70+ Mesmerizing gifts for feminist wife

You are well aware of how big of a feminist your wife is, and you also know that she would not take anything from you unless she does not find it to be demeaning. When looking for a gift, make sure it matches her feminist personality. We have a few suggestions for you. 

Top Best gifts for Feminist wife.

Customized T-shirt. A t-shirt customized with feminist quotes will be an amazing gift for your feminist wife. Be careful with the choice of colors so that she likes it. You can order it online and let her receive the order while you are not home; she will be really happy with your surprise gift. 

A movie marathon. Select some good movies according to her taste and plan an amazing movie week. Make a schedule of the movie and the time and ask her to complete every work before that. Enjoy watching a series of movies together, which your wife will love.

Coffee mug. Gift your wife a coffee mug; you can also look for a customized coffee mug, if not a simple one. A coffee mug with a beautiful quote on it will be a beautiful idea. The quote doesn’t necessarily have to be related to feminism; you can look for a quote that will have a beautiful meaning so that she can start her day with a smile on her face after reading that quote. 

A book. A book on feminism will be a great idea that your wife will absolutely love. If not something related to feminism, you can give her a book by a female author. She will love the idea. With that you can write her a letter, saying that you want her to keep some time for herself in the entire day and the book you gave her. 

Personalized hat. Women look beautiful in hats during summer. Give her a light color hat which she will enjoy wearing during the summer when you go for outings or to the beach. You can personalize it by writing her name on it or a beautiful thought that she will love. 

Perfumes. You can give your wife some beautifully scented perfumes which she will like. Choose a perfume that will bring different energy within her when she applies it and beautifully enlightens her day. You can gift her favorite flower along with the perfumes, and she will be really happy.  

Jacket. Gift a jacket of some unique designs. You can buy a denim jacket with some beautiful designs which she would like. You can also look for winter jackets that she could wear with her western outfits to parties or get-togethers.  

Shoes. Look for some really cool sneakers that she can wear and walk comfortably. You can also go for some beautiful converse shoes, and the two of you can wear them together on the same occasion. Choose a color that will go with mostly all her dresses so that she can use them regularly. Do not mess up with the shoe size. 

Jigsaw puzzle. Solving a jigsaw puzzle together is a wonderful idea of spending time together. Buy a jigsaw puzzle to surprise her, and ask her to finish all of her work early so that the two of you can solve the puzzle together. You can plan it once a week and enjoy each other’s company. 

A poster. You can gift your wife a feminist poster which she would absolutely love. You can put it on the wall of your bedroom to surprise her. She will be really happy to see your gift because it is unique and something that matches her thoughts. 

A guessing game. Arrange a guessing game at your house every Sunday so that the two of you can enjoy the last day of the week together. Prepare some cheats and keep them in a bowl. Ask her to pick a chit of paper and act accordingly, and you will have to guess, and it continues that way, turn by turn. She will be amazed by your efforts to make her happy. 

Playlist.  Prepare a playlist of all her favorite songs and gift it to her. Play it when she returns from work or if she is exhausted after working all day, and ask her to dance with you. That would surely bring a smile to her face and help her relax after a long day. 

Flower vase. Women love decorating their houses with flower vases. Gift her a beautiful flower vase with which she can decorate her home. Buy some fresh flowers along with it and surprise her. Keep it on your dining table before she wakes up. Wait till she finds it out in the morning when she wakes up; she will be completely surprised. 

Pink candle. A pink-scented candle would be a beautiful idea to gift your wife. Light the candle on the table of your bedroom and, decorate it with some rose petals, and play a piece of beautiful music in the background to create a beautiful ambiance. Blindfold your wife before she enters the room and surprises her. She will be delighted.  

Pen holder. A pen holder will be a good idea if you have a working wife. Give her a pen holder with which she could decorate her office desk. Also, you can gift her with pens so that she can use them. Overall it will be a useful gift for your wife. 

