80+ Amazing First Love Quotes to Share

Love is a magical and extraordinary feeling that every individual has experienced in life once. In love, the first love has a significant role in each person’s life.

Undoubtedly, it is precious for everyone for many reasons, including beautiful memories and heartbreaks. But, still, no other person can take the place of your first love in your life.

Both happy and sad moments of first love are unforgettable for everyone. Therefore, following we have given some beautiful collections of quotes, which will surely remind you of your first love and the one who has just started their love-life can send this to your lover to make him/her feel special: –

Amazing First Love Quotes to Share

Amazing First Love Quotes To Share

-Unforgettable is the best word to describe my first love. It has shaped me, into the way I am today. It is an eternal part of my life. Although, due to some reasons we are not with each other, still is, and will always be an endless kind of love to me. –Rashida Jones

-The first love has changed every person’s life forever. That emotions and feeling of this love stay forever, even after every effort of yours to forget it. –Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

-The feeling of first love is very captivating and magical that you don’t want to forget it or you can’t let it go away. No other emotions or feelings can compare with this. –Justin Bieber

-There are so many people who still can’t get over their first love. They are usually thinking that their relationship would have been better if they had tried to revive it. –Sophie Kinsella

-If you can closely look through it, you can see how beautifully the first love can affect you. It can take you on an adventurous and exciting ride. –Noah Centineo

-The feeling of first love was new to both of us. That time, I don’t want to fall in love with you. Sometimes, I felt why I am doing all these mad things. And, now when I pile up all those memories, I feel that I did all these things for you only. –Khalid, “Location”

-When you fall in love the first time in your first love, it becomes everything to you. The feeling of first love is the most heavenly feeling in this whole universe. Many people say considered that the feeling of love is overvalued but if you see it from a different perspective then it has an ability to show this world in a different manner. The importance of first love can be felt now when looking back in the past you realize everything was so beautiful and real. –Carey Mulligan

-With time some feelings can become faded just like old pictures. But, the memories of your first love will never get faded. –Tim McGraw, “Something Like That”

-I vividly remember the feeling of being in the first love. Some think that they can’t love any other person like the same. But, the reality check for you is, you can. –Jenny Han, Ashes To Ashes

-A combination of an abundance of curiosity and a bit of stupidity is called first love. –George Bernard Shaw

-The misconception about the anytime ending of first love is a part of its magic. -Benjamin Disraeli

-If your first love becomes your last love, then it can become hazardous for you. –Branislav Nusic

-It is impossible to explain a biological concept with the help of chemistry and physics. The same is with first love. Therefore, if you are trying to do the same, let me tell you that your technique is wrong. –Albert Einstein 

-Firstly, a person starts thinking about his/her first love with much affection. And, after that, he/she start gathering all those memories again. –Henry Louis Mencken

-Not just emotionally, but also physically, first love and first romance affect our lives and enhance their value. First love is always proved an incredible feeling to everyone. –Rosemary Rogers

-Everyone’s first and last love should be self-love. –Christian Nestell Bovee

-The second sight gets delayed when you fall in love with someone at first sight. This is the best benefit of love at first sight. –Natalie Clifford Barney

-True love happens only once in the life-time. And, if your first love becomes successful, then nothing can be greater than this. –Du Coeur

-Expecting intelligence and sense in first love is not good. First love comes with an abundance of happiness in your life, and when this pleasure gets excess, it can make you even feel hard to breathe. –Alexandre Dumas

-The season of spring in the country of Europe and your first love, together all this has the ability to make joyous any sorrowful person. –Bertrand Russell

-Anyone says anything, I don’t bother about anything. I will never stop loving you because you are my first love. –Anthony Hamilton

-Fire cannot be extinguished; you can only slow down the flames for some time. Therefore, it is said that first love always stays alive. –Bonnie Tyler

-The beginning and end of every girl’s pleasure are with the first love of her. –George Bernard Shaw

-It is a great feeling when you are anyone’s, first love. But, it is beyond a great feeling to be anyone’s last love or when his/her search ends on you. –Anonymous

-Whenever I start thinking about you, I again fall in love with you. I start recalling all the memories with you. The first time we met, the first kiss of us, the first time we confess our love to each other. –Anonymous

-My life had changed completely, from the first time, when my eyes stopped at you, and after some time, you confessed your love for me. You brought out the best version of me and made me the person I am today. Every day you inspire me to do something more. –Michael Hayssus

-Every single boy fantasizes to be a girl’s first passion. And every single girl fantasizes to be a boy’s last romance of life. –Oscar Wilde

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You Are My First Love Quotes

You Are My First Love Quotes

-There are two most memorable moments in every person’s life. The first one is when he/she falls in love with his/her first love. And, the second is when he/she frees his/her last love. –Henry Louis Mencken

