200+ Funny Messages For Her And Him That Will Crack You Up

Spice up your relationship with laughter! Discover a treasure trove of 200+ uproariously funny messages for her and him ?, guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

Laughter is the key to the heart, and with these hilarious and witty messages, you’ll have your loved one bursting into fits of giggles ?.

From clever one-liners to playful banter, this collection is tailored to add a dash of humor to your daily interactions and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Let the laughter begin!

Funny Messages for Her

Funny Messages For Her

-Do you know the feeling when your common sense is leaving your body? It is when you feel a butterfly in your stomach in the liking of someone, the same as what I am feeling right now.

-I need somebody in my life who will stare at me the same way I stare at pizza. 

-I gravely swear that I am planning something naughty, mainly when I will be lonely with you.

-You need to realize that with whom I’m fascinated? Just look at the primary word once more. 

-I have to state that I love you with all my heart, but I would say I love you with all my belly because my belly is bigger.

-I am without you resembles makeup without base, a house without gates, and a sentence without space.

-I thought about everything, and it turned out that I am a jobless young lady who is certified in cuddles, kissing, and taking care. Do you have employment for me?

-Hey, I want to tell you that I just lost ‘myself’ in your love again, looking at your picture.

-It is said that the body has 75% water in it, and I am incredibly thirsty right now. Be prepare.

-I know the reason behind your continuous workout is that you desire to look as hot as me, isn’t that right?

-In any case, if you feel like coming in my arms, then simply close your eyes and envision I’m there. And, if there is a chance that you want to kiss me, then simply close your eyes, and I will be there. 

Funny Love Messages To Make Her Laugh

Funny Love Messages To Make Her Laugh

-You should be grateful for the fact that you have got the best partner ever.

-Since you can’t kiss and talk simultaneously. Therefore, I just love it when we kiss.

-Are you ready to be taken to jail? Because you stole my heart at the first moment when I saw you. You have an option to give it back, at whatever point you wish. I am all yours only.

– Remember to carry a GPS alongside you when we meet today because there is a chance that I will be lost in your eyes, darling. 

-If, in any case, a writer will write a book and make me Juliet and you, my Romeo. Then, I would suggest that he not declare us dead at the end of the book because I would prefer our story to be ‘Happily after.’

-I found the mystery of the goldsmith in your sparkling eyes when the absolute first time I met you. From that time, I would like to do everything to make sure that Goldsmith gets gold for him from somewhere else because your excellent eyes are precious to me.

-I love you so much that I am ready to fight with a bear. No, not with a mountain bear since they have hooks. As it may be a consideration bear, I’d battle with a consideration bear for you. 

– Love is the thing that makes the ride in the journey of life beneficial and exciting. It doesn’t derive your world upside-down.

-Can you give me a kiss as a loan? I guarantee to give it back to you with interest.

-Always make sure to bring your mind along when you continuously follow your heart. Oh, but if you don’t have a mind, then how would you carry it?

-Hello, Do you realize what amount of snow bear gauge? Enough to break the ice.

-I love you as much as I love food.

Funny Text Messages To Make Her Laugh

Funny Text Messages To Make her Laugh

-I can’t choose between Pizza or you. Pizza. No, you. Perhaps, Pizza on you.

-I may not be a photographic artist, but I can perfectly picture You and Me together in my bed.

-I am not over-possessive, but I simply believe you are excessively hot for different folks to talk. The exact opposite thing is that I want to make them feel terrible when you ignore them.

-I trust in sex equality, and therefore I will share the bill with you on our next date.

-It is said that kissing can help in burning plenty of calories. So, do you want to work out?  

-I know better and can easily be aware of why you get jealous sometimes because if I had a hot partner like me, I would behave similarly.

-I tightly hug my cushion while resting last night because I was missing you so much. It was just like cuddling with you, but no, I think it was far better. And, the reason is the cushion was quiet the whole time.

-At the point when the first time I observed you, I thought there were presently thin and fat holy messengers strolling upon the earth. 

-I can’t stop myself anymore. I will report you to the specialists as the reason for an Earth-wide temperature boost because you’re so hot.

Funny Love Messages For Girlfriend

Funny Love Messages For Girlfriend

-I know what the main reason behind global warming is. It is YOU.

-You transformed me totally, to the degree that I began breathing out oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide.

-When you were walking beside the roses in the park, do you know what I saw? I saw the roses waving, looking at you.

-I requested a wonderful 3D backdrop on the web, and when I saw you, I thought one photo had gotten away from the image.

-Can I lie down with you? Because I lost my teddy bear.

-You are just like my teddy bear. So soft and fat.

