a possibility of meeting up with a cranky person. So having quite a few safety options is an absolute during such a type of meeting. 

Pepper spray is the most used item by different women for their safety during a meeting.

7. Stay sober on your date

Reaching the place on time and sober positively impacts your date. So practicing this is very important for a good impression.

These are some of the things that you should need to know while falling for someone online.

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