75+ gift for long distance girlfriend To Send

Long-distance is always a pain and very difficult to go through for both individuals. You know how badly you miss her and you are also aware of how much she misses you.

Help ease her pain by sending her a wonderful gift that would decrease at least some distance between you and her. 

Gift for Long Distance Girlfriend to Send Her

Star map– A map of the stars or the constellations would remind her that you are not too far but are within the reach of the same star. A romantic gift that would remind them of how much you love her and that you will soon be together. There is something really romantic about stars. 

World map– A world map to mark the places that you guys are in and also the place that you would want to visit with her in the near future. Let her know that this distance is temporary and that you guys will soon be together. Keep a copy of the map with you too at all times. 

Journal– A journal for her to write all her thoughts down when she is missing you. She needs to get some of her emotions out by writing in this journal would help her do so. Have an identical one with you too so that you guys can exchange it later on. 

Pillows– Some pillows for her to cuddle with when she is missing you and be in touch with when you are not around. Get her some comfortable and fluffy pillows that she can hold and be at ease when she misses you.  

Blanket– The warmest gift that you can give her. Not only will it help her sleep better but will also make her feel as if you are holding her in her sleep. It will remind her of you every time she slides in it and will want to be with you. 

Body wash– She might not be able to smell you in person but gifting her your body wash can at least make her smell like you. She would instantly be reminded about the way you used to smell and feel better. It Will put her at ease in some situations when she is missing you a lot. 

Bubble bath– A bubble bath helps you cool off and put your mind at ease. It will not only calm her but take her to the moments when you guys were together and used to have a lot of good memories. You can even be on a video call while enjoying the bath. 

Webcam– You want to keep looking at them every second of them and having a good webcam can make them feel as if they are right next to you. For all those night-long video calls that end up with both of you falling asleep, a great webcam just makes it better. 

Touch bands– These are specifically made for people in a long-distance relationship. A pair of touch bands of both the individuals and whenever one touches the band, the other feels a sensation in their wrist even across the globe. Makes them feel that they are being missed and you want to see them soon. Will bring her a bit closer to you. 

Bracelets– Matching bracelets for her to remind her of you. Not only will it be a special thing for you guys but will also make you guys feel a bit closer. Customized bracelets which have a small message like Together, Mine, and Love You are always special to wear around. 

Matching hoodie– A matching hoodie for you guys to feel that sense of belonging. When you wear matching clothing, you feel a bit closer to them and not to mention how incredibly cute it is. Get her a hoodie which she will love and surprise her by wearing her yourself.

Pets– Giving her a pet that will always be with her and remind her of you would be a great idea. A cute little puppy or even a cat that will be her friend when she misses you, will keep her occupied and make her feel better when things get tough. Get one for yourself too which will be a partner for her pet too. 

Photo album– A photo album with all your memories captured in a single place and a way to take her back to all those good days and amazing times that you guys spent together. Flip through these pages together on a video call and be hopeful about creating a few memories again together. 

Online photo session– Even if you guys cannot click photos together anymore, there is nothing that should stop you from clicking a few pictures online and build an entire album out of it. These makeup for some amazing memories and prove to be a great time to build bonds. 

Illustrations– A few illustrations of the times that you guys were together. Art like this always has a special place in her heart and will melt her. She would immediately go back to that time and feel better. Frame it up or even mailing it to her would be a great idea. 

Open when letters-These are extremely customizable and their purpose itself is to make you feel special. They are written and sent together but are received over a few days or even a few weeks. You know when to time them and she will be excited to receive the next one.

Letters– Letters have something romantic about them. Not only does your handwriting make it more appealing but text messages or e-mails will never compare to how an authentic letter feels. Send her one today with all the emotions that you have and she will love it. 

Tickets– Tickets to her favorite concert or the new movie that she wanted to watch with you. All of that is great but if possible, try sending her some flight tickets and she will go crazy. Even if you cannot go and meet her, it could be that she has some free time in her hands. These tickets will push her to come and see you and that is the best gift that both of you can receive. 

Case– A customized phone case for you to always be close to her. Whenever she would look at her phone, it would remind her of you and would tell her that no matter what happens, you will always be there. Get a photo printed on it that is close to her and not forget that it would be protecting her phone at all times so that she is never out of touch. Laptop skins are also great. 