-Not just the butterflies, but I can feel the whole zoo in my stomach whenever you hold my hand.

Cheeky Messages For Her

Cheeky Messages For Her

-In a room full of paintings, I would choose to gaze at you. 

-Should I cross by again, If you do believe in the first sight of love?

-If I would name you as a vegetable. You will be a charming cucumber among the whole vegetables.

-You will be locked up for being excessively charming, and being quiet is your punishment. But, if not followed, at that point, you will be hushed with kisses. 

I plan to go on a candle-lit dinner with you and express those mysterious three words to you, which is ‘Pay the bill.’

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Funny Love Messages To Make Him Laugh

Funny Love Messages To Make Him Laugh

-Genuine romance resembles a pillow. You can embrace it in a problematic situation, cry on it in torment, and hold it in joy. Therefore, if you need genuine romance, then the pillow is a good option.

-Restless evenings have been spent for you. What if my son will do likewise with your girl? Therefore, it is better to make them siblings. 

-My affection for you resembles crapping. I would be dead without it. 

-Did you realize that, as per science, people poop in an unexpected way? Indeed, it’s simpler for men to poop than ladies. I can feel your pain, darling. 

-You make me insane, just like my old vehicle. I Love You, Madly.

-There is a long list to fascinate a young lady. One would need to adore, honor, regard, love, and care for her. On the other hand, a smile is enough to fascinate a guy.

-I’m yet confused in choosing between you and the rainbow, which the genuine copycat is. You are lovely, love. 

-You know what until I saw myself in your eyes, I thought my mirror was faithful to me.

-A life-sized model escaped from the shopping center today. Aren’t you the same? Because you look unrealistic. Trust me.

-Being stupid together is a sign of true love.

-An impermanent craziness that is treatable by marriage is called love.

Funny Messages For Him

Funny Messages For Him

-You said you love flowers, but still, you cut them. You said you love creatures, but still, you eat them. Now, you said to me that you love me. So, now I’m frightened.

-I adore and feel you more than I love espresso, yet don’t make me prove it. 

-I feel you have a deficiency of vitamin ‘ME.’

-I will cherish you for eternity. However, I know no one can live that long. 

-It is said that kissing is the language of adoration. Then, at that point, we have a great deal to discuss.

-As per the claim, if love is everywhere, then I should stroll around and around. What do you think?

-In case you’re charming, you can call me a child, and If you’re pleasant, you can call me darling. But in case you’re hot, call me around in the night.

-I love you, similar to my last slice of pizza and the cash in my bank. I truly love you to such an extent.

-Always keep in mind that a furious sweetheart is a vehicle without gas. You have to continue paying the advance installments no matter if it benefits you or not.

-Our relationship depends on two specific standards. The first one is, you do all that I say, and the second is, always remember the first one. 

Funny Flirty Texts For Him

Funny Flirty Texts For Him

Without any argument regarding our relationship, just do as I say because I want you to always be in peace.

-Why you are wasting time arguing when we can utilize this time to do romance?

-You are the dream boy of every girl. But, it doesn’t mean you underestimate that. Otherwise, I will be a terrible dream.

I know I will not need a pillow for sleep when we start living together under one roof because your broad chest is enough for my head.

-Except for ending my life, I won’t stop myself from doing anything for you because I want to live with you.

-Do you realize that the kiss you blew over the space to my face recently has adhered to my face the entire day and made my face look more outstanding, that even my associates began asking me how it became? What do you think I should reveal to them the mystery? 

-It is said that the sun sets in the west. But, in reality, it sets on your face, and the stars take authorization from your delightful eyes to get going around evening time.

Funny Text Messages For Him

Funny Text Messages For Him

-I was trying to recover this whole year from the wound that your eyes gave on my heart when I first saw you. Your love helped me to heal.

-After my cat, you’re essentially the most adorable thing I have ever cherished. 

-My love for you keeps on increasing every day more and more. But it did not happen yesterday. Because yesterday you were pretty irritating. 

-Love causes individuals to do senseless things. Like, it caused me to send you this message.

-I love you, irrespective of everything that you do. However, you do nothing,

-You are extra over-loaded cheese to my pizza. 

-I know once in a while if I behave like a demanding kid, you won’t mind. Yet, that is the reason you have 24 hours every day to hustle. 

-Our relationship’s basic rule is, you do what I say, and I say what you need to do. 

-The dark blue oceans have their miracles. Similarly, the seas have their immeasurability. The thick wildernesses have their interests. And you, my gem, are an exemplification of all. 

-After waking up in the morning, when I hold your face, your skin always feels so blooming like a just-born baby. You are so precious, my love.

 Funny Messages For Your Love Partner

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