60+ Gift Ideas for the bird lover Partner

You might often come across people who love to see birds and are very interested to know more about them. If you have come into a relationship with a person who has the same interest and is crazy about birds; you must be thinking of giving them a gift related to their interest.

Look no further and do not get worried because we have covered it up for you. 

Here are gift ideas for your bird lover partner. 

Binoculars. Get your bird lover partner a pair of binoculars as a gift to help them watch beautiful birds that are flying up in the sky. It will prove to be a great tool for your partner whenever they go out for bird watching. 

Owl-shaped soap. Make your bird lover partner’s bathing time interesting with a soap that is in the shape of an owl and which is friendly to the skin. Make sure that it is of good quality. 

Bird ornaments. From making one’s garden look beautiful to making indoor décor, ornaments can prove to be a very beautiful gift idea. Get your bird lover partner a bird ornament as a gift. 

Owl-shaped candles. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see those cute candles in the shape of owls burning down slowly on a night when the electricity has gone out? Get your partner a pack of these as a gift.  

Glass window panels. Making your bird lover partner’s window brighten up with these beautiful glass window panels in the shape of birds will prove to be a beautiful gift idea for your partner. 

Bird-designed sugar spoon. A sugar spoon that has a small owl designed at the top of it will be such a sweet gift. Get your partner one of these cute little spoons as a gift. 

Bird calendars. A calendar that is made on the bird theme and has a piece of useful information regarding the rarest species of birds on every single page will be great table décor for your bird lover partner. 

Bird keychain. Get your bird lover partner one of those keychains that have an owl or any other bird hanging from it. It will be usual but a very cute gift idea for your partner. 

Spotting scope. This tool can prove to be a great gift idea for your bird lover partner to see and find birds that are sitting on high branches or flying high in the sky. They will love it. 

Birdwatcher figurine. A figurine of a birdwatcher for your bird lover partner as a gift that will make their office desk look interesting and will show their passion to others will be a great one. 

Personalized washing machine. It can be a beautiful method to make an entrance of birds in your partner’s life by bringing home a bird-themed washing machine as a gift. They will love it if they are a bird lover. 

Wi-Fi camera. It is always not possible for your bird lover partner to sit next to a bird feeder and wait for the birdies because they have work to finish. You can install a wi-fi camera near the bird feeder and give a recording of it as a gift. 

Owl-designed sleep mask. Wouldn’t a sleep mask designed like the eyes of an owl for your bird lover partner be a funny and cute gift idea? Get them one of those masks and help them sleep better. 

Wildlife camera. Help your bird lover partner capture and store every memory that they can take with their wildlife camera to enjoy those moments in the future. Do this by getting them a wildlife camera as a gift. 

Bird-themed table. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your bird lover partner to have their meals on a table that has beautiful paintings and designs of various birds on top of it? Get them a bird-themed table as a gift.  

Bird feeder. Get your bird lover partner one of these beautiful bird feeders, which will help attract birds to the balcony or backyard of the house and they will feel very nice to feed them.  

Bird papercraft kit. Make your bird lover partner’s free time interesting by getting them a bird papercraft set as a gift, which will keep them occupied and interested in making birds with those papers. 

Birdwing scarf. If your bird lover is a female, then a scarf that is designed just like a wing of a bird will prove to be a great and beautiful gift idea for her. She will surely fall in love with it. 

Bird-shaped pin. Make the board look beautiful and creative in your partner’s office by getting them a pack of pins that are in the shape of a bird. It will look very beautiful when one’s eyes will fall on it. 

Birdbath. To attract birds in your balcony or in your backyard you need to use your mind a little bit. Get a birdbath in your backyard and fill it up with water. It will be beautiful scenery when you see those birds taking a bath. 

Swallow bracelet. Bracelet is an accessory that makes one’s wrist look stylish and classy. You can do the same for your bird lover partner by getting them a bracelet that has a swallow in the middle. 

Bird nest designed bed. Make your bird lover partner feel like a bird by surprising them with a bed for their room that is shaped and designed just like a bird’s nest. It will be a very interesting gift idea. 

Birdhouse. Create a place for the birds to live that visit your garden daily by getting a birdhouse, which will also be a great gift idea for your bird lover partner. Make sure that it is a good and strong one. 

