71+ Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girl

Galentine’s Day is a special made-up holiday celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day, i.e., on the 13th of February.  This day mainly celebrates platonic relationships among women.

Hence, Galentine’s Day is one day where you can give your gal pals an awesome gift. Here are some ways to get you started. 

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girl

A BFF Card. Right off the bat, you can gift your girlfriend a card that says and appreciates that you value her existence. This is one way of subtly saying how much you love them and how much of a good friend they are. 

Hairdryer.  Which girl does not like to rock a great hairstyle? And what better than gifting your gal pal a hairdryer that will help her set her hair perfectly all day, every day? This is one gift that she is bound to love. 

Nail polish.  Pretty nails and fancy makeup are some things that are in trend right now and are not going away too soon. Nail polishes have always been loved by every girl. Find something that will look great on their complexion, or you could also slide safe with their favorite color.

Recipe book. If your gal pal is quite the chef, she is bound to love a recipe book. Also, this way, you might just be invited to some of the best dishes very soon. Jokes apart, she is sure to love a recipe book.

Wine glass.  If your Galentine is too much of a lady and loves a drink often, you could gift her a wine glass. Also, you could gift her a set that she could use the next day to set up a great valentine’s day date night with her special someone. You are sure to be popular, being the best friend that a girl could have. 

Zodiac necklace. Most girls often seem to love the horoscope and love reading about the zodiac signs. One great gift would be to gift your girlfriend a zodiac necklace. She will simply love it. 

Back massager. The perfect way to unwind after a tiring day of work is to have a good glass of wine while enjoying a good massage, and it does not get better if you can do it all by yourself at home. Your Galentine is surely going to love a back massager.

Wine chiller. If she is quite the craftsman with drinks and cocktails, get her a wine chiller. She will cherish this very sophisticated, classy, and unique gift. She will have you over every so often to spend more time with you and showcase her talents with the wine chiller that you gifted her.

Gold necklace. Most women love jewelry, and chances are that your girlfriend might like gold. You would, of course, know better. If not gold, any other metal necklace will always get her looking prepped and sexy.

Pan set. A set of nonstick cooking pans might just be the perfect gift if your friend is setting up a house or lives independently. This is a great gift that signals you are thoughtful and care for her well-being.

Yoga mat. For those who are into holistic living or who like exercising, a yoga mat will meet a lot. If she isn’t into any fitness schedule, it shows you want her to have a healthy life. Either way, gifting her a yoga mat will be a true inspiration for her and show her that you look at her well-being and care for her.

Bracelet. A very common present between gal pals, it still holds much value to both the giver and the receiver. This gesture expresses your love for her and that you would love to be remembered by her. And on Galentine’s Day, a bracelet – especially if it comes with a special inscription about your friendship – is a gift she will cherish forever.

Fluffy slippers. A beautiful way to tell her that you are with her even when she is alone. Fluffy slippers symbolize the respect you have for her and also that you look at your friendship as a soft, comforting part of both your lives.

Spa kit. Every woman loves the spa. It has become an essential part of today’s lifestyle. When a gal pal gifts her galantine a spa kit as a gift on this special day, it means that the former cares a lot for the latter. She will try to reciprocate with something similar to show her appreciation. You may expect her to invite you more often for both of you to go through those much-loved spa sessions together.

Fortune locket. A fortune locket showcases that special message you cherish. Gifting your gal pal one means a lot to here, especially if the fortune locket symbolizes both of your beliefs. She will remain more loyal to you than ever. In effect, you would have changed your fortunes by presenting your gal pal with a fortune locket to always wear as a Galantine Day gift.

Oil diffuser. An oil diffuser is a lovely way of expressing your love for your galantine. It showcases the beautiful atmosphere you wish for your friend to have. Each time she lights one of those aromatherapy oils, she will surely have you in mind. This gift will enrich your relationship.

Custom earring. Custom earrings say a lot about the feelings of the one gifting them. However, it also shows your galantine how much she means to you. It emotes a feeling of closeness and the healthy feelings you harbor for each other. These are gifts that say a lot without any word being spoken. Gift your galantine a pair and see how satisfied you both become.

