70+ Gift ideas for your cricket lover husband

Cricket is a very interesting game and a game that is played all over the world. Mainly the rules of this sport make it more interesting and beautiful to watch or play. Is your husband a lover of this sport too?

Then you can win his heart by getting him gifts related to this iconic game and if you are already in a search then here’s something that can help you. 

Here are unique gifts for your cricket lover husband. 

Customized key ring. These are small but important for every person. You can get a key ring that has a bat and ball as its design for your husband who loves cricket more than anything else. 

Personalized hip flask. If your husband is a person who loves to carry a hip flask wherever he goes then a hip flask based on cricket will be a great gift idea for your cricket lover husband. 

Tie. It is an important part of office wear or when one goes for an official meeting. You can make it interesting for your partner by getting him a tie that has a small cricket bat print all over it. 

Card game. Card games are very fun and enjoyable if you are playing them with your family or friends. Make it your husband’s favorite game by gifting him a cricket card game this time. 

Glass tray. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift idea to get your husband a glass tray designed in the shape of a cricket bat, especially for your husband whose first love is cricket? It will make him love you more. 

Led lamp. These lamps are very helpful and they also make your desk or table look beautiful. Help your cricket lover husband decorate his desk by getting him a led lamp in the shape of wickets or cricket bats. 

Mobile massager. Is your husband a person who always takes out time from his busy schedule just to play cricket for some time- then help him avoid getting stuck with pain by gifting a portable massager. 

Door Stopper. Thus, a small thing but is very helpful for your house and the doors in it. Get a door stopper made in the shape of a cricket bat or ball for your husband’s room door as a gift. 

Customized hooks. You can win your husband’s heart just by doing a small act. You can change the hook of his wardrobe to a cricket-themed hook for your husband who loves cricket. 

Cufflinks. These help a man to maintain the cuffs of his shirts. If your husband loves to wear dress shirts and is also a lover of cricket, then get him a set of cufflinks in the shape of cricket balls.

Box of chocolate. Who does not love to eat chocolates? It is the sweetest and beautiful thing to have. You can get your cricket lover husband a chocolate box made especially based on a cricket theme. 

A pair of slippers. A slipper that your husband will always wear, a sleeper that can be his favorite. Get him a pair of slippers that has a design of wickets, cricket bats, or balls on them. 

Spectacle holder. Does your husband wear spectacles? Then to keep them safe and to prevent them from getting lost then get your cricket lover’s husband a spectacle holder based on the theme cricket.  

Poster. People like to personalize their room with the poster of their favorite actors, singers, band, and a lot more. You can help your husband by gifting him a poster of his favorite cricketer for his room. 

Tie pins. This small accessory can be a great game-changer. Get your husband a bunch of tie pins based on the cricket theme if he is a lover of cricket so that he can rock it with his dresses. 

Photo frame. These frames are very important because they hold one’s good memories safe and secure for a long time. You can surprise your husband by gifting a photo frame in the shape of a cricket bat. 

Leather wallet. Wallets are an essential accessory for every man. You can make it more stylish and your husband’s favorite by getting him a cricket-themed leather wallet especially since he is a cricket lover.   

Cricket mug. If coffee is the first thing that your husband thinks about as soon as he leaves his bed and cricket is his love, then a coffee mug that has its handle in the shape of a cricket bat will be a great one. 

Cricket kit. If you are aware that your husband loves cricket a lot, then you can surprise him by getting him a cricket set as a gift and make sure that it is a good one. 

Cricket-themed t-shirt. If your husband likes to wear casual clothes most of the time and he loves cricket then you can gift him a t-shirt that has his favorite team or cricketer printed on it. 

Wristbands. These bands make one’s wrist look stylish and funky. You can get your cricket lover husband a cricket-themed wristband to make his wrist look stylish too. 

Fridge magnet. These small magnets help to hold important notes on the fridge so that people do not forget them. A pack of fridge magnets designed in the shape of cricket balls will be a great gift for your husband who loves cricket. 

