65+ Top Fidget Toy Gift Ideas for your Partner

Fidget toys are a great way to increase your focus, make yourself calm and increase your attention span and listening skills. If your partner happens to be a lover of fidget toys, make sure to give them a few of those. Here are a few fidget-toy listed below to make them happy. 

Top fidget toy gift ideas for your partner

Fidget spinner. When it comes to fidget toys, nothing even comes remotely close to the world-famous fidget spinner. Their popularity shot up and went off the charts recently and everyone was seen flaunting their fidget spinners everywhere, give him one or two. 

Fidget Cube. Just like a fidget spinner, fidget cubes also can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees for a long time and relieve stress for your partner. They are easily available and are found in a lot of sizes, metal cubes are the best of the lot. 

Fidget rings. Fidget rings are a really smart invention when it comes to fidget toys. Instead of the person having to hold the toy in his entire hand, fidget rings can easily fit on a finger and a person can keep rotating them. 

Slime. Slime was the original fidgeting toy way before fidget toys were even a thing. You can mold them into any shape you like and they are available in many colors, but we all know which color pops into our heads when we think of slime, green. 

Magnetic rings. Magnetic rings allow you to keep playing with them without having to move your entire palm. They usually come in pairs or triplets and are a ton of fun to play with. You can keep attaching and detaching them for as long as you like. 

Push pop bubbles. Push pop bubbles usually come in a round disk with plastic bubbles. Once you push the bubbles on one side, they move to the other side of the disc and you can keep pushing those bubbles to relieve some stress. 

Turbine spinner. A turbine spinner is a very cool concept. It is just like a fidget spinner but it is just a step ahead. It is heavier, faster, and rotates for a way longer time due to the turbine technology with which it is made. 

Squishy soft toys. Soft toys that are soft and squishy help a person to not only relieve some stress but if they are small enough, they can be used as a fidgeting toy to help them focus. You have a million different options for such toys. 

Cube spinner. A cube spinner instead of spinning everywhere spins about its own axis which is fixed at a spot. Just a nudge to the cube forces it to start rotating and you can get lost just watching it rotate, truly fascinating and a great gift idea. 

Hand spinner. A hand spinner allows the user to have the best spinner experience. Unlike the other fidget spinners, you can use anything from three to eight hands to monitor its rotating speed and it is a quite customizable fidget toy. 

A top. All of us remember playing with a top in our childhood, how it would keep turning and turning for minutes until it finally fell and we would set it in motion again. Help your partner to have their Inception moment by giving them a top. 

Edamame keychain. This keychain is unlike any other keychain that you have ever used. It has a pea pod attached to it where when you push a pea inside it, it moves to the next stop and you keep repeating the cycle again and again. 

Stress balls. Stress balls are one of the most famous fidget toys. They are available almost everywhere and are very effective. Not only do they relieve stress but you can even play other games with them too, get a few different colors. 

Rubik’s cube. The Rubik’s cube is probably the most irritating fidget toy ever made but it also helps in increasing mental capacity and focus. Get him a three-by-three Rubik’s cube and watch him struggle. Also, did you know that the creator of the Rubik’s cube was really bad at solving it? 

Rolling sticks. Rolling sticks are not only a great fidget toy but are a prime example of a scientific marvel. These cylindrical sticks stand erect no matter how many times to push them or make their trip. You will not be able to get your hands off it. 

Twiddle fiddle. Twiddle fiddle is a great fidget toy just because of how creative its name is. It is a lot of fun to play around with it and it is available in a lot of fun and exciting colors, make sure to get him more than a few. 

Tangle wires. These wires will always find a way to tangle themselves no matter how many times you untangle them. It is irritating and stress relieving at the same time which is exactly how a fidget toy should be. 

Bike chain. Bike chains when folded into a circle turn somewhat into a fidget toy which you can use to keep your hand busy and your mind stress-free. They even come in different sizes and colors and you would enjoy playing with them. 

Keychain. A keychain is a simple and easily available fidget toy. Most people have a tendency to play around and fidget with their keychains. Nowadays, you will find keychains specifically made for fidgeting and relieving stress.

Playing clay. Playing clay has to be the most fun and peaceful fidget toy ever. Not only can you make as many designs and shapes with them as you wish but they come in so many colors that you would be spoilt for choice. 

Magnetic clay. Magnetic clay takes the concept of playing clay to the next level. Because of its magnetic properties, it attracts a lot of objects towards itself and sucks them inside itself which is very satisfying to watch. 

Fidget pad. A fidget pad is kind of like a home for fidget spinners where they stay together like a big, fidgety family. A fidget pad usually comes with several fidget spinners attached to it which you can play with anytime. 

Infinite cube. The infinite cube is a really smart fidget toy meant to increase your focus. You can rotate this cube and its sides in whatever direction you want and the sound that it makes while moving will surely take your stress away. 

Locks. Surprisingly enough, even locks are considered to fidget toys simply because of the sound that they make while being locked or unlocked. Companies have even started making locks as a toy and not as a tool for safety. 

Loud pens. Pens that make a satisfying sound while clicking has helped all of us relieve some stress during some part of our life. Companies have worked on this observation to create a pen specifically for this purpose to be used as a fidget toy. 

Fidgeting dice. Why should the dice stay away from you when we are talking about fidget toys? They usually come in pairs and are magnetic so that every time you roll the dice, they find a way to come back to each other. 