Wine– A bottle of wine at her doorstep with a message from you is bound to make her feel emotional and romantic. Even if you guys cannot share a drink, you can always have the same drink sitting miles away and enjoy the same flavor. Do not forget the ribbon and text.

Charging station– You would stay on a video call with her every second of the day if you could and the only thing that would come in her way of doing that is the battery being low. Get her a charging station so that her devices never run out of juice and that the call continues till one of you falls asleep. 

Power bank– A power bank would prove to be a life savior when you do not have your charger in the bag and the phone’s battery is running low. Do not let her be out of touch with you just because of the battery life of her phone, gift her a power bank now.

Artwork– Some customized artwork for her to look at whenever she feels lonely or misses you. A painting of you guys together or a quote that is close to her heart or maybe even a hand-drawn picture would melt her and want to be with you. 

Fortune cookie– Fortune cookies are always exciting to crack open. Send her a few of these and find out if she is destined to meet you soon or you will have to wait for even longer.

Socks– Some funky and quirky socks for her to chill in and feel warm in all those video calls. Plus, is there a better way to twin than wearing fun matching socks. She will love it and so will you. 

Soap– She misses the scent of your body and even if she cannot have you in person to smell you, you can always send her the soap that you use to decrease some distance between the two of you and make her feel like you are right there with you. 

Candles– Candlelight dinners are out of bounds for now but who said that you cannot have an online dinner date. Gift her some scented candles to get the date going. Light those candles on your end, dress up well, and have an amazing date on the video call. 

Musk– Your body must prove to be a great gift for her and there are a lot of devices in the market that helps you capture your body essence and send it to the person of your choice. 

A date– A real date might not be possible, given the circumstances, but there is nothing that should stop you from going on an online date. Just wear your best clothes, prepare the same food and get some romantic lights. You will have the time of your life here. 

Time zone watch– A time zone watch shows the same time as your partner. If she happens to be in a different time zone, this watch will show her the time according to your time zone and she would know what you would be doing at that hour. An ideal gift if time causes a lot of confusion. 

Rings– Some rings always make up for a great gift. Something to remind her of you all the time and to keep you close. Try and get a pair of matching rings to make it even better. Adding some sort of a lucky stone would make it lucky for both of you. 

Touchable neckpiece– A neckpiece or a pendant for her to wear with all her outfits only with a twist that whenever she touches it you will feel it too and vice versa. This is an extremely romantic gift as it brings you guys within the distance of a touch, quite literally. 

Speaker– To make those never-ending video calls, even more clearer and life-like, these speakers would make her feel like you are sitting right next to her whenever she hears your voice and would make her miss you a little less.

Zoom membership– Online video calls can be very complicated if you do not have the right platform and when it comes to the right platform, zoom is arguably the best. Get her a zoom membership to keep the call seamless and with no interruptions. She will also enjoy a lot of premium features like filters and stickers with this one. 

A star– This one is a bit complicated but hear us out. How would you feel if you suddenly get to know that you are the owner of a star and that a star has been named after you? Amazing isn’t it? Well, you can now get star names after her and mail her the document to give her the surprise of a lifetime. 

Stopwatch– A stopwatch for her to never be late and to even help her with her morning runs. This stopwatch is going to be of much help to her and pick a color she will love. 

Smart band– A smart band not only sends the little touch across to you but also helps her monitor her pulse rate, metabolism, and even the number of steps taken throughout the day. The ultimate gift that you can give to your long-distance partner. 

Heartbeat tracker– A heartbeat tracker would help her not only monitor her health but also keep a track of her pulse whenever she is missing you or wants to meet you. You will immediately know and will be able to help her. 

Travel bag– A travel bag will not only subconsciously want to travel to you but will also help her in traveling. She would be able to carry all her essentials, all her belongings easily to any place easily whenever she is traveling and on top of that, she will always feel as if you are with her. 

Lap desk– Lap desks will allow her to be with you on those video calls for a longer period of time and without causing any pain in her lower back. These desks are a life savior for anyone who stays on their pc for a long period. 

Greeting card– A handwritten greeting card will melt her every single day of the year if you manage to pour your heart into it. Make sure you send the message clearly and lovingly. 

