20+ Heart-Melting Paragraphs To Get Your Girlfriend Back

It is never easy to go back to things that you left behind, especially when there’s a risk of the mistakes being repeated all over again.

However, the heart wants what it wants, and we are powerless there. If you are looking for ways to get your girl back, the following paragraphs might be a good way to start.

Heart-Melting Paragraphs To Get Your Girlfriend Back

-I don’t really know how to start this, but I guess there is no turning back now. I have to tell you what it has been like without you. You are all that I can think about, and I would really love for you to walk into my life again. I would really want you to give us another chance, undo the things that went wrong, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love again. 

-They say love and lighting do not hit the same place twice. Well, I don’t believe in such sayings, and I don’t take you to be one with such beliefs too. How about we really test this theory and start afresh by getting back together? I would try my best to do the right thing, something that might have been absent the last time, and hopefully, we can be as happy as we once were. 

-The times when we were happy alone without caring much about the world. We used to be the liveliest, most fun couple in the room; I don’t know what went wrong. But I know we can still try to make things better, maybe even as good as they once were. I trust that there is a real chance here and would love to hear from you.

-I consider myself to be one of those lucky enough to have found love in their lifetime. What I didn’t consider is how short it will last. I wanted, and I still want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t think there is anybody else who can make me feel how you made me feel, how just one look at you used to make my day. Now, for even just a fraction of a second, if u felt like what we had was love, I would really like to see you and make things better. Will be waiting.

-Dating is tough; both of us are well aware of that fact. What is not tough is having someone who you can talk to at the end of a crappy day. You still have that person in me, and I really hope I do too. Look, I am not going to run around in circles and talk about love stories and perfect endings. We made mistakes. Let’s sort it out like adults and see where life takes us. You’ve got a friend in me.

-I used to think about how hard could it possibly be to move on. How hard could it get to erase the memories which are as deep-rooted as an ancient tree? How difficult would it be to feel whole without being completed by someone else? How problematic can it get to live your life as if it never happened? Well, all that has been tough, extremely tough, but what’s been even more difficult is not being able to get back to you, and that is something I would really love to happen, come what may. If you feel what I am feeling, I am just one call away.

-I thought we were really a team. We were supposed to ride the storm like an easy breeze and lie in the sun thereafter. We were not supposed to, and we are yet far from being apart. We might have built some distance between us but it’s high time we burnt the bridge and brought the team back. I really miss you; I miss us being together. I could really do with one of those ted talks of yours right now because I have never been this clueless in my life. Be seeing you.

-I was going through my playlist today only to find out that more than the majority of the songs were plugged in by you. Now, one has to be really lost if even music can’t save him. I can’t listen to even a single verse without thinking about you a million times, and that is a serious problem.  A problem only you can solve. How about I let you rule my playlist once again, and you let me be with you and make things the way they once were? I am sure there is nothing we can’t take care of. Miss you.

-I wanted to inform you exactly how much my heart keeps missing and longing for you, but we’ll come to that moment.  More than me, my playlist misses your hopeless romantic music. More than me, my poetry misses your references. More than me, my eyes miss seeing you smile. Most of all, my heart misses all the memories and moments we had. I would love to re-live those moments with you and maybe make some new ones too. 

-Love was never supposed to be easy, and there are no rule books for the same. However, there are no undo buttons in life and what happened was nothing but collateral damage. There are a lot of things that I learned from what we went through but what I never learned was how to unlove a person that you imagined the rest of your life with. Help me, maybe? 

-I can still recall the first time I laid my eyes on you and I said to myself, Found Her. You were what I had always wanted. It was almost to be too good to be true, but when it happened, I was the happiest man alive. I know I might have been careless a few times and taken things for granted. I know what went wrong, and I am willing to work on it. If you still feel positive about us, all you have to do is say yes, and I will be waiting.

-The universe works on the principle of balance. For every high, there is a low. As happy as I felt when I was with you, I could never imagine how empty I would feel now that you are gone. I understand that we need to strike a balance between us, too, and I am more than willing to do that, come what may. I know it won’t be easy, but it is the best chance we have got right now. That, and the love we have.

-They say love takes you places; well, what they said was right. When I was with you, love took me to a fairly land where each day was a Disney musical. There was singing, dancing, and colors blooming all around. Similarly, love had to take me somewhere now that you aren’t with me. It took me somewhere empty and dark, and all I see is a pitch-dark quicksand; I might really need more than a branch to pull me out of this one. At least do it for the sake of the thrill of it, and who knows, we might even fall in love in the process. Waiting for me rescuer.

-I have to tell you how empty my days are, how cold my nights are. How much I miss our walks, how much I even miss our fights. A second without you feels like an age-long; I am looking for a place I can call mine, somewhere I really belong. I might not have known a lot of things when we were together, but I know for a fact if I was given another chance, I would never let go. 

– I can still see that smile from a mile. Can still recognize that face from a distant place. I might have been mean to you, but you have no clue what you mean to me. Now I really have no clue what real love is, I haven’t read a relatable definition, but whenever you were with me, I felt this really amazing sensation. Now, if that’s love, well and good. I would do anything to get back to you if I could.

– We might not be together anymore, but I would just like to tell you that I would still do a few things. I would still wait for your texts, will still wait for your call. I would still catch you should you fall. Hell, I will still tie your laces; I will still make sure that with you, no one messes. And I would have let go a long time ago if I could, but I can’t, and I won’t. I will wait, for what’s mine will stay mine. Take your time.

-You were the love of my life, the only person who was with me in thick and thin. Now that I don’t see you around anymore, nothing makes sense anymore. What is even the point of waking up or getting off bed? Everything seems so pointless to the point where I have started to doubt myself. I don’t really know how to do this all by myself. I would really like to have my support system back as soon as possible. Still love you and can’t wait to get back to you.

-Look, I don’t really care about what has already happened between us. What I really care about is this moment and how to get my girl back. We are both in a tight spot right now, and I am sure things would be a lot easier if we were together. I would like you to sleep over and think about all that we had and all that we felt. If you still feel that I am the guy you want to be with, I am right here, for I know you are the girl I want to see for the rest of my life, without a doubt. 

Getting Back Paragraphs for girlfriend

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