How To Flirt With Your Husband? 29+ Ways

Flirting with your husband is a must to keep the spark of playfulness and attraction alive in your marriage. Taking your relationship with him after marriage for granted will be a mistake. Here are some fun and easy ways to flirt with your husband so that he can’t resist you.

Kiss him when he’s not even expecting it.

After being married for a long time, partners don’t feel the need to kiss each other suddenly, just as a surprise. So, if you want your husband to know that you are flirting with him, kiss him unexpectedly- when he is in the kitchen or you are in the car.

Plan a date night.

Think of innovative date ideas and work them out with your partner. Make every moment special so that your husband sees your effort and knows that your busy life doesn’t stop you from getting flirty and cozy with him because you genuinely want to be with him more every day.

Take a quick shower together.

That’s a fun way to get flirty and save water, right? The next time you see your husband going towards the bathroom, don’t say anything and just join him midway, saying you want him. This idea would be a great way for you to bond physically and emotionally with him.

Cook for him.

Try getting closer to him through food. You know his favorite dish? Well, flirting with your husband just got easier. Just cook what he loves and feed him with love. You have no idea about the power of a good meal and how it can easily improve your married life.

Note down things you love about him.

While giving your husband a birthday present, try slipping a note with all the good things about him that make you love him more every day. Wait for him to read it and see how his face lights up. Showing your validation and appreciation is also a part of flirting.

Make love coupons.

This is an innovative way to flirt with your husband. Make love coupons and let him choose one every night. Write things like ’20 minutes of cuddling’ or ‘having a shower together in the morning’ that arouse him sexually. This clever strategy always keeps him eager to see what’s next.

Send him provocative pictures.

Since you are married, while he is at work, send him a picture of you dressed in a bikini or a video of when you say things you want to do to him tonight. These are enough to elevate his imagination and make him aroused to come home to you.

Compliment him.

Guys love compliments as much as women do. So, a simple ‘You look so handsome tonight’ or ‘I can’t believe you are my husband’ can work wonders to spice up your married life. He knows you are validating him wholeheartedly. He is blushing deep inside; you just can’t see it.

Go for couples’ massages.

If your husband has been stressed at work, make him take a break with you. Go for a couples’ massage at the weekend or go on a romantic getaway, things that make him realize that you care about him and you are always eager to spend more time with him.

Read a love story together.

This works great if you or your husband love reading books. Choose a romantic story and read it out to him. The love story or sexual descriptions will naturally arouse him, and he knows that you are being flirty. This is a great way to spend some quality time together.


The best love story-based films of all time:

  • Casablanca
  • It’s A Wonderful Life
  • An Affair To Remember
  • My Fair Lady
  • Vertigo
  • Moonstruck
  • Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Sense And Sensibility

Develop your secret language.

Married partners have a world of their own. Even when you are with your family or friends, you must have a secret language that only you understand. Suppose your husband is wearing the same shirt he wore on your first date; say it with a mysterious smile that he understands.

Leave romantic notes in unexpected corners.

To be flirty with your husband, you must be spontaneous. Write romantic and flirty notes and put them in places he least expects to find them- in your wardrobe or his office desk. This expresses your eagerness to keep the playfulness in your marriage, and he will reciprocate your approach.

Dance but only for him.

Wearing slutty dresses or being bold in bed are not the only things you can do to flirt with your husband. Try welcoming him home on the weekend with a sexy dance. He realizes that he is the only person who gets to see this and, consequently, is easily seduced.

Plan a human scavenger hunt.

If you have some free time, you can try arranging a scavenger hunt by leaving clues and riddles for your husband to solve if he wants to reach you. This increases his anticipation and excitement, and finally, when he sees you, your union becomes more special, both physically and emotionally.

Play romantic songs for him.

Let your husband come home from work and walk through the door to the beats of a soft, romantic song. Music is a great way to set the mood and say to your husband that you have been waiting for him all day. This way, you can reach his soul.


Reason to listen to love songs more frequently:

  • It will make your heartbeat match its beats.
  • It will improve your mood instantly.
  • You don’t choose your favorite song; it chooses you.
  • It makes you appreciate everything else better.
  • It elevates your creative sense.
  • You develop a healthy addiction to music.
  • You share music with people and have better interactions.
  • Music has no limitations.
  • It influences your perception of people.
  • It makes you believe in love.

Use social media to the fullest.

The modern generation has the most efficient weapon to flirt with their partners. Tag him in romantic posts, have cute conversations in the comments section, write appreciation posts or DM him erotic photos and videos you find online. This will increase his eagerness to return home and be with you.