Yoyo. A yoyo is that toy that immediately takes people back to your childhood. Not only was it fun to play with the yoyo but kids used to flaunt their yoyo skills. The sound was an emotion to most kids who grew up in the 90s or early 2000s. 

Mini nunchucks. Nunchucks that are the size of our fingers are a toy used to relieve stress and increase focus. You can keep your fingers busy for a long time using these and who knows you might even be developing latent nunchuck skills while you are doing it. 

Magnetic beads. Magnetic beads are also very popular across the world as fidget toys. They come in big packs with hundreds of beads that stick to each other because of their magnetic properties. You can make an endless number of shapes with these beads. 

Magnet balls. Magnetic balls are yet another great example of a fidget toy. Playing with them reduces stress but the sound that it makes on clicking together has a completely different charm altogether.

Mesh marble. Marbles have been our favorite toy since childhood and what better way to relieve some stress and increase your focus than using the mesh marbles. They will keep your hands occupied for a long time and you will not be able to stop fidgeting. 

Fidget capsule. In the same fidgeting family, is the new offspring called the fidget capsule. It neither turns around like the fidget spinner nor does anything cool but believe it or not it is popular just because of the sound that it makes while opening and closing. 

Switches. Who could ever forget how we used to enjoy turning the switches on and off as a child and used to be delighted just by the sound that it made. Well, some companies capitalized on that opportunity and turned it into an actual toy. 

Contact lens holders. The holders of a contact lens are somewhat shaped like two pieces of plastic that you could keep pushing on either side. Just like the bubble push disc, these toys follow the same principle but only come with two bubbles. 

Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap has been helping people to relieve stress and encourage fidgeting for ages. Maybe a carton of bubble wrap is all your partner needs to keep fidgeting all day long. 

Infinite bubble. The infinite bubble is great fun and an irritating toy just like any other well-made fidget toy. In an entire disc, you have just one bubble, which, when you push just appears randomly anywhere in the disc and you can never get hold of it. 

Pop-it. The pop takes the concept of bubbles to the next level. Instead of giving you a few bubbles or a disc to pop, they give you a giant bubble that you can pop throughout the day, what works is the sound that it makes. 

Jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is the simplest fidget toy out there. Make it more interesting by getting a jigsaw puzzle with the picture of your partner’s favorite character or their picture on it. Get those extremely small ones to make it more challenging. 

Never fall doll. They never fall doll follows the principle of the rolling sticks because no matter how many times you push them or make their trip, they will stand back up on their feet every single time.

Roly-poly. Roly-poly is a fairly new addition to the category of fidget toys. They are extremely cute-looking objects usually in the shape of animals like ducks or penguins with a rounded base, which makes them wobble all the time. 

Thumb yoyo. The thumb yoyo is a miniature version of the yoyo that all of us love. It can be easily controlled with our thumb alone but it is just as fun and way more fidgety than the normal yoyo. It does come in a lot of colors. 

Rainbow ball. The rainbow ball might seem like a normal ball at first glance but the moment that you press or squeeze you would see the colors of the rainbow popping out. This is a new fun and exciting take on the concept of stress balls. 

Fidget Stick. The fidget stick is a perfect example of what a fidget toy should be like. Not only does it not fall when it is pushed but also produces a satisfying sound whenever you throw it down or when it stands back up. 

Marble fidget. The marble fidget usually comes in pairs and would keep your hands occupied for the rest of the day. Not only do they make amazing sounds but keep turning for a long time to keep you entertained. 

Magnet set. This magnet set, unlike any other magnet set, comes with a pair of magnets of all shapes and sizes that you have ever seen or played with. Not only are they extremely fun to play with but the sound that they make on colliding relieves a lot of stress. 

Spiral spinner. Spiral spinners are a bit of an unorthodox take on the concept of a fidget spinner. Instead of the same circular motion that we are used to seeing on a fidget spinner, these spinners move in a spiral motion making the spinner look a lot different. 

Led fidget spinner. Led lights were always a favorite growing up and fidget spinners are our favorite right now. What do you get when you combine these two favorites? The recipe for an amazing fidget toy.

Fidget stretch. These bands can be stretched as far as you can pull but come back to their original length the moment you let go. They are a lot like resistance bands but custom-made just for the hands.

Globe. For people who enjoy fidgeting just as much as learning something new, the globe would be a perfect gift. Instead of fidgeting and wasting your time, fidget as much as you want with the globe and learn the name of new places every time you turn it. 

Mini spheres. A mini sphere is not only a great fidget toy but also creates great spherical visuals, unlike any other spinner. They move in a different direction than any other spinner and are really cool to give as a gift. 

Erasers. Believe it or not, some people find erasers to be a tool for relieving stress and a toy to fidget with at the same time. Because of the way that they are shaped and sometimes even the way that they smell, they are a great fidget gift. 

Fidget chains. These are bike or cycle chains that are turned into different shapes for you to play with. Not only do they bring back a lot of memories but they are still a great toy to play with because of how they are built. 

A triangle Rubik’s cube. If you thought that the three-by-three Rubik’s cube was difficult, you have to try the triangular Rubik’s cube to truly blow your mind. It is essentially the same cube but just a look at it will blow your mind away. 

Lego. Lego is super fun and super irritating at the same time, the two fundamentals of a good fidget toy. Get him an entire set so that he can relax and relieve stress while building his Lego city. 

Thinking putty. It is a great gift because no matter how many different shapes you make out of it, it will always come back to its original shape. Basically, it thinks!

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