Feminist diary. She will love the idea of a feminist diary. By gifting her a feminist diary, you will give her a place to write her thoughts when she is not in the mood to talk to anyone. Writing helps to clear minds. Ask her to write it down whenever she is upset. 

A brooch. If your wife loves wearing ornaments with her eastern outfits, then you can definitely think of gifting a brooch. She would love your idea and could wear it with a dress that she loves on special occasions. Compliment her when she wears it and make her happy.   

T-shirt with quotes. Look for a t-shirt with some beautiful quotes written on it. You will get some influential quotes, feminist quotes, or motivational quotes. Buy something which your wife would love; this will prove how much you really know her. 

Printed hoodie. A printed hoodie will be a brilliant idea for gifting your wife. Doodle print is really cute, and you can go for it if you think she will like something bold; you can definitely go for some quotes. You will get some beautifully printed hoodies with quotes, which would not be a bad idea.  

Bathrobe. A bathrobe will be an amazing gift idea for your anniversary or her birthday or if you are planning to go out on holiday to some beautiful place. You can gift her a bathrobe with some spa accessories, bath lotions, soaps, and slippers. Bathrobes are comfortable, easy to wear, and help her relax. 

Card game. A card game will be an amazing idea for the both of you to spend some time together at the end of the day. You can keep a surprise gift along with it if she wins; that will be an amazing idea to bring a smile to her face. 

Necklace. You can order a beautiful necklace for your beautiful wife. Go for a simple and sober necklace which she would absolutely love. Help her wear it when you show it to her, and ask her to wear it all the time so she can always feel your presence.                                                                                                                          

Matching clothes. Matching clothes is the best idea for couples. Buy everything similar from head to toe and wear it on any occasion. Click many pictures and post them on social media to show your couple’s goals. She will love your love and concern for her. 

A documentary. You can give a documentary of any of her favorite feminists or someone very influential which she will enjoy reading or watching. You can also give her books on feminism to let her know more about it, and she would also enjoy it. 

Woman figurine. You can give her a woman figurine candle or a lamp with which she could decorate her room. There are also simple women figure art statues you can plan on gifting her. Metals are more attractive and beautiful. 

A handbag. You can plan on gifting her dream handbag from a known brand or her favorite brand if she has any. You can ask her about it if you do not know about it, take her to a store where she can choose for herself. And if you know about what she would like to have, a surprise is always special. 

Jugs. It will be a useful gift for your home. You can buy glass jugs which look really beautiful. There are also stainless steel personalized jugs that you can think of buying. You can personalize it by writing a beautiful message on it or simply her name to make it special. 

Pot. You can give her flower pots if she likes taking care of them. If she likes indoor plantations, you can buy some indoor plants, plant them in a pot, and gift them to her. Among the indoor plants, you can buy money plants, bonsai plants, etc., which are said to be lucky, and if there is something specific which she would like. 

Glass carafe. It is one of the most significant essentials she will need. They look really sophisticated and beautiful when used for decoration. She will definitely love it if you choose to give it to her. 

Power bank. The power bank is something really essential nowadays to keep our phone charged when we are not home. She will be using it when in need. It is easily portable, and she will not have to worry about her phone’s charge anymore when she is out, and you will also be relieved. 

Autobiography of Michelle Obama.  Michelle Obama served as the first lady of the United States and also the first African American to serve in that position. An autobiography of such a woman is something that your feminist wife will definitely love. You can also give her other books and she would love reading. 

Earrings.  Earrings are something that women generally fancy a lot. You can decide on giving her earrings, one for her eastern outfits and the other for her Western. You can give her beautiful danglers, which look amazing on women, and give them confidence.  

Back cover. You can buy a customized back cover for your beloved. If you are planning to gift something expensive, you can buy her a mobile phone which is new on the market and which will be handy for her to use along with a beautiful back cover. She would absolutely love it and will be overjoyed to get a new phone.