Hat. A personalized hat that has a doll of a bird sticking out of it for your bird lover partner will be a beautiful gift idea and will also help them to represent their passion proudly when they wear it. 

Bird picture holder. Get framed one of your bird lover partner’s beautiful memories in a wooden photo frame that is in the shape of a bird. It will be an adorable gift idea. 

Wallpaper. Get your bird lover partner’s room designed with beautiful birds wallpaper on the walls. They are bound to fall in love with this act of yours. 

Ceramic coffee mug. Get a coffee mug personalized in your way with prints of various birds all around the mug. This is a gift your partner will adore. 

Birdcage-designed umbrella.  Keep your bird lover partner protected from the harsh sun out there and even in the rainy season by getting them an umbrella that has a design of birdcage on it. 

Bird clock. Get this beautiful clock for your bird lover partner that has 12 different sounds of various birds. It will soothe their eyes and ears both at the same time. It will be a wonderful gift idea.  

Bird-shaped brooch. Make your bird lover look beautiful and feel proud when they are wearing a bird-shaped brooch on some special occasions or events. Get it as a gift to them. 

Parrot-designed lamp. Help your partner make their table look decorative by getting them a lamp that is in the shape of a parrot. It will make them sleep well because the last thing that a person does before going to sleep is switching off the lamp. 

Wine bottle.  If you can manage to get your bird lover partner’s favorite wine into a bottle that is in the shape of a bird, then it would prove to be a very creative and beautiful idea. 

Book of birds. Help your bird lover partner learn and explore more about birds and help them get lost in the world of birds by gifting them a book that has everything about birds in it. 

Bird-shaped earrings. Don’t let your bird lover partner’s ears be empty and incomplete. Make them look beautiful by getting them a pair of earrings in the shape of a bird. 

Owl-shaped gloves. Make your bird lover partner feel cozy and nice when the winter has arrived by getting them a pair of gloves that are in the shape of an owl. This is not only a cool idea, but it will also keep their hands warm. 

Personalized bird t-shirt. Stop talking and let your partner’s t-shirt tell and represent their love for birds with pride by getting them a personalized t-shirt that has a print of various birds on it. 

Bird-designed jewelry holder. Not everyone likes to put their jewelry in a locker and take it out every time they need it. You can get your bird lover partner one of those jewelry holders in the shape of birds as a gift. 

Bird-shaped ring. Make your bird lover partner’s ring finger look elegant and unique by getting them a ring that has a small bird engraved on it. It will be a lovely idea.   

LED wind chime. Make your partner’s room look beautiful and full of lights by getting them with the bird wind chimes. They will surely love it if they are a true bird lover. 

Whiskey tumblers. Get your bird lover partner a set of tumblers that has beautiful designs of a bird engraved all around it. It can be a great one if your partner has a soft corner for whiskey too. 

Keyholder. Help yourself and your bird lover partner to keep the keys in one place that is safe and secure by getting a key holder in the shape of a bird’s nest as a gift to your partner. 

Personalized coaster set. A set of bird-themed coasters will make your dining table look creative and beautiful and will also be a great gift idea for your bird lover partner. They are bound to love it. 

Bird necklace. Make your bird lover partner look special and unique by getting them a necklace that has a beautiful bird hanging in the middle of the necklace. It will also help them to show others that they love birds.   

Bird-shaped frying pan.  Make your partner frying eggs or chicken time interesting by getting them a frying pan that is shaped and designed just like a bird as a gift. 

Jigsaw puzzle. Keep your bird lover partner occupied after they have finished all their work by getting them a bird-themed jigsaw puzzle as a gift. It will be a very interesting one. 

An owl-shaped tea infuser. If your bird lover partner has a soft corner for tea too, then a tea infuser in the shape of an owl will prove to be a great gift idea. 

Serving bowl. Wouldn’t it be fun and interesting to serve your bird lover partner in a bowl that has birds perched on the rims of the bowl? Get your partner a set of these beautiful bowls as a gift. 

Bird bookmarks. Help your partner not get lost when they take a break from reading a book by getting them a bunch of bookmarks in the shape of small birds as a gift. 

Bird flashcards. These cards provide one with information regarding several bird species out there with their pictures on them. This could prove to be a great idea for your bird lover partner. 

Bird collar clips. Help keep your bird lover partner’s shirt’s collar in place and straight by getting them a pair of collar clips in the shape of birds as a gift to them. 

