15+ Sweet Paragraphs to Win Him Back

Moving on is already a very difficult task to undertake, but on the other hand, it might look easy when compared to trying to get back with the person you love.

As hard as it might be, it is worth a try, and going through the following paragraphs may be a good way to start.

The Best Paragraphs to Win Him Back

-It took a lot of heart for me to write you this message. I know things are not as well as they once used to be and it kills me to be in this situation. I would really like to see you and get everything back to normal or at least try to make things better. I hope we are on the same page and I am looking forward to hearing your part.

-The flowers, the chocolates, the presents but most importantly the memories, every single detail reminds me of you and I am not in a healthy space to deviate myself from any of these. You were, or in fact, you still are a very important part of my life, and I would really want to get that part back in my life, it is already tough for me, please don’t make it any worse. Be seeing you.

-You know there used to be a time in my life when my Sun used to rise and set with you. We were practically inseparable. You were my knight in shining armor who I could depend on with my eyes shut. I still can’t point out what exactly went on but I am pretty sure there is nothing that we can’t sort over a cup of coffee. Meet me maybe?

-I have known love very closely, I used to see it in your bright eyes day in and out. You made me feel loved, made me feel special, and made me feel as if what we had was unbreakable and undying. Now that we are out of the fairyland I miss every bit of it. I would love to rebuild our dreamland together if you still think that’s possible. Always waiting for you.

-I can never get over that view of you walking towards me with your broad shoulders, long face, and messy hair (most of the time). It was my best view, it still is. I still can’t get over your stupid video games, crazy music tastes, and whacky food ideas. You were really cute and carefree, and that’s just a few things that I love about you, among many. I would really love a long-long conversation if you can spare the time. Write back to me.

-The worst goodbyes are those which are unexpected and yours was one I never even could imagine. It hurts to imagine my life with you, it feels incomplete. Your presence made me feel warm, secure, and at ease. Now that I don’t see you around, I don’t feel much like myself. I am too tired to go on a journey to discover myself so can you please save me the effort and come back to me? You’ll just also save me in the process.

-Your shoulders were my favorite pillow, your arms were my best blanket, your presence alone was my preferred music, you were a breath of fresh air in my gloomy day, and having you around made me feel like a different person altogether. You always brought out the best in me. I am saying this from the bottom of my heart and if you even slightly believe what I am saying, I just want you to know things have not been the best for me, everything seems messy and no matter how hard I try, all of it feels pointless. I can just tell you that I feel the same about you and if you feel the same, please come back to me, I love you, always.

-We might not be as close as we once used to be but you know what they say, you can never un-love a person you used to love. Each passing day makes me realize how special it was, whatever we had. I still blush every time I think about you and eventually feel miserable and cry. I never thought I would say this but I really miss you, I want to start everything all over again, start everything with you, and be with you.

-Some things in the world can never change. Similarly, some things can never be undone. However, if we could just trust in what we have and try for just one, we might be able to make everything alright. I am not asking you to change or change anything, nor am I agreeing to try to undo anything. All I am saying is let’s try to do things differently this time, in a way where both of us are happy and together.

-I was never a hopeless romantic. It is all your fault, you made me believe in fairytales (everything was so perfect), you made me believe in love (with how you made me feel), you made me believe in the concept of forever, you got me hooked to emotional poetry and romantic music, it is all on you. Now that I can’t even go back no matter what I try, you have two options. Either come back to me or get me a time machine. I leave it up to you.

-Those late-night conversations, the hours of talking, the useless laughing, the eye contacts, your nervous smile, you holding my hand while walking, and that is just all that I can think about in a second. Imagine what all I can think of in just a minute. I miss everything about you, I really hope to see you again and get you back, make things just like they once were.

-You left without an explanation not realizing my heart was still with you. The funny part is I am still not sure if I want it back. I am more inclined towards getting you back than getting my heart, even after what happened. Anyways, as for my heart, I think I am way past trying to get it back or fix it, you can have it. If you really want to return it, come yourself and come only if you are mine. I’ll wait.

-life is so unpredictable, so fickle. Just yesterday, I had everything I always wanted, I had my man, my dream life, and everything was perfect. And here we are today unsure of what the future holds for us. Whatever the situation be, I just want to tell you that I am still not willing to give up on us, I am still holding on to us from my side and I am really praying for you to do the same. Be seeing you.

-I am not asking for anything extraordinary, I am not asking for moons, stars, or diamonds.  I am just asking for what is mine. I am asking for my life back, a life that is incomplete with you. I want you back. I need my ray of sunshine, my rain dance partner, my binge-watch buddy back. I just really need my life to get back to normal, and that is impossible without having you in it. Come back to me.

-It does not matter if we are no more together. I really don’t care if we aren’t committed anymore. I don’t mind at all being single for a change. What I really care about is the friend that I had, the friend that used to listen to all my silly stories, the friend that was always there for me at the end of the day, the friend that was always worried about whether I ate, how my day went. Love may or may not follow, I want that friend back at all cost.

-You were always perfect. Upright with your arguments, your clean shoes, ironed shirts, well-combed hair, a perfect gentleman. What wasn’t perfect was our relationship, we never really worked on it. How about we give love another shot and see how it goes, it surely won’t be perfect but we will always try to get it as close to perfect as we can and in the meantime, enjoy the process. Won’t we?

-Life is not a fairy tale with happy endings, I get that. I understand I am no princess and there are no unicorns in the real world. But honestly, weren’t we happy in our little world with just us? Wasn’t it enough to make us happy? I am not quite interested in the answer yet, I’ll let that story have an open ending. How about both of us work on a new story while we’re at it? Does that sound like a plan?

-Happiness and hardships, highs and lows are just a part of life. The curve of our relationship might be facing a low at this point, but we are bound to bounce back. There are no roads without speed breakers and our relationship has been nothing but a bumpy ride. How about we focus on the journey rather than the destination and face the lows together? Happily and carefully.

-I have said it a million times, I’ll say it again, whatever happened was nothing but temporary, a slight misunderstanding. What we have is much more important than that, we’re way better than this. What I feel for you, is nothing but love and it can’t be changed, not by any means. Let’s deal with it together, like adults, and find a way out, like we always do. Won’t we?

-Love does not come easy but it surely leaves you easily. I tried to keep holding on to you but that didn’t work out. Did it? Well, I have finally decided to let things go and let life decide our fate. Before you make your decision, I would just want you to know that I will still be waiting with a heavy heart, for you to come back, and come back as mine. Hopefully, everything will work out, won’t it? Love you.

Getting Back Paragraphs for boyfriend

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