Portrait. One of her portraits framed on the wall would look beautiful on the wall of your bedroom. Frame the most beautiful picture of your wife and frame it to surprise her. She will be really delighted by such a sweet gesture. She will really love you for your efforts and appreciate them.

A photo frame. You can frame a photo of the biggest achievement of her life and gift it to her. That will make her really happy, and she will feel proud of herself when she sees it again. You can also frame a photo of her graduation day or a group photo from her school days. A picture of both of you will also not be a bad idea. 

Anti-patriarchy banners. Anti patriarchy banner is something that a feminist woman will surely love to have as a gift that too from her husband. You can surely gift her one and tell her how much you respect her for being a feminist and that you support what she believes. 

Wooden dolls. Wooden dolls will not be a bad idea to give to your wife. She will be able to decorate your home with them. It will be a really sweet and simple gift for a sudden surprise. If you want to make her happy when she is upset about something, you can plan on giving her some. 

Quotes book. Quotes written or said by some famous personalities written in a book will be a very nice idea to gift your wife. It will contain all kinds of quotes to cheer her up whenever she is upset. 

Slides. Slides are good gifts for summer. She will feel very comfortable, and they are good for regular use. She can also wear them indoors because walking barefoot often leads to cracks on the heels. Show that you care about her and buy her slides so that she can protect her heels. 

Beachwear. Most husbands do not like their wives wearing something too open in public. Prove yourself different from them by buying her beachwear; she will be proud of your open mind. Tell her that she can dress up the way she likes to because she looks beautiful in everything. 

Bracelets. Bracelets are simple yet pretty things that your wife will surely love if she likes wearing accessories. Keep them simple, do not go for something too loud; there are sleek bracelets available that she will be able to wear with everything and everywhere. 

A book of poems.  A book of poems by her favorite poets will be a beautiful and also meaningful gift idea if she is a lover of poetry. Every night before going to bed, you can read to her to make her feel special and loved; she will really enjoy that. 

Collection of feministic essays. A collection of some feministic essays for your wife by some known feminists will be a great idea. Sit and select them on your own according to her choice, make a book of it and gift it to her; she would surely love it. 

Lipstick set. Feminist women generally love wearing bold shade lipsticks. Follow what she likes wearing and buy accordingly. Or you can also ask her to try something new which she has never tried before. A lipstick set will contain all kinds of shades, so you will have a lot of options. 

A jersey. If she is a football or a cricket fan, you can gift her a jersey of her favorite player and buy tickets for the match. Ask her to take a day off and enjoy watching the match together. You can also do it by staying at home. 

Customized sweatshirt. A customized sweatshirt with the words feminist written in bold will resonate with her personality, and she would be happy and super proud to wear it in public. Pick a color she loves and not to mention the right size. 

A printed quote. A feminist quote printed and framed to be put up on a wall in her room would be the perfect gift for her. Just a gentle reminder of the things she believes in and stands up for every day. 

Tea set. A tea set would be a beautiful idea for your wife. She will love decorating her home with them and also serving the guests with them. You can go for a Chinese tea set, which is really beautiful. 

Coasters. Coasters with the words feminist written all over them so that every time she even has a drink, she knows she must keep fighting for what she believes in. You could even try and get the alphabet printed. 

Magazine subscription. A feminist or a fashion magazine would be a great read for her. She needs to have one of these to keep her updated about all the necessary information in the women’s world. 

Adult toys. Adult toys are just a punch in the face of patriarchy which denies that things like female pleasure even exist. Stand a league apart from the crowd by gifting her some adult toys which she can use when you are not around. 

Water bottle. Matching water bottles for you and your wife to prove that she works just as hard as you or any other man, or even more for that matter, and to prove her point that men and women are equal in all spheres of life. 

Oil diffusers. After a hard and long day at work, some oil diffusers will help her relax and chill with the pleasant smell of the natural oils. 

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