Autographed bat. Who does not like to have something that has an autograph of their favorite actor or sportsman? You can surprise your husband with a cricket bat that has the signature of his favorite batsman.  

Designer notebook. Does your husband maintain a personal diary or journal? Then a notebook based on a cricket theme for his diary will be a great idea for your husband. 

Table clock. Wouldn’t it be beautiful? A small clock in the shape of a cricket bat or ball for your husband’s table? If you think it is then do not think any further and get your husband one of those table clocks. 

Wall decoration. Help your beloved husband decorate his walls by getting him a bunch of decoration stuff that is related to cricket as a gift from you. It will make his wall look beautiful and he will love you more. 

Mobile case.  Designer cases make your device look beautiful and catchy. Get your husband a mobile case with a cricket scene printed on it and which will give protection to this device from fall damages. 

Shrink bottle. Never let your husband get dehydrated by giving him a shrink bottle that has a cricket scene printed around it and which he will be able to carry conveniently with him. 

Book. Does your husband love to spend time with his books? Then he will love a book on cricket or an autobiography on his favorite cricketer if he is a lover of cricket. 

Pop up card. Cards are the most beautiful gifts which can express a lot without even writing. You can get your cricket lover husband a pop-up card themed on cricket as a gift. 

Calendar. A calendar is an important part of a work desk or office desk. You can make that part interesting by getting your partner a cricket theme calendar for his office or home desk. 

Apron. Is your husband good at cooking and you love to eat dishes made by him? Then you can appreciate his efforts by getting him an apron that has a cricket scene on it. He will love it if he loves cricket. 

Socks. Our feet feel good when the socks are comfortable. You can make it look good by getting him one of those based on cricket themes or small cricket bats or balls designs on it. You will notice him wearing it all the time.  

Tickets to a game. What could be a better and beautiful gift for a cricket lover than a ticket to a cricket game? Get your cricket lover husband tickets for a game and go with him and her how happy it makes him. 

Customized cricket ball. A cricket ball that has your husband’s name on it will be a great gift idea for him and he will surely love it if cricket is in your husband’s heart. 

Cartoon poster. Bring a smile on your husband whose favorite sport is cricket by getting him a cartoon poster that has a cricket scene on it. It will be an interesting one. 

A pendant. Pendants are beautiful jewelry for both men and women. You can surprise your husband who is in love with cricket with a pendant in the shape of a cricket bat. 

Wall art. They are a very beautiful and dynamic sort of decoration that can be put up on a wall. You can get one of these based on cricket for your cricket lover husband as a gift. 

A bookmark. To help your cricket lover husband remember the page of a book where he left in between by a bookmarker in the shape of wickets or cricket bats. Give him a bookmark as a gift.  

Trip to Lord’s cricket ground. The lord’s cricket ground is known for its rich heritage and culture. Just like other cricket fans, your husband would love a tour of the Lord’s cricket ground with you. 

Wristwatch. Men who wear watches show that they are responsible, and they give value to the time. Make your husband responsible and happy at the same time by getting him a cricket-themed wristwatch. 

Statue. They can make a room look beautiful if they are the big ones and the small ones make tables and desks attractive. Get your cricket lover husband a statue of his favorite cricketer as a gift. 

Meet with his favorite cricketer. This is the most difficult gift, but it will be priceless for your husband if you can manage a meeting with his favorite cricketer or cricket team. He will go mad. 

Tumbler set. If your husband is a person who loves to be in the kitchen and to watch cricket, then you can get a tumbler set that has a cricket scene on it as a gift that will cover both his interests. 

Team shirt. Shirts are very stylish and versatile. A shirt that belongs to your husband’s favorite cricket team or has a print of the team on it will be a great idea and he will surely love it. 

Bowling machine. If your husband is a lover of cricket and if he still enjoys playing cricket, then a bowling machine will help him to get better at his game and it will be a good gift idea. 