Text something out of the blue.

If you look at a chat between married partners, you will mostly find random stuff about buying groceries, doing the dishes, or paying bills. This expresses the monotony in your confessions and your relationship as well. Do something different and text him something sexy when he’s not even considering it.

Use cheesy lines.

Even when you are married, you can use cute cheesy lines to spice things up in your relationship. Say something adorable that sweeps your husband off his feet. For example, if he brings flowers and chocolates, say to him,” The only thing I love more than these things is you!”

Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.

You always hear how foreplay is an important part of sex, right? Well, a cuddle is the easiest way to flirt with your husband. Sit on his lap and ask him to cuddle you. This might lead to sex, or you could just be cozy with each other all night.

Have a movie date night.

Do Netflix and chill as frequently as possible, especially on weekends. Order some pizza, watch your favorite film while cuddling, and have sex. Choose an intimate setting that arouses you and lets your partner know that you want him. This is also a great way to spend quality time together.

Have your inside jokes.

Healthy humor is very important between partners. Also, have your boundaries and ensure you don’t insult or hurt each other. There should be inside jokes that only you and your husband understand, and you can use them to flirt with him, especially when you are out with family or friends.

Spend time alone more frequently.

The most common problem in married couples is that they grow distant over time. So, if you want to flirt with your husband and spice things up, spend more quality time together. Ensure that no matter how busy you are with other priorities, you always spend some alone time together.

Make eye contact.

Deep soulful eye contact is enough to make a man crave you. So, if you feel like flirting with your husband, don’t do anything. Stand before him and maintain long, deep eye contact. See how he reacts instantly. This eye contact has a greater power of seduction than anything else.


Reasons why eye contact is important:

  • It helps you develop better concentration.
  • You look authoritative while speaking or listening.
  • You grab attention more easily.
  • You exude a sense of confidence and strength.
  • You are more assertive in what you say.
  • You can engage people more easily.
  • People pay attention to your facial gestures and what you are saying.
  • You get to see their reaction at every instant.
  • It slows down your speech and makes your words more important.
  • People don’t get a chance to ignore you.

Dress provocatively.

If you have been with your husband for a long time, you are comfortable enough to wear pajamas and still be appealing to each other. But you must dress up nicely once in a while. Flirting with your husband is easier when you are wearing a long, satin, backless dress.

Prioritize physical intimacy.

Never underestimate physical intimacy in a marriage, even if you’ve been married for ten years. This doesn’t only refer to sex but all forms of physical affection. Flirt with your husband physically- hug him, kiss him, or bite his ear. Always do everything you can to keep the romance fresh.

Give him your undivided attention.

Nothing attracts a man more than a partner who listens intently. Be mindful of what he is saying and genuinely express your opinions. When he realizes that you have always supported and loved him unconditionally, he is naturally drawn to you more. When you are together, give him undivided attention.

Don’t wait for him to initiate flirting.

Women are traditionally used to being wooed and seduced by their partners. If you keep waiting for your husband to initiate a romance with you, you might be waiting forever. You must always have an understanding with your husband. You know that if you initiate flirting, he will always reciprocate.

Create a mystery.

Keep him waiting- that’s your motto. Flirting only works well when you make him want you more in different ways. Never be predictable about how you flirt. Surprise him, do things when he doesn’t expect you to, and let him know your spontaneity and playfulness when it comes to romance.

Be creative.

Flirting works differently for different men. Try to know your husband better, find out what seduces him easily, and do those things. Rather than just trying out different things, be clear about his likes and dislikes first. Flirting with your husband becomes easier when you know your partner’s preferences well.

Experiment with sex.

The kind of physical and emotional intimacy you achieve from sex is undeniably the best. To avoid monotony, always experiment in the bedroom. Talk to your husband about your sexual preferences and do what arouses him more. As they say, happiness in marriage depends a lot on the sex life.


You now know some of the best ways to flirt with your husband. Choose the ideas that you think will work for your marriage and execute them. Remember that flirting and healthy physical and emotional intimacy are very important if you want to have an exciting and peaceful marriage forever.


Tips for a better sex life:

  • Know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t pressurize yourself.
  • Use lubrication.
  • Maintain other forms of physical intimacy.
  • Touch your pattern more often.
  • Experiment with your positions.
  • Make a note of your fantasies.
  • Do Kegel exercises.
  • Don’t panic if you get it wrong.
  • Don’t give up before you have it.

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