Diary planner. Every person who is a bird lover maintains a journal in which they keep a record of the observations that they have made every day. Make it interesting for your bird lover partner by getting them a daily planner based on the theme birds. 

Bird-shaped smoke detector. Keep yourself and your partner safe by installing a smoke detector in your house in the shape of a bird, which will also do the work as a gift to them. 

Salt and pepper shakers. Get your partner a set of salt and pepper set as a gift, which is in the shape and design of birds. If they are true bird lovers, then they would surely flip over it. 

Egg holder. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your bird lover to see an egg holder in the shape of birds, which will also make the kitchen look beautiful? Get them as a gift for your partner. 

Birdcall. This will help your bird lover partner to call birds close by this tool, which produces multiple sounds. It will be highly portable. 

Bird Lego series. Getting back to childhood is a wish that every adult makes or thinks about at some point in time. You cannot change it but you can make them feel like that by getting your bird lover partner a set of bird Lego series. 

Bird food. What can be a more beautiful thing than feeding birds on open grounds or parks? You can get your bird lover partner a pack of bird food every weekend, which they can feed to the birds. 

Bird rack. Make your kitchen look decorative and creative for your partner who is a bird lover and a good cook at the same time by installing a rack that is in the shape and design of a bird. 

Cookie-cutter. Does your bird lover partner like to bake cookies a lot? If yes, then a cookie cutter in the shape of a bird will be a very creative and beautiful gift idea for them.  

Bird documentaries. Help your bird lover gather knowledge about birds by getting them documentaries by famous bird watchers and people who love birds. It will be an extraordinary gift idea for your partner. 

Thoughtful gifts for the bird lovers

Winemana Set of 3 Globe Hummingbird Nesters, Full of Birds Nesting Materials, Design for Bird Lovers, Idea Bird Gifts in Outdoor Indoor Patio Garden

The winemana globe hummingbird nesters come in a set of 3 nesters. It is a uniquely crafted and beautifully designed product. It is perfect for bird lovers and would be an extremely memorable piece for them to cherish all their lives! It contains bird nesting materials. It can be used in the outdoor as well as indoor patio garden areas of your houses.

It is created through natural rattan and has twine along with an easy and convenient hanging system. It is high-quality and also offers a soft bed for the birds in their nesting process. It is durable and also reusable. So, there is no need to change the nesters or re-purchase. This saves money too. Lastly, it is fun to watch the birds there and offers a beautiful sight as well.

Bird Brains – Trivia Card Game

This is a multipurpose bird card game. It is fun, educational, and functional. It has 300 questions with regards to birds, their nature, origin, and essential facts that relate to the birds in totality. This is perfect for bird lovers to know about them and, at the same time, spend time having fun and enjoying themselves with friends and family. It is all about birds, and to gain adequate knowledge about them would only add to the beauty and excitement. This is amazingly thought of and beautifully made, keeping in mind the primal interests of the bird lovers: to love and know birds.

Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug  

This bird mug is yet another beautifully crafted and designed product. It is gorgeous in its function and extremely elegant. It is fun to watch how the mug changes colors. This is super interesting too. When cold liquids are poured into the mug, it is encircled by pretty silhouettes of birds. When a hot beverage or any other liquid is added, it quickly changes color, and species of birds appear on them. These are ceramic cups. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. No need to soak them; they can be washed by hands only. A beautiful thought for the bird lovers indeed!

Double-Sided Multicolor Style Birds Hand-Painted Colors Alloy Hangings

The multicolor-styled bird alloy hangings are another perfect catch for bird enthusiasts and bird fans! These are hand-painted colored alloy hangings. These are double-sided alloy hangings, so they could be used both ways. These are authentic paintings, stylish and elegant. The alloy texture is unmatched by acrylic paints.

It is made up of superior quality alloy to ensure a smooth and proper texture of the hangings and to elevate the experience of friends and family, and people you gift these beautiful pieces. These versatile pieces are vibrant, and the birds assume color when natural light is thrown or comes upon them. The birds are a treat to watch!

Sibley Backyard Birding Puzzle

The Sibley backyard birding puzzle is a fun and functional product for bird lovers there. This is indeed an exciting product to deal with as well. This is educational; it provides people with an opportunity to acquire knowledge on areas they would not come to know otherwise. This offers an adequate amount of knowledge and important factual information about the North American birds. It is fun to solve and also provides quality time with friends and family. A productive and fun product to gift the bird fans, indeed!