Sports shoes. Whether she is into health and fitness, a pair of sports shoes on galantine day for your loved friend will mean so much more to her than you can ever imagine. She will wear them with care and on special occasions to show you how much she appreciates your gift and how much you mean to her. Don’t be surprised when she gifts you something no less meaningful.

Bath bombs. Gifting your friend a set of bath bombs on galantine day means you care for her private and personal moments too. It shows how much you care for her and wish for her comfort and wellbeing. And if you can gift her bath bombs with essences and colors that she loves, it will take your relationship to the next level.

Jewelry box. Gifting your gal pal a tasteful jewelry box is a thoughtful gift on galantine. It says that you wish her to keep her jewelry well-organized so she can find the one she wants whenever she wants to wear them. Each time she uses her jewelry box, it will bring pleasant memories of the times you two have spent together. 

Bed set. A bed set as a gift for your gal pal on Galentine’s Day speaks volumes about how you value her as a friend. You wish for all the comfort in the world. And if this set is in the colors she loves, it shows her how much you know about her tastes and likes. It enriches your relationship, and she may even have you at her place for sleepovers when she has your bed set out to show you how much she appreciates your special gift for her.

Ring holder. A ring holder is a fantastic and thoughtful gift, especially since it has tremendous utility. It is a great way to show your friend how good a friend you are to her and how much you care for her and her possessions. It says that you would never wish her to misplace her little items. Gift her one of these and see how much it means to her.

Cosmetic case. A tasteful cosmetic case goes a long way to say that you wish only the best for your galantine. It is such a great utility that she will use it with extreme care and carry it with pride wherever she goes. Even you will enjoy the happiness this gift emotes in her. Bask in the pleasant friendship you gals are in.

Bath salts. Like bath bombs, bath salts show off your feelings for your gal pal. When you gift her a set of bath salts for Galentine’s Day, you would have shown her the great love and respect you have for her. She will reciprocate her appreciation and feelings in more ways than one and repeatedly on multiple occasions. Go ahead and gift her a set of exotic bath salts and see for yourself the pleasant reciprocation from your friend over and over again.

Customized mug. A customized mug is a great gift you can give your girlfriend on Galentine’s Day. It expresses your deep friendship with her and also the memories you cherish. It is something like letting her in on your feelings. If you have your photos together printed onto a heat-activated magic mug and add a valuable inscription or quote, it will mean much more to her.

Desktop calendar. A desktop calendar is a way to remind her about you every day. It is a great utility for her, especially if her work requires her at the desk for a substantial time regularly. And to gift her a desktop calendar on Galentine’s Day will take your friendship to a new place altogether.

Pant set. A set of pants mean so much to any woman. They tend to bring out a style statement that is also much valued by women. They are the aptest gift a gal could give her gal pal on Galentine’s Day. This gift will make your friend value your friendship even more because to her; these pants tell her how much you care for her and that you wish to make her look good and classy.

Bathing sheet bundle. A bathing sheet bundle is a grand gift for you to give your girlfriend for Galentine’s. The set should comprise body towels, hand towels, face towels, and at least a bath mat. Needless to say that this set of bath sheets will prove to her that you wish all the comfort in the world for her. It will deepen your friendship for sure.

Sweatpants. A pair of sweatpants is a great Galentine’s Day gift for your favorite gal. Since sweatpants can be worn for exercising and also as leisurewear, these are a great way to express your thoughtfulness to her. These will motivate her a lot more and bring out freshness in your friendship.

Cotton robe. Gifting your girlfriend a cotton robe for Galentine’s Day goes a long way to say you wish her to stay safe and comfortable. It is a great gift and will be a cherished one at that. It will be more effective if you gift her one in her favorite color and print.

Flower vase. A flower vase for your galantine is a fantastic way to treat her with value and show her that you wish her to live in beauty. It also symbolizes that if she is the flower, you are the vase in which she remains protected and appreciated.

Backpack. A common backpack may not seem to be a great Galentine’s Day gift for your friend, but it will surprise you when you see how much she appreciates the gesture. A backpack is something almost everyone needs, but most don’t get around to buying it.

Bluetooth speaker. Gifting your pal a Bluetooth speaker or a set of Bluetooth speakers means you wish her to submerge herself in the great music she enjoys. Your thoughtfulness shows in these little things.