Mug– Matching mugs customized to her liking will surely make her happy. A couple’s mug with a lovely quote like, Together forever, never apart, will always be a hit and would be a perfect way to start her day right. 

Glass– A glass customized for special occasions like dates and online meetings with a special design on it. It would not only make the drink taste sweeter but will also make her feel like you are right there with her, drinking together from the same cup. 

Cutlery– Eating with the same spoon and plates will give her a feeling of eating together and if you can manage to customize her cutlery to something romantic like a heart or a quote, she will never feel alone while having a meal. Make sure to eat on the same plate when on call. 

Coasters– Coasters are a small yet effective gift that can make a huge difference. Whenever she drinks some water, she would be reminded of you and you can customize it to her favorite character or some other design to make it even more interesting. Wood is the right way to go. 

Scrapbook– Scrapbooks are great at bringing back a lot of memories and making one feel nostalgic and romantic. Prepare a scrapbook of all her best photos that you have and send it to her to make her feel even more special than she already is. 

Your diary– The only thing that she loves more than her personal diary is to read what you write in your special journal and would do anything for it. Give her the surprise of a lifetime by sending her your personal diary and letting her know of any secrets that you might have forgotten to tell her. 

Pillow covers– Pillow covers make sleeping even more comfortable and creative. Gifting her pillow covers with your face on it would make her sleep even more peaceful as she would feel as if you are laying down right next to her making her feel secure. 

Curtains– Choosing curtains for her will show her how much you care about her and how close you wish to stay with her. Pick her the best curtains that you can find and send them over to surprise her and do not forget to attach a note telling her how much you love her.

Wall art– Wall art that takes her back in time and makes her feel happy and secure with you would make for an ideal long-distance gift. Something that she could happily put up on the wall and look at every single day knowing that she has someone special in her life. 

Keychain– Gifting her a keychain with a special message or a memory to remind her of you or that special every time she uses that key would make her feel extremely happy. Small gifts like these have a huge impact in the day to day life when one is separated by distance. 

Key shaped necklace– Key shaped necklace for her and a lock shaped neckpiece for you to show her that only she has the key to your heart and no matter what happens, or no matter how far you get, she will always be the one for you. 

Lingerie– To spice things up even if you guys are miles away, gift her some exciting lingerie to remind her that you miss her and that you wish to see her pretty soon. 

A plant– Sending her a plant will make her feel fresh, alive and will bring in a bit of greenery in her life. Taking care of the plant will help her get her mind off of more stressful things and even be free of missing you all the time. 

Digital photo frame– These are a treat to the eyes. One can digitally add a photo to this frame and change it whenever he pleases. You can gift her one and control it to give her new surprises every single day. She will feel amazing to wake up to a lovely photo every single day. 

Showpiece– A showpiece for her to keep on her table and make her room feel more homely. A romantic piece or a souvenir from a place that you guys have been to will bring in a lot of memories back and make her feel happy. 

Laughing Buddha– Laughing Buddha will bring in a lot of good luck and fortune and you guys may even be able to meet soon if luck favors you. Plus it will surely bring a smile to her face every time she looks at it.

Mixtape– A mixtape of all your favorite songs and playlists that help you relax and feel better will be of great help to her too. You know what kind of music she likes and sending her a mixtape would remind her of you whenever she plays one of those tracks. 

Lucky charm– A lucky charm for her to hang in her room, keep in her purse, or even to stick in the car would make her feel lucky and she could use it sometimes to even think about you and feel happy. Have an identical one with you too. 

Surprise visit– A surprise visit will bring a smile on her face so big that you would not be able to measure it. She would not expect it by any chance but will make her the happiest girl on Earth. Give her an early Christmas present by meeting her in person. 

A care package– Sending her a care package consisting of all the things that she loves and wants all in a single box would make her feel extra special and also a bit pampered. It is the gift that she wants even if she will not mention it. 

Selfie stick– To keep the video calls going even when she is outdoors and does not want to stress her arms much. She could even show you the entire background with the selfie stick and make you virtually present there. 

Phone stand– A phone stand will help her be on call for a longer time without much effort. Plus having a phone stand will help her maintain a stable frame so that it does not affect the conversation much and you have a good time. 

Coupons– Coupons are a great way to express love. Even when you cannot be physically present to take her out shopping, you can gift her a few vouchers to help her shop better and easier. 

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