Tervis Colourful Hummingbirds Tumbler

The Tervis Colorful Hummingbirds tumbler or mug is a very useful and functional product. It is made up of stainless steel, so there is no chance of injuries to the skin due to any reason. Additionally, there is also no option for it to get tarnished or change color. It comes with an insulated wall that keeps shot and cold water hot and cold, respectively. This ensures greater comfort and ease in its usage. It is also convenient to carry and has beautiful designs of birds engraved upon the body of the tumbler. This offers a beautiful experience for bird lovers!

GERINLY Scarfs for Women  

The Gerinily scarfs for women come with a beautiful bird floral print on them. This is a perfectly comforting gift for bird lovers. It is made of soft cotton material, so it is comfortable for usage. It is easy to carry and lightweight too. It is style, fashion and comfort combined. A perfect gift, indeed!

Hummingbird Wind Chimes

The Hummingbird Wind chimes are solar glow wind chimes that are perfect for home décor. They can be used for indoor as well as outdoor decoration purposes, too. These are waterproof and durable. Hence, there is no trouble with its maintenance. This is environment friendly, too, so no additional damage. They are available in seven different unique colors. Hence, it is beautiful to watch them too! A perfect present for parties, birthdays, Christmas, to the bird lovers too!

Metal Mesh Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a must-have for birdkeepers. This feeder has an all copper roof with a sturdy base and is UV resistant. It is chew-proof and is easy to clean. It comes with six metal perches. An ideal gifting set.

Birds Suncatcher Window Hanging Décor

A beautiful hanging decoration product. Multicolor hummingbirds sitting on a wire with a metal chain is an amazing gifting product for bird lovers.

Birdy Welcome Sign Garden Bird Statue

With the multicolor bird figurine, the welcome statue is a great way you are a bird lover. It comes in three different sizes. A perfect gift for a housewarming gift for someone you know is a bird lover.

BDPWSS Parrots Makeup Bag

A make-up bag is great to gift, but when combined with bird quotes and prints, it becomes irresistible for some who love birds. A bag with soft polyester material is a perfect pouch to keep all your make-up in one place.

Humming Bird Charm Bracelet

This bracelet makes a great gift for some bird lover friend as hummingbird represents courage. Made with high-quality stainless steel and is lead-free, making it rust-proof. It comes in beautifully packed, all set for gift giving.

Hot Sox women’s Animal Series 

This animal series of socks come with unique bird designs and prints. The material makes it very comfortable and lasting. Available in many colors and sizes makes a perfect gifting option.

Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Tumbler

It is a 17oz double-walled stainless steel insulated travel coffee tumbler. High quality and leakproof with amazing bird-themed is a great gift for those who are on the go and are also bird-loving millennia.   

Birdwatching Gift Journal

An excellent gift for someone who loves bird watching. To keep records and statistics for different exquisite birds is a dream of every bird lover. Gift this bird-themed journal notebook to make them feel overjoyed. 

Qf Glass Bird Handmade Blown Glass Figurine 

This blown glass bird figurine uses natural environmental color to give it a real look. It is handmade, making each piece unique, making it ideal for gifting purposes. Despite being glass material, this figurine has long endurance.

Betsey Johnson Pearl Critters Owl Drop Earrings

These charming owl drop earrings are fitted with pears and mixed stone accents. It has a lever back closure making it easy to wear. The sturdy design and stylish looks make it a unique gifting option.

Garden Statue Owl Figurine 

The owl figurine has solar LED lights that glow after the sunsets. A great addition to your lawn or garden décor. This classy and beautiful owl statue should be a go-to for any occasional gifts for bird lovers. 

Owl Statue Candle Holder with Flickering Led Candle

Create a safe, warm ambiance in your living room with this LED flickering candle statue. An ideal decorating piece for your home. It is made with a long-lasting resin material that makes it durable and long-lasting.

ZNYCYE Solar Wind Chimes, Color Changing Led Outdoor Waterproof Six Hummingbird Wind Chimes for Home

Each bird has changing LED that turns on after dark automatically. It is solar-powered, charges during the day, and lights up at night. Easy to hang and use. Creates a calm and restful ambiance. A great product for gifts and decoration

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