Tablet stand. A great and necessary utility is a tablet stand. Most of us do not understand its value until we use it ourselves. Such a gift on Galentine’s Day will prove to your friend how much you consider her needs, even those she never gives much thought to.

Heart-shaped chocolates. Chocolates are a great gift idea for almost any celebration and occasion. However, gifting your girlfriend heart-shaped chocolates on such a special day is a fantabulous offering. It makes the day even more cherished when you spend time together over the chocolates you gifted her.

Pair of socks. As a Galentine’s Day gift, a pair of socks goes a long way in letting your friend know that you care for her comfort, protection, and attire. It will bring a great sense of trust and love between you as friends.

Silk pillow set. A set of silk pillows is a classy way to make your friend understand how much you wish to spoil her and how much she means to you. She will want to have you at her place for many more sleepovers and the girl-time you gals need so often.

Perfume.  Perfumes are a great way to express your classy side and how you wish your gal pal to be classy. A lavender or a rose perfume says so much. It is more so if the bottle itself comes with a beautiful figurine or soft abstract design.

Couple portrait. Get a portrait of you and your gal pal made for her on Galentine’s Day. It will tell her that you wish to be present in her home in some way or the other. This leads to a great sense of togetherness between friends. It also communicates the memories you both cherish.

Bucket list. All smiles to this simple yet important gift. Just a bucket list, but it shows how much you know about your friend’s desires and dreams; and how much you wish she did it all. It is a way of celebrating your friendship. To add more value to it, you may include yourself or even a few items from your bucket list.

A dozen of roses. A dozen roses say a lot about your feelings, but not always as lovers. On Galentine’s Day, it says that you love her more than anyone else and that you will cherish every memory with her. It symbolizes how deep a friendship can be between two women. She will be there for you always, as you will for her.

Sweatshirt. Gifting your friend a sweatshirt shows that you care for her. It is very comforting casual wear and may also be used for exercising. However she uses it, it will always remind her of you. And it also lets her know that you are there for her. What more could one friend ask of another?

Instagram prints. There are too many online services that help you print your Instagram pics on various items. You can gift her any such item – a picture frame, tees, veneer, mugs, and more – with Instagram prints. It is a grand way to express your love for her.

Heels. When we say heels, we mean heels. Any kind – pencil, high, stilettos, blocks, and more. Just make sure they are heels. See how much she loves them and how sparingly she wears them, that too, only on special occasions. She will enjoy flaunting these heels, especially with you around. The heels make her happy, but having you by her side when she is wearing them is how she will express the pride she takes in having you as her true friend.

Personal fireplace. A personal fireplace is a great gift for your gal on Galentine’s Day. These small, easy-to-carry quartz-based personal fireplaces use isopropyl alcohol, which is safe and non-messy.  A personal fireplace will let your gal pal enjoy those ‘alone’ times she always wanted. The best part of this personal fireplace is that it stays lit for almost an hour at least. 

Mini dress. Gifting your gal a mini dress for Galentine’s Day says you want her to look sexy. It also shows your playful love for her and how much you want her to remain young at heart. It says that in your eyes, she will never grow old. That’s how friends see each other anyway, isn’t it? 

Waffle maker. A waffle maker shows how much you want your friend to enjoy waffles and that you wish her to make them rather than buy them. This gift will express your concern for her well-being and how much you wish the best for her.

Foot cream. The foot cream is a tad too normal as a gift. However, when it comes from a friend, the thoughtfulness means a lot to the one who gets the gift. It says that you wish your girlfriend to have the softest and healthiest feet. This gift will also express your concern for her wellness.

Pajama Set. A pajama set as a Galentine’s Day gift says how girlie a friend you are for your friend. It is also a way to say that you want the two of you to have more sleepovers and girl time together. Go on, gift her a pajama set and see how it goes. If not anything, she will appreciate the feelings you have shown.

Chopping board. Your gal pals spend a lot of time cooking your favorite meals together. A great way to enjoy this activity a lot more is to gift your girlfriend a chopping board on Galentine’s Day. It may even drive her to concoct various new dishes for you. 

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