-Love, at first sight, is not just love at first sight. It is first, last, and forever, and ever kind of sight. –Vladimir Nabokov

-Just like a dose of vaccine saves a person’s life to get infected the second time. Similar is the case of first love. –Honoré de Balzac

-The way an investigator looks at his new finding, the way a mother looks at his just born baby with eyes full of love, the way a blind man feels happy when he sees illumination, in the similar way he looks at her. –Twilight

-Nobody can explain the feeling when you look at someone and feel something extraordinary that you have never experienced before. After that, you realize that you fell for that person. –Anonymous

-You can’t deny the fact that just like the first love will always remain the first love, and the first wedding will always remain the first wedding. Similarly, sadness will always remain the sadness. –Maximilian Schell

-There is a remarkable thing about the first love; it leaves a mark forever on your heart. – Elodie Yung

-Some great writers describe it as load, and some describe it as madness. But, I don’t care about anything because I am so happy that the madness of first love can happen only once in the life-time. –Daphne du Maurier

-No matter how many times you fall in love, but nothing can compare with the feeling of first love. –Nicholas Sparks

-No matter what we have to face in love, no matter how dangerous situations occur, we still consider our first love as precious, blessed, and sugary. –Roger Ebert

-I was in love with her like the way a boy can love any girl, deeply and madly. –James Weldon Johnson

-It is said that the future is uncertain. But my future is already decided. The first love of my life is you, and only you will remain the last love of my life. –Bob Dylan

-I had so many fantasies about love in my mind. But, when I fell in love, everything was feeling beyond my imaginations. That feeling of first love was heavenly. –Nicholas Sparks

-The pain that gets at a young age from the first love is very pernicious. It creates a nonsensical boundary around your heart. –Maya Angelou

-The first love always settles in a unique place in everyone’s heart. –Lee Konitz

-The things that happen with you the first time, if it happened with you at a very young age, then I must say you are very fortunate because you will never get the same feeling again the second time. Anything first is special for everyone: first love, first wins, the first confession. –Lauren Bacall

-Everyone thinks when they fall in love with other things, they can easily let it go their first love. –Anonymous

-Whenever you sit to think about anything, the old memories infatuating you towards it. Actually, memories have the superpower to come back suddenly with a single thought. And, then you start remembering all the special and unforgettable moments of your life. Like, the first day of school, the first date, the first kiss, and the first love. –Eric Kandel

-You are the first, and you will be the last love of my life because I have never fallen in love before and have never experienced this feeling before. –Anonymous

-Your heart is like a blank paper where nothing is written before your first love. And, when you fall in love, many words, character, and memories get inscriptive on the wall of your heart. But, at the ending of your first love, nothing can clear out that images, words, and memories from your heart. But, there comes a time when a special one has entered your life and make a separate place in your heart. –Tammara Webber

-The first love and first kiss could prove terrible in the end. –Daína Chaviano

-The first love comes in every person’s life. Who doesn’t like to be in love, and the first love has a special place in every person’s heart. The feeling of first love can never feel again. If you have some beautiful memories of your love, then you are one of the luckiest. –Meaghan Jette Martin

-My all expectations are with you. My all dreams are with you. I love you, madly and deeply. You have made me a better version of myself. I don’t know what the future has in store for us, but today we are with each other, and it is everything for me. –The Notebook

-It is absolutely right that time stops right there when you meet your first love. But, most people don’t know that it runs at double speed when the time starts again. –Big Fish

-It is so strange that the one who makes you feel the pleasure of love for the first time and the one who gives you pain after breaking your heart for the first time is the same person called your first love. –Sarah Dessen

-After falling in her first love, she concludes that you feel like your heart is about to explode when you experience the love for the first time. –The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

-To me, you are my best dream and my favorite song. God has sent you in my life as the answer to all my prayers. You are my first and last love. I even can’t envision my life without you. –Nicholas Sparks

-An intelligent girl fell in love and becomes silly. –Sex & The City Movie

-Are you waiting for your love? But, you don’t love the one who has found you the first. –Anonymous

Sweet Young Love Quotes For You

Sweet Young Love Quotes For You

-The young people keep thinking about lust as love, and they have an unreal idealism of different kinds! –Margaret Atwood.

-The power of wind, the power of water, the power of coal, nothing matches the greatness of the power of a young person who is in love. –Criss Jami

-Young love is unmatched as it happens before the heart of a person knows to take care of itself and every important thing is vulnerable and open- the proper setting for a heartbreak that crushes the heart and sucks the soul. –Paige P. Horne.

-Young love is untameable like a wild, raging fire. It is an addiction and an obsession. Although it is satisfying, it feels like it is never enough. –Liz Thebart.

-Young love might be a widespread phenomenon, but that does not diminish its value. –Muse.