Video games. If your husband is lazy but becomes energetic when he hears about cricket then a cricket video game for your husband will work very well as a gift idea. 

Subscription to OTT platforms. Nothing could be a better gift idea for your cricket lover husband than a subscription to an OTT platform where he can stream his matches whenever he wants to. 

Laptop skin. Help your partner show his love for cricket by getting him a laptop skin based on cricket them or his favorite player. It will also make his laptop look cool and stylish. 

Tablet holder. It can be hard for your husband to hold his tablet for a long time while he is streaming his cricket matches. To make him feel relieved, get him a tablet holder in the shape of a cricket ball. 

Pen holder. Make your husband’s desk look catchy and attractive by getting him a pen holder in the shape of a cricket bat. He will love it if he loves cricket and if cricket resides in his heart. 

Personalized face mask. It will be cool and will also help your husband show others that he loves cricket by getting him a set of face masks with different types of cricket prints on it

Cap. If your husband goes out in the hot sun for his work then a cricket-themed cap will not only save him from the sun a little bit but also be a wonderful gift if he loves cricket. 

Dashboard idols. These small idols placed in the middle of the dashboard of a car look very cute and adorable. Just like that, you can get your cricket lover husband a cricket dashboard idol for his car. 

Wallpaper. Put a cricket-themed wallpaper on one of your husband’s room’s walls as a gift. Which will not only make it look beautiful but will also be loved by your husband. 

Ceiling fan. It is an ordinary gift, but you can turn it into a special one for your cricket lover husband by getting cricket prints on it or by getting a ceiling fan that has those prints on it. 

Bike helmet. It is very important to wear a helmet while riding bikes because it keeps the rider safe from heavy damages. Get your cricket lover biker husband a helmet with cricket prints on it. 

Mouse pad. Does your husband have to work through his computer the whole day? Make him feel a little bit good by getting a mouse pad based on a cricket theme for him as a gift. 

Bag pack. Is your husband’s favorite sport cricket? Then a backpack with a cricket scene printed on it will be a great idea for your cricket lover husband. It will look very cool and stylish.  

Bowl set. Make your husband’s mealtime interesting and favorite by getting him a set of bowls that has a cricket scene or designed with cricket bats and balls as a gift from you. 

Nameplate. Make your house’s nameplate which has your husband’s name on it more interesting by changing it with a cricket-themed nameplate as a gift for your cricket lover husband. 

Glowing stickers. Sometimes mature people like childish stuff. You can get your husband a sticker of a cricket scene that glows in the dark as a gift. It will bring a smile to his face when sees it. 

Here are amazing gifts for cricket lover husband

ROCKWOOD CRICKET English Willow Cricket Bat

These English Willow cricket bats are lightweight, affordable, and available at the best deals. These bats are exactly what they seem to appear in pictures. Minute engravings can be done on them at the most affordable ranges. Clefts are done with no extra costs.

G2TUP 2 Pairs Cricket Lover Socks 

These classy pairs of cricket socks come all protected inside a bag and are portable. The socks are available in a wide range of colors and designs and are quite affordable. They are made in a smoke-free environment. The material is a fine mixture of cotton, cotton fiber, and spandex. The material and the product as a whole are unique and comfortable gifts for all cricket lovers!

Cricket Word Search 

This is a fun puzzle book for all categories of cricket lovers- young or experienced. This book contains puzzles with regards to cricket rules, lingo, cricket equipment, procedures, and the like. The answers are provided also. This is an interesting and unique piece for gifting purposes.

KD Cricket India Cap 

These stylish, exclusive, and cool caps are a true gift for all genuine India team cricket lovers. The material is soft, comfortable, and sweat-proof. The product is fresh and offers protection from the ruthless summer heat too!

