59+ Funny Love Quotes to Win Your Love Partner’s Heart

Love is a thing of amusement to us. Love without humor is just a flowering pot without soil and plants. Fun and enjoyment have always helped in spicing up the flavor of love and relationships.

It totally eliminates the dryness of the relationship and helps bloom freshness in the relationship.

It is probably one of the basic necessities for love to retain. Here are some amusing quotes of love that will definitely make you laugh.

Funny Love Quotes to Win His/Her Heart

-If you ever feel safe, comfortable, and happy about sharing your popcorn with somebody then congratulations you are in love with that person -Charles Schultz

-If you need the perfect cake in your life, then love will be the one for you where romance will shape up the cake properly -Anonymous

-Love is that kind of ailment which needs to be treated and get cured badly but we actually want to remain sick under the grasp of love forever as we enjoy its suffering too much -Fran Lebowitz 

funny love quotes

-Marriage only becomes successful when we put into it some stuff that will only fit it right which is very similar to the stockings -Phyllis Schlafly

-Making love in public is daring but you will have to be enough brave for facing the passerby who is going to witness and taunt your dare -Anonymous

-Love is so vulnerable and risky that it is similar to confess somebody about how fake her hair looks or telling them about their pant’s chain being open -Anonymous

-Marriage is like being willingly stupid and wasting your time with your desire and pleasure by getting some weird lectures from your better half -Megan Mullally

-Love is similar to the road not taken but it will ensure that if we take that road we are sure to become stupid –Carroll Bryant

-we always blame love for making things complex but we always fail to see the faults we are growing in ourselves and overlook the mess we create in a relationship -Anonymous

-Love is about having conditions while making changes in yourself, you only work on yourself when the other person tries to change himself too -Anonymous

-Love is like the buy one get one free offer, you definitely get to possess immense stupidity and infinite blindness with a budding romance -Anonymous

-What will be the easiest way to differentiate between a love and a husband? well, nothing but a lot of reality and stability -Cindy Garner

-The best way to test the patience of your fiancée is to get him to wear a cloak and make him look like a clown, if he doesn’t get mad and laugh out loud, get hitched with him -Anonymous

-Newton has stated in his theory of love that it cannot be produced or abolished but it will definitely generate a sweetheart who will ruin your bank balance day by day -Anonymous

-How will you get assured that you have found your true love? It is when you are more fond of staying awake in her thoughts than getting her in your dreams -Dr.Seuss

-Can I borrow a hug from you? I assure you that I will return it on time with full interest -Anonymous

-We can never blame gravitation for people who fall in love it is always the faults of the people for embracing stupidity and madness -Albert Einstein

-You will be surprised to hear the beginning and the ending of my story, The commencement is with I have always wanted you and it is over with I have got you -Anonymous

-In love, we will have to get lots of cuts and pain in order to radiate and glow like a real gem -Eric Thomas

-In love, how much reluctant you are, one heart-melting smile from your better half can simply convince you to change your mind and think completely opposite of what you have thought before –Charles Gordy

-In love look is deceptive, where one rejects somebody for looking a couched potato but after someday the same person craves for him as he would look like a crispy French fries by then -Anonymous

-If in marriage if you ever plan to delay the entry of a new member, then you must think to practice the art of giving love leaving the lights on of the room -Joan Rivers

-Love is so much considerate that it does not even spoil your mood or makes you puke even when your partner is farting right beside you -Anonymous

-Love is nothing but adjustment and a bit compromise where you are comfortable with your partner’s loud snore and he is perfectly fine with your bad culinary skills -Anonymous

-I can say a thousand times that I give you more priority than coffee but if you insist me to prove that right, my actions might not be similar to my words -Anonymous

-A man always find for completion with the woman they love by marrying then but once they are hitched, they suddenly discover that they are actually finished -Zsa Zsa Gabor

-I badly crave for a person who would melt for the same way my ice cream melts when I stare into it -Anonymous

Funny love quotes

-Love is like that enormous violent flame which pleasantly burns your heart which is quite soothing but achingly puts all your money and bank balance down into ashes -Joan Crawford

-In marriage, it is the primary role of the husband to resist his wife to waste all their savings by doing pointless online shopping -Anonymous

-The way of falling in love for a man and a woman is quite different, a man melts by the looks of the woman whereas the woman only steps into a relationship if she gets the assurance by using her ears -Woodrow Wyatt

-It will be the wisest decision to get hitched with a man who is of your age so that he does not retain good eyesight to witness your fading beauty -Phyllis Diller

-Marry a judge, so that after each quarrel you will be assured that he will be calling a jury to sort things out and to decide who among you is guilty -Groucho Marx

-Her look was so appealing and melting that it could have easily poured instead of hot chocolate over a crunchy waffle –Ring Lardner

-Pierced-ear men are one of the most trustworthy and compatible husbands as they know the agony of buying trinkets and utilizing them -Rita Rudner

 Funny Love Quotes To Win Your Love Partner Heart

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