I dare say I am glad that there is no second occurrence of the sickness called first love, as it is definitely an illness and also a huge burden despite what the poets and songwriters have to say. -Anonymous.

-Some might believe young love to be a sweet occurrence but it may also be perceived as the ruin of innocence. -Anonymous.

-First love consists majorly of curiosity and the rest of it is foolishness. –George Bernard Shaw

Young love is so confusing, and as for that matter the first person whom you give your heart to is not your first love, the first person who breaks your heart is actually your first love. –Lang Leav

When we see the picture of two young people in love, we 

A man often thinks of himself as the inventor of love when he falls in love for the first time.  -Anonymous.

-No other love compares to the feeling and intensity of the first love. –Nicholas Sparks.

When the young, first love is lost, it breaks the heart and the pain becomes so painful that it may almost be ridiculous. –Maya Angelou.

-The magical thing about young and first love is our belief and ignorance that it will always stay no matter what happens. -Anonymous.

-Young love is as dangerous as it is beautiful, it can build you up as well as break you down. -Anonymous.

-Young love is the best and the one that triggers the most excitement. -Anonymous.

-The best thing about love at a young and tender age is the excitement and the confidence that nothing can go wrong. -Anonymous.

-We may be young, but our love is of the kind that lasts for a lifetime, so let us grow up with each other and let our roots and souls get together. -Anonymous.

-The beauty of young love is incomparable and unmatched with anything else. -Anonymous.

-Young love is so magical, for it is the first time in one’s life when such feelings take place when you feel that you want to be touched by someone you like. -Anonymous.

-Young love is something that cannot be compared with, the innocence and the desperation, the anticipation and then ultimately the heartbreak. -Anonymous.

-There is nothing more difficult than trying to reason with a young man who is in love. -Anonymous.

-Young love is best experienced when read from fables printed on books because that way, the heart remains unhurt because all real cases of young love end in heartbreak. -Anonymous.

-If love is a disease then young love is a kind of vaccination as it makes sure you one does not get affected with love again. -Anonymous.

-Nothing is more colorful than young love.-Anonymous.

-The younger a person is when he or she is hit by love for the first time, the sooner the person gets his or her first heartbreak. -Anonymous.

-One’s love story when one is young is usually one’s first love and one is usually under the impression that this first love that happens at this tender age is the best until one falls in love for the second time. -Anonymous.

-All young girls in love for the first time try to bind their young man in shackles of possessiveness, praying and hoping that the shackles never break. -Anonymous.

-During the adolescent ages of any individual, love is one of the diseases that can affect an individual. -Anonymous.

-I really think that a lot of people out there still think about their love in their younger days and wonder what would be the outcome if it was rekindled again. Sophie Kinsella.

-Young love is not always all roses and rainbows, it is often terrible and thorny. -Anonymous.

-Young love is like the first rays of the sun because it brightens up a youth’s life like the sun rays brighten up the dark mountain tops at dawn. -Anonymous.

-Most members of the masculine gender want to be the first love of women due to their clumsy vain nature. However, ladies are more subtle and so are their instincts when it comes to matters of hearts and so they prefer to be the last love of men. -Oscar Wilde.

-Men in their youth tend to fall for the first woman they are flattered by. –Honoré de Balzac.

-Young love is so sudden. A simple compliment from a person might be all that is needed to evoke feelings in a young person. -Anonymous.

-I miss those emotions of being in love at a young age. All those apprehensions, all the sleepless nights, all the imagination, all these sweet feelings seem to be missing from the love between grown-ups. -Anonymous.

-It is not that young love is not genuine, it is; however most young adults grow out of it and then they realize that they were just infatuated with each other or were just good friends together and that is when they grow out of love. -Anonymous.

-Love is wasted on young people. They do not always understand the value of the purity of their hearts. -Anonymous.

-In order to love at such a young age, you need to be clear about your feelings and you need to have the courage to follow your heart and struggle to make your love prosper. -Anonymous.

-Love is of a different essence when one is young, it consumes the whole of a young person’s heart and soul and renders the young person completely powerless to his or her own heart. -Anonymous.

-May a grown-up never feel love as much as a young adult has to feel because love at a young age is much more consuming and if a grown-up had to be afflicted with such a kind of love, he or she would not have the time to pursue his or her career. -Anonymous.

 -Young love is like the fresh dewdrops on the grass on cold winter mornings, it pleases an old lady’s heart to see such emotions in other young adults. -Anonymous.

-Once you fall in love for the first time, you do not realize how fast time goes by, the next time you check, you are already an adult working and thinking of settling down. -Anonymous.

-Young love is so sweet, the anticipation, the wait, and the stealing of glances, everything has its own thrill and joy, something an older person will genuinely miss. -Anonymous.

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