Black Eat Sleep Cricket Repeat Journal 

With a matte finish cover as the base, the notebook is a uniquely interesting product for cricket maniacs. The notebook can be used for multiple purposes- journaling, copying notes, memos, and similar activities. It is fun to be owning such unique pieces!

FEELMEM Got Crickets Bearded Dragon Keychain  

This beautiful piece comes packed in a silk velvet jewelry cloth, hence, there is no chance for damage. It can be readily gifted also. It is made of stainless steel. As a result, there are no chances of skin irritations, no tarnishing, or color fading. Gift your cricket lovers with a cute reptile key chain!

CW Bullet Left Hand Cricket Set 

The whole pack of the cricket set is like a complete gift for the cricket bees! The set consists of a Kashmir willow bat which is long-lasting and comes with a convenient strap for carrying. Cricket gloves with tighter grip and protection and cricket pads for greater flexibility and protection are also included. The sports bag-pack and leather ball are not missed from the set!

Cricket Balls 

These cricket balls are genuinely unique in their design and manufacture. The ball contains pictures of several countries and the year they won the world cup. This is a fun, informative, natural cork ball that is flexible and long-lasting for good play!

That’s right, I’m Bat Man! 

This journal is a perfect gift for cricket enthusiasts. It is fun, informative, and useful. Notes from coaches, personal memories, extra notes, all of it can be noted. Get yours today!

Weekly Planner. Updated Schedule Book

This cricket planner can be used to its utmost, just like the valuable message a planner offers- to plan and manage time. Planning and organization of daily scheduled work can improvise our work skills and shoot up productivity. Gift your cricket lovers a chance to make their dreams come true!

MUELLER Adult Athletic Supporter 

The MUELLER adult athletic supporters are a necessity and a comfort product for all sportspeople. They have soft rubber edges which protect the skin from injuries. The material is superior fabric, and it is comfortable and mild on the skin. These athletic supporters are washable and mild for usage. The product has been a constant trusted one for all athletic enthusiasts!

Cricket Player Watercolor Wall Art 

The Cricket Watercolor wall art is a superior quality product with multiple, unique facets. The art piece is durable, waterproof, and UV resistant also. One product for a cricket lover would serve several purposes. It is a perfect fit for any type of space- house, office, and other places. This décor piece can elevate the look of a certain corner and, at the same time, extend an aesthetic aura and beauty!


This cup not only helps men during winter but also for all seasons to keep their drinks in the exact choice4 of their temperature as it is vacuum insulated and also available with a lid in various colors. Thus, giving it a lot of priority for all of you to choose a color of your choice with the feeling of cricket in your heart. So grab this piece to use it beneficial to your heart’s content!

Test cricket is My Favourite Sport 

This ceramic coffee mug can bring a smile to your relative’s face who loves cricket and especially are rooted with Test cricket matches and cannot miss a single match. So quickly try to give your loved ones this magically ideological cup for any occasion to bring a smile on their faces!

Custom Cricket boy Poster

If you are willing to portray yourself to people through your favorite hobby and your type of choice aesthetic, then this poster will indefinitely help you to achieve that. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You do not want to miss out on this amazing-looking poster that could give you an extra inch of cricket aesthetic to your place!

Funny Cricket Mug – Cricket Mode On

If you are looking to inspire someone for a sport like cricket, then this is your gift because it is a simple yet very mood onsetting cup for someone who needs to grow their love for cricket. This cup can be gifted to anyone for any occasion. So get all hung up to motivate your gift partner with an amazing surprise!

Cricket coffee mug gift

If you are looking to surprise someone special like a fan, friend, or a close relative with something that they all are inclined to, that is, cricket, then this purchase is your way of making them feel special about themselves as to how much you respect them about their hobby.

Eat Sleep Cricket Repeat: Blank Lined Notebook

Every achiever wants to remember the journey that they had to go through while trying to reach their goal. To help someone get motivated in such a journey or who is already inspired in the line of cricket and wishes to savor every moment of it, then this journal is the right choice for them